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Trying to figure out who you’re going to take with your 1st round pick?  Read this article to see who I would take in order of preference.  Full Mock draft coming later.

1st) Matt Kemp: Top Prediction (.301 Average. 50 HRs. 111 RBIs.51 SBs. 105 Runs)

How many guys are going to go 50/50 this season.  Maybe zero.  But who is one player who has the potential to do it.  Matt Kemp.

2nd) Troy Tulowitzki: Top Prediction (.314 Average. 37 HRs. 114 RBIs. 14 SBs. 102 Runs)

There are only 3 SS’s in fantasy baseball that are elite.  Troy heads the class and can still give you 30+ HRs. 100+ RBIs. 10+ SBs.  While batting .300.  Is that not 1st round quality enough for you?  You can make up the extra power with other guys later in your draft.

3rd) Albert Pujols: Top Prediction (.304 Average. 44 HRs. 110 RBIs. 11 SBs. 109 Runs)

Even in a down season Albert hit 37 HRs and 99 RBIs.  Playing for the Angels, a team that will set him up with plenty more RBI opportunities, the sky is the limit.  Plus pitchers do not know how to pitch to him.

4th) Jose Bautista: Top Prediction (.290 Average. 45 HRs. 110 RBIs. 10 SBs. 107 Runs)

40+ HRs.  Check.  100+ RBIs. Check. A batting average near .300 with double-digit SBs.  Only question mark, but still should be a check.  Bautista is the best hitter in baseball right now, and he is having a fantastic Spring.  You would be crazy to let him slip.

5th) Miguel Cabrera: Top Prediction (.330 Average. 35 HRs. 115 RBIs. 4 SBs. 108 Runs)

He will hit over .300 easily.  He probably will hit over 35+ HRS and drive in 110 RBIs, but I would still rather have Bautista who has more power and a little more speed.

6th) Jacoby Ellsbury: Top Prediction (.317 Average. 32 HRs. 105 RBIs. 44 SBs. 120 Runs)

30/30 guys do not come everyday. The power may have been a fluke last season, but even if it does not come he can still steal over 50 bases.  Jacoby is a special player who is only getting better.

7th) Ian Kinsler: Top Prediction (.280 Average. 32 HRs. 84 RBIs. 33 SBs. 120 Runs)

Kinsler is the top 2nd Baseman in fantasy baseball.  He gives you power, and speed.  Cano is only power, Pedroia is 1/3 less than Kinsler with better batting average.  Do yourself a favor and take a lock for 30/30 at the thin 2nd base position.

8th) Robinson Cano: Top Prediction (.305 Average. 31 HRs. 112 RBIs. 7 SBs. 106 Runs)

Cano may break the 30 HR plateau this season.  Playing in that Yankee lineup he is guaranteed to have over 100 RBIs.  Not much safer picks in the 1st round than taking this guy.

9th) Hanley Ramirez: Top Prediction (.290 Average. 32 HRs. 96 RBIs. 37 SBs. 100 Runs)

Since SS only has three elite guys, why not take one of them.  Hanley was a debatable #1 pick last season, and with 3rd Base also being added to his elgibility there is more reason to take him high.  Last season was a fluke, and he is ready to be the 30-100-30 guy with Jose Reyes getting on base in front of him.

10th) Jose Reyes: Top Prediction (.320 Average. 10 HRs. 65 RBIs. 80 SBs. 110 Runs)

One last elite SS, I will take him.  He could steal 80 bases this season if Miami chooses to let him do it.  Either way 60+ is expected with a nice batting average and potentially double digit HRs.  Do not let Reyes slip for a 1st baseman like Votto when you can easily match production later with Hosmer.

11th) Carlos Gonzalez: Top Prediction (.304 Average. 37 HRs. 111 RBIs. 32 SBs. 108 Runs)

30-100-30 is easily in reach for CarGo.  If Ellsbury did not go 30/30 last season, CarGo would have gone higher on this list making him more exclusive.  He has elite potential and can easily go 40/40.  Not a lot of risk as injuries can happen to anyone, like it did to CarGo last season.

