FANTASY BASEBALL: Daily Pitcher Rankings (April 11th)

FANTASY BASEBALL: Daily Pitcher Rankings (April 11th)

By Muntradamus


Jason Motte puts me on track for my Save pick of the day.  Kyle Lohse keeps me perfect in my Start’em at 5-0.

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Wednesday 4/11
(All Records are for the week)

Sleeper of the Day: (1-1) 12.1 INN. 13 Ks. 4 ER. 1 Win.

*A QS or W= Win
*A Bad Start or Loss= Loss

Bruce Chen @ Oak-
Chen was solid with 6 shutout INN against the Angels in LA.  Oakland does not have much of an offense, and I would not be surprised to see Chen have two great starts in a row.  Possibly stealing a Win from, the Start’Em pick of Brandon McCarthy.



Guess That Save of the Day: (1-1)

Longest Streak= 3W.    Current Streak= 1W. 

Jonathan Papelbon vs. Mia


Locks: (3-1)
*Anything but a Win, is a loss for my record.

1. Jered Weaver @ Min-
The Twins are probably the worst team in the AL.  Jered Weaver should dominate them and easily pick up a W.

2. Colby Lewis vs. Sea- Colby should be able to shutdown the Mariners with ease.  Kevin Millwood is going up against the Rangers, and you can already count multiple HRs with your eyes closed.  Easy W for Lewis.

3. CC Sabathia @ Bal- The Yankees are a bit cold, and CC is coming off of a rough start against TB.  However the Yankees should find a way to beat Baltimore with their ace on the mound.


Start’em: (5-0)

*A QS or W= Win
*A Bad Start or Loss= Loss

4. Stephen Strasburg @ NYM-
Stras should dominate a Mets team that will be without David Wright.  As long as the Nationals put up some runs again Santana this will be an easy victory.  Double digit K’s are expected.

5. Justin Verlander vs. TB- Verlander is the best pitcher in baseball and it does not matter who he faces.  He is always a start’em after his dominant performance against the Red Sox on opening day.

6. Roy Halladay vs. Mia- Halladay is the Verlander of the NL.  The matchup is not easy against Josh Johnson, but Halladay is matchup proof and could easily go the distance if he needs to, as long as the Phillies get the victory.

7. Yovani Gallardo @ CHI-NL-  Gallardo gets a pass after his blowup against the red hot Cardinals.  Yovani should have his way with a  less than intimidating Cubs lineup.

8. Chad Billingsley vs. Pit- The Pirates are not a threat to do much on offense, and Chad Billingsley is coming off of an 11 K performance.  He should be solid in this one.

9. Brandon McCarthy vs. KC- McCarthy is about to make his 3rd start, and it comes against a soft KC offense.  The ERA is elite at 2.25, and it should lower after this start.



50/50: (14-5)
*A QS or ND = Win.
*A Loss or Bad Start = A loss.

10. Jamie Garcia @ Cin-
Garcia should pitch a solid game, the only problem is he faces Cueto who looked very sharp in his 1st start against Miami.  The Win is no lock for Garcia, but the QS should be.

11. Erik Bedard @ LAD- The Dodgers do have much of an offense, and Erik Bedard continues to show off of last season that he can dominate NL Pitching.  This is his big test to show he belong as a Must-Own player in a very easy matchup.

12. Tim Lincecum @ Col- I have a perfect streak going with my start’em picks, and I do not want to risk the not-so-hot Tim Lincecum against a Rockies offense in Colorado that has a lot of power and great quality hitters.

13. Josh Johnson @ Phi- Johnson should have an easy time making a QS against the Phillies weak offense.  However there is reason to worry for his chances of getting a Win, with Roy Halladay facing him.

14. Johan Santana vs. Was- Santana should easily make a QS in this one, the question is will the Mets be able to score any runs for him off of Strasburg.  The answer is probably not, and that leaves small hope for the W.

15. Jon Lester @ Tor- Lester dominated a tough Tigers time, but now faces Ricky Romero and a tough Blue Jays team.  If Lester dominates this start as well, he goes to matchup proof status quickly.

16. Ryan Dempster vs. Mil- Dempster has the capabilities of throwing an elite game.  If he can show consistency with another strong double digit K performance, his value will go up tremendously.

17. Johnny Cueto vs. Stl- Cueto is a solid ERA guy and he could stun this Cardinals offense if he brings his A game.  No guarantee of that, but there is a solid chance he gets the QS.

18. Wandy Rodriguez vs. Atl- Wandy is usually wild and very inconsistent.  He looked good in his 1st start against Colorado, but the question is will he keep it together for two starts in a row.  Once he does, he will be a safer pitcher in many owners’ eyes.

19. Justin Masterson vs. Cws- Masterson was elite in his debut against the Jays.  If he can make it 2/2 then his consistency problems from a year may be gone.  The fact that I still have to think about that issue makes him 50/50.

20. James Shields @ Det- Shields got bombed by the Yankees, and now faces the Tigers on the road.  Once he proves he can beat a quality team, he will be on the start’em frequently.  This is a tough matchup against Justin Verlander, and there is good chance he does not succeed in the game.

21. Ricky Romero vs. Bos- Romero looked awful in his first start against Cleveland.  Boston is not an easier matchup, especially going up against Jon Lester.  I will pass on this start from my sleeper pick to win CY Young.  If he does nice in this start, he will be close to matchup proof.

22. Randall Delgado @ Hou- Delgado has the chance to make a lot of noise with a great start against Wandy Rodriguez and the Astros.  The Astros offense is not a big threat, but Wandy could make this a pitchers duel.

23. Corey Luebke @ AZ- Luebke was not solid against the Dodgers, and the D-Backs are a lot better of a team.  However Corey has huge potential to be a fantasy monster this season and it is too early to bench him.

24. John Danks @ Cle- Danks is not a trustworthy pitcher, but you would hope to see him make a QS against a weak Indians team.  That is no lock from happening, and he faces Justin Masterson which makes him 50/50 for this one.

25. Jeremy Guthrie vs. SF- Guthrie will look to build momentum after his 1-0 start against the Astros.  SF does not bring much of a threat with their offense, but Guthrie could be on the wrong side of the pitchers duel against Tim Lincecum.

26. Joe Saunders @ SD- Saunders will be on bench’em time after time, but since he faces an easy SD offense there is that small chance he gets the W.  There is even a small chance he gets a QS, and that is why he is 50/50.


Bench’em: (10-6)
*A Loss for the SP=a win for my record.
*A Win for the SP= a loss for my record.
*IF NO WIN/LOSS=QS is a Loss for my record.  Bad Start is a Win for my record.

27. Jake Arrieta vs. NYY-
Arrieta was elite with 7 shutout Innings against the Twins.  The Yankees are maybe the complete opposite of the Twins, and I do not expect Jake to carry on his success.

28. Kevin Millwood @ Tex- Millwood is going to get crushed by this hungry Ranger offense.  They might as well put the ball on a tee.

29. Carl Pavano vs. LAA- The chances of Pavano pitching better against the Angels than getting blasted by the Orioles is not great.  He goes up against Jered Weaver as well, and I see little chance of a victory.

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