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Carson Palmer vs. BAL

Muntradamus Rank QB #14


I get that Carson Palmer is having a big season. I also get that he is performing well against easy defenses as he has not been challenged by a tough road game all year. Once again Palmer finds himself at home, and once again it is not a tough matchup as the Ravens secondary has been exposed with teams avoiding the run against that defense. Still, I can name 13 other QBs I would rather have this week on my Fantasy Team. This Carson Palmer hype will die down eventually this season, either injury or the Seahawks will shut him up. Until then, borderline QB#1/2 and his TD limit could be dropped if this game gets out of hand quickly.

Todd Gurley vs. CLE

Muntradamus Rank RB #16


Gurley is the most over hyped Rookie RB we have come across. Two long runs against the Cardinals in the second half saved him in his first big game, his second big game once again he needed a big 4th quarter run for his game to standout. This week against a Browns team that has not been great against the run will finally rebound. The Rams passing game is so weak that the Browns can afford to leave their CB’s on an Island and focus on stopping the run. This Browns defense is very underrated and we will see it come to life this week.

Chris Johnson vs. BAL

Muntradamus RB Rank #36

ECR RB Rank #18

Ok it is one thing to rank Carson Palmer #1, CJ2K top 20 is too much for me. The Ravens do shutdown the run as one of the best in the AFC. CJ2K was running through pretty easy opponents this season, and this is where the road stops. With Andre Ellington getting closer to 100% and David Johnson being the goal line RB, CJ2K or (NewK) is about to have his party come to an end.

John Brown vs. BAL

Muntradamus WR Rank #36

ECR WR Rank #12

Been wrong on this guy 2 weeks in a row, I am willing to roll the dice for #3 to prove he is not real. The Steelers Secondary did not have the speed for Brown, and it is debatable if the Ravens do either. Still, I expect Michael Floyd to have his role grow larger and larger making John Brown a consistent, inconsistent, TY Hilton.

Willie Snead @ IND

Muntradamus WR Rank #37

ECR WR Rank #23

When you finally trust Snead, he turns his back on you. There is no doubt he gets his fair share of targets from Drew Brees, but this is a Saints team that is going to rely on running the football to win games. Brees will not throw it deep so you are talking about 8 routes that are less than 15 yards. Without that TD, Snead is a guy that borderline gets it done and is better left as true option in Deep Leagues. With Ben Watson likely having an expanded role and the return of the ‘Chemistry Superstar’ Marques Colston, that target rate should start to drop.

Gary Barnidge @ STL

Muntradamus TE Rank #12

ECR TE Rank #6

Two Redzone TDs saved Barnidge and his 3 catch game. Both times TJ Ward was not on him, which is what I was planning to be the case and look what happened. Rams Defense plays at a different speed at home, a speed that you do not see other teams play, and Gary Barnidge does not make a living because of those quick feet. With the Rams being 10 steps faster than the Browns, this is a week to avoid Barnidge.



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  1. Munt,

    As a die hard Saints fan, you have to realize Colston is done. Snead has replaced him. Brees and Snead have been developing great chemistry. Last week was Snead’s floor. Colston’s body is too broken down and he’s fighting injury now. As much as it pains me to say, this is Colston’s last year.

  2. Munt, thanks for the work you put in. I think this is a solid list. I gotta disagree greatly on the gurley and john brown picks. the ravens secondary is awful. cleveland is not good at stopping the run. Its basically 2 dream matchups. It sort of seems like you are biased against these two because youve been down on them since preseason, and are listing them here because you want them to fail.

    I get u dont like little guys like JB, but it seems like gurley would be right up your alley. big runs in the 4th count just as much as big runs in the 1st. Both them guys a little hypey right now sure, but both can play too

  3. I agree with you on Colston as he looks like an aging Small Forward trying to box out players that are bigger/stronger/faster than him. Chemistry is still there when Brees looks his way if he is open, but Colston is nothing more than a checkdown slot WR.

    With those targets going to Colston, Snead takes a small hit. He is still good and better than Colston, but I do not trust him on a consistent enough basis to be clear cut WR#2 material in Fantasy

  4. Yeah you have to realize that no one can see the future. Munt is really good at making sleeper picks for the most part. His bust tend to be off more than not but his reasoning makes sense. If you make 5 unusual calls, at least 1 will be right and you can look good with that

  5. I don’t want any player to fail, never hate on someone’s hustle. But if you are asking me to wager on one side or the other that is how I would select.

    Gurley gets a small bump with Haden and Gipson OUT, but still not top 10 RB status this week.

  6. CJ’What!?”K!! #9 RB. Barnidge the #6 TE; Gurley the #2 RB; Jo. Brown the #15 WR. Looks like the ECR wins this week.

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