BEAST NATION: It’s All About The Championship Vol. III (WEEK 14)

BEAST NATION: It’s All About The Championship

Vol. III (WEEK 14)



All you need to know.


Mon-Fri: 3:30pm PST Start Time.
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For those of that you don’t know.  Fantasy Football regular season is now officially over.  Which means BEAST DOME is full motor ahead for NBA.   Unlike the previous BEAST NATION where you would never see a comment from me, I will be answering questions nearly every night in this Form.

This Post is also going to stay as this post all season.  That way we can see all the great moves people suggested for each other to help Bring Home the Championship.



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I found Munt’s Beast Dome earlier this year during the beginning of the football season. It was my first fantasy season and I didn’t know much about it- I started looking around the web for fantasy advice/rankings/info and it wasn’t long before I realized Munt was just about the best guy out there. I signed up for his VIP service and he helped me turn both of my mediocre teams into winning teams that made the playoffs. His level of attention, and his passion for fantasy sports is one your not likely to get anywhere else- so much so that he’s already gotten me addicted to fantasy basketball thru his VIP service and Im sure hell get me just as excited about Baseball soon. The screenshot really shows it all – Munt is an absolute beast and he has yet to let me down.


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BEAST NATION: It’s All About The Championship



1. If you ask a question.  Answer a Question, the more depth the better.  You get what you put out.

2. If someone answers your question. Answer another Question.

I will be making my rounds to answering your questions as well. Old School Style.


  1. Hey guys,

    I posted this in the other article but this one will have more activity. I just traded my Oj Mayo and David West for his LA and Sweet Lou. I think I got a steal. Not only did I get rid of a slumping OJmfor a trending sweet Lou, but I got rid of one of Munts “don’t you dare own this guy by the end of the season” players. Thoughts?

  2. you did good as you got LA. and Mayo is slumping hard. hard enough to make him a buy low and give a top 100 player for him.

  3. Getting LA alone is a great return as long as he’s healthy. He can give you elite numbers any given night. Lou can give you great per minute stats, and it looks like he’ll keep getting more burn in ATL. Good move.

  4. Thanks for the comments guys…

    Now I’m just trying to find out how to access the daily rankings. Is it a paid privilege? I just need to decide who to play tonight.

    You guys have any trade talks?

  5. Been busier over the New Years weekend than I wanted to be, luckily I finished everything I needed to do.

    Haiku is finished but needs one more edit to get you all caught-up on the NBA action.

    PW for Rankings for Wednesday.

    Three Clues. (NBA player name)

    1) It’s one of the best Bulls swingman of all-time. Also played on the Dream Team.
    2) He played with Michael Jordan
    3) It is all lower-case, and one word.

    I am going to take you all to the promise land. Ready for a strong 2013 let’s go hard BEAST DOME NATION!

  6. Someone just dropped McGee for Drummond in my 9cat 12 team roto league. Is he worth my #1 waiver priority? I am weak in blocks and FG% but I’m not THAT strong in FT% to stomach Javales terrible FT%. What do you guys think?

  7. Alright let’s do this.

    Chris Bosh
    Sweet Lou
    Larry Sanders

    The top 10 FA by % owned are (in order): Javale, Mo Williams, Big Baby, Okafor, Brand, Bass, Andre Miller, Mario Chalmers, Prince, and Stuckey.

  8. Beast Dome Nation

    I hope it well with everybody and the New Years brings you continuous success and peace. Looks like everybody is trying to get over fantasy football fever, playoffs and championships are over and done, now on to Basketball and another championship. Well I am,

    here’s my 2 teams:

    Team 1 roto h2h 9 cat

    Ridnour, Thornton, Rubio, Melo, Zach, Ed Davis, Gortat, Love, Ro Catando, Jordan, Jack, Landry, Isaiah, Calderone, Rose (do I need to hold on to Rose?)

    team 2 roto/points 12 team 9 cat

    Goran Dragic, Reddick, Jack, Wright, West, Millsap, Lopex, Love, Collison, Lowry, Foye, Chandler, McGee

    I’m losing in both, need some help. Any ideas, players you think I should drop trade, which is going to be hard to do in both leagues. I’ll post some players that are available but I don’t see them helping right now. Are there any injured players you would get that will be returning soon?

    Need your help Nation


  9. Your weakest links are Marion and Korver. I would not hesitate to drop either and stash Big Baby.

    Marion is going to be inconsistent at best.

    Korver only helps in 3PT.

    Plus you said you were weak in blocks and FG%. True, Big Baby doesn’t excel in either category. But you are adding a big man with potential to get a lot of random blocks and close-up buckets.

  10. Hey welcome back Rev ! Which Lopez? Which Jordan? Who is Ro Catando? Check if Granger is available. The teams really look solid overall I’m not sure what the problems are. In a 12 team league I would keep Rose sure.

