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In the last article, “Calling out The ‘Experts'” I went over the 1B position, you can click Link to read more.  If you notice, I have Albert Pujols at #3, and of course the coverman of BEAST DOME, Chris Davis at #1.  But who did I have at the #2 Ranking for 1B you ask that I did not disclose?



1B Rankings2

But enough about the 1B position, let us focus on the month of May.  There was another superstar in the month of May who carried Fantasy Baseball Teams, especially all the VIPs.  I promoted him heavily ranking him well above all the experts.


Stats as of June 1

.314 Average/20 HR (MLB Lead)/52 RBI (MLB LEAD)





Unfortunately, FantasyPros combined Rest of Season Rankings with Preseason Rankings.  Hopefully they do not over compensate and give the experts that are changing their rankings daily.


Nelson Cruz

As you can see.  Alan Harrison and Joe Bond moved Nelson Cruz way up their Rankings as they both updated in May.  Especially Alan Harrison updating on May 28th.  Shame on you Alan.  Hopefully you do not try to take credit for the pick of the season.  BEAST DOME once again delivers.


Despite having the pick of the season in Nelson Cruz like I had of Chris Davis in 2013.  I also have the best BUST pick of the year so far.



Stats as of June 1

.280Average/3 HR/28 RBI 





Fantasy Experts have been all over Matt Holliday since the beginning of time.  But my preseason analysis pointed BEAST DOME VIP users in another direction.







BEAST DOME is the best Fantasy Sports Site.  That is why the site continues to get traffic everyday despite the rare occasions an article comes out.  Fantasy Football is going to be HUGE this year in BEAST DOME.  Montee Ball is going into 2014 as the starting RB, and I am sure you will all be around to see what other Fantasy Stars I tell you to target.






  1. Thats right ladies and gents…Munt told me to get Cruz, and I got him for only 18 bucks in my 15 team auction league…talk about a steal. One of my rivals in the same league paid for Holliday at around 27 bucks… Munt knows what he is doing. Cant wait for Beast Franchise and Fantasy football. I have been a VIP member for 2 years and Munt has always been a great guy to help me dominate my leagues and I will continue to beast using his services for years to come. Keep Beasting buddy!

  2. My Teams 6-3 in a 8 man league, currently sitting 2 games back. The team took a hit with players on the DL and a little ROS planning the last couple weeks but is on the way back. I drafted Cruz but traded up(?) or Ortiz. Ortiz had his slump for the season but I think Boston will get it together soon. My Team is First in R, HR, K, W, WHIP, second in ERA, AVG, RBI. The SP only strategy has been working out great. Team looks good, the trouble I have is who to drop to stream a SP when needed.
    C Rosario (drafted Weiters)
    1B A-Gon
    2B Utley
    3B Longoria
    SS Tulo
    MI Hanley
    OI Sandoval
    OF Kemp (hoping he gets traded i guess)
    OF Granderson
    OF Cabrera (nice find)
    OF Alex Gordon
    OF Ozuna
    UT Ortiz
    Bench: Hamilton (off DL today), David Wright, Polanco, Harper
    SP: King Feliz, Scherzer, Sale, Weaver, RYU, Lester, Cueto, Minor, Gio

    Harper is in the DL spot, Wright will replace Sandoval (?) when he cools off, and took a flyer out on Polanco. Hamilton with replace Granderson.

    Wire includes: Aramis, Heyward, Marte, Jennings

    Looking forward to Beast Franchise!!! A lot more strategy involved.

  3. I’ve been a VIP member for the past 2 years in both Baseball and Football. My team has either took the Season or won the Championship, or both, since we started playing. My success is directly related to Munt’s rankings and advice. His rankings always find me late round steals and how to get the advantage in trading. His player analysis has always been spot on, like who will get hot the second half of the season or who to have faith in as they struggle through a slump.

    In addition to his rankings the Beast strategies are always the right way to approach the season. They’re current and always give you a game plan going into the draft. The RB strategy during the Football season, gave depth to my team at a position that was hard to find late in the season. The starting pitching strategy this baseball season has given me the advantage with many pitchers being lost to Tommy John and relief pitchers having a tough season.

    It’s great to see Munt get recognized as a top expert in Fantasy, the only problem I worry about is how much longer I can hide him from my league.

