Fantasy Baseball: Delabar of Saves

Fantasy Baseball: Delabar of Saves

By Muntradamus

Not all bad came from my slow day in the DSBC.  I have found a new talent that can possibly be a savior in leagues where saves are scarce. As well as offer a face that we once loved.



ROS Stats: 2 Saves. 20 Ks. 2.30 ERA.

Watching Steve Delbar pitch on Monday against the White Sox was a thing of beauty.  He had a devastating sinker that everybody knew was coming, but still could not hit it.  After striking out 4 batters in his 1st INN, then coming back and striking out two more in the second, I am convinced he has what it takes to be a great closer.  Casey Janssen not only gave up a HR to Adam Dunn to blow the game in the 9th INN, but I had Janssen on both teams and considered taking Dunn before realizing I did not have anyone to pair him up with.  Wish I took Dunn, keep an eye on Delabar and the closer situation for the Jays.  So far in 7.2 INN Delabar has only allowed 3 ERs, all of them came in one appearance.  Janssen still has a firm grip on the job, Delabar does make a good RP in very deep leagues.



ROS Stats: 5 Saves. 4 Ks. 1.10 ERA. (Next Two Weeks)

Huston Street was a save machine for the Padres before hitting the DL.  Poor Huston cannot avoid the injury bug, and now Dale Thayer will sub in for the next two weeks to pick up saves for one of the best save teams in baseball.  If you need an emergency short-term amount of saves, Thayer is your guy.


One more day of the DSBC, and Daily Pitcher Rankings will be back with salary cap teams entire week to celebrate the achievement.  Monday was tough finishing #25 and #29, you know I will be prepared for Tuesday.

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