Fantasy Baseball: Hitter Power Rankings (Projected Rest of Season)

Fantasy Baseball: Hitter Power Rankings

(Projected Rest of Season)

By Muntradamus



This article will  update new position rankings throughout the weekend.  Use the drop tool option to see the different positions.  Feel free to ask questions about any rankings in the comment box below.

Original Rankings from Start of the Season can be found by clicking the link.

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  1. Hello Muntradamus,
    Long time no talk, I am now in my summer months of much working so… not as much free time :(. Anyway, I have switched out a couple players and was wondering if you would take a quick look at my lineup. Thanks, here is my current setup for tonight’s games:

    Also, I was wondering if you discuss how my team looks in the short term and long term along with great pickups as well. By the way, I looked at other Fantasy Pros websites and they are not nearly as user friendly as Beastdome. Some are very scattered brained and not organized whatsoever. Thanks again for all your helpful tips, looking forward to winning another fantasy championship hopefully!

  2. Scream,

    First of all it is great to see your team at (4-1) and heading to (5-1) easily after this week.

    First looking at FA’s.

    Rickie Weeks & Ryan Doumit are good guys to have long-term this season. I would not let them sit on the waiver wire long. Eventually Rickie is going to snap out of this funk, and Doumit was a BEAST before hitting the DL.

    Rafael Dolis & Brian Fuentes are legitimate closers. I would not let them sit on the wire.

    Looking at your roster.

    Alexi Ogando and Rick Porcello are droppable.

    What I would do is drop Ogando for Fuentes who will get more saves. Then I would use that spot of Porcello for a spot-streamer. WunderChad produces his Spot-Streamers at the beginning of the week, and of course I post every morning the daily pitcher analysis.

    That will give you 7 starting pitchers with one spot for a spot streamer every week. Perfect. Or take A.J. Burnett who is very solid this season and see how long he can pitch like this.

    Pitchers that will start to fade:

    Kyle Lohse
    Jeremy Hellickson

    You can see what you can get for them, check my pitchers trade market to see where all pitchers are ranked. If you can combo them for a top 25 pitcher your team will be golden. Even try to get Tommy Hanson who has proved he is going to be elite this season.

    Your team is strong enough pitching, but it could also be better. Derek Holland needs to reach a higher level, and he will.

    Hitting wise, when Sandoval returns your team will be much stronger. Blanco has been okay, but it is time to upgrade him.

    Brennan Boesch is your guy. He is only going to get better as the Tigers offense hits their stride. He will get a lot of RBIs and is even starting to steal some bases. His upside is much higher.

    If Lawrie reaches his potential, your team will be dominant. Look for Kinsler to reach another notch as well, it’s been a while since he has played like a 1st round pick.

    Thank you for the compliments, BEAST DOME is continuing to go under more improvements to create a better looking site.

    Another championship is coming!!

  3. Konerko is playing at a ridiculous rate right now, and is a prime sell-high candidate.

    No doubt he has the talent to have a 30 HR & 100 RBI season, but age + an expected decline from his .367 average will come into play. Right now he is playing like a top 3 1B option, and you might as well get all the value you can now. There are plenty of solid 1B replacements who will get you similar power and RBI totals.

  4. You answered my yahoo answers question regarding sandoval for victorino. My replacement for sandoval would be chris davis. The guy also offered a second deal victorino and pagan for alfonso soriano and sandoval should I take that?

  5. Chris Davis is a solid option. You’re going to have to send me deal #1, but I do like Pagan more than Soriano. A lot more speed! Victorino for Sandoval gives your opponent a slight edge, but if I remember correctly you need a OF player desperately?

  6. You are pretty high on Cespedes, huh? Not worried about his k rate? 29 strikeouts to only 9 walks? What numbers are you projecting for him the rest of the way and why? I was thinking about trading for him. Just wanted to see what you thought. The owner is real low on him right now.

  7. (as answered in the chat)

    I love Yoenis. The guy is a Fantasy BEAST. If he does not knock in some RBIs or a HR, he will steal a base. The guy will go 30/30 next season no doubt, and he should still be able to go 20/20 if he returns at 100%. Now that Josh Reddick has proven himself, and Jemile Weeks is hitting the ball much better and getting on base much more frequently than he was when Yoenis was hot. It is only going to result in better production for Cespedes when he returns.

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