FANTASY BASEBALL: Trade Market Week 3 (Buy & Sell)

Fantasy Baseball: Trade Market Week 3 (BUY & SELL)

By Muntradamus


The popular trade market articles from the basketball season is back for baseball.  Take a look at what players have very high trade value, and what players are great buy-low candidates.  It is too early to attack pitching since you should never judge a pitcher by two or three starts this early in the season.

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Matt Kemp (Current Stats: .457 Average. 5 HRs. 15 RBIs. 1 SB).

Kemp is secretly on his way to a 50/50 season.  He is hitting the ball better than anyone in the majors, and leads the majors in HRs and RBIs.  The season is just getting started, and that is why he was projected as my #1 pick in my 1st round mock draft.

PLAYERS TO TARGET: Do not trade him, there is no player better in baseball.

Starlin Castro (Current Stats: .371 Average.0 HRs. 6 RBIs. 5 SBs)

MLB Leading 5 SBs, and everyone is on the bandwagon thinking Castro is ready to break to the next level this season.  Castro coul possibly challenge Jose Reyes, and Hanley Ramirez for the #2 SS in fantasy baseball behind Troy Tulowitzki.  You can trade him for elite talent right now, so you might as well see what you can get.  Good chance he steals 30+ Bases, still a bit risky for 20+ HRs.  You can convince owners otherwise.

PLAYERS TO TARGET: Jose Reyes, Hanley Ramirez


Chris B. Young (Current Stats: .345 Average. 3 HRs. 8 RBIs. 1 SB)

C.Y. had a lot of hype behind his name after a solid spring training, and he is not letting down.  He appears ready for a full breakout season despite the fact that his career average is .241. and I would be surprised if he finished at .280.  Young does have the potential to go 30/30 one season, it could be this one and now is the time to trick other owners in thinking that it is.

PLAYERS TO TARGET: Carlos Gonzalez, Justin Upton, Josh Hamilton, Matt Holliday


Shane Victorino (Current Stats: .300 Average. 1 HR. 2 RBIs. 4 SBs)

Victornio is off to a blazing start, and now is the perfect time to convince all those other owners that he can really get 20 HRs and 40 SBs.  Pull off the old B.J. Upton.  Once that average falls below his career .279, his value will look a less attractive than it does now.  Get ready to put on those beer goggles and find a way to trade him.

PLAYERS TO TARGET: Desmond Jennings, Justin Upton


David Freese (Current Stats: .406 Average. 3 HRs. 11 RBIs)

Freese is proving that he has carried that confidence he gained in the World Series of last year, into the regular season.  Freese is in a strong lineup where opportunities will present itself, however he is eventually going to freeze and lose some of that batting average and that 25+ HR potential.  There is still a good chance he hits 28, but there is a better chance you can trick people now into thinking he will hit 30.

PLAYERS TO TARGET:Brett Lawrie, Ryan Zimmerman


David Wright (Current Stats: .588 Average. 2 HRs. 5 RBIs)

Wright missed sometime with what appeared to be a broken pinky.  In his 1st game back he hit a HR which will have all of his owners laughing and jumping for joy little little school girls.  School is over, time to trade the All-Star injury prone 3B option for an elite talent.

PLAYERS TO TARGET: Jose Bautista, Adrian Beltre, Evan Longoria


Andre Ethier (Current Stats: .303 Average. 3 HRs. 14 RBIs. 0 SB)

It is a contract year for Ethier, and he is continuing the stereotype of players doing well under that circumstance.  There is a good chance Ethier returns to his 30 HR, 100 RBI form.  Well at least that is what you can convince other owners of right now.

PLAYERS TO TARGET: Nelson Cruz, Matt Holliday, Desmond Jennings, Corey Hart






*Projections are for rest of the season.


Albert Pujols (Projection: .302 Average. 39 HRs. 106 RBIs. 10 SBs)

Batting .250 on the season with 3 RBIs and 0 HRs.  He is the best hitter in all of baseball, he went through a slump last season that was worse than this only to hit 37 HRs. 99 RBIs. 9 SBs.

GIVE UP: Joey Votto, Adrian Gonzalez, Prince Fielder


Mark Teixeria (Projection: .245 Average. 37 HRs. 102 RBIs. 2 SBs)

Hitting .188 with 1 RBI on the season.  Tex has historically been a slow starter his entire career.  This should come as no surprise to the owners that him and this is the perfect opportunity to Buy Low.  Right now the entire Yankee hitting is struggling from Curtis Granderson, to Alex Rodriguez who are hitting a combined .200.  The Yankee team will all heat up at once, and you will have wish you traded Pablo Sandoval straight up for Tex while you could.

