Bismack Biyombo

By Muntradamus


There is a free agent F/C who was averaging 30+ Minutes, 10+ Rebounds and 5 Blocks per game in his last 3 games before getting injured.  I never write a full article about one player, but Bismack for some reason keeps getting overlooked in every league.

He is a Free Agent in over 58% of Sportsline leagues, and the numbers are probably the same in Yahoo! and ESPN.  It is time to pick up the block shot feign who will be a huge fantasy contributor now, and the fantasy playoffs.  Even if you do not have the use for him on your roster, you do not want another owner to have this fantasy monster.

When the Bobcats officially get eliminated from the playoffs, which they pretty much are now.  There is no reason they will not continue to run Bismack around 30+ Minutes a game.  His block shot potential is higher than any NBA player in the league.  He is a fantasy beast in the waiting.  Here are some earlier things I wrote about Biyombo throughout the season.


Player Update Week 5: Jan 23

Byron Mullens now has some serious competition as Bismack Biyombo who put up (4 Blocks) twice in one week, once against Dwight Howard.  Biyombo should be added in all deep leagues as this guy is the next coming of, I’ll give you a clue…Dikembe.  Biyombo’s value will be higher a month from now than what it is today.  Mullens owners can hope he gets moved to PF.

Player Update Week 7: Feb 6th

Bismack Biyombo- Bismack had a huge night in his first start grabbing 12 Rebounds, 2 Blocks, 1 Steal, 11 Points in 36 Minutes of action.  He was their lottery pick for a reason, and even at the age of 19 if he continues to start, he must be snatched in your fantasy league as the Bobcats really have nothing left to play for.

Mid Season Report:

Bismack Biyombo (6.7/10)

Stats: (16 Minutes, 3.6 Points, 4.4 Rebounds, 1.5 Blocks, 0.3 Steals)

Second Half Outlook: Bismack will feel like a NBA veteran by the time the season is over.  He should continue to get starts for the rest of the season, and finding fantasy centers are not easy.  His block/steal/rebound potential reminds you of Marcus Camby.  His scoring potential reminds you of Marcus Camby.  So in reality, you can end up with a Marcus Camby type player on your fantasy roster.  That is if you pick him up.

Player Update Week 11: Mar 4th

Bismack Biyombo (7.4/10) +.1

Biyombo is the best kept secret in fantasy basketball.  Stay tuned for a special article on the block shot specialist who was averaging 5 per game before getting injured.  Add him in all leagues despite the shoulder injury.


Bismack Biyombo is a Must-Add Player in all leagues..Need more convincing, watch the video.



  1. I just dropped Samuel Dalembert for this cat. He was a monster against Dwight, and I get 2pts for blocks and steals. I think Bismack is better then Dalembert. You think so Munt?

  2. I dropped Marshon Brooks for Biyombo.. I was wondering if you could give me a little push for the playoffs? I am 2 games back from fourth place and being in the winners bracket. My current line up includes:

    Kyrie Irving
    Steph Curry
    Loul Deng
    J Lin
    Ersan Ilyasavoa
    Marc Gasol

    I was thinking about dropping Kemba for Faried or James Johnson or maybe even Udoh?. But then I would only have Curry to put in the SG slot. any advice would be greatly appreciated! thanks for the great knowledge thus far in the season!
    I would say top FA include: Brandon Bass,

  3. i trush you muntra! hahaha. i just dropped tony allen for biyombo. was it a right move? i was thinking of dropping randy foye/brandon rush/tony allen but i opted for allen.

  4. James Johnson is a great option and is nicknamed Gerald Wallace 2.0 on this site. You can go after him, or you can snatch up MarShon Brooks again. With news that Lopez is possibly out for the season, you can expect MarShon to get consistent shot attempts and be a fantasy contributor again going forward.

    Samuel Dalembert is a safe drop as he is nowhere near the player he once was to start the season. Plus you will not need him with Biyombo.

    James Johnson if you need more steals/block combo. MarShon Brooks if you want more consistent scoring. I personally would go with James Johnson, however watch to see the rotation when Andrea Bargnani returns.

  5. All three are fine drops. Tony Allen is losing fantasy value as his offense game is not the same as it was before the All-Star Break. Great move and enjoy the block party.

  6. I picked him up and dropped Kris Humphries, it was a tough decision for me and I think I made a mistake. Watched the game today, 0 blocks, 5 turnovers, 2 points and 8 rebounds. .250% fg and 0% ft, and he really did me over in Freethrow percentage, enough that I had dwight howard on my team, I am dropping him for jason terry, good decision?

  7. Munt sorry, or I can drop Isaiah Thomas for Corey Maggette? Thomas minutes have gone down bc of J Salmons is back in rotation.

  8. Kemba and Bismack are not getting a consistent 30+ Minutes because the Bobcats are still to be a competitive team. Soon they will give up, and play their young talent, I.E. Biyombo and Kemba a consistent 30+ Minutes. The Bobcats rotation will be more clear after the trade deadline.

  9. Humphries was a big guy to give up.

    However Bismack will give you block potential that cannot be matched by any player in the NBA besides Serge Ibaka. Even Bismack has more block potential.

    His FT% at 25 is not bad. 1/4 is way better than 4/10. Not a huge dip in the total %.

    Do not panic on Bismack. Jason Terry will be an inconsistent guard that will be just as good as the next best SG on your waiver wire, with the every now and then 20 point game.

  10. Bismack is going to be great and a huge option during the fantasy playoffs.

    Short Term: Maggette
    Long Term: Biyombo

    If your team is a lock for the playoffs keep Bismack. Corey will get less shot attempts and less involved in the offense when it becomes Kemba’s team.

  11. Thomas will be a fantasy threat once again later this season, potentially.

    Corey Maggette has great fantasy value right now, and that should last up until the trade deadline. From there you will know what their plan is with keeping Maggette as their go-to-scorer.

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