Fantasy Baseball is one of the most exciting Fantasy Sports. When your player crushes a HR, nothing but excitement runs through your veins as if you have won the lottery. However in Fantasy Baseball today, if your player crushes a 3 run HR, everyone else who owns that player gets the same amount of points still keeping you on pace, and nothing more.

If you miss that player who hit that 3 run HR, you can survive. However if you miss the next player who hits a 3 Run HR, and another player who crushes a solo HR. Your night is potentially looking more and more gleam. Even more frustfrating, singles and doubles with nobody on base really mean nothing at this point. Especially if your player does not score. The fraction of the points of a single vs. a HR already puts you down 3 vs. 18.7.

Lets fix that. Lets turn Fantasy Baseball into what Fantasy Baseballl should be.



For the first time in Fantasy Baseball. Your batting order determines your score. You pick a player at each position including a DH, with ZERO salary cap restraints. No Pitcher. Nothing worst than having all the right hitters, and a pitcher who lets you down. Batting Order Baseball is all about hitting.

After you pick a player at each position, you then set your Batting Order. Here is where Batting Order Baseball takes Fantasy Baseball to the next level. The strategies and possibilities are endless. Make sure you make the right calls and set your lineup that will optimize each player to the Max. 3 Outs and the Bases Clear, you keep hitting until your team runs out of Outs or At-Bats.

With this feature in a Fantasy Baseball game, Batters will score differently for different teams. One team might get a solo HR from Gary Sanchez due to their B.O.B Batting Order, while another team will get a 2 run HR on their squad thanks to the lineup adjustments.



Even more exciting, every at bat counts. In real life your batter might come up to bat with 2 Outs and no runners on. No big deal if he gets out. B.O.B is different, he might come up to bat with 2 outs and no runners on base, but according to your B.O.B lineup, that player has the Bases Loaded!

BATTINGORDERBASEBALL.com offers Daily Free Rolls Daily where new users have the chance of getting their feet wet and winning DFS, as well as plenty of other ways to win. You get 100 DFS just for signing up. You also could net yourself 1,000 DFS Tokens regardless of where you finish in the Standings due to getting Back-2-Back HRs based on your Batting Order Baseball Lineup.

Batting Order Baseball is the first game from DFS (Digital Fantasy Sports). DFS will be rolling out Daily Fantasy Sports Games you cannot find anywhere else, while also combining cryptocurrency and Fantasy Sports.



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