This is the last you will hear of Muntragate.  Starting Monday, BEAST DOME will resume with it’s regular Fantasy Football content.


Muntragate Was A Mistake

A VIP Client was really pushing for me to push to make a big statement on CBS taking my Rankings. Obviously this was a case of someone not understanding that if he puts his custom Rankings into the system, CBS will update it’s own Custom Rankings to reflect.


I did not suggest once that Jamey or Dave changed their Rankings based off of mine.  The article did suggest there was a potential 3rd Party Company adjusting inner-league rankings.  Especially when the RB Rankings below duplicated the Rankings from Muntradamus.NET.  Not only the RB Rankings.  The QB/WR/TE/DEF Rankings all reflected the Muntradamus.NET Rankings on the CBS Platform.


I do not own a CBS Fantasy Football League account so I was not able to gain access to the section he was showing me.  The VIP Client continued to send me screenshots that reflected the Muntradamus.NET rankings for all positions.


During the BEASTcast TV – BEAST DRAFT SPECIAL that went all day Saturday.  The BEAST VIPS made the VIP Client realize he himself did put those Rankings in, and it had nothing to do with CBS.

I am sorry Jamey and Dave that this blew up the way it did.  If anything the BEAST DOME NATION is all aware of who you two are. I wish you both the best for this upcoming Fantasy Football season on FantasyPros.

Art Appology

Before I Leave you all today I wanted to say this.



I love the energy and passion that came today from the BEAST DOME NATION.  I appreciate the loyalty you all have shown throughout the years of BEAST DOME and it’s Journey to the Top.  I am sorry we had a moment like this, luckily it is only the preseason and all will be forgotten. Similarly to gameday Sundays on the gridiron, I will let my performance in the FantasyPros Expert Rankings do my talking for me.


Returning to BEAST DOME this season is the BEAST DOME NATION RISE.






  1. It’s really sad that “experts” at CBS copy from you Munt. They are a bunch of phonies! They don’t have any right to call themselves experts. This shit pisses me off. May I blast them on my Twitter?

  2. Dude it is bullshit that we pay for these rankings and I am willing to bet…..based on Munt being the shit… That trade suggestions, waiver wire targets,,, all that shit is going to be matched by cbs all year as they just jump on to the page. They are taking their mainstream popularity and power, using munts true genius and trying to take over the game. There is no stopping it all it takes is one DBA employee to buy VIP and get the password whenever. I am weary of this. It is either Munt selling out to become a “fantasy expert” on his way to the nfl channel with the others…where he would not fit in but he would be fucking paid! Or it is CBS using their millions of viewers to exploit and plagerize beastdome accuracy for their benefit. Either way this is the end of our winning edge and secret. Beastdome as we know it and why it works is toast.

  3. No selling out here.

    My ultimate goal is to build BEAST DOME above all of these companies with the best content. I’m on my own agenda.

    They may get the Preseason Rankings, but during the 2014 season I will make it a point to dominate in FantasyPros to knock CBS and all of those goat websites out of the water.


  4. This shit fucking pisses me off…I just went from being tired as hell working my 2nd job right now, to being mad as fucking hell after reading this…holy fucking shit I AM SO GOD DAMN PISSED…. After all of your hard work Munt…this bullshit fucking happens…Hell I have even worked my ass off remembering your rankings in fucking order to dominate my draft on Sept. 6th.. I know pretty much every single player in ranked order, and your draft strategy spot on, only to find out these pussies from CBS copying your hard work… whats shitty on my end is that we use CBS as a fantasy league, and the commissioner hands out the Pussyberg, and Bastard Dave Richards rankings to everyone, and most of them follow it like goats…. Now I may have to take people fucking 2 rounds early… Munt I am sorry this has happened, and got your back man… keep up the good work lets keep BEASTING. Rant over..

  5. I KNEW IT!!! Although I am a VIP member, I’m a fantasy football junkie, so for entertainment purposes I spent many hour’s looking on multiple sites and reading it’s sources for different Insight , but mostly for a laugh, but when I came across the rankings and show piece at CBS Sports I immediately thought,”WFT”,that’s Munt ranking!!!! Munt, NOBODY has Foster #1. Or RG3 any higher than #7. What was even more puzzling is their change of heart came after RG3 was getting knocked around like bowling ball pins. Those dudes NEVER pick bold because the soccer moms who follow them will stop watching and stop following if their #1 QB gets injured. Their ALLLLLL about Safe and Standard! Please allow the Nation to go full Beast Mode on them!

  6. The Entire BEAST DOME NATION can go full BEAST MODE at every angle.

    If you have more evidence E-mail it my way, a VIP sent me the CBS Screenshots in the article.

  7. I love the passion Ben.

    As long as CBS does not start copying the Draft Strategies. The BEAST VIPs will be safe.

