Fantasy Baseball 2016: Trum-BEAST (Mark Trumbo BEAST Sleeper)

Fantasy Baseball 2016:


(Mark Trumbo BEAST Sleeper)

By Muntradamus


There are a lot of variables that separate BEAST DOME from other Fantasy Sites. One of those variables is the fact that, ‘Stats’ are not everything when it comes to predicting how players will perform for an upcoming season. Time after Time, if a player fails or has a bad season the previous year, no matter how talented, the Fantasy Experts will give the player zero love the following season. One of many latest Football Examples is Brandon Marshall. One of many latest Baseball example is Curtis Granderson.

Mark Trumbo will get zero love in the Fantasy Baseball world as many think he has peaked, but I am here to tell you he could easily hit 35+ Home Runs and be ‘Thee’ Draft Day Sleeper.


Baltimore, Camden Yards. The Ball Park is low key on the Coors Field level as it ranked #2 in Home Runs allowed per game last season. Balls carry in that ball park, the dimensions of the gaps are very small, and the games always feel like potential shootouts. The last Three Home Run Champions in MLB (Davis 13’/Cruz’14/Davis’15) were all members of the Orioles. Only one Expert was able to rank all three players higher than every expert each of those three seasons, and I am about to share with you the biggest sleeper of them all for 2016.


Fenway/Yankee Stadium/Rogers Centre, these are essentially Soft Ball fields that we call, “Major League Parks.” You can always find a handful of BEASTs’ that will crush 40+ Home Runs in the AL East, and to be honest David Ortiz might not still be in the Major Leagues if he was not playing his last days in Boston. 61 of his last 102 Home Runs in the last 3 years, came in AL East Ball Parks. Enough about David Ortiz who I ranked higher than every expert last season, might as well throw in Mark Tiexeira if I am going to name drop.

Mark Trumbo is now joining the Home Run Bashing of the AL Eastt. Every AL East Ball Park should give up at least 1+ Home Run a Game,minus Tropicana. Before you get too excited about Trumbo being in the AL East, the Sheep Analysis Perspective that many Experts preach will have you look the other way.

Last 3 Years. Mark Trumbo

Fenway Park: 21 at bats. 0 HR.

Tropicana Field: 8 at bats. 0 HR.

Yankee Stadium: 25 at bats. 1 HR.

Camden Yards: 8 at bats. 0 HR.

Rogers Centre was a staggering 2 HR on 12 at bats, but that distracts from the real example on display. Mark Trumbo has not had success in AL East Ball Parks as of Late. So like what most sheep would do in this position, move on to the next candidate.

They will not take the time to factor all the variables in why Mark Trumbo will turn around his once promising career. Below will take care of that.


Mark Trumbo is the type of hitter who will destroy a soft lefty. Throw that hanging curve in the Zone, and Mark Trumbo hits the ball so high and far, you almost have to bring a glove to every game he is facing a lefty. Trumbo was on a path to being a 500 Home Run Hitter when he entered the league as part of the Angels.

Rookie Season (2011): 29 HRs.

2012: 32 Home Runs

2013: 34 Home Runs

Then with the snap of a finger in 2014, he was traded to the National League where he has to learn a new set of pitchers, as well as all the new ball parks.

Trumbo hit 14 HR’s his first season with the Diamondbacks. He missed nearly the entire first half of the season with a fractured foot. Then he had to face the tough National League West pitching that has had enough time to perfect their fine tuning. Nobody was expecting too much from Trumbo in 2015 as he still was not adjusted to National League Pitching and NL West Ball Parks, but he was playing decent with 9 HR’s in the first 45 Games. Then Trumbo was traded for pitching to Seattle, where he had to re-adjust to American League pitching and finished with 13 Home Runs in a little more than the 2nd half of the season.

Everyone thinks Trumbo peaked.

I am here to tell you that is all about to change.

Going to the Orioles will wake up the bat of Mark Trumbo. The pitchers, the ball parks, everything in the AL East is all about HR’s. Yes there are a few strikeout artists ranging from David Price to Michael Pineda, but there are also a fair share of CC Sabathia and R.A. Dickey types who will give up the bombs. Mark Trumbo was supposed to be a player who would hit 40+ Home Runs in a season before he was traded away to the National League West. It is hard to gain confidence and get your Home Run stroke in full swing when you go against the Clayton Kershaw and Madison Bumgarner’s of the pitching world. As soon as he got semi-adjusted he gets traded mid-season. It was only 3 years ago that Trumbo hit 34 Home Runs, and his career is not even close to over as he just turned 30 Years Old to start 2016.

Baseball is 100% Rhythm

Trumbo has found his Home Run Derby Ball Parks and Pitchers in the American League East. Once Mark Trumbo gets Hot, Trumbo will not stop.



Average Draft Position #196

Muntradamus Prediction:

.266 Average. 37 Home Runs. 109 RBI’s.



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