Fantasy Baseball Injury Outlook: So Call Me Maybin (Week 8)

Fantasy Baseball Injury Outlook:

So Call Me Maybin (Week 8)


By Muntradamus



We are now reaching a point of the Fantasy Baseball season where you can get a pretty good sample size of your players and what to expect.  Nearly every superstar has now had their bad streaks and good streaks, some players like Chris Davis have yet to really experience a bad streak.

The important thing to remember is, we still have 4+ Months left of the season.  With that being said, there are a bunch of new Fantasy Players, or players who have been injured for a majority of the season who are about to be healthy.  On the flip-side, players like Ian Kinsler and Austin Jackson just went on the DL.  This article will take a look at a few of major impacts in the Fantasy Baseball world.






INJURY: Intercoastal Strain. 


When I read the injury reports, and the reactions from Kinsler and Ron Washington.  This sounds like an excuse to get Jurckison Profar some MLB Playing Time.  Kinsler will come back sooner than later, and no matter how good Profar is.  It is hard to see him overtake Elvis Andrus, unless Profar plays like Everth Cabrera.

For these next two weeks you can add Profar and hope to get a good boost in SBs/Runs and maybe batting average.  But chances are this is not enough time for Profar to make a big Fantasy Impact.



INJURY: Wrist.


The Yankees just got Curtis Granderson back, and now they are expecting one of the best cleanup hitters in the game Mark Teixeira to make a return very soon.  The Yankees amazingly are 1st Place in the AL East despite missing Granderson/A-Rod/Jeter and Tex for a majority of the season.  Now that Tex is coming back, he could put this Yankee team over the top.

With the return of Tex, comes the bench time for Lyle Overbay.  While it was great to see Lyle knock out HRs consistently and be a rock in the back of the Yankee order, it is hard to see Lyle replacing Travis Hafner as DH.

As far as Tex goes.  Wrist injuries are the worst injury for hitters.  Tex is better than most and once he gets his power stroke going, it will not stop.  While 30 HRs seems to be stretching it a little bit, 20+ seems realistic.

The Yankees expect Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez to return around or after the All-Star Break.  Kevin Youkilis and that ailing back seems to be heading in the wrong direction everyday.



INJURY: Left Triceps


If you own David Price, you likely have a headache at this point and are willing to sell him for anything attractive.  This could be the biggest mistake any Fantasy Owner could make as David Price is at a prime. BUY LOW. stage.

Price was finally starting to get it together in his last couple of starts before suffering the injury.  While many worry that this happened to his pitching arm, it is not believed to be serious at all.  If a pitcher in MLB needed time to reset and get his mind together, besides R.A. Dickey, David Price is that guy.  Price has gone from early CY Young Favorite, to BUST, to solid starter.

Fantasy Baseball is a long season, and while a pitching arm injury is something to worry about.  It is not something you should worry about if you are a young stud.  David Price can rehab knowing that he is starting to head in the right direction, and the Rays offense is really starting to click on all cylinders.  Expect Price to comeback a new animal.

Chris Archer may make a few spot-starts.  He could easily be the best Minor-League pitcher in the game today, if the matchup looks good on paper, he is a good start.





Corey Hart is not getting healthy at the pace we once expected.  But he will eventually be healthy, and he will be a Fantasy Force for 3.5+ Months of the Fantasy Baseball season.  Corey Hart is one of the few players in this league that can consistently hit 30 HRs while driving in 100 RBIs with ease.

The most important factor to Corey Hart is a few things.

1) Yuniesky Betancourt will lose everyday PT.

2) All Brewers will get a Fantasy Boost for more RBI/Run opportunities.

Corey Hart is going to make the Brewers better, and your fantasy roster.  Make sure he is not sitting on your waiver wire too long if you have the space to stash him.



INJURY: Torn Rotator Cuff


Although Roy Halladay is an attractive name.  I would never go out of my stash him this long.  There are too many risks involved in keeping Hallday on your roster.

1) He may be horrible like he once was upon his return.

2) You will be passing up on great waiver wire pitching prospects throughout the season.

While Roy Halladay once was a 1st/2nd Round Pick in Fantasy Baseball as early as last season.  Those days are far from gone, and now it is time to accept fate and realize you did not check out my Pre-season Fantasy Baseball Pitcher Rankings.



INJURY: Hamstring


This is bad, really bad, Michael Jackson bad.

The Fact that Giancarlo still has no return date means a few things.

1) He is not close to healthy.

2) The Marlins may not know when he is truly 100% again.  Which could lead to another quick trip to the DL.