GIVE UP: Eric Hosmer, Michael Young, Pablo Sandoval, Michael Cuddyer


Elvis Andrus (Projection: .275 Average. 1 HR. 45 RBIs. 35 SBs)

Andrus is hitting .188 with 1 HR, 2 RBIs, and 0 SBs.  He bats 2nd on a Rangers team that has a good chance of leading the majors in Runs.  Andrus will be a big part of that and now is the perfect time to buy him in  a trade.  If you could get Andrus for Ian Desmond, you will upgrade tremendously.  Even for Erick Aybar.

GIVE UP: Erick Aybar, Emilio Bonifacio, Ian Desmond


Mike Napoli (Projection: .280 Average. 31 HRs. 95 RBIs. 0 SBs)

Naps has reached a new low and is batting a mere .100 with 2 RBIs.  He will be fine, the guy swings a monster stick for a bat.  I still expect that 30 HR potential, soon it will all come together in this powerful offense.

GIVE UP: Miguel Montero, Joe Mauer, Yadier Molina


Drew Stubbs (Projection: .255 Average. 21 HRs. 75 RBIs. 26 SBs)

Stubbs hitting .147 with 1 RBI and 1 SB.   This is not the Drew Stubbs you drafted, but he is a player that should still reach his 20/20 potential.  No matter where he is in the batting order, he is always a threat to do damage.  Now is the perfect time to get him.

GIVE UP: Austin Jackson, Carlos Beltran, Nick Swisher, Carlos Lee


Ryan Zimmerman (Projection: .289 Average. 26 HRs. 95 RBIs. 2 SBs)

The Zim Man is having a very poor start to the season hitting .200 with 2 RBIs.  His value will not be much worse than this unless he is injured.  If you wanted to play 3rd baseman like stocks, then this stock has great buy low value now.

GIVE UP: David Freese, Michael Young


Brett Lawrie (Projection: .280 Average. 22 HRs. 85 RBIs. 25 SBs)

For all those fantasy owners that spent a high pick for the next David Wright has gotten nothing in return  .241 Average, with 3 RBIs, and 1 SB.  The good news is the entire Blue Jay is really struggling right now, everyone from Jose Bautista and his 1 HR, to J.P. Arencibia and his .071 batting average.  The season is still young, and eventually the law will win on this one.

GIVE UP: Michael Young, David Freese


Aramis Ramirez (Projection: .260 Average. 27 HRs. 88 RBIs. 4 SB)

Despite batting cleanup for the Brewers, A-Ram is having a terrible season batting .129 with 5 RBIs and 2 SBs.  The Stolen bases are very surprising, and even if he doubles that you are not trying to get him for speed.  You are getting him for all the runners on base he will see on this potent Brewer offense.

GIVE UP: Edwin Encarnacion


Adam Dunn (Projection: .192 Average. 36 HRs. 92 RBIs. 0 SB)

Everything you need to know about Adam Dunn can be read here on this article I wrote about him before the season started.

GIVE UP: Paul Goldschmidt


Gincarlo Stanton (Projection: .265 Average. 35 HRs. 93 RBIs. 1 SB)

Stanton has a knee injury that could be a pain all season long.  His fantasy owners must be panicking at the moment, and it does not help he has 0 HRs, to go along with 4 RBIs and a .226 average.  He is at a huge discount right now, and if you feel lucky.  Then make the move.

GIVE UP: Nelson Cruz, Shane Victorino, Adam Jones, Corey Hart


Dan Uggla (Projection: .255 Average. 37 HRs. 97 RBIs. 3 SBs)

4 RBIs and a .250 average is not what Uggla owners expected after a Hot Spring.  It is still Dan Uggla, and he had a similar slow start last season only to end up with 36 HRs.  Most of them came after the All-Star Break.  Now is the perfect time to buy low on the struggling power slugger.

GIVE UP: Howard Kendrick, Michael Young


Justin Upton (Projection: .270 Average. 37 HRs. 102 RBIs. 18 SBs)

Upton is batting with a low .208 average to go along with 0 HRs, 0 RBIs, and 0 SBs.  That is a lot of zeros for this time of the season, and his owners must be in full on panic mode.  If he has another bad week, his value will drop tremendously, but now is a good chance to trade some value and get a star in return.

GIVE UP: Matt Holliday, Hunter Pence, Shane Victorino, Andre Ethier


Jose Bautista (Projection: .308 Average. 41 HR. 110 RBIs. 8 SBs)

For all those owners out there that are worried about Bautista and his 1 HR, 2 RBI, .200 average..They are tripping.  Bautista was great this Spring, he was great last year, and he was great the year before that.  It will not be long before everyone wants the HR champ, and you can get him dirt cheap now.

GIVE UP: Any OF option besides Matt Kemp.