  4. Hey Munt,

    Just want to thank you for consistently helping me out. Without you, I would definitely be in trouble. It is tough with me being a rookie and going up against vets, and I am very grateful you are by my side, helping me along. I hope Beast Franchise is doing well. I went on the site and noticed that you are guys are improving the game, so keep up the hard work it will pay off!

    I tried to get Heyward and Qualls, but got out waivered. I was in 7th place, and the 11th place guy took him and Qualls, so I had to settle for Coco crisp, and Pinto… I had no idea which relievers I could take, so I just kept the same guys…

    Here is my new lineup: 15 team, 260 dollar budget Rotissery.

    Pinto (1$), Reynolds (1), Cano (33), Reyes (19), R. Zim (22), Cruz (18), Josh Hamilton (21), Coco crisp (16)

    Bench: Wieters (18), B. Roberts (1), Ozuna (1), Beltran (21), and Dunn (1)

    SPS: SALE (21), RICHARDS (1), WEAVER (18), JZIM (11), AND PRICE (18)



    Total cap space used: 260

    Just curious when we should trade Cano or if we can. Im pretty sure we needed Heyward, but Coco has been doing decent lately too..

  5. First time using BD for Fantasy Baseball and just like in Football, Munt always delivers. Record is 7-2!

    I have great pitching (see Cueto), value Phillies like Rollins, Utley, and Howard. Morneau is playing great. Can’t wait to get Josh Hamilton back. Just missed on Cruz in the draft. 1 pick before me.

    12 teams, playoffs start week 15. Big lineups.

    C – W. Rosario
    1B – R. Howard
    2B – Utley
    3B – Longoria
    SS – HanRam
    2B/SS – Rollins
    1B/3B – Morneau
    OF – Kemp
    OF – Granderson
    OF – Josh Hamilton*
    OF – Beltran*
    Subs + Utility are Rajai Davis, Bonifacio

    Pitchers are: Greinke, Ryu, Weaver, Cueto, Phil Hughes, Henderson Alvarez, Paxton*, Pineda*, F. Rodney, Papelbon, Mejia. I start 6 SP’s and 2 RPs.

  6. Fantasy Baseball has been great and I am 5 games out of first but with ridiculous confidence in my squad. I wanted Nelson Cruz but got Greedy and waited on him and went balls deep trying to acquire the guy preseason and the guy wouldnt budge because it was his only power hitter(the kids team is sitting deadlast). Once my team clicks there is no shot at anyone touching me in this league.

    C-Mesoraco(hot start, cooled a little, maintaining now) Top 6 catcher all year
    1b-Crush (slowwwwwwwwww start, got hot before paternity leave, ice cold since coming back, potential is there just worried about his contact rate)
    2b-Utley(Killing it)
    3b-chisenhall(could have had arenado but Ill take this waiver treat for now until a prospect comes up)
    ss-Tulo(killing it)
    of-jacoby(weird year but getting hot)
    of-Bonifacio(waiver wire trash once James Jones starts to rock)
    of-Hamilton(crushing it but got hurt finally back)
    ut-han ram(weird year but getting hot now)
    ut-George Springer (hot hot hot-will hit 265 this year with 15 bags and 25 jacks)

    Greg Polanco and Beltran bench

    Pitching is nasty–cueto and sale end of story

  7. Forgot to mention. Beltran is coming back, and I have to drop one outfielder.. so should I drop Beltran, Coco, or Ozuna? I cant have 2 outfielders on my bench..against the rules.

  8. Wow sim players… I’m only in a 8 man league so our wire usually has somebody.

    I grabbed ozuna when I needed a OF and can’t seem to drop him. He usually has a good day when I’m thinking about it. Beltran makes me nervous I dropped him when he first went on the DL. The spur isn’t going away and I feared he was done. I was going to keep an eye on him. You held onto him this long you might want to see how he does before dropping. I haven’t followed the A’s so I don’t know cocos stats. He is usually good for avg and SB, ozuna will get u HR and RBI. Team need one over the other ? You can always trade one to try to help at any position or Package two OF to try and get one better.

  9. I dropped Pineda. The tar on the neck before the DL should leave him on the wire. I’ve been keeping a eye on tajuan walker and Paxton with Seattle. Walker is about to come off the DL. I’m thinking I will drop Minor to claim.