While Giancarlo has all the power in the world.  Now would be the time to either Buy-Low or Sell-High pending on your situation. If you can give up a Torii Hunter type player to get Stanton.  Take the risk.  A Torii Hunter type player is a player who will not hit 20+ HRs or steal 20+ bases.  But he has a big name and seems to be overhyped.

If you own Giancarlo, and you have the ability to trade him for a valuable Fantasy Player.  Now is an okay time to make the move.  Look for a player like Starlin Castro if you’re lucky, but do not be afraid to settle for a Jimmy Rollins and Carlos Quentin combo.  Find a way to keep your team moving, because a hamstring injury to a player of his size could mean bad things.



Injury: Hamstring


Hanley is easily the Dodgers best player this season.  In the short-time he returned from the DL, there was a whole new energy on the team, and it appeared the early season struggles of this team were coming to an end.  Hanley returned from a thumb injury, then quickly found himself on the DL again because of a hamstring injury.

We know that Hanley is a quick healer, and it would not come as a surprise to see him return closer to Mid-June than Late-June.

Now would be a great time to Buy-Low and find a way to put him on your Fantasy Team.  While his price-tag is still high, it is still worth every penny as Hanley is ready to play at a 1st Round Level.

Once he returns, looks for him to be the #2 SS behind Troy Tulowtizki, ahead of Jean Segura.  If you can package Rollins and another solid player to get him, I would make the move.



Injury: Hand


Hill seems at least the end of June, maybe Mid-July as possibly the earliest return date.  Hill is a great 2B option when 100% as there are not many others who can mash HRs and steal bases as the rate he can.  Think of a Kelly Johnson type player with more all-around talent, but less than Chase Utley.

Hill’s hand is still very raw, which means the D-Backs will be patient.  If you can sell him for any value, take the trade.  If he is on the waiver wire, stash him if you can afford to.  Otherwise, let Aaron be.




Injury: Neck


Cuddyer is a prime Sell-High candidate once you get the chance to do so.  Wait for Cuddyer to come back, mash a few HRs and then sell him for pitching help, or look to upgrade a weak position player.

While Cuddyer does offer 25-30 HR potential this season, as well as 10+ SBs.  Michael is a very replaceable bat in Fantasy Baseball, and there is no reason to hold on longer than you need to if you have other weaknesses.  Although I love Mike and do continue to expect to see him do better.

I would be happier if I could move him for a player that brings a lot of value to my team.




Injury: Wrist


Cameron Maybin has 40-50 SB potential over a full MLB season.  He could also one day approach 15 HRs with ease.  2012 was a step in the wrong direction for Cameron, and an early wrist injury in 2013 is exactly what Maybin owners did not want to see.

Chances are Cameron is a Free Agent in all leagues, which means now is a good time to swoop on the OF option who could change the game.  You will likely have a few games for owners to wait and see how he does, but all it takes is 2-3 SBs in one series and everyone will be all over Cameron.

There are very few players who can hit 10 HRs and steal 40+ Bases.  While the power is likely gone thanks to the wrist injury, his speed is intriguing.




Cueto is back and he should be ready to mow down hitters like he never missed a beat.  Cueto is one of the best pitchers in the game today, and the fact he is pitching Twice makes him Must-Start out of the gates.



Garza is ready to make his season debut after dominating in a couple AAA starts.  Look for Garza to really be the Ace of the Cubs Staff, and with the way this Cubs offense is playing.  Matt could possibly come up with some upset wins.




Beckett has bust written all over him for the Rest of 2013.  The good news about Beckett is that the Dodgers have yet to hit their stride, and usually when a team starts doing very well, everyone starts doing very well.  Do not give up faith on Josh, but do not give him too much respect.  If he is on your wire, he is not a bad speculative add, but keep his leash short.


Continue to hold onto Weaver and expect a return date Early June.  Hard to say if he going to be the pitcher we all expected him to be, but I would still hold my breath and make sure he is not on any Waiver Wire.  If you can get him for a good price of a Wade Miley + Good Position Player.  Make the trade.


Muntradamus is a Fantasy Sports Expert who specializes in Fantasy Football/Baseball/Basketball. He is currently in his second season as a Pro on FantasyPros coming off of an impressive Rookie Campaign where he landed the #10 Overall In-Season Fantasy Football Rankings Expert.  Which also included #1 WR of all Expert Sites.  He is also one of two people to qualify for all DRAFTSTREET CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2012. Most Historically, Muntradamus was the #1 Fantasy Football Expert of IDP & Overall Rankings in One Week, first and only time in Fantasy Sports History.


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