Desmond Jennings (.280 Average. 20 HRs. 76 RBIs. 42 SBs)

Jennings is batting .194 with 2 RBIs and a SB.  If there are owners out there who are starting to feel unsure about their star OF’er, this is the time to snatch him.  His fantasy potential alone can make a huge difference in all leagues.

GIVE UP: Corey Hart, Andre Ethier, Jason Heyward, Adam Jones,







  1. My league is a head to head points league where pitchers are favored. roy halladay is projected 657 points the rest of the season where pujos is only project 524… I just got offered evan longoria for cliff lee straight up. do i do this even though pitchers are favored more points?

  2. to provide you with some more information.. lee has 26 fantasy points for me right now and longoria has 30… but the remaining games projected is 436 for longoria and 607 for lee…

  3. It depends who your other 3B option is, if Longoria is a HUGE upgrade over what you have now. You can consider it.

    If not, then keep Cliff Lee and hope his offense gets their act together to give him some run support. In point leagues, pitchers do get drafted ahead of hit hitters because they are guarnteed more points in every appearance, but consistent hitters are vital. If you can give me a list of FAs and your roster, I can help you upgrade your team.

    Also if you want to talk fantasy baseball 24/7, join the BEAST DOME NATION where you will get quicker responses and be part of the live chat.

    Good Luck!

  4. Yadier Molina
    Joey Votto
    brandon phillips
    aramis ramirez
    jimmy rollins
    Justin upton
    shane victorino
    carlos beltran
    paul konerko
    Dee Gordon
    David ortiz
    Drew Stubbs
    Melky Cabrera

    Cliff lee
    Roy Halladay
    ricky romero
    Fernado Rodney
    ubaldo jiminez
    michael pineda
    jaime garcia
    craig kimbrel
    Brandon league
    Kyle Lohse
    Colby Lewis

  5. some free agents are Goldschmidt, prado,encarnacion,infante, J.D, Martinez
    the pitchers available are edwin jackson, lance lynn,jonatan niese, max scherzer, chris perez

  6. After looking at your team, I would still reject that trade. Longoria is an upgrade over A-RAM, but not enough where you give up a Stud pitcher.

    Your FA Waiver Wire has some talent. Encarnacion should be added in all leagues, especially with this recent hot streak. Unfortunately you have nobody I would safely recommend dropping. You can get rid of Stubbs now and pick up a hot OF later, but I like Stubbs to have a solid season despite the slow start.

    Justin Upton is really killing your team, and you just have to wait for his bat to heat up and save you.

    Max Scherzer is also a popular add. Long term he is more valuable than Fernando Rodney who is a couple blown saves away from losing his job entirely. If you want to hold onto Rodney for now you can, but Scherzer will be the more dominant pitcher by the time the season ends.

    Keep me updated on your team, and I think you will be more than fine this season.

  7. Hello Muntradamus,

    this is my, well, one of my 4 fantasy baseball teams lol.

    Pierzynski, Saltie, Konerko, kipnis, lawrie, Asdrubal, Dee Gordon, A-Ram, Crisp, Cruz, Alex Gordon, Josh
    Hamilton, Kemp, Alex Rios, Goldschmidt, Furcal, Brantley, Hunter.

    Pitchers: La Hair, Bard, Cain, Cueto, Feliz, Lee, Luebke, Marcum. Brandon McCarthy, Worley, Lohse. 5X5 10 team.

    I think my team is okay, not very knowledgeable about baseball, but I’m savvy enough to get it done. I would like to improve my pitching and well as a couple of bats. Can you suggest some moves to make, I’m already trying to get Lincecum on a buy low, but owner isn’t biting yet. Any suggestions on who to offer him? Offered Lohse and A. Gordon, got no response. I’ll try and post some FA’s later today.


    RevClyburn – ANT HILL MOBSTERZ

  8. Rev you got yourself an interesting team.

    I think your pitchers are going to be to be honest. All of them should finish top 60 no doubt.

    Your catcher situation is very weak. It is going to be hard to win any league when you have two players in your lineup who you cannot trust.

    If you can list some FA catchers I can help you with that. I would also look to trade for J.P. Arencibia who has ultra low-value. I will be writing about him in the next buy or sell.

    Besides that your team is good. You can definitely make improvements. Let me see that FA Catchers, and some solid players that are on the wire.

  9. My team is a auto pick team, and I’ll take it compared to 2 other teams I checked out. I know it will need some help, but I know I can make it better. Just gonna got at it one piece at a time. So, I’ll start with the catchers. I like both of them, think they will be okay but I know they will disappear too so updating them is a must. I like Arencibia, but I’m a Posey fan too and would like to get him somewhere along the way. So, since Pierzynski went 3 for 3 and a homer he other day, I reckon I can deal him easily. Just get to talk him up and if he has another good at bat game it will be easier. As for FA catchers, pretty thin since we play with 2 catchers.

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