  10. The problem with me is that this league is 15 and I have a budget, plus the next add/drop is not every week, its every 3 weeks… so dropping and adding players is really important. Plus I only have 2 moves every add/drop, one pitcher and one hitter per move…

  11. Alright Dave lets get your championship team ready to go.

    Infield is as good as it gets. Longoria is really hurting you, but he will get it together. A-Gon is slumping as well as the entire Dodgers Roster, once they get hot he will get hot. Tulo/Hanley will be fine and I would not worry about Utley.

    OF. Kemp has been a disaster, he really has no excuse and you have no trade bargin chips with him. Best thing to do is to hope he comes around to his MVP form. Ozuna is alright, but time to drop him for something else now that you have Josh Hamilton back.

    David Wright is too good to be on your bench, and Pablo Sandoval is too hot to continue to keep playing like this. Right now him and Alex Gordon are playing the best baseball you can expect all season. I would cash in on those two now so you can start using David Wright and add Jason Heyward or Desmond Jennings. Both of those guys are too good to sit on the wire.

    The player to target is Chris Davis.

    Try trading A-Gon with either Gordon and Pablo. If you have to trade all three to make the move for Chris Davis, now is the time. This is his ultimate Buy Low state. He was on fire last month before his leave for the birth of his child, he will find his swing again.

    Pitching is BEAST. All of those guys you can count on.

    Drop Ozuna. Add Heyward.

    Find a way to get Chris Davis, Aramis Ramirez comes back Wednesday and he will be ELITE. Keep Longoria but do not be afraid to move David Wright if you need to.

  12. Ok time to turn this team around.

    Bullpen with your RPs, keep sticking to the strategy of picking up cheap wins. Now that Colorado is home after the road trip, hopefully they come through.

    Starting Pitchers are BEAST. Get rid of Pineda with the recent news. Good sleeper pitcher is Johan Santana.

    Beltran will be the man when he returns, Wieters may not. Still hold on for the ride. Cano is carrying a lot of teams in batting average, not why you got him. But he is doing the job. You just got Josh Hamilton back, and now we have to contemplate how to get room for Beltrans bat when he returns. Coco Crisp is a sexy player who is on a hot offense. You can try packaging him with Mark Reynolds to get a superstar 1B Option. Obviously you will not be able to land Chris Davis with that package, so see what it takes if you add David Price.

    The reason to add David Price is to get two great Pitchers along with Chris Davis. While Garrett Richards strong start was impressive, hitters are starting to figure out his movement.

    If you can get a Anibal Sanchez/Michael Wacha/Chris Davis for Price/Reynolds/Coco Crisp, I would explore that field.

    Your team is now getting healthy, see where it takes you. Wieters coming back is Key.

  13. Big lineup. Big team.

    Infield is great, almost exactly like Daves. Ryan Howard is getting hot, Utley will soon follow.

    OF is finally getting healthy again, now that Hamilton is back and Beltran will be back this weekend. You will be looking up.

    Glad you have Bonifacio as a sub for Rollins, while both players are trending down, the season is long. You do not have the depth to make a trade for Chris Davis unless you unload pitching. Your closer situation is great, and Cueto/Weaver/Ryu/Greinke are all amazing. Alvarez and Hughes are pitching well, enjoy it while it lasts.

    The only deal I see you can make for Chris Davis is this.

    Justin Morneau/Josh Hamilton for Chris Davis. The other owner may be inclined to take it thanks to Josh Hamiltons strong return, but you may want to wait for a Morneau HR before offering. Or offer it and leave it on the table. Throw in Phil Hughes to make the deal a bit sexier. Even Henderson Alvarez and play the Waiver Wire. Alvarez hurts you in Ks so not the end of the world if you lose him.

    Keep your Philly combo for the time being.

    Drop Pineda, if your league is very deep. Look at Johan Santana as a possible replacement.

  14. Strong Strong team.

    Glad to hear pitching is nasty.

    Meso is a BEAST he will be solid all season long.
    Glad you have Crush, big 2nd half coming. Every swing looks like a HR. Soon he will launch again.
    Utley will get his power back, glad he is still above .300 batting average.
    Chisey is a fine play for now, this will not last.
    Tulo MVP.
    OF soon Bonifacio will be replaced by Beltran who comes back this weekend. Glad you got on the Springer train.

    THis is a team where it is important to not fix what is broken. However.

    If you can trade George Springer for Evan Longoria. Now would be the time. OF is always replaceable and there will be hot hitters throughout. Longoria is a Superstar who is in between hot and cold right now. His power swing will soon come around and when it does, he will catch up on his HR pace.

