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Thursday has been my day this Fantasy Baseball season, something about the week and where the players are easier to read. Pretty soon it is all Football mode with predicting players each week, with my new incorporated skills that I have learned from Baseball, Football Season is going to be very special.

Time to zone in.



Jakob Junis takes the mound at Yankee Stadium in a humid day. Expect balls to fly out, especially when Giancarlo and Aaron Judge are taking hacks. Yankees not 100% healthy, but healthy enough to find ways to generate runs all games. Junis is coming off of a nice start, but pitching against the Twins is different than pitching at Yankee Stadium.

Sonny 50 Shades of Gray has had a tough year but is showing some good signs of getting back into form. Always have to consider the long ball going against his favor on a humid summer night in New York. Not in love with his chances of getting a QS, however I do love him to get enough run support where he will dig deep to lead the Yankees to a win.



The Rays are playing some inspiring baseball right now. A team with a bunch of players nobody would really think about for their fantasy team, beating the greats. They travel to Baltimore who is having a horrible season where all the stars want to go. Austin Pruitt is the likely guy to be pitched after Hunter Wood, could be Yarbrough, this 1 INN starter is a cool strategy and a smart one to keep hitters off balanced on what they should expect. Orioles not hitting right now, hard to see them just to start winning games out of nowhere.

Alex Cobb pitching against his old team. He has not been as bad as he was to start the year, but this Rays team is hitting and they can definitely hit Cobb’s meatballs if he throws them over the plate.

However because the Rays pitching is unpredictable, no reason to wager on the game. No Action.


Matz pitching against a Pirates team that may be without Marte, and if that is the case, he has a good matchup. Dickerson and Polanco have been on fire, but Matz can likely quiet them with the lefty arm. Marte would have a great matchup and can be a spark plug, but without him this team is a bunch of lefties with David Freese. Huge advantage for Matz.

Kingham has shown flashes of greatness, is going up against a Mets team that is hitting the ball right now. However being at home, Kingham does get a chance to cool those bats off. Nobody in that lineup will ever be in an All-Star game, and Kingham has to prove he is the real deal with a good start against a low level team.

No team has enough offense to wager on either side.


Kyle Gibson goes against a Boston team that hit 3 HRs before the game was postponed, in the 2nd INN! Gibson’s matchup is too tough for words. While Gibson has shown signs of being a great pitcher, he is also vulnerable to giving up a lot of damage. Would not trust him in this start, especially in Boston.

Brian Johnson is throwing a matchup that could help him. The run support should be there, the matchup against the lefty heavy Twins should help as well. As long as Johnson avoids the Dozier HR, he should be able to keep the ball in the park and the Red Sox could escape with a win despite a no name on the mound.



Ranger Suarez takes the mound for the Phillies and in my opinon, is not worth all the buzz he is getting. Suarez throws a very hittable pitch with little velocity, alomost like a hanging curve from the lefty. Look for the Reds to keep their bats hot after doing a good job against the Cardinals earlier in the week, their players are locked in.

Tyler Mahle making a start for the Reds, while he is a good pitcher getting better, this is not the matchup he wants to see. The Phillies offense have a lot of bats that can do damage.

Look for this to be a highscoring affair, unfortunately Vegas sees the same thing and there is no action to be had on this game.


No more Strasburg, at least for a while. Milone goes into Miami to take his place. Tommy has been all over the place in his major league career, but he has not been a good road pitcher for a majority of his career. At this point every start is a road start and it is hard to trust the former Oakland A’s great against a Miami team that has been hitting the ball better as of the last month and a half.

Dan Straily has been pitching well, but this is a big task against a great team. Not an easy start at all and Straily does not matchup that great against the Nationals either. In my opinon, a matchup not worth testing if you are in favor for Straily.

Too much offense potential from both sides. Keep moving forward.


Rich Hill takes the mound against a Braves team that does not fair well against lefties. The return of Ozzie can help generate some runs, but for the most part this Braves team will rely on Acuna doing the damage. Freeman and Markakis can hit lefties sort of, but Rich Hill is one of those lefty pitchers that is very tough. Back half of Braves lineup not hitting tonight.

Anibal Sanchez on the mound for the Braves and he has been great. However it does not matter how good you have been, this Dodgers lineup is too good for any team. They can hit pretty much any pitcher and Anibal does not have the stuff to fool this lineup. Look for the Dodgers offense to hit despite how well Anibal has been pitching.



Bartolo Colon pitches against an Athletics team that is enjoying this warm weather. Colon is in trouble of getting hit really hard in this one, last time out he was great against the Indians for 4 INN before getting shelled, I will take the under this time for how long Colon pitches well.

Trevor Cahill pitching for the A’s, usually he has a nice ball park around him, this time he is in HR derby central where pretty much any bat can go yard. Not a safe start at all and expect there to be hitting all around through the game.

Two teams that can score a lot of runs, games in Texas have that effect. No action for the scoring.


Last game of the night features Wade Miley on the mound against a Giants team that has not been hitting. The power is not really there and unless Evan Longoria returns, the bats do not look promoising. If the Giants are going to generate runs, it will take at least 3 hits per INN. Those numbers do not sound promising to me.

Dereck Rodriguez pitching against a great Brewers team, we can see if this guy is for real. My money is on the Brewers bats. The top half of that lineup is stacked and they need to figure out how to open up playing time for Braun or trade him away. Waste of his talent as he would be starting on just about every team.

No action, no locks here for anything in this game.




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