Fantasy Baseball 2015: Top 10 Mock Draft

Fantasy Baseball 2015:

Top 10 Mock Draft


By Muntradamus



Note. These 10 Players right here listed are listed as if I had the Top 10 Picks and I can take any player who was still left on the board. There is a good chance you can get a lot of these players later than the position I have them listed here.

Recap of the month coming up tomorrow and the future of BEAST DOME for the month of March.







1st Pick 

Mike Trout – OF – LAA

Enough said about Trout. He is a Future Hall of Fame player who has yet to reach his peak. Anywhere from 50 HRs to 30+ SBs is the dream season we all want, but we will likely settle with a 40 HR/25 SB season. You cannot pass on Trout this season as he is clearly the most dominant player in Roto Baseball.

2nd Pick

Hanley Ramirez – SS – BOS

Hanley has put on a lot of muscle this offseason. Him, David Ortiz, Pablo Sandoval are hanging out 24/7 and taking pictures at dinner on Instagram every night. Everything else you need to know about Hanley can be read here. HANLEY BEING HANLEY

3rd Pick

Troy Tulowitzki – SS – COL

Tulo is a BEAST who can easily be among the league leaders in HR/RBI/Batting Average. He is very injury prone which is the only downfall, but a healthy Tulo is easily the MVP when healthy. The reason Hanley moves ahead of Tulo is the amount of easy ball parks Hanley will see as well as easy pitchers that should lead to a HUGE season. The most important factor to make a case for Hanley is those potential 15+ SBs which will make a big difference in the standings.

Tulo is a BEAST and he is a player to target in all leagues.

4th Pick

Miguel Cabrera – 3B – DET

If Miguel Cabrera qualifies at 3B in your Fantasy League, he is the easy #4 player to take this season. Miggy had a slow 2014 but that should be put in the past as he may be the best hitter in the game. Miguel Cabrera can easily hit 50 Bombs on any given season. If Miguel Cabrera does not qualify at 3B in your league, then let him go as there are plenty of 1B in the sea.

5th Pick

Clayton Kershaw – SP – LAD

After the Top 4 Hitters it is time to go after the Top Pitchers. Kershaw is the top pitcher in baseball. Everytime Kershaw goes to the mound you can expect 7 INN/2 ER/9 Ks. He will either fall short or exceed those numbers, he is consistent and as long as the Dodgers him run support despite losing Kemp and Hanley, Kershaw will win the NL CY Young.

6th Pick

Felix Hernandez – SP – SEA

King Felix used to have the problem of getting zero run support. Last season that changed with the addition of Robinson Cano who woke up this offense by getting on base at a consistent rate. Now the Mariners brought in Nelson Cruz which should give you the confidence that King Felix will get those 200+ Ks and the 20 potential wins. Grab King Felix.

7th Pick

Jacoby Ellsbury – OF – NYY

If people are discounting Jacoby Ellsbury because of his struggles with the Yankees, go ahead and laugh at them later. There are few players in the MLB who can put up similar stats that Kenny Lofton used to put up with his 14 HR/75 SB season. If there is anyone who can put up that type of season, Jacoby Ellsbury is your guy. Even in a season where it seemed like Jacoby did not live up to expectations, he still ended up with 16 HR/70 RBI/39 SB. With a year of confidence under the Yankees system, expect to see Jacoby Ellsbury reach those BEAST numbers that cannot be touched.

8th Pick

Carlos Gomez – OF – MIL

CarGo Future’ was one of the prime BEAST DOME breakout picks a couple of years ago. While Jacoby Ellsbury has a lot of that speed with the potential 30 HR/50 SB season. Carlos Gomez is the other way around. Carlos Gomez offers more power than Jacoby, and still enough electric speed to make him untouchable. Last season Gomez was not as consistent as I expected him to be, yet he still ended up with 23 HR/34 SB season. Carlos Gomez easily has the potential to hit 30+ HRs and this is the season he can do it as the Brewers offense got a lot stronger with the addition of Adam Lind and less pressure for Ryan Braun now that the steroid deal is a year old.

9th Pick

Max Scherzer – SP – WAS

252 Ks in the American League is an impressive feat. Especially when you add a 3.15 ERA and a WHIP of 1.10.

This season Scherz Dog moves to Washington where he will be facing some of the worst offenses in the NL East. The Braves offense is a joke now that they lost Upton/Gattis/Heyward. The Marlins are improved, but the Mets will still struggle to put runs on the board along with the Phillies. Scherzer has a good chance to build on his 2014 now that he is on a very dominant Nationals team.

10th Pick

Chris Sale – SP – CWS

The Clayton Kershaw of the American League, Chris Sale finally should see his offense come to life after adding Emilio Bonifacio and Melky Cabrera. The most important addition is probably David Robertson who will finally give Sale and his fantasy owners the peace of mind that the bullpen can lock down his amazing outings. Chris Sale is nearly unhittable when he is on, and we should expect him to continue to be a BEAST.


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  1. Loving this. Reminding me of last year and I won both my leagues last year. Cant’ wait to keep reading the Muntradamus calls of the year!

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