Fantasy Baseball: Hitter Power Rankings II (Projected Rest of Season)

Fantasy Baseball: Hitter Power Rankings II

(Projected Rest of Season)

By Muntradamus



This article will  update new position rankings throughout the weekend.  Use the drop tool option to see the different positions.  Feel free to ask questions about any rankings in the comment box below.

Original Rankings/Analysis from Start of the Season can be found by clicking the link.



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  1. Scream always great to hear from you.

    Let’s take a look at this roster.

    Your catcher combo of Doumit and Mauer is solid. Mauer has completely lacked in the power department, right now neither is very hot but Mauer is the better option when healthy.

    INF is solid all-around. I do not see any weakness and I do not see the need to move any pieces.

    OF Has some good names. I am not in love with any of those players besides Joey Bats, but they all have their moments when they are hot. Since your team is cruising no need to do anything drastic. I would try to add Nelson Cruz with his value as low as it is right now. I would trade any of those guys besides Bautista for him.

    Your pitching needs a June makeover.

    Add: Doubront
    Add: Masterson
    Add: Cook

    Drop: Fuentes
    Drop: Paulino
    Drop: Walden

    The more time passes, the less likely it looks Walden will get his closer job back due to the entire Angels bullpen looking dominant.

    Doubront and Masterson are both pitching great right now, I would feel safe using both of them in most situations. Cook is the new closer for the A’s and he gets Ks.

    Keep dominating Scream! Let me know if any dilemmas come.

  2. Scream I noticed one more move that can really help you long-term.

    I would drop Alex Avila, and add Ryan Howard.

    Howard will be an impact player, Avila is not very necessary for your roster.

    I would also drop Ryan Doumit, and add Wilin Rosario. Wiln is the real deal, and that is why he is #9 on my rankings. I was surprised to see him only owned in 9% of leagues.

  3. Hey Scream,

    I like when you post on this article. Gives me a chance to look back and see if I gave you the right advice.

    Good to see you won another week despite not using Rosario who hit 2 HRs.

    You can keep rolling with Doumit, but long-term and short-term, I see Rosario being the better option than Doumit.

    But I see Doumit being better than Avila, so I would drop Avila for Wilin while you still can. However if your rule does not allow you to make that move so Avila stays on the DL then you can hold still. I see your strategy of using both Mauer and Doumit. It will not work every night, but it is a good stack situation.

    I would also start Trumbo over Pablo everyday until Sandoval gets hot. Right now Trumbo is one of the best hitters in the game on a consistent basis.

    Your pitching staff looks very solid!

    Keep dominating Scream!

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