  11. Hmmm… I’m just really kind of turned off by Baby since his Value is only in points and rebounds. Marion has been a pleasant surprise along with Korver for putting up in steals and blocks. I agree Big Baby is a better real player but the other two have more fantasy assets that fit my needs. I’m considering it though… Haha it’s a tough call.

  12. Hey GW, what’s up ole friend? Sorry about the typos, getting used to using new iPad to post. That should have been Rondo, Robin Lopez, and DeAndre Jordan.

  13. Free agents, no problem, let me see. They may be injured but I think they’ll come back ok. So there’s Bugut, try eke, Camby, Bargnani, Wilson Chandler, humorists, Barnes, vucevic, Andre Miller, and more like these, lol. Gotta look at some ranks stats and get busy getting this team on the winning side.

  14. Sorry again for the typos, lol. Gonna get on the laptop and do this. That should be Tyreke, Bogut and Humphries. ,

  15. is joakim noah a sell high player right now?? and i am in a 6 team H2H league. Should i try to trade Goran Dragic and pick up jameer nelson. Any help would be highly appreciated.

    If joakim is to be traded, can someone suggest players whom i can target.

    Thanks in advance.

  16. Well the first 2 guys that jump out at me are Tyreke and Vucevic. Vucevics stats over the past 2 weeks since baby went down are fantastic. Obviously long term is a different story but he should be owned.

    As for Tyreke, he will be back within the Kings next two games. He shouldn’t be a Free Agent as he has a very diverse fantasy game when healthy and playing well.

  17. Based on your needs of FG% and Blocks, I would have to say that your best option would be to pick up Javale. Now he doesn’t play too many minutes, but he is shooting 57% from the field and get your 2 blocks per game. His other stats include 10.5pts. and 5.1rebs.

    Okafor isn’t too bad either as far as your needed stats, but he is only shooting 45% from the field. He can get you 1.4blocks per game though.

  18. Ok so here’s my situation. I’m 4th in a 12-team H2H weekly league. My roster and standings in each of 9 categories are as follows.

    G – Collison, A. Miller, Jordan Crawford, Nelson, Ridnour, and Wall
    F – George, Parsons, Iguodala, Kirilenko, LA, Stoudemire, M. Barnes
    C – Cousins

    FG% – 12th Ast – 3rd
    FT% – 3rd St – 5th
    3PTM – 2nd Blk – 11th
    Pts – 6th TO – 11th
    Reb – 7th

    I was offered Noah for my LA. Should I consider? What would you guys do?

    What I really want to do is improve my FG% and defensive stats. Noah seems to be an upgrade in blocks and steals, but he’s marginally better from the field than Aldridge is.

    Would you guys make this deal if you were me? Noah”s injuries concern me too, but LA isn’t exactly healthy either.

  19. Hey guys,

    To update from my question earlier this week, someone picked up Javale and dropped Bynum. I’m in a roto league, so there is no playoffs really, but he is 100% worth a stash for a Shawn Marion, wouldn’t you guys say? Let me know.

  20. Without a doubt.

    Andrew Bynum can win you a Fantasy Championship come playoff time.

  21. Keep LA

    He is a consistent 20/10 machine, while Noah will score like a backup PF on some nights. The rebounds/blocks/steals are nice, but Aldridge gives you better overall production without hurting you in any category.

  22. Joakim would be a better sell high candidate if you waited a week as he just recovered from a cold that knocked him out basically this whole week. His value does not look as good as it could be.

    Right now you can get Omer Asik easily. If you wait a week, you could maybe get a player just under the Al Horford scale.

  23. Hmmm… That’s a tough one. I think I would stick with LA though. LA has proven he can be a fantasy monster like last season where he finished top 10 in BMs rankings. Noah has been beasting and I can’t really see what would stop him, but I still like LA. That’s a tough one though. Good luck.

  24. What about David lee, Marc gasol, al Jefferson? I can trade for these guy for Noah as he wants Noah really bad and he has those people to offer.

    Also should I trade Dragic and get Nelson or should I just ride Dragic till the end of the season??

    Thanks again.

  25. I’m just nervous that he won’t play, I guess I’m not giving up much in Marion, but it is my #1 waiver priority. You feel that strongly Munt?

  26. sup ol friend. good to see you again.

    vucevic should not be a free agent

    ridnour and ed davis are not the greatest but i dont see anyone to add… give us more free agents

  27. hey BEAST NATION!

    i would like your opinions on the following players:

    metta world peace
    jarrett jack
    kevin martin
    jason kidd
    shawn marion
    kawhi leonard

    will they help me win a championship or get dropped? i own them all in at least one league.. maybe you guys could rank them in order?

  28. Hmm… this would be my order.

    Martin, MWP, Kawhi, Kidd, Jack, Marion.