  15. thanks Munt….
    dropped ozuna, grabbed Heyward
    made the offer to the Davis Owner…not sure he’ll bite, he needs pitching. Package somebody with Weaver or Ryu?

  16. The guy in my league who has Crush Davis also has Encarnacion…

    guys lineup:
    Lucroy,crush davis, rendon, plouffe, hardy, byrd, ellsbury, and encarnacion,

    bench: russell, headley, aybar, smith,

    sps: cobb, de la rosa, gollardo, simon

    rps: davis, reed, soriano

    bench: cain, axford, latos, gio gonzalez..

    I offered him: Price, Reynolds, and Co-co for Cain, Latos, and Davis

    Let me know if i should do another trade and thoughts on J. Abreu and if he is that legit as a 1b. On a different team maybe i can try to get him… Team who has Pujols has really good outfield and pitching.. thx u!

  17. Guy with Davis lineup is above my lineup is above so u can compare

    Guy with Pujols Lineup is here:

    Molina, pujols, phillips, frazier, a. ramirez, rajai davis, gomez, puig

    bench: darnaud, mcgehee, rodriguez, cain, uribe,

    sps: beckett, cueto, darvish, gavin floyd, wheeler,

    rps: betances, matsusaka, motte
    bench: tillman, jim johnson, hunter, kelley

  18. Morneau and Hamilton for Davis or just one of them? Morneau has better stats atm so owner might be inclined? Johan is available so I will pick him up for pineda. I really like Hamilton but feel that Morneau will end up with the better year.

  19. Thanks to your Pre-Season VIP, my team is sitting in 1st at 7-2. This is my first year doing fantasy baseball. Here’s my team.

    C – Brian McCann
    1B – Mark Teixeira
    2B – Utley
    3B – Mark Reynolds
    SS – HanRam
    CI – Justin Morneau
    MI – Tulo
    OF – Desmond Jennings
    OF – Nelson Cruz
    OF – Rajai Davis
    OF – Curtis Granderson
    OF – Josh Hamilton

    BN – Nolan Arenado
    BN – Beltran
    BN – Sizemore
    BN – Mike Aviles

    P – Scherzer
    P – David Price
    P – Jered Weaver
    P – Johnny Cueto
    P – Yovani Gallardo
    P – Jesse Chavez
    P – Roenis Elias
    P – Chris Sale
    P – Jorge De La Rosa

    BN – Nathan Eovaldi
    BN – Buchholz
    BN – CC Sabathia
    BN – Pineda
    DL – James Paxton

    How can I make my team even more beastly?

  20. Munt is the real deal. Led me all the way to 2 fantasy football championships and 2nd in my huge money league (gronk injury late killed me and still list championship by less than 8 points).

    Now in baseball I have two leagues I’m Cruzing to in first by a mile. My huge rotisserie money league 12 man league sports the following roster

    C Derek Norris (weiters on DL)
    1B Teixera
    2B Utley
    3B Longoria
    SS Tulo
    OF Cruz
    OF Kemp
    OF Jennings
    Util A Escobar
    Util V Martinez (traded Jordan Zimmerman)

    King Felix
    K Rod (someone dropped after 2nd save?)
    Jansen (traded Jordan Zimmerman)
    CJ Wilson
    Chavez (picked up)

    Cueto Cruz and Tulo are top 3 players and are carrying this team with their eyes closed and Cruz and Cueto were taken mid draft. So as long as you have Munt by your side you can do no wrong. You just Beast! Thanks again Munt!

    – Chase

  21. Package A-Gon with Weaver since Weaver lacks the Ks. Weaver is as clutch as they come, but your wire will help you out with depth to replace him.

  22. Your offer looks legit. He should accept the deal, Latos and Cain are a bit of injury concerns, but having the bat of Chris Davis along with Cruz and hopefully a healthy Wieters will be the difference of dominating in power.

  23. Your offense is BEASTLY. The fact you hae Beltran coming back this week speaks volumes in how good this team will be.

    Beltran/Teix is a great combo.

    Pitching wise, wait for Scherzer to get back to his BEAST level, Elias pitched well in his last game against Scherz, but I still have my reservations about him. I love your pitching depth, you can however drop both Pineda and CC.

    If you are looking for the next sleeper pitcher, take a chance on Johan. If you suggest more backup Pitchers I will make other suggestions. Buchholz seems to be on the decline as well, Eovaldi is going to turn his little slump around.

