FANTASY BASEBALL: Daily Pitcher Rankings (April 18th)

FANTASY BASEBALL: Daily Pitcher Rankings (April 18th)

By Muntradamus


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After being a terrible (4-10) in locks last week.  I start the week out at 3-0.  Things are looking good.

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Wednesday 4/18
(All Records are for the week)


HR PICK OF THE DAY: (0-2)  0-8, 5 Ks

Hanley Ramirez vs. CHC

Sleeper of the Day: (1-1) 13 INN. 6 ER. 5 K (4.13 ERA)

*A QS or W= Win
*A Bad Start or Loss= Loss

Derek Lowe @ Sea – On the season Lowe is 2-0 with an ERA under 2.00.  With my weekly ERA above 4.00 thanks to Jeremy Guthrie who gave up all 6 ER, I am going to count on Lowe to lower my ERA into the 3.00 range.  Seattle is not a threat, and I do not expect him to let me down.


Guess That Save of the Day: (0-2)

Longest Streak= 3W.    Current Streak= 5L.

Jonathan Papelbon @ SF

Locks: (3-2)
*Anything but a Win, is a loss for my record.


1. Hiroki Kuroda vs. Min– It’s the Twins.  Are they really going to win a series against the Yankees in NY?  Kuroda will make sure that does not happen.

2. Zack Greinke vs. LAD – The Dodgers offense is good in the front half, and lousy in the back half of the order.  I would not be surprised to see Greinke dominate after Gallardo shut them down yesterday for the most part.

3. Max Scherzer vs. KC – Scherzer is coming off of his best starting against the White Sox, and now faces a Royals team that is struggling to get any offense going.

Start’em: (7-2)

*A QS or W= Win
*A Bad Start or Loss= Loss

4. Jordan Zimmerman vs. Hou- Strasburg, Gonzalez, and now Zimmerman should complete the triangle of dominating one team.  Houston is on it’s heels.

5. Daniel Hudson vs. Pit – McCutchen needs to teach the Pirates how to hit the ball, Garrett Jones had a breakout game last night and if he does not do it again, no way the Pirates win.

6. Cliff Lee @ SF – Pitcher duel time with Lee @ Cain.  Both should be elite  as both offenses are soft.

7. Matt Cain vs. Phi – Pitcher duel time with Cain vs. Lee.  Both should be elite  as both offenses are soft.

50/50: (19-7)
*A QS or ND = Win.
*A Loss or Bad Start = A loss.
*Analysis will be updated in the afternoon.

8. David Price @ Tor – Price should bounce back for a nice start in this one.  Though Toronto is swinging a hot bat, so I would not bet the house on it.

9. Ervin Santana vs. Oak – If there is a game where Santana finally settles down and starts being him, this should be it against Oakland.

10. Brandon Morrow vs. TB – Morrow has looked outstanding this year, and solidifying that statement against TB would go long ways for his value.

11. Matt Garza @ Mia – Garza should be able to beat Buehrle, but it all depends on how much run support he gets.  A QS is more than expected.

12. Derek Holland @ Bos – Holland could go a long way in building a name for himself if he beats the Red Sox in Boston.  This is more than possible.

13. Jamie Garcia vs. Cin – Garcia needs to get his A game going, and facing the Reds for the 2nd time will not help that case.  We want to see 9 Ks, I still expect him to get the W.

14. Clayton Richard @ Col – The Rockies are not a threatening offense w/o CarGO in that lineup who continues to be as weak as a kid by missing games with a strepped throat.

15. Jake Peavy vs. Bal – Peavy has got it going on like a brand new Brittney Spears song.  Will it last, or just stay on the radio for a few weeks before we forgot she existed. 

16. Mat Latos @ Stl – Will the real Mat Latos please stand up?  Will the real Mat Latos please stand up?  After this game: we may have a problem here.

17. Jason Vargas vs. Cle – Vargas goes up against the sleeper of the day.  I hope he gets rocked, but he does have the capabilities of throwing a solid gem.  Cleveland is hitting the ball well however, and I would be hesitant to use him.

18. R.A. Dickey @ Atl – Got rocked.

19. Juan Nicaso vs. SD – One Maca, Two Maca, Three Macarena.  Juan Nicaso you better beat San Diego, or else you are close to waiver wire material. Heyyyyy Juan Nicaso.

20. Mark Buehrle vs. CHC – Buehrle against the Cubs all seems too epic.  However now that he is with the Marlins the stage does not feel the same.  Going up against Garza will not be easy, but Hanley Ramirez could carry them.

21. James McDonald @ AZ – James McDonald has a Farm. K.K.K.K.K.  And on that farm he faces the D-Backs. Watch out for that high ERA.  If he can get some run support here, or some run support there, he has a chance for a sleeper W.

22. Josh Beckett vs. Tex – Beckett needs to win this one for the Red Sox Nation, it will not be easy.  Especially after Lester gave up 7 ER in 2 INN.

23. Jair Jurrjens vs. NYM – Now you can see why I ranked him so low.

24. Chris Capuano @ Mil – Capuano against his former team seems like a go od matchup, but with Zack Greinke facing him on the other side of the mound.  A win is unlikely.

25. Lucas Harrell @ Was – Harrell could be one of those early season flukes, and if he beats Washington and Jordan Zimmerman.  Then we will look at him closer.


*A Loss for the SP=a win for my record.
*A Win for the SP= a loss for my record.
*IF NO WIN/LOSS=QS is a Loss for my record.  Bad Start is a Win for my record.

