Fantasy Baseball: Hitters in New Places Vol.II

Fantasy Baseball: 

Hitters in New Places Vol.II


By Muntradamus






As we inch closer to the All-Star Break in the NBA, the more Fantasy Baseball articles will be released.  Get ready for a full force of content to get you ready to dominate your season.  Off-Season Pitching Moves articles will be released next week.






The Flyin’ Hawiaan’ has not seen his best days.  Playing in Philly where pitchers have a chance to hit a HR was a big advantage.  Playing in Dodger Stadium we saw his HR total reach 2 in 53 Games.

Now he goes to Boston, where lefties can flat out rake with the short Pesky pole, and righties can play pepper off the monster. Being a switch hitter and unlimited speed.  This team has the talent pool to score him frequently if he can get on base, and stay healthy.

Prediction: .280 Average. 14 HR. 66 RBI. 39 SB. 102 Runs.


Drew moves to the Red Sox after battling most of 2012 with injuries.  The Red Sox have not had a great SS since Nomar Garciaparra, and while Stephen Drew is not as good as Nomar, he is the biggest name they have had at the position since.  Drew was not half bad towards the end of the season with Oakland reminding us of his potential.

Now playing in Boston with a potent lineup all-around him, but most importantly 100% healthy.  Do not count out Stephen Drew to make an immediate fantasy impact.  Look at what Mike Aviles was able to do, and Drew is a better hitter than Mike.

PREDICTION: .272 Average. 13 HR. 73 RBI. 13 SB. 86 Runs.




Gomes has a lot of power, but can he play the field everyday?

The Red Sox have him penciled in as the starting Left Fielder, but if Gomes can do as good as Manny Ramirez was able to do at Fenway then everything will be fine.  The power is definitely there for Jonny, and this could be his first full-time gig since 2010.  Last season as a part-time player who mostly played against lefties, he knocked 18 HRs in 279 ABs.  If he starts the full-season he can double those numbers.

PREDICTION: .270 Average. 26 HR. 82 RBI. 1 SB. 80 Runs.




Stubbs was once known in the Fantasy Baseball world as a consistent 25/25 player with low batting average.  That same player two years later still exsists, and now will be able to do it on a good Indians team.  Stubbs is not a bad player at all and he will fit right in.  A change of scenery could even help his batting average as National League pitchers were starting to figure him out.

Prediction: .267 Average. 27 HR. 81 RBI. 27 SB. 85 Runs.




Swisher moves from the easiest place for lefties to hit HRs, to Cleveland.  Swisher will have a lot to prove as he appears far different from the man he was when he with Oakland.  20+ HRs would be considered Swish doing his job, when his old potential would call for 30.

Prediction: .255 Average. 19 HR. 78 RBI. 5 SB. 72 Runs.




I have always been a fan of Tyler Greene.  If he had the opportunity to play, I saw fantasy potential.

Not only does he get the opportunity to play everyday, but he plays half of his games in the second easiest ball park to launch HR’s.  Tyler Greene will be asked to do a lot for Houston, and there is no reason why he cannot be this years Mike Aviles.  Power is okay, speed is okay, average is okay, but all three okays for a SS means he a good fantasy sleeper.  Tyler hit 7 HRs in 39 games to give you some perspective.

PREDICTION: .268 Average. 13 HR. 55 RBI. 10 SB. 74 Runs.




Chris Carter is one of the most intriguing sluggers in the MLB.  Last season he was on a stacked Oakland squad where he would never get consistent PT.  Carter still managed to knock 16 HRs in 67 Games.  Now he will get to play everyday in the 2nd easiest ball park in the NL.  Carter’s HR potential is huge, and there is a good chance they force him to play the OF everyday as he is a Major part of their future.

PREDICTION: .240 Average. 26 HR. 88 RBI. 1 SB. 70 Runs.




You know the term. “Break the wrist, walk away.”

That is the thing to do this season when deciding about taking Raul Ibanez.  Seattle is the ball park where go hitters go-to-die.  Quick name a player to hit 40 HRs in Safeco!  No players go to Seattle to become better players, espescially one that seems to hit a huge decline at any moment.

Prediction: .270 Average. 13 HR. 60 RBI. 2 SB. 70 Runs.



