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It is to nobody’s surprise, Gary Sanchez was my #1 overall player to draft last season.

The results were not pretty. After being among the AL Leaders in RBI’s after the first month of the season. Injuries started to pile up on a streaky Gary Sanchez. He was injured multiple times during the season, he landed on the disabled list twice with a hamstring issue, and ultimately. Gary Sanchez was a horrible 1st Round Pick.

18 HR/53 RBI/.186 Batting Average

Yuck that is horrible

However before you start the hate train on Gary Sanchez. Remember this guy is a BEAST. 33 HRs and 90 RBIs in 122 games two years ago, 20 HR and 42 RBI as a Rookie in 53 Games. You can watch the video above to see why I love the guy, and for the same reasons he will BEAST in 2019. He is still young and in the heart of his prime at 26 Years Old.

Last year you had to spend a 2nd Round, maybe 3rd Round Pick to get him. This year his ADP is #59.! That means you can draft Gary Sanchez in the 4th Round of every draft.

There are not a lot of catchers who play everyday, but when Gary Sanchez is hitting, he will DH instead of taking those days off. The guy can easily smash 50+ HR in a season with his TOWER POWER, and he should be focused more than ever coming off of a disappointing season.


Muntradamus Prediction: 40 HR/110 RBI



Look, I really do not advise you steer clear of the strategy. Draft Gary Sanchez. However there are a couple catchers that are going way too late that could have a very productive seasons.


Chirinos has always had a HUGE upper-cut swing. His batting average is due to be in the .220s, but his power and RBI total is what makes him special. While he only 18 last season, which was his career high. Chirinos started out the season like a stud with 6 HRs in April. Something that could have easily put him on pace for 30+ HRs to close out the season, but the season was never consistent for Chirinos.

Now he goes to Houston, another small ball park, where the Astros just got rid of Evan Gattis and Brian McCann. While Max Stassi is still around, and he did have some success when McCann was injured. Chirinos was just signed for 1 Year $5.7 Million. While Stassi is in a contract year this year, only getting $500K+ in comparison, the Astros could opt to play Chirinos enough to the point where they can get Stassi to sign a long term deal after the season at a far less value, and let Chirinos watch. Robinson is 34 Years Old, so this his likely doom or gloom season to prove his career was worth the wait. I say he is worth the wait.

Muntradamus Prediction: 25 HR/80 RBI


Murphy is on nobody’s draft plan list right now, but that can all change with a strong Spring. While Chris Iannetta will be getting his guaranteed $4 Million, he is in a contract year, which means the Rockies can opt to waste the cash and move towards winning it this year and giving the reigns to Murphy early.

Last season Tom showed huge power in the Minors, only to show no power in the majors with 2 Bombs. He has hit 10 HRs in 81 Career games, which projects out to 20 HR in a 162 game season. Murphy has the upside to hit more than that, and he has yet to show us what he can be because of injuries derailing his progress.


Give the BEAST a chance.

Muntradamus Prediction: 17 HR/50 RBI



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