PITCHING ACES May 1st 2019

By Muntradamus


Strike 1. Strike 2. Strike 3.

When your pitcher gets that satisfying strikeout, the only thing you can do is pump your arm in excitement as you just raked up some points. It is not the same sensation as a HR, but it is a good feeling. The opposite feeling of a HR, is when your pitcher gives up a HR. Your heart sinks a bit, you feel the voice inside your head saying you should have went with Kenta Maeda! Regardless, I am here to help you pick the best pitchers, with my BEAST 5, for the main slate on Wednesday. Prices are based on FanDuel, players are ranked in order of confidence.


COREY KLUBER ($10,100) @ MIA

When people in season long leagues draft Corey Kluber, they did not expect a juicy matchup against the Marlins in Miami where he does not even have to face a DH! Luckily for all of us Daily Fantasy Baseball players, we get to use Kluber in this matchup, then throw him to the side again until the next one is super juicy. Take advantage of this juicy peach.

AARON NOLA ($9,100) vs. DET

While the Tigers have some big bats in that lineup, these guys have never seen Nola in their lives. Nola is not an easy pitcher to hit, if you are not used to his sinking movement on his pitches, good luck. You can watch all the tape in the world, hitting him live will not be easy the first through with the Tigers.

JACOB DEGROM ($10,900) vs. CIN

The Reds offense is not that great at all. Right away a huge advantage for an already dominant ace. No bat remains a huge threat to have a solid game for the Reds, and the back of that order is minor league quality. Best part is the game is in New York where home field advantage, and not playing in the tiny play pen at Cincinatti. DeGrom should remind us why he is an ace.

HYUN JIN-RYU ($10,000) @ SFG

The Giants bats are weak, and they are no fear of master Ryu. Maybe Evan Longoria and Buster Posey can team up on some doubles to knock in a couple of runs, outside of that madness there is not much to fear. Ryu can find himself with nearly 10 Ks, to go along with a solid ace start on the road.

MAX SCHERZER ($11,600) vs. STL

The good news is, Scherzer is at home. The bad news is, the Cardinals are definitely capable of hitting him. While Scherzer is a strikeout king, he is also a pitcher that can find himself giving up more ERs than he is used to. Which leads to a decrease in confidence. If Scherzer can hold the Cardinals to three ERs, with 10 Ks, you will be happy enough.



Bumgarner is looking very relevant in 2019, someone you do not want to mess around with. However a matchup with the Dodgers, a team that has scouted him his entire career, and now have the bats to do damage with it. The Dodgers will know what is coming, and Bumgarner no longer has the speed to blow anything past anyone. His goal will be to keep the ball in the ball park.

MAX FRIED ($8200) vs. SD

Fried really should not be a play in your mind, however there is a lot at stake for the young lefty. Sean Newcomb is looking good in the minors, he can easily be called up with a bad start from Fried. You also have the Touki Monster waiting for his opportunity again. The Padres do have some guys in Manny Machado and Hunter Renfroe who can smash those hanging curves. Do not go Friend in Daily Fantasy, but understand there is a lot riding on this matchup.


The problem with McHugh is that he does not get enough strikeouts to ever justify his price. The other problem with this matchup is that the Twins are capable of hitting McHugh. His stuff is not good enough to blow by, and those lefty bats in the front of the order can table set for plenty of RBI opportunities. It is just a matter of the Twins knocking them in.


Two guys for you to watch and put your hard earned money on.


Do not forget, these Detroit Tigers have never faced Nola before. On top of that, a lot of these Tigers are not guys who swing for contact, expect a lot of swinging and missing in this one. Do not be worried about the total until the game is over as I can easily imagine Nola striking out the side, multiple times.


No need to go with the option of playing Ryu vs. Bumgarner, go straight for Ryu. The Giants will not be having players on base much of the night, allowing Ryu to deal without the added stress of worrying about runners on base. You know he will not be pulled from his start, you also know the Giants bats are just not that good. Ryu will get the job done for you.

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