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The Starting Pitcher Position is a position where you can get just about the same stats from a lot of guys. 7 INN/2 ER/7 Ks, ya that is a dominant start and you are likely buying a pitcher in the form of Luis Servino on the Road in the early rounds of your draft. However that same Servino can get bombed in Yankee Stadium where the balls fly out. Enough about Servino, point is besides the 1% of Scherzer/Kershaw/Sale, more likely than not every pitcher can possibly be bombed more often than they would want to admit.

With the BEAST DOME strategy this in waiting for your pitchers, it is vital to pick up studs that can make a difference. A few weeks ago I talked about Tyler Chatwood, this week I am talking about Garrett Richards.


BIG TIME 95+ MPH Fastball, Big Time Curve. The two pitches you need to be a Strikeout machine. Garrett Richards was a stud in his early career when the Angels finally turned him loose to be their starter.

Then in 2016, Richards tore his arm up early into the season. It seemed like it could be the type of injury where he would never return to true form. Angels wanted Richards to get Tommy John Surgery, Richards opted to do Stem-Cell repair. It was a risky move, but Richards appeared to be his same vintage self over the course of the last month in 2017.

Take out his last start against the White Sox and you have a pitcher whose ERA was less than 2.00 for the month. His Strikeout total was right on par with his Innings pitched, and those numbers would win comeback player of the year no questions asked for 2018.

The Angels did lower the wall in Right Field, but their ball park is still about an even split between a hitters ballpark and a pitchers ballpark. Most important of all, the Angels are now easily one of the best offenses in the American League.

It used to be Calhoun/Trout/Pujols as the main core of the Angels offense. Now the Angels combined with the Tigers to add Ian Kinsler and Justin Upton to that lineup. The Angels also added Zack Cozart who could be a .300+ hitter and Chris Carter who has HUGE HR potential, as well as HUGE Strikeout potential. Let us not forget Ohtani who could be a threat at DH, more to be seen with him during Spring Training.

The Angels are ready to compete for the AL West Crown, and Garrett Richards figures to be a big part of that as he could open up the season as their Ace. The most intriguing part about Richards is the fact he is on a 1 Year/$7.3 Million contract. Turning 30 Years Old, he has the ability to put up a strong season and command a big 5 Year Contract that can sail him off into retirement. Before he gets there, he needs to be a BEAST this year.


17 Wins. 170 KS. 3.25 ERA.

FantasyPros has him Ranked as the #48 Starting Pitcher, #188 Overall. Which means you can find Richards no problems at all after your roster is filled. DO not make the mistake of letting someone else get Richards for FREE.


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  1. Do I ever want DFS tokens, lolol no brainer!!
    I have 2 comments on Garrett Richards
    He has proven success when healthy and can only benefit from the added defense behind him.. so I agree with your analysis-he has big value.
    On the other hand… I am a huge M’s fan and it has been miserable enduring repeated poundings from the Angels. Anytime I hear their success it makes me curl my face in disgust

  2. Thanks for the comments Justin send me your Wallet ID in an email and I will throw more Tokens your way. BATTING ORDER BASEBALL is just around the corner where you can use them!


  3. Based on the players I’m choosing to keep heading into my draft this season, it looks like I’m sadly having to miss out on nabbing Richards in the later mid rounds. Seems like a great value though – makes me want to do another league just so I can draft him. Great call Munt, as per usual.

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