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While other sites continue to write articles about why Anthony Rizzo will be another 40+ HR/120+ RBI option, and other studs like Miguel Cabrera are people you should continue to draft in the 1st Round. I am setting all of you up for the Fantasy Baseball Draft of the Century.

Pedro Alvarez is as talented as they come with the bat. While his lifetime .236 average and strikeout after strikeout with a total of 180+ when this guy makes contact with the ball, sparks fly to another world.

Pedro Alvarez started out his tenure with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2010 with 16 HR but his potential looked as if he could be a superstar. After a down year in 2011 where he hit below .200 and had 4 HR, I made sure everyone was ready to jump on the Pedro train the second he was called up in 2012. Loved the way Pedro Alvarez looked I wrote an article about him instantly. “VOTE FOR PEDRO (2012).” He finished with 30 HR that season.

Then the curse of the glove started to dwell as Pedro Alvarez went from a superstar, to a guy who could not field the ball. The Pirates started to bench him, the stats started to slip, and a guy who looked like he could hit 40+ HR turned into a 20+ potential at best especially with the rise of the Cubs and the Cardinals Pitching in the NL Central. Yet I have always believed in the bat, even when he was benched.

The Baltimore Orioles is a perfect landing destination for Pedro Alvarez. Ask David Ortiz how he likes hitting Home Runs to Right Field in Fenway, how Mark Teixeirra likes hitting pop flys that turn into Home Runs in Yankee Stadium. How bout asking how Chris Davis likes hitting the ball in Camden Yards. Pedro Alvarez has just joined the HR lottery by landing in the AL East, the bad pitching in the division says it all.

When Pedro Alvarez is matched up against a weak righty, or even a stud like Michael Pineda. A HR is always possible as Pedro Alvarez can smash with the best. While all of this sounds too good to be true. That could very well be the case, and it could lead to Pedro Alvarez not being drafted at all in any league.

The Orioles are stacked with talent. Unless Chris Davis plays Outfield everyday, or Jimmy ‘Hit’ Paredes plays 2B full-time, or Manny Machado moves to SS to bench JJ Hardy. It will be hard for Pedro Alvarez to be a Full-Time Player. He also no longer qualifies at 3B after a full-season at 1B. So while his potential is undeniably ridiculous, he will need an injury for things to change.

Regardless of the above, the Orioles will find a way to play El-Torro nearly everyday. He could potentially be benched against all lefties and play against all right handed pitchers on the mound, which should help raise his batting average and the confidence will stay there all season.


RANKING: # 16 1B


.244/29 HR/91 RBI/63 Runs/2 SB.







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