Fantasy Baseball: Forgot To Touch First (TUE)

Fantasy Baseball:

Forgot To Touch First (TUE)


By Muntradamus



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How Did Week 1 of Fantasy Baseball go?



It did not take long for me to make a Splash in the Daily Fantasy Baseball Game nearly claiming a seat in the Star Street Championship and Fan Duel Championship.








JIM HENDERSON LOCKS DOWN SAVE #1.  Did not take Axford to return to his bad habits from 2012.  If you have Axford you can drop him for Henderson, if you have a middle reliever you can drop him for Henderson.

Do keep in mind that Axford will likely have a shot for the closer role again if one of two things happen.

1) Axford starts racking up the 1-2-3 INN consistently.

2) Once Jim Henderson blows 2 Saves in a span of 4 games or less.


JUSTIN UPTON IS FAVORITE FOR MVP. The season is still very young, but Justin Upton is off to a very quick start with 6 HRs and a .423 batting average in his first 7 games.  Justin has always had 40+ HR potential and this appears to be the season where it will come easy.


There is no Buy Low opportunity here, but if for some odd reason Upton goes into a huge Cold Streak that turns him into an average player.  Remember how good he can be and make a move.


If it means grabbing Carlos Gonzalez or Matt Kemp?  Definitely make the move.  Baseball is a game of streaks, and those hitters when they are hot become unstoppable.



ROY HALLADAY gets bombed once again.  This time against the Mets which does not bode well for anything.

The way to play Roy Halladay if you are unfortunate enough to own him.

1) Keep him on the back of your bench until he throws a QS.

2) Once he throws a QS throw him in your lineup to show the league you have confidence in him.

3) If he is lucky enough to rack up 1-2 or even 3 QS’s in a row.  Look to trade him instantly with a good bat for an ACE.


MITCHELL BOGGS gives up 6 ER in .1 INN.  For all of you who worried about how quickly Jason Motte would get his closer spot back once he returned from injury.  You do not have to wait another day to find out that the Cardinals will hand him the keys to the city after this appearance.  Watch to see if Boggs gets the next save opportunity after this one.


ERVIN SANTANA looks vintage.  It was against the Twins, but 8 INN/1 ER/7 K line from Ervin Santana will certainly bring a tear to your eye.  Especially if he killed your fantasy rotation in 2012.  His next start against Toronto is a big one in his career.  He should be able to bring it, but we will see.


TRAVIS HAFNER Hits a Bomb.  Hopefully you checked out my Weekly Waiver Wire suggestions, Hafner will be claimed in nearly every league by the end of April.  Robinson Cano hit a couple of bombs himself to get his season going.


CARLOS MARMOL throws a Shutout 8th INN.  His ERA has now lowered to 16.88 and it will take at least a few more of these type of appearances to get his job back as closer.  Fujikawa does have the closer job to himself right now, and it is his job to lose.


CLAY BUCHHOLZ turning into a K pitcher.  Somehow racking up 8 Ks in 7 INN, Clay looks to be the pitcher he was in 2010 when he posted a 2.33 ERA and racked up a 17-7 record.  Do not let Clay slip on your waiver wire if he is still there, this Red Sox offense came to hit.

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  1. I have too much bat and not enough pitching…
    care to give a quick advice on what potential trades I can swing for? a 2-for-1 deal maybe?

    My expendable bats:
    Desmond Jennings
    Upton brothers
    and Utley or Kinsler…

    not to mention that I also have Trout, Castro and Ellsbury so I’m stacked with bats.. and looking to trade them into a quality pitching. Thanks for input

  2. Your team must be dominating in power.

    With Freeman out you cannot sell him since his value is too low.

    If you have a backup catcher that is of good quality. you can trade J.P. who is a player a lot of owners would covet.

  3. I would try a package of Youk, Cuddyer and Frazier and aim for the stars. See if you can get Price or Gallardo.

    Most likely give two of those bats for someone like CJ Wilson, Peavy or Ian Kennedy

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