12th) Adrian Gonzalez: Top Prediction (.330 Average. 34 HRs. 124 RBIs. 2 SBs. 107 Runs)

Adrian can easily be the best 1st baseman in fantasy baseball.  Even in a season where he failed to hit 30 HRs he still knocked in 117 RBIs and hit .338.  The shoulder problems are past him, and the RBIs will come quickly in Boston.


Notable players left out.  Joey Votto. Ryan Braun. Justin Verlander. Roy Halladay. Evan Longoria. Justin Upton.

Votto- His production can be matched by other 1st baseman later on in your draft.

Braun- I see a down season with no Prince Fielder protecting him, or steroids this season.

Verlander- Should be top pitcher, but you can always find pitching late.  Grab elite offense.

Halladay- The NL version of Verlander, same reason.

Longoria- I would rather grab MI options like Reyes and Kinsler before grabbing Longoria.  Beltre can match his production.

Upton- Should be a monster, the other guys are more rock solid.


  1. Without a doubt. I in fact have him ranked higher than Roy Halladay, he just usually gets drafted mid-late 1st round. Unlike the other guys whose ADP are somewhat near the 1st round if definitely in the 1st round.

    Do you have a fantasy baseball team going this season D-Rock?

  2. Yes, in fact I have a draft Friday and a draft Saturday. Looking forward to my second consecutive season in fantasy baseball.

  3. Excellent. I will try to get you my pitcher rankings and Sleeper alert before you dive in Friday. If you ever have any fantasy baseball questions do not hesitate to ask.

  4. How did you decide between Cano and Kinsler for #1 2B? Was it the steals numbers from Kinsler or…?

  5. Hey i came here from a quesiton you answered on yahooanswers. anyways im still wrestlting between adrian (i had him last year and he was a beast) and jose bautista for the 5th overall spot…can u slap some sense into me and help me figure it out bc ive been wrestling with this decison for weeks. thanks

  6. You can makeup the RBI difference later on in your draft. The runs, SB, and HR potential is all higher for Kinsler than Cano. Batting average is important, but one player will not make a huge difference and I would personally have the other categories.

  7. I would go with Jose and here is why.

    Bautista is arguably the best hitter in baseball. He will go in the 1st round of your draft no matter what, and is probably a better lock for better numbers across the board than Beltre. Maybe except for RBIs.

    I believe Beltre will have a beast year as well, and if you are very attached to him then take him in the late 2nd/early 3rd round where he should be available. You can make them both work in your lineup.

    Hope that slaps some sense into you as Bautista is valued higher, and the only way to get both is to keep Jose.

  8. Hi There im in a keeper league…. Having a hard time deciding on who to keep. Need some help…My broken down options are (i can keep 5 of these, can only keep max of 2 of the Free agents) And free agents you lose your last round picks.
    Giancarlo Stanton- Rd 4
    Mad Bumgarner- Rd 14
    Clayton Kershaw- Rd 3
    Joey Votto- Rd 2
    Mat holiday- Rd 5
    Alex Gordon- Rd 8
    Chase Headley- FA
    Paul Goldschmidt-FA
    Mike Napoli-FA
    I am leaning towards keeping Stanton, Bumgarner, Kershaw, Headley, and Goldschmidt…???

  9. I was really going to start diving into all of the Fantasy Baseball madness during the ASB.

    But looking at this raw.

    Votto is a 1st round pick.
    Kershaw could win CY Young.
    Napoli is one of the biggest power hitting Catchers in the game when hot.
    Bumgarner is ELITE.
    Stanton is the last guy who could crush 50 HRs.

    Headley is good, but he is also a possible fluke as he had a season like he did last year.

  10. So you wouldnt keep Headley or Goldschmidt at all? I figured pretty good value in them two, considering for both of them i only lose my very last 2 round picks in the draft. That what i figured, votto and Kershaw are both 1st round talent so there is good value there. Stanton is a no brainer in the 4th round. The only thing that scares me about that is if I keep those guys i lose my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round picks… But those picks are pretty strong so i think i should be fine!

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