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Starlin Castro has always been a name that you would classify, “Never Reached his Potential.” Castro has 20 HR/30 SB written all over his name the second he entered the MLB, yet his best season was 14 HR/25 SB which seems like a while ago back in 2012. Starlin would make lazy defensive plays consistently, the Cubs were not happy with him, and the relationship never seemed that great when he was benched for his lack of defense. The Cubs happily traded Castro away to the Yankees this off-season who have to pay $38 Million over the next 4 Years

Starlin was on fire to close out the regular season for the Cubs in 2015 as he helped lead them into the playoffs with a September that included a batting Average of .426 with 5 HR/20 RBI/1 SB. If Castro put up those numbers every month, he would be a 1st Round Pick. Especially when you add in the fact he qualifies at SS which has lost one of its Monsters due to eligibility in Hanley Ramirez.

Going to the Yankees is going to make Starlin Castro a better player. The Yankees are far more aggressive stealing bases than the Cubs. When was the last time any Cubs player stole 30 bases in a season? Answer, 2012 when Castro stole 25 which was second on the team, Dale Svuem was the Manager.

The Yankees also play in a Play Pen which has so many wind tunnels they might as well re-name the stadium to ‘Home Run City Field.’ Castro has also hit over .333 against AL East Teams besides the Yankees in the last two seasons.

Last kicker of them all which makes Starlin Castro MUST-DRAFT. He will qualify at 2B as that will be his starting position all season with the Yankees. With 2B/SS eligibility, Castro is on his own Island; A player that can hit 20 HR in a season with 30 SB. He plays on a stacked lineup, plays against weak AL East Pitchers, and he qualifies at both 2B/SS which are two positions that really lack talent.

Starlin has Star Potential. This is the year to go All-In with drafting him. The Yankees will be in a lot of shootouts, and Starlin Castro will have plenty of RBI opportunities. Even if the RBI opportunities do no present themselves, Castro will be far more aggressive on the Base Paths to spark plug the Yankees Offense which will lead to SB and Runs.




.278/24 HR/83 RBI/96 Runs/32 SB.






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