Morales was a huge disappointment last season after dominating Spring Training. His punishment is to go to the valley where hitters die.  Also known as, Seattle.

Kendrys does not stand a chance to remain an ELITE option in a ball park which almost turned Adrian Beltre into a 1 year wonder after his breakout Dodger season.  Morales does have a better lineup than Seattle has put out in some time, still he will not be a good enough 1B option.

Prediction: .265 Average. 15 HR. 70 RBI. 0 SB. 65 Runs.



Jed Lowrie who once was in the 2nd best ball park in the NL to hit HR’s, now travels to Oakland where power does not come easily.  Lowrie is one of the more talented hitting middle infielders in the MLB today, but is still far from ELITE.  20+ HRs seemed very realistic last season before getting injured, this season it should take him some time to adapt to a whole new level of play.

PREDICTION: .270 Average. 15 HR. 70 RBI. 12 SB. 78 Runs




If anyone can have a Lance Berkman year Circa 2011 with the Cardinals.  Travis Hafner is that candidate with the Yankees.

Now that Alex Rodriguez is gone, Travis Hafner will be asked to likely be the everyday DH in a ballpark that makes lefties thrive.  Not that Hafner needs the advantage as he hit some jaw dropping Crushed Bombs in 2012.  With the Jet Stream in Right Field, Hafner has BEAST potential.

Prediction: .280 Average. 30 HR. 92 RBI. 1 SB. 70 Runs.




Yunel is one of those players that you know has more potential, but he never shows it.

Moving to the States and playing for a divisional rival could help bring out the Yunel Escobar the Blue Jays have been waiting for.  The power is not bad, the speed is okay, but the contact/average is great.   He can be a complete player and possibly make the All-Star Team if he does well enough.

Prediction: .292 Average. 16 HR. 75 RBI. 14 SB. 91 Runs.




No reason to take James Loney in Fantasy Baseball anymore.  He has proved that the power stroke is not something to depend on, and we are past the days where Mark Grace is a good Fantasy Player.

Even Mark Grace would laugh at James Loney.

Prediction: .270 Average. 13 HR. 66 RBI. 2 SB. 65 Runs.



Kelly has always been a nice 2B option in Fantasy Baseball because of his consistent 20 HR potential.

Will anything change for Kelly moving from one AL East team to another?  If anything it will make him continue to try harder to impress his new teammates, and make the Blue Jays feel like he was a player they should have kept.

The end result is only a better season.

Prediction: .266 Average. 24 HR. 79 RBI. 4 SB. 67 Runs


Lance always does well switching from one team to another in the start of the season.  The only reference of this is in 2011 when he became a ST. Louis Cardinal and tore the cover off the ball like he was Barry Bonds.  At the end of 2010 everyone thought his best days were long behind him.

Now he goes back home to Texas, a ball park that is the most HR friendly in the American League.  The Rangers are going to need Lance to reach into his bag of tricks and pull out a 25+ HR season, and I would be surprised if he did not do it.  Texas is his home, and the pressure to perform in that lineup will be very comfortable as the team is stacked all-around.

PREDICTION: .280 Average. 31 HR. 90 RBI. 2 SB. 85 Runs.



Both of these players will compete for the 2B job.  While Itzuris has the upper-hand on the situation now.  There is no reason to think Bonifacio will not run away with the job.  But also be an ELITE 2B option.

Grab Bonifacio this season as he is a candidate to steal 50 Bases in any given season.  Itzuris cannot hit or get on base, which will make Blue Jay fans frustrfrated quickly.

Prediction Bonifacio: .267 Average. 5 HR. 37 RBI. 47 SB. 93 Runs



Cody Ross moves back to the NL after a season with the Red Sox that he will never forget.  Cody was showing signs of his World Series MVP (when he was with the Giants) throughout the 2012 campaign with Boston.  Before the whole team fell apart.  Now Cody is back with a full-time job on a team that will welcome and wait for his power to come with open arms.  He is a very underrated hitter, think Nick Swisher in his prime.

Prediction: .282 Average. 28 HR. 84 RBI. 5 SB. 72 Runs



The Braves added a lot of power grabbing Chris Johnson to replace Martin Prado at 3B.  The average may not be the same, but there was a time last season where Chris Johnson was the best hitter in Baseball for a quick week.  CJ is going to fit in nicely with this Braves squad that is ready to score runs with the best of them.

