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Baseball Season is right around the corner.  Here are the most up-to date Rankings Published April 3rd.

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  1. Hello Muntradamus,
    Like my first post for fantasy basketball, and football, I come for your enlightening advice again as a noob to the realm of baseball.
    I am playing in a 14 person H2H League, here is my current team after the randomized snake draft:
    C: Joe Mauer
    1B: James loney
    2B: Robinson Cano
    3B: Brett Lawrie
    SS: Yunel Escobar
    2B/SS: Ian Kinsler
    1B/3B: Emilo Bonifacio
    OF: Michael Bourn
    OF: Melky Cabrera
    OF: Carlos Quentin
    OF: Denard Span
    OF: Chris Helsey
    UTIL: Alex Avila
    Bench: Zach Cozart
    Bench: blank
    DL: Mike Carp
    DL: blank
    Pitchers: Craig Kimbrel, Mariano Rivera, Jeremy Hellickson, Brain Wilson, Justin Masterson, Huston Street, Clay Buchholz, Sean Marshall, Matt Thornton
    Bench: Drew Pomeranz, Kyle Lohse.
    Thanks again for your help.
    Kind Regards,
    Scream, otherwise known as Garrett

  2. Alright Garrett let’s do this all over again and build a championship team.

    Before I get in depth, please give me a list of Free Agents sorted by Most-Owned.

    You are going to be dropping a lot of players. Before I get into that I will talk about your strengths.

    Your closer situation is elite for the time being. You should win Saves, WHIP, ERA easily. I would punt the Wins and K Department as your starting pitchers will only hurt you and give you no chance. Buchholz, Hellickson are not good K pitchers. Masterson can blow up often, I would bench him for this start today no doubt.

    Your hitting is okay, it needs a lot of improvement but it is opening day so there is plenty of time to get your roster adjusted.

    Spann and Heisey are not great starters. In fact they are not even great bench players. I am sure there are great players to replace them with. I like your double ammo at catcher, soon you should trade Mauer or Avila.

    Love the Kinsler, Cano, Lawrie, Bourn, picks. This team is far from championship caliber, but we will get there.

  3. New to fantasy baseball so I am not sure draft strategies or much of anything about fantasy baseball.. let me know how my team looks for an 8 team head to head points league the scoring system is on this link

    Yadier Molina
    Joey Votto
    brandon phillips
    aramis ramirez
    jimmy rollins
    Justin upton
    shane victorino
    carlos beltran
    paul konerko
    Mark texeira
    David ortiz
    Nick markakis
    marco scutaro
    gaby sanchez
    carlos lee
    Cliff lee
    ricky romero
    josh beckett
    ubaldo jiminez
    michael pineda
    jaime garcia
    craig kimbrel
    kyle farnsworth

    all my bench players are batters because i dont feel like having to find out which days there start.. you can update your roster daily… idk any suggestions on trade packages i should do or players that should be dropperd… thanks

  4. Your hitting is great. Strong all-around you should get plenty of points.

    I would drop Gaby Sanchez or Carlos Lee. Your team will not need all those 1B options.

    with that bench spots I would grab the best SP or RP laying around your waiver wire. Pitchers get injured frequently.

    List me some of the best pitching Free Agents in your league, and I will be happy to help you out.

  5. Melky Cabrera i am adding right now for gaby sanchez… then i guess i could drop lee and get a pitcher? here are the best available…brandon league, feliz, colby lewis, jhoulys chacin, trevor cahill… any suggestions with thatt?

  6. I would keep Lee, and drop Sanchez. Lee is hoping for 20 HRs and 80 RBIs and is already off to a great start as he is the one and only Astro to trust this year in fantasy. He will bat cleanup all season long, Sanchez will probably be batting 6th for a majority of the year.

    I would drop Sanchez for either League or Lewis. If you need saves, go with League as he can easily get 40 this season. If you need K’s and Wins go with Lewis. The Rangers offense should do him wonders all season, and 9 Ks to start things off are great.

  7. I did it again, after much negotiation with others (whom may not be as baseball savvy at the beginning of the season). I talked up some of my decent players to get epic ones. Here is my majorly newly redefined team…
    C Joe Mauer
    1B Mark Trumbo
    2B Robinson Cano
    3B Brett Lawrie
    SS Jimmy Rollins
    2B/SS Ian Kinsler
    1B/3B Jose Bautista
    OF: Michael Bourn, Shin-Soo Choo, Ichiro Suzuki, Jason Heyward, Delmon Young
    UTIL Alex Avila
    Bench: Elvis Andrus, Pablo Sandoval, Dee Gordon

    RP: Craig Kimbrel, Mariano Rivera, Brian Wilson, Huston Street, Jordan Walden, Addison Reed
    SP Justin Masterson, Clay Buchholz, Cliff Lee, and Derek Holland.

    So much trading went down amongst the 14 players in my league in which I manipulated them into trading some epic players for just decent ones. They tend to like the phrase “Anyone could explode throughout the season, and past may not always repeat…” Thanks for the baseball ranking article as it helped me acquire such players. How is my team now?

  8. I do not know how you did it.

    But Scream you are a fantasy mastermind when it comes to developing trades.

    Your team has no holes, you have speed, you have power, you have an elite bench.

    Your SPs are all quality guys that should get the job done. You have a bullpen that is next to elite.

    If I can suggest one move, it is to drop Addison Reed for Alfredo Aceves if he is laying around as FA. Other than that your team is ready to win a championship.

    Congrats on another great job maneuvering your team before the season gets underway.

    Speaking of which, what is your fantasy basketball situation looking like?

  9. Thanks everyone for the support! Without your articles Muntradamus, I honestly would be hopeless. You guys are awesome. Furthermore, Alfredo Aceves is currently on another team, should I look at trading Addison Reed for Kyle Lohse back somehow? Or should I target a better player? Also switching sports, I am about to win my first playoff match up which will make me (12-1). Here is my current lineup in Fantasy Basketball going into the finals…
    PG Ramon Sessions
    SG Dwyane Wade
    SF LeBron James
    PF Kevin Love
    C Dwight Howard (Should be on the MAVS!)
    G DeRon Williams (Oh I hope he comes to the Mavericks!)
    F Carmelo Anthony
    UTIL: Greg Monroe, LeMarcus Aldridge, Dirk Nowitzki
    Bench: Antawn Jamison, Jordan Crawford, Ty Lawson
    I tend to switch them out daily whenever they play so bench players get some action too.
    Thanks for the help M and the Beastdome community,

  10. Make it happen Scream.

    Let me know how your playoff run goes.

    Soon I will have a buy/sell article for Fantasy Baseball which can help you develop even better trade strategies to get your team to the top.

  11. I was thinking about trading Beckett and texeira for Roy halladay. would that be a good trade? and another trade i have is victorino and aramirez ramirez for beltre?

    if i have 5 bench players how many of them should be hitters and how many should be pitchers?

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