26. Tommy Hunter @ CWS – Is not Hunting season in Chicago.  I expect the White Sox to win this game.

27. Bartolo Colon @ LAA – Colon has surprised us before, but I do not expect it against the Angels.

28. Jason Marquis @ NYY – If Jason Marquis beats the Yankees in NY, I will make him the cover man of the daily article for tonight.

29. Jonathan Sanchez vs. Det – He is wild, he is inconsistent.  He is Jonathan Sanchez, and he faces the Tigers which means problems.


  1. Need some trade help so I came to the people I trust most

    I get

    Michael Young – (1B,2B,3B)
    Zack Greinke – SP
    CC Sabathia – SP


    Tulo – SS
    McCutchen – OF

    My roster as of now

    Mauer(C, 1B)
    Konerko – 1B
    Kinsler – 2B
    Freese – 3B
    Tulo – SS
    Mccutchen – OF
    Delmon Young – OF
    De Aza – OF
    Uggla – OF
    Yunel Escobar – SS
    BN- BJ Upton-DL OF
    BN-Michael Morse- DL (1B, OF)
    BN- Ryan Howard- DL 1B


    Gio Gonzalez – SP
    Morrow – SP
    Motte- RP
    Nathan – RP
    Marshall – RP
    Aceves – (SP,RP)
    Jurrjens – SP
    Peavy – SP
    Worley – SP
    Norris – SP
    Lance Lynn (RP) But is a starting pitcher.

    12 Team Standard League Yahoo!

  2. Well I couldn’t resist and did it, knowing I need pitching help. I just dropped wandy rod. The other day…ive had that guy every year and always disappoints. If this trade was a mistake let me know how I can improve. I’m thinking of picking back up Stephen drew when healthy for SS. Maybe cozart for the mean time.

  3. Hey Muntra,

    A couple of pitcher questions:

    Chris Carpenter was dropped in my league. Do you think he’s worth a bench spot? Or is it better to wait til we here more about when he might return?
    Also, can you rank these closers in terms of most saves by the end of the year:
    – Santiago Casilla
    – Hector Santiago
    – Fernando Rodney

    Thanks in advance

  4. Looking at the trade.

    You Get:

    You get two elite pitchers.
    One stud hitter.

    You give up:

    An Elite SS the best in baseball.
    And an All-Star OF option.

    Not the worst trade, but you may have given Troy Tulowitzki at too low of value. However gets two top 10 Pitchers and a more than solid player who can play all-around your INF will be fine in the long run.

    Your pitching could defnitely use that upgrade, so you will be fine.

    Cozart is a solid option, I would be comfortable using him on my team.

    Alex Gonzalez is a good sleeper if you want some power.

    Keep me updated on your team, if you want to list some FA’s I can give you my two cents on who to add.

    if you want to talk fantasy baseball 24/7, join the BEAST DOME NATION where you will get quicker responses and be part of the live chat.

  5. Joe I got you.

    I would hold off on Carpenter as he still has no return date.

    Rankings those closers. None of them have great long-term value.

    But for now and probably through the end of May.


    You would be a great member on the Live Chat since you have been part of Beast Dome longer than most. Let me know if you are having any trouble logging in.

    Good Luck, and always feel free to ask more Questions.

    *Is Basketball still going on for you?

  6. Well some idiots dropped asdrubal cabrera and Furcal so ima try to snag one of em….which would be sick due to losing tulo.

    Players I would feel alright adding –
    Gardner (of) after dl stint
    logan morrison (OF)
    Crisp (of) worried over weak lineup
    Rasmus (of)
    Bay (of)
    Drew (ss)
    Fowler (of)
    Ryan (ss)
    Alex Gonzalez (ss) had him last year, liked what I got from him.
    Scutero (ss)
    Span (of)
    Ross (of)
    Scott (of)
    Jay (of)

    I feel like those r my weak spots now. What do you think?

  7. Thanks Muntra,

    I know Rodney’s not great, but I heard on a podcast that they have him standing on a different part of the mound which might have something to do with his increased effectiveness lately. Too bad for me, he loses value when Farnsworth gets back.

    Basketball is done for me. I was a lock for the playoffs the whole season until the last week. In an attempt to avoid the hottest team (and eventual champion) in our league, I left an injured Pekovic in my lineup to kinda tank that week and get the 6th and final seed in our playoff bracket. I also left in Parker and Ginobili knowing they’ll get “popped” by Popovich, while leaving Nate Robinson and Klay Thompson on the bench. Ended up missing the playoffs by one game! Oh well, that’s what I get for trying to get too cute with it lol! Valuable lesson learned: always put your best foot forward! It was a fun season though. Thanks again for your help throughout.

    I’ll see how the chat works on my phone. I was able to log in on my computer at home, but I check out your site more from my phone when I’m at work.


  8. I forgot to mention that by getting the 6th seed, that would line me up against the 3rd and then the 2nd seeds in the playoffs. I beat both teams in the regular season, so since our playoff tiebreaker was head to head matchup during the regular season, I would only need to win 4 categories to beat them in our 8 cat league. I probably would have lost to the eventual champ anyway, but I could have finished 2nd instead of 7th. I over thunk it >.< haha

  9. As Homer Simpson would say…”DOH!”

    Next season, you will dominate. Baseball you have to win now.

    We will make it happen, let me know if you have any questions as the season rolls on.

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