Don’t sleep on Chris Johnson, the 25 HR potential is buried inside.

PREDICTION: .262 Average. 27 HR. 80 RBI. 3 SB. 88 Runs.




Upton had a bad season  last year with Arizona.  Trade rumors were swirling all-season, and now he goes to a new place where he is not only wanted.  But he is playing with his brother B.J.  Justin Upton is easily a candidate to regain his MVP 1st round pick form.

Not only is he going to re-gain his 1st round value, but he can finally build off of his career 31 HR season a couple years ago.

PREDICTION: .282 Average. 35 HR. 110 RBI. 19 SB. 110 Runs.



Nate “the semi-great” Schierholtz gets a chance to be an everyday player for a terrible team.  The Cubs are going to be terrible, which means RBI opportunities will not come often for a starting Fantasy Baseball OF option.  While batting average has always been a specialty, nothing else has.  In Fantasy Baseball, you need your OF option to give you strong numbers.

Prediction: .280 Average. 10 HR. 55 RBI. 5 SB. 65 Runs.



Adam Hech brings his potent bat to a Miami team that most casual fans could not tell you their starting team.

The Marlins are in a terrible situation, but Adam will look to be the 2B of the future.  His time is now, and he makes for an excellent deep sleeper in Fantasy Leagues.

Prediction: .270 Average. 13 HR. 55 RBI. 12 SB. 78 Runs




The best SB threat from the 2000 decade will get another shot to prove he still has speed.  The Marlins are a team that could use any small ball runs they can afford.  Juan is fast but the last time he really got a shot at a full-time gig was with the White Sox, and there it was discovered that Juan has lost a step, or five.  He has only gotten older since.

Prediction: .266 Average. 2 HR. 40 RBI. 24 SB. 70 Runs.




Placido Polanco, maybe the most worthless hitter in baseball will get a shot with a new team.  Playing for Miami does not mean anything as his no power/low average rate would not suceed on any team.  Do not even think about taking Polanco.

Prediction: .265 Average. 7 HR. 55 RBI. 7 SB. 62 Runs.



Buck may be with the Mets this season, but it will quickly be a move the team regrets making as they get Travis D’Arnaud ready.  We all know what Buck can do. Hit 15+ HRs with a batting average comparable to Adam Dunn.  Not to mention his below average defense.

The Mets are not going anywhere, I expect John Buck to get traded before this season is over.

PREDICTION: .231 Average. 7 HR. 30 RBI. 1 SB. 38 Runs.



Span has yet to reach the potential his fantasy owners have hoped for.  Some see 40 SB potential, most have now settled anywhere in the 20 Range.

Moving to Washington could be a great thing for him as Minnesota was not the most aggressive running team in the Majors, on top of that the small ball effect is much more prominent in the NL than the AL.

Prediction: .288 Average. 7 HR. 47 RBI. 28 SB. 92 Runs




Jaso for the first time in his 3 year career showed some signs of consistent power with 10 HRs in just over 100 games. The Mariners have always been a stacked team at the catcher position making it hard for Jaso to get consistent PT.  So he went to the Mariners Rivals in Oakland, where he will get every chance to suceed.  The average potential has always been there, just a matter of time before he puts up a great sleeper season.

PREDICTION: .267 Average. 13 HR. 69 RBI. 8 SB. 72 Runs




Pena is a strange piece to this Astros puzzle.  Houston is clearly building for the future, Carlos is clearly building for his next contract with the team that offers him the most.  He actually should thrive in Houston’s tiny ball park, which could lead to a lot of early season hype for Carlos.  The 30 HR potential is locked up inside of him, I don’t think playing on Houston where he will face a lot of nobody on base situations will help.  He will still be productive.

Prediction: .240 Average. 28 HR. 80 RBI. 2 SB. 70 Runs.


Jeff Keppinger may end up being the starting 3B option for the White Sox.  If you are a White Sox fan, you have to think that this is not your season.

Keppinger is good, but there is a difference between a Chris Johnson good, and a Jeff Keppinger good.  You are not going to get the double digit HRs with ease, and the .325 batting average from a year ago could easily be a fluke.  But this is what the Sox are rolling with, and you know he will be around late in your draft.

