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You are probably wondering why Jason Marquis is the cover photo on this article.  The reason is, I put in my Daily Pitcher Rankings.

“If Jason Marquis beats the Yankees in NY, I will make him the cover man of the daily article for tonight.”  I am a man of my word.  Do not add him.

We are past the mid-week for Week #3 of the fantasy baseball season.  Now we are starting to get an idea of who is going to give us what, but it is still too early to judge a book completely by it’s cover.  This article is meant to give you an idea of the players who are starting to tear it up.  Players that you may have written off because of a slow start.

Today we do Hitters, tomorrow we do pitchers.

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*Last 7 Days Top 10 Hottest Hitters

Matt Kemp
(.523 Average. 4 HRs. 8 RBIs)

FANTASY TAKE: He was the #1 Pick for a reason in my 1st round mock draft.  Expect it to continue all season.


Michael Bourn (.384 Average. 0 HRs. 3 RBIs. 5 SBs)

FANTASY TAKE: The SBs are coming in bunches now, and it still would not be surprising to see Bourn get 60 SBs on the season.


Nolan Reimold (.400 Average. 4 HRs. 7 RBIs. 1 SB)

FANTASY TAKE: I am going to take this hot streak with a gain of salt.  Everyone gets hot at some point, you can add him short term but do not expect him to be on your team long term.


Luke Scott (.285 Average. 3 HRs. 9 RBIs)

FANTASY TAKE: Scott has always had tremendous power potential, and it is showing in full blast right now.  With Scott being 100% healthy, it is time to add him in leagues where you want a potential 25-30 HR hitter.


Josh Hamilton (.461 Average. 3 HRs. 9 RBIs)

FANTASY TAKE: Hamilton is just raking right now, no other way to put it.  Don’t think twice about this and keep the hammer on your team.

Justin Morneau
(.269 Average. 4 HRs. 6 RBIs)

FANTASY TAKE: Morneau is proving the concussion problems are a thing of the past.  It is very encouraging to see him get hot this early on in the season, and I would add him in all leagues where he looks to get closer to his old MVP form.


Mike Napoli (.347 Average. 4 HRs. 10 RBIs)

FANTASY TAKE: Naps was off to a very slow start, but is now hitting the ball like it is off a tee.  There is a good reason why he was a Buy Low candidate last weekend in my TRADE MARKET article.  It is too late to buy him now.


Hanley Ramirez (.391 Average. 3 HRs. 9 RBIs. 1 SB)

FANTASY TAKE: Han-Ram is in full blast right now, and there is not a lot of pitchers that are going to slow him down.  He should be back to the elite form that made him arguably the 1st pick in fantasy baseball last season.


Chase Headley (.384 Average. 3 HRs. 7 RBIs)

FANTASY TAKE: Usually it is a surprise to see Headley have this much power.  10 HRs seems to be his high/low range, but if he can continue this pace he will exceed it easily.  The Padres need his bat and Headley is usually found in the middle of the order.  Now is a good time to grab him off the waiver wire his value is so high.  Or trade him for a great starting pitcher.

Derek Jeter
(.407 Average. 3 HRs. 7 RBIs)

FANTASY TAKE: Jeter is showing he is not close to done, and batting hot in this Yankee lineup will usually result in a lot of runs.  Keep riding out this hot-streak, and do not sell high on him unless you are getting a superstar talent in return.



*Starting to get Hot.

Carlos Beltran:
Last 3 Games (.500 Average. 2 HRs. 3 RBIs. 1 SB)

Michael Cuddyer: Last 2 Games (.428 Average. 1 HR. 3 RBIs. 1 SB)

Ike Davis: Last 4 Games (.294 Average. 3 HRs. 6 RBIs)

Neil Walker: Last 5 Games (.450 Average. 5 RBIs)

Mat Gamel: Last 2 Games (.428 Average. 1 HR. 2 RBIs. 1 SB)

Nick Hundley: Last 4 Games (.466 Average. 1 HR. 4 RBIs)

Shin-Soo Choo: Last 5 Games (.300 Average. 8 RBIs. 1 SB)




*Players that are going through a rough patch.


Russell Martin: (0/9 in last 4 Games)

Justin Upton: (7/33 (.212 Average). 0 RBIs. 1 SB.  On the Season)

Carlos Lee: (1/17 in last 5 Games)

Kelly Johnson: (1/15 in last 3 Games)

J.P. Arencibia: (1/25. 2 RBIs. since opening day)

Ian Kinlser: (3/17 in last 4 Games)

Alfonso Soriano: (3/17. 1 RBI. in last 4 Games)

Geovany Soto: (1/19 in last 5 Games)

Nick Markakis: (2/22 in last 5 Games)

Alex Gordon: (3/20. 1 RBI. in last 5 Games)

Eric Hosmer: (0/11 in last 3 Games)

Jeff Francouer: (8/43 (.186 Average). 0 RBIs. Last 10 Games)

Matt Holliday: (5/32 (.156 Average). 1 RBI. Last 7 Games)

Albert Pujols: (4 RBIs in first 12 Games)




*In the last Waiver Wire Article, I mentioned players to watch early in the week to add.  Below is the new analysis of these players.  All stats next to the player are for the week.

*Tomorrow new players to watch going into the Weekend will be announced.



Alejandro De Aza – (3/11. 1 HR. 1 RBI)

FANTASY TAKE: Add him.  Once he starts stealing bases he will be long gone, the power at this point has been outstanding.  Good chance you have a better version of Austin Jackson by the time the season is over.


Henry Rodriguez – (2 INN. 2 Ks. 2 S)

FANTASY TAKE: H-Rod is the new member of the Rod family.  He seems to be the closer for good now that Brad Lidge is not only being out-pitched by Rodriguez.  He is also suffering from Vertigo.  H-Rod is the future, and he holds a perfect ERA.  Add him in all leagues.


Jordan Schaffer – (4/10. 1 RBI. 1 SB)

FANTASY TAKE: The speed is for real, and you might as well grab a player that seems to be a lock for 25+ SBs at this point.  Houston seems willing to give Jordan the starting gig all season long, for now.


Luke Scott – (2/12. 1 HR. 5 RBIs)

FANTASY TAKE:  Good enough for me.  Add him with confidence knowing you can get a player who will hit 25-30 HRs.  Unless he goes through an epic struggle to close the week, he will be on the list as a Waiver Wire add for the weekend.


Fernando Rodney – (.2 INN. K. S)

FANTASY TAKE:  He is the closer for the Rays.  They will not go to anybody else right now, and as long as he stays perfect he is a safe add in all leagues.  Do not expect him to be a long term add.





Travis Hafner – (2/8. 1 RBI)

FANTASY TAKE: He is looking healthy this season, and I did not mention that his HR was well over 450 FT on Sunday.  I expect him to be fine this season, and it would be nice to see one more HR before adding him.  If you want him now, go for it.


J.D. Martinez – (0/6)

FANTASY TAKE: You can leave him on the waiver wire.  With not being a real speed threat, and 25 HRs is his very max ceiling.  There is not too much to fall in love with.


Hector Santiago – (1 INN. 2 ER. 2 Ks. BS)

FANTASY TAKE:  With Addison Reed and Matt Thornton sporting perfect ERAs to start the season.  It seems very unlikely that not only will Santiago lose the closers job soon.  He will never see it again.  I would throw him away for good.







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  1. Hey I have Justin Upton, Brandon Phillips, Aramis Ramirez, jimmy rollins and Joey Votto on my team. Their all off to pretty slow starts and looking to trade them away. Which players should I target for each one of them. It is a points system so pitchers are also an option to trade for.

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