Fantasy Baseball: ASK MUNTRADAMUS


Thank you everyone for being patient as the site builds.  Thursday you will see the final installments and BEAST DOME will be ready to go full throttle.


To say thank you, I want each and one of you to ask me 1 Fantasy baseball question.

  • A good Free Agent option (List out the options, and who you would consider dropping)
  • Who could help me in a certain category the most (List the categories, and the players in FA)
  • Starting Pitchers that are on my waiver wire who are long-term options.
  • Trade Offers.
  • Players worth dropping on my team (List the players). This could help with future FA moves.

Anything you can think of, I want you to ask.


The purpose of this website is 100% to help you win your fantasy league.  That is all I care about, and that is why I do not charge a dime for my knowledge.  I have been studying pitchers and hitters all season, I can help you win.


Thank you once again BEAST DOME NATION. I value each and one of you.  Chat will be up before the end of the weekend, Daily Pitcher Rankings will return tomorrow.


  1. Hey Muntradamus,

    I am trying to upgrade the hitting in my lineup and am using Felix Hernandez as bait to do so. What players would you recommend targeting with a player of Hernandez’s caliber?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Howdy Muntz! The site is really starting to look amazing with a lot of news feeds and more content showing on the main page, I like it a lot.

    My biggest problem right now, by far, is overcrowding in my outfield. I have been picking up guys like Viciedo, Craig, Fowler and Quentin across all leagues, but I don’t have room to play them all. A projected OF ranking article would really be nice. I have 5 OF slots and 1 utility slot, playin h2h 10 cat, non keeper. I will list my outfielders maybe you can help me figure out who to keep.

    League 1 – Pence, D Jennings, Viciedo, Quentin, Craig, D Young. Bench – Stubbs (DTD) DL – Ellsbury
    Available – Francoeur who I dropped

    League 2 – Choo, Suzuki, Hart, Viciedo, Quentin, Fowler. Bench – Zobrist (may drop), Stubbs (DTD)
    Available – Craig, De Aza. This league has multiple 100% own options, others being Trout and Harper.

    League 3- Carlos Gonzalez, De Aza, Viciedo, Fowler, Craig, Quentin. Bench – Pagan. Coming off DL – D Jennings
    Avail – Dropped Ian Desmond to make room. My 2B/SS are Uggla, Han Ram, Rollins, Altuve so I have no room for Desmond. Also Encarnacion on my bench, will try to get him to the util slot when he heals. In this league i can no longer adjust my lineup because Jennings is no longer DL eligible, so I need to drop someone or wait for another player to get hurt.

    Well, sorry for the huge post here, but as you can see I have playable OF options on each bench now

    Maybe I just keep them all, but its hurting me not having a streamer slot. I could wait for one of the OF to get cold but pitchers are very important in my league… 13 hitters to win 5 categories vs. 9 pitchers to win the other 5. Well thanks a lot in advance, much appreciated as always!

  3. I have a few quick questions:

    1) Keep Laroche or add Goldschimidt?

    2) Trevor Bauer is going to be called up soon.. stash now or let him get a game under his belt?

    3) Who has more value for the rest of the way: Maybin or Stubbs? Are either droppable in a 12-man H2H league or should I find a trade? I have too many OF at the moment and these are my weak links.

  4. Felix Hernandez is one of the most valuable starters in the game. With the Mariners offense hitting well, Felix could actually get a lot more wins than most owners think.

    It depends what position you are looking for, but I would target players who were selected around the 3rd round. If you can get Mark Tex, Adrian Beltre, Jose Reyes, Curtis Granderson. You are going to win big time. If you have to settle for Nelson Cruz and a valuable pitcher that trade works as well. It all depends what position you are targeting, I will be posting my hitter power rankings this Saturday and you can get a better idea of which players I think highly of.

    Thank you for your continue support of BEAST DOME, I hope you like the new changes as well as the CHAT.

    Good luck and keep me updated!

  5. Boom good to hear from you.

    1) I would go with Goldschmidt while he is this hot. Adam LaRoche could be the better player at the end, but soon it will heat up in Arizona and balls will go flying. I do like ALR, but Goldy is too hot to ignore.

    2) Definitely keep Bauer. He will have a huge impact the moment he is called up. If you want predictions, look at what Tommy Hanson did for the Braves when he was called up his rookie season. Very similar results.

    3) I would keep Maybin over Stubbs. Stubbs will give you more power, and probably over 20 SBs. Cameron Maybin has the potential to give you over 40 SBs, and that is just too valuable to pass up. On top of that he should reach 10 HRs if he can get it altogether. I would not drop either option, and definitely look to use one as trade bait.

    Thank you Boom for your continue support of BEAST DOME. Hope you like the new changes, and keep me updated on what happens with your roster.

  6. GW thank you for the comments on the site. I hope you like the new changes that have been made, the whole site is almost complete.

    I will be posting my hitting power rankings this weekend, so that is something to look forward to with all these OF options you have.

    League 1. I would keep your team as is.

    League 2. I would rather have Craig than Fowler. Fowler is very hot right now, but Allen Craig is the cleanup hitter of the best team in the NL. He has more RBIs than games played, he probably qualifies at 1B in your league as well. There is a rumor he could play 2B later this season, for now he is must-add/must-own/must-start.

    League 3. I went to your league page, and I got an error. If you need a pitcher, I would look to unload Carlos Q. for a quality starter. With the way he is hitting, you can target a stud such as Brandon McCarthy. Maybe even Matt Garza, but McCarthy would be a great starter who should get Ws with a very underrated Oakland offense.

    Stay tuned for the power rankings article, and thank you for your continue support of BEAST DOME GW. Hope to see you on the chat.

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