PREDICTION: .270 Average. 8 HR. 61 RBI. 7 SB. 70 Runs.




CY has 30/30 potential written all over him.  Batting average has always been a downfall, injuries do seem to happen, and now a switch to the American League.

Usually I am excited for players switching to better teams, but going to Oakland from Arizona may not result in the Fantasy Baseball numbers everyone is expecting.  The American League West feature two of the worst hitting ball parks in Baseball SEA/OAK and CY will play half of his games on that field, as well as adapt to a new set of pitchers.  Of course he is still going to get his numbers, but expect a lot of cold streaks in the process.

PREDICTION: .230 Average. 21 HR. 70 RBI. 17 SB. 88 Runs.




Average. Semi-Power. No Speed. Big Name.

Everyone is excited to see the Tampa Rookie.  We have not really seen the power we wanted from Wil in the minors, but that could mean nothing as he is a pure hitter.  And when pitchers throw harder, the ball goes further.

Wil may not be the next Evan Longoria, but that seems to be the hype surrounding his name this preseason.  Do not treat him like Mike Trout, but do treat him like Coco Crisp.

PREDICTION: .297 Average. 16 HR. 66 RBI. 3 SB. 69 Runs.



A.J. had a career year with the White Sox last season.  It was not one good week here, one good week there, it was a constant barrage of HRs which led him to 27.  What made this number so surprising is that it happened after two straight seasons of failing to reach double digit HRs for the first time since 2001-2002.

A.J. now goes to a Texas team that not only blasts HRs in the easiest ball park in the AL to do it.  But a potent lineup that will be giving him opportunity after opportunity to have a big year.  Do not sleep on A.J. and there is no reason he will not be a huge success story once again with his new team.

PREDICTION: .277 Average. 26 HR. 80 RBI. 1 SB. 72 Runs.



Prado in my mind has always been the most over-hyped MLB hitter.  His average is good, but still barley a .300 hitter.  His speed is okay, but still less than 20 SB’s on an even ELITE season.  His power is definitely below the 15 range.  So all in all, you have a mediocre hitter who qualifes at a couple positions.

Playing for Arizona, we can expect Prado to be a key guy to get on base for the new sluggers to hit him home.  No he will not replace Justin Upton/Chris Johnson or even Chris Young’s power.  But he does bring small ball potential to this team.

PREDICTION: .302 Average. 12 HR. 55 RBI. 12 SB. 89 Runs.




The man who was destined to take over for J.P. Arencibia is now with the New York Mets.  Not only is he likely going to start from Day 1, he has the potential to be a Dynamite sleeper.

Travis was always touted as one of the best Minor League Catchers.  If J.P. was not in front of him at a MLB level, he would have already had his chances to thrive.  On a rebuilding New York Mets team, there will be no pressure and his only goal is to improve everyday.

PREDICTION: .269 Average. 16 HR. 66 RBI. 2 SB. 72 Runs.




Mike is going to start the season as a backup, but that should not discourage anyone from taking a chance on him very late in deep drafts.  The MLB season is long and injuries do happen.  Lonnie Chisenhall does have the potential to thrive, but if he is going through a cold streak before he ever gets hot.  No reason you won’t see Mike get a chance to take over.

With that being said, I would still not target him and look at Mike as more of a deep desperation for depth.

PREDICTION: .292 Average. 7 HR. 39 RBI. 6 SB. 49 Runs.

Muntradamus is a Fantasy Sports Expert who specializes in Fantasy Football/Baseball/Basketball. He is currently in his first season as a Pro on FantasyPros where he is the only expert to have Adam Dunn, Chris Davis, Mark Trumbo, Ian Desmond, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, and Wilin Rosario in his top 20 at each position. Muntradamus not only leads many to championships with his great advice, and outlooks into the future. He is also consistently on the top of leaderboards in DraftStreet. He was also the #1 Fantasy Football Expert of IDP & Overall Rankings, first time in Fantasy Sports History.  To check his Preseason Fantasy Football Rankings Click HereHe also won a 1,000 person tournament in Fantasy Football to qualify for a trip to Vegas to play for $500,000 in Prizes.


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