    Grady Sizemore is doing well, but I imagine there is a better backup. Same case with Aviles.

  24. Thank you Chase for the kind words.

    Team looks BEASTLY, nothing to change up too much. Alcides Escobar is replaceable, but enjoy his speed while it lasts. Someone like Emilio Bonifacio will end up with more SBs if his owner gave up on him.

    Pitching does not get much better.

    Once Matt Kemp hits his stride, your team will be unstoppable. Cruz/Cueto/Tulo let them carry you to the finish line. All VIPs on Chase Utley like I suggested, glad you got on his train as well.

    Don’t fix what isn’t broken.

  25. ….he’s a funny owner. Always talks trade, afraid to pull the trigger. Gripping about Weaver’s consistency. A-Gon / Ryu to much for Davis?

    Beltran is also on the Wire – drop Granderson?
    If I can’t bet a buyer on Sandoval – drop for Aramis?

  26. Munt ,just confirming since your 2 posts has the same time..wait on the chris davis right? Is it because latos got hurt? Or the fact price k’ed 11? Let me know when to try to get crush davis. Thanks.

  27. Morneau and Hughes or Morneau and Alvarez?

    I’m gonna need Paxton healthy if I lose a pitcher. That or Johan finding fountain of youth

  28. Definitely add Beltran. He’s back and he’s going to be trouble.

    Yes also make the move for Aramis, famous for big 2nd halfs.

    I would wait for A-Gon to have his Colorado Weekend before making the trade.

  29. In Beast we Trust…grabbed Beltran :)

    Any inside word on Kemp, I’m thinking a change of scenery coming around the trade deadline. If he doesn’t get traded looks like Harper off the DL will take his spot.

    Luv the weekend idea, just need your man Crush to hold back a couple days.

    Thank you again…looking forward to my Franchise Fix!

  30. Munt is the ultimate authority when it comes to fantasty sports! Stumbled upon beastdome three years ago and he has lead me to dominate multiple football and basketball leagues. His VIP service is worth every penny! This is my first try at fantasy baseball and I look like a genius for drafting some of the guys where I did!

    Im in a weekly 10 team H2H league with a 3-5 record due to some key players being injured but now healthy

    C. McCann (Weiters on DL)
    1B Pujols
    2B Utley
    3B Beltre
    SS HanRam
    OF Craig (Wire)
    OF Trout
    OF Springer (Wire)
    OF Cruz (drafted last pic of round 10!)
    SP Ryu
    SP Lester
    SP Weaver
    SP Cashner (Wire)
    SP Bauer
    RP Joe Nathan
    RP Papelbon

    J. Singleton
    C. Beltron
    M. Cuddyer
    Josh Hamilton
    O. Taveras

    Talk about a BEAST batting lineup!!!!

    Kemp, Trumbo, Aramis Ramirez, Arenado, Teix, and Heaney all on wire currently

  31. Thank you Alaskan

    This team has Championship written all over it.

    Especially now that you have Beltran/Hamilton back who should go in for Craig. Play the player who is home.

    Do not fall in love with Bauer, if it is a daily league use that spot to stream. If it is Weekly league, stream a 2 start pitcher every week.

    Other option is to trade Springer at an ultimate sell-high. After Cueto’s start on Friday, you may be able to snag him straight up for Springer. Other pitcher to target is Greinke. Or a combination of two strong starters and you can throw in Taveras or waive him. Taveras will never get playing time on your team. Never.

  32. Heard Johan is out for the year…in a 15 team league and need your expertise since u are the best fantasy analyst. Add/ drop is in 2 weeks. .here are some pitchers that are available via waivers. Going to need pineda bench fill in. Roark, pomeranz, harang, wood, haren Koehler, lyles, collmenter, young, Chen, colon,Tomlin, skaggs , Duffy, kuroda, Arroyo, and some others.

    Thanks, Ben.

  33. Thanks Munt!

    I’ll see if I can swing Cueto or Greinke

    Should I be looking to get Kemp, Trumbo, Aramis Ramirez, or Heaney on my team somehow?

  34. The guy with Cueto also has Greinke. His OF is hurting right now so he might bite on Cueto for Springer straight across. Here is what he’s got

    Bruce Jay, Polanco, Yelich, and CarGo

    Cueto, Greinke, Haren, Liriano, Minor, Lackey, Latos, Ventura

    Grilli, Perkins

    I remember now that he nabbed Tulo and Cueto right before me in the draft so it would be nice to get one of them back.

