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The Muntradamus Show will be back soon, fighting a dead body after a bachelor party in Cabo. Shout out to my man Zach getting married to the wonderful Kimmie. My first gift to Zach is my participation as his assistant GM in his Fantasy Baseball auction draft on Saturday in Anaheim, we will BEAST.

Now onto the article.

If you plan on drafting any of Hitters players, or already have. It is time to sell high and trade them away or do not draft them at all. These players are going way too high and they are not that good. We can call it the All-BUST squad, but we will reveal that entire list once the FantasyPros Rankings are Final. Mine will be submitted right on the deadline.


ADP # 16

Look A.J. Pollock is not a good baseball player. He is being treated as the second coming of Bobby Abreu, but he is nothing more than another Andre Ethier. Pollock made some noise 2 years ago in the Fantasy Baseball World as a guy who can hit lefties. If you listen to the Draft Guide I bash him and all the Experts for ranking him higher than Jose Bautista.

I did just find out that Pollock may start the season on the DL, but will only miss 2 weeks max if not less since he can go on the 15 Day DL retroactive to when he got inured. Even with the news there is more reason he should not be drafted until the very end of drafts. Give me Dexter Fowler (ADP #188) all day over A.J. Pollock who is going to destroy him statistically when you compare the two.

Pollock will not hit over 15 Home Runs.

Pollock will not hit over 80 RBIs.

Pollock will not steal more than 20 Bases.

The guy combined for 16 Home Runs in his first three seasons, and finally “Exploded” for 20 Home Runs last season. He is easily the dumbest 2nd Round Draft Pick (or if he falls to Round 3, even Round 15) in Fantasy Baseball History. I guarantee you, Pollock will not be owned in all leagues and will be a starter in less than half ESPN Leagues, before the All-Star Break.


ADP #33

J.D. is another slugger who came out of nowhere to be a favorite of so many. J.D. hit 24 HR his first three MLB seasons as a part time player with Houston. In 2014 J.D. hit 23 bombs his first season with Detroit in 123 games, last season he hit 38.

While the Power Hitters of the Steroid ERAs are gone, J.D. Martinez is about as overrated as it gets. If J.D. can hit 30+ HR with Detroit this season I will be amazed. The Ball park in Detroit is so HUGE that Miguel Cabrera can no longer be considered a 40 HR hitter. The AL Central is becoming a pitchers division with the rise of Kansas City and the Ball Parks after Summer Time all become Pitcher Parks. You can grab Mark Trumbo ADP #178.


ADP #41

Frazier only had 10 HR after the All-Star Break last season. While the 3B position is weak this season, it does not justify spending a 4th-5th Round Pick on a player that will likely decline moving from the Play Pen in Cincy to the Swirly Winds of Chicago. Frazier is a solid baseball player, but he is going earlier than a lot of superstars. In fact you can get Troy Tulowitzki at ADP #61 and make a move that 100x smarter.


ADP #50

Justin Upton really struggled with the Padres as the long ball was not consistent at all as he ended up with 26 HR. Now going to the AL Central and a Ballpark so big that Miguel Cabrera is no longer a contender for the HR Crown, Justin Upton will likely struggle instantly out of the gate. The speed is no longer there and now you are spending a 5th/6th Round pick on a guy who will hit less than 30 HR. Why not draft someone who will make a difference like Jacoby Ellsbury or even Gregory Polanco with the pick even though both of them own ADP in the #85+ Range. I would not be surprised to see Joc Pederson and his ADP of #147 end up with more HR than Upton.


ADP #66

The difference between Troy Tulowitzki and Xander Bogaerts as far as offensive skill is not even comparable. The fact you can get Tulo at ADP #61 means you better get Tulo instead of settling with one of the most overrated Shortstops in the game today. Xander does not possess a lot of speed as he only has 13 SB in 2 Full Major League seasons. His power is less than average as he has combined for 19 HR over 2 Full Major League seasons. His batting average jumped from .240 to .320 last season, and if you are drafting Xander for his batting average, you are wasting a high draft pick as his numbers are far less than average. If Xander ends up with 15 HR/15 SB, consider that a career year, and if you are drafting him over superstars like Dustin Pedroia ADP #171 or even someone who can change your season like Jacoby Ellsbury ADP #85. You are wasting a draft pick on hype.

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  1. How about Tulo and Xander? I set up the auto-draft player rankings to claim both and it worked. Something you can only do in only a 6 man league. Since it mostly for fun, I grabbed a bunch of redsox players since I’ll be watching them every night.

    The team: C: Posey, 1B Miguel, 2B Rendon, 3B Longoria, SS Tulo, 2B/SS Xander, 1B/3B Rizzo, OF: Harper, Betts, Marte, Polanco, Hanley, Util: Ortiz, B: Pedroia, Trumbo, P: Fernandez, Strasburg, King Felix, Rosenthal, Familia, Zimmerman, Pineda, Iglesias, Street, Matz.

    Having both Rizzo and Miggy at 1B, the plan is to drop Trumbo for Yu once the waiver wire opens.

    Everybody has a good team, so it should make for an interesting season.

    Looking forward to Franchise!!!!


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