    As a Nation we will take them down. Big season coming

  8. Honestly, you should talk to a lawyer if they take your strategies right from Beast Dome articles, you can prove you wrote them.

  9. Man just joined this site. That is some complete bs. I am like bugzzie and read read multuple sources. I’m subscribedbto a couple of sites for a couple of years before I joined here. These guys won “accuracy” awards which got me to pay. I glossed over everbody’s testimonials for prior couple of seasons and dug your free content before I went VIP. The other sites just dont have anything on you my dude. Youre top notch. I just dominated my 10 man auction using your strategy with ap, foster, martin, murray as my beast rbs while the goats were draining their money on shady, charles, megatron, etc. Keep doing what you do. These guys here and a newbie vip like me will expose cbs. They need to pay you for royalties munt.

  10. Should have gotten a lawyer w/o announcing Muntragate while building further evidence. Now they are aware

  11. Wow! Trash! H8ers gonna h8! Scrub muffins will be scrub muffins!

    Beast dome forever!

  12. Just tell him “you know who it is scrub muffin, his name starts with an M”

  13. I’d be hesitant to do that. I’ve always said that I’d take this website and the knowledge of Muntradamus’s analysis to my grave. I never want to spread the word of the oracle that is Munt, cause it would dilute the overall product. Only the chosen ones get to have the benefit of his FF wisdom.

    Don’t give it out like candy. If you post it on the twitter for the world to see, that’s not a good thing.

  14. Wow. When I had my draft last Sunday on cbs rg3 was ranked like 6th qb and foster was like 20th overall. People in my draft clowned me for taking Lynch at #8 and Foster at #17

  15. CBS experts are a joke! I do have to admit though it’s entertaining watching their analysis and laughing at how incredibly wrong they are. I know we’re all pissed at them for plagiarizing Munt, but if they had to plagiarize someone, they might as well have done it to the best.

  16. I think you should be proud. I always new you where on to something. I think CBS could be next. Don’t waste time on what you can’t control. Control the situation. You are only going up.

  17. I’ve had no luck finding it either. But Eisenberg and Richards rankings have effective dates of 8/18 and 8/19 on both their website and Fantasy Pros. TBD

  18. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE BOO SHEEEET MUNT. But consider the source. CBS Fantasy Fball….total clown show.

    I’m not sure where you’re seeing their 8/23 rankings tho. The latest I found posted by Eisenberg and Richards are 8/18 and 8/19 on both and These are the same as your original “before” rankings screen shots above. An Eisenberg “Busts 3.0” article dated 8/22 even has FOSTER on his “overdrafted players” listing with ADP of 21.

    How’s he gonna explain the sudden change of heart to even the slowest asleep behind the wheel fantasy owner out there? This is gonna be interesting to see.

    Beast ON!

  19. CLOSE THE BORDERS!!!! this is bullshit! Weak c**ts! This is the reason I tell NO ONE about you! Where can I donate more $$$??? BEASTNATION!

  20. Hey Munt Eisenberg from cbs is the highest rated expert over the past 4 years on fantasypros. If hes copying you why aren’t you on that list?

  21. All the Evidence of duplicate rankings was all deleted from the middle sections. It was a mishap of a VIP who was putting in the custom Rankings and then CBS was spitting out the Rankings he was putting it out. The VIP member assumed that CBS was taking the data from Muntradamus.NET and updating his overall league information for everyone to see.

    Honestly did not want to publish this story but all the evidence he was showing me as well as anger and passion the VIP client was showing me in E-mails, alongside another attack earlier this year made me throw the article out. Did not mean to cause a scene as I want my play on the FantasyPros Field to do my talking for me.


  22. Did Jamey have to deal with 741+ People who were paying him as VIP Clients to help set his lineups/Waiver Wire Moves/Trades, as well as make Daily Fantasy Football Teams with over $1K on the line each week.

    The answer to both of those questions are no.

    When Reggie Bush was listed as Questionable/Probable all week, then became a late scratch with 20 Minutes left until kickoff.

    My Skype started to blowup with Start/Sit Questions. My Daily Fantasy Teams needed to be adjusted. There were 4 seperate times I was not able to publish my Rankings in time to FantasyPros as I wait for the deadline.

    Regardless, the above are excuses. I have re-worked my VIP schedule so all subscriptions end in the preseason. Time to get back to the success I had in 2012 my Rookie Season on the FantasyPros circut.

  23. My apologies for my above post… did not see the above posts from you. It just bothers me when people loosely throw around accusations of plagiarism without producing evidence. Plagiarism is serious business. I assume you’re backing down from this stance. If this is the case I applaud you for coming to your senses. As for my comment about “morons” please disregard that as it came purely from a place of anger and therefore has no merit. Good luck this season.

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