    Thanks for your help Munt


  35. Here is what the davis owner said

    ” —

    Thanks Matt, I saw that. I’m gonna decline that offer. I kinda like getting Price for Davis but I think giving up Gonzalez and Cain is too much to get Crisp and Reynolds. I know Reynolds hits homers but that’s absolutely all he does��kills you in average. And Crisp has some question marks with injuries and possible platooning as well. I will try to look at it some more a little later and see if I can’t counter.”

    My lineup is a few comments above. Should i just trade an ace for an ace? Or just ask for latos or cain and he keeps gio? I offered him price, coco, and reynolds for davis, cain, and gio. Thanks.

  36. Kind of felt rushed and pressured, so I pulled the trigger and got Chris Davis. The problem is I traded David Price so I am trying to trade Co Co for a SP. I tried Anibal Sanchez and got laughed at. I tried Latos, but said no.. and now I hear Beltran’s elbow is still acting funny… so should I keep Co Co as my 3rd OF and keep Beltran on the bench? Or should I find a SP that I need to fill in for Price by trading CoCo for a SP on someone elses lineup? I need your almighty guidance!!!!! I am like a desperate little school girl who does not want to make rookie mistakes in a league with vets.

    New lineup: 15 team league auction roto
    Pinto, Crush Davis, Cano, Reyes, Cruz, Jham, Co Co

    Bench: Wieters, Beltran, Roberts, Reynolds,

    SPS: Sale, Weaver, G. Richards, JZim, and N/A

    Rps: Ottavino, Latroy Hawkins, Rex Brothers
    Bench: Sp- Nothing RP- Boone Logan.

    I all 260 bucks used up. Thanks for your help I hope I did the right thing in getting crush davis by trading Price…. There is a list of SPs I have posted above.. add/drop is not till next two weeks.

  37. You got a great everyday player. Maybe price gets traded to a bad team. If I read it right you have 2 weeks until drop add? Keep a eye on Beltran. Issues throwing not good but the yanks need to win so they might have hurried him back.

    Taijuan walker has a rehab tonight to see if he’ll get the nod. Might be someone to keep a eye on.

    I grabbed Gio in a trade since he was on DL. Somebody need SB? Might be able to work out a deal with their SP.

  38. Thanks Dave for your help. I think I did the right thing in getting Davis. The mistake I made is trading Cano… I gave too much and got too little. I was honestly kind of tired of waiting for a guy who was my highest priced guy at 33 bucks, when a guy like Utley only costs 2… I now have 238 bucks out of 260 in my roto lineup so I now have cap room available… yes… I traded Cano for Utley, Latroy Hawkins, and Rex Brothers… I at least have the majority of the rockies bullpen with Ottavino, Hawkins, and Rex Brothers…. we’ll see how it goes. Im a rookie…learning, probably should have been more patient with Cano or gotten more from him. Everyone else here has Utley so I said why not me? I probably wont win anyways this year.. Desmond Jennings is available on waivers will try to get him, and Headley is avail too will try to get him too. Wieters will most likely need surgery heard the news today about his arm… if they reported that last night, I would not have traded Cano… could have gotten a catcher or package deal from him… hope Munts not pissed!

  39. Trades can work either way. The biggie is to take advantage of your new cap space. Maybe keep a eye on teams with limited cap space and injuries. If a player goes in the DL I usually check what team they’re on to see if I can help them out. Word on Philly sport talk radio is blow up the team. Maybe Chase will get on a team where the lower half of the order can hit. Can only add to his value.

  40. Should I trade G. Richards and try to get Hyun?… Is that realistic to get that?

  41. time to trade Kemp? before Crawford comes back.
    Thinking about trading Ryu and Kemp for Strausberg. Reach? Kemp straight up for Samardzia before the trade deadline? or Votto?
    Kemp / Wright for Beltre?

  42. C- carlos santana
    1B- paul goldschmidt
    2b- robinson cano
    3b- pablo sandoval
    Ss- jean segura
    Of- carlos gomez
    Of- jason heyward
    Of- gregory polanco
    Util- victor martinez
    Util- alex gordon
    Util- daniel murphy

    George springer
    Desmond jennings
    Manny machado
    Mark trumbo(dl)

    Should i get rid of desmond and manny? And if so replacements?

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