    I feel confident in saying MWP and Martin are the two best and that Marion is the worst. The 3 in the middle vary based on what your needs are. Jarret Jack could potentially be the easy #3 if Curry and his glass ankles take a spill.

  29. Is it time to stash Big Baby? I am considering dropping Marion. Don’t have a high opinion on him as noted above haha, plus with Dirk back I think his production takes a nice hit.

  30. Your first 3 are the best out of all of them, IMO. Martin, Curry, Metta, Jack, Kawhi, Marion. But on any given day they all can have bad days or just go off all week, only to return to who they really are. I tend to think that Curry and Martin will be better than some think. Metta is in a rough place as the Lakers are completely out of sync making it hard for him to really thrive or be fantasy relevant every night. I like Curry, he will produce fair amount of 3’s for you along with assist. Martin is going to really be nice playing in OKC and as long as he produces there he will find play time. If I was in your league he would be a person I would want. But that’s just me.

  31. it really depends if you have a lead or need to catch up in standings…. (how confident you are that you’ll make the playoffs)… can you afford to have someone on your bench for about a month….

  32. hmm i wasn’t asking about curry… he’s elite! maybe you guys can issue a verdict on each player … “keep for now” OR “OK to drop if needed” would be the two choices haha

  33. Sorry thinking out loud, lol. To much fantasy sports playing will do that to you. Ha!

  34. haha no worries ! in one league someone is streaming everyday and dropping valuable players so i’m gonna join the fun…

    g -conley, afflalo, eric gordon, nash, kemba, ger wallace
    f/c – lebron, carmelo, aldridge, asik, sanders, iguodala, gallinari

    can you believe this team of 100% own beasts is in 5th?! haha im not worried though. and to be fair i collected a lot of players for free from the guy doin crazy waiver moves.

    so today i streamed gerald wallace (no game) for parsons… would you guys be tryin to get wallace back? the free agent pool is really deep, i was thinkin about gettin darren collison but gonna hold off…

  35. Hi Guys I need some help asap..I am in a h2h league and I am pretty much a lock for the playoffs. I got sent a trade which i would recieve Kevin Love and i would send Mo Williams. This is a no brainer right?

  36. sure, although neither is gonna be a great option for a few months! you certainly get the better injured player hah

  37. BM=BasketballMonster

    I have more than enough room. I am projected to be over my max games so I actually probably need him.

  38. I’m in a daily league, my team has already been absolutely ravaged by injuries. Sadly, I’m going to have to finally cut ties with Kevin Love. We have an IR, but I think I’m going to stash someone more worthwhile. Bynum maybe. Granger. Kicking myself for not taking Westbrook instead.

  39. Got offered Pau Gasol for Tristan Thompson and Brandon Knight.
    With Varejao out, Thompson just became more valuable for the long/short term, but Knight has just been okay.
    I just don’t know if Gasol is too much of a risk with the coach and the concussion, or if that’s a good trade even without Gasol’s injury. Am I over-thinking this, or am I risking too much loss with this trade?

  40. youre correct. knight has been meh and tristan thompson’s stock has shot up. im low on knight because of stuckey. try to trade knight for gasol one for one (which is a stretch but worth trying) or maybe packaging knight with a less valuable player. i say hold on to thompson and see how he does and what his role will be in the team now that we know varejao is probably going to be out for a long time.

  41. not granger. love or bynum. dont cut yet. see what reports are on love and bynum before making moves.

  42. YES. kevin love out for 8-10 weeks. mo williams out for 8 weeks+. williams has a pin in his thumb which is coming out in 6 weeks then he gets a re-evaluation and IF things are good he goes into rehab giving us a rough estimate of 8+weeks. Kevin love has higher upside as well.

  43. davis>marion in the long run. if you can spare a roster spot pick up davis. marion is not a top 130 player anyway.

  44. The Love injury was tough. Two injuries in one season, yet alone the same injury. Andrew Bynum offers consistent #1 Fantasy Center potential by hopefully February..

    Granger should be playing at a consistent #2/#3 Forward Potential by February. With a lot more upside.

  45. Tristan gives you the numbers you will want from Pau. However if Pau gets hot, you can quickly swap him for a player such as Tristan Thompson.

    So once you understand that sentence, the move is to make the trade now and get the automatic 12/12 every night from Tristan.

    Knight is waiver wire material. You could ask for a better piece, I would still take the trade.

  46. Need some help, I just don’t know what to do with it. Got some big injuries, Love, Rose, and you minus well add Rubio to that list because he’s not 100% anything right now. Sorry, 100% sure to not play the next game or sure to have a stupid stat line. Most of my players are 2nd tier, even 3rd or 4th tier players, and I can’t seem to get a trade going in this league. The one trade offer I had for Jack and Zach was plain stupid, so that was it.

    Ridnour, Thornton, Rubio, Melo, Zach, Tyreke, Gortat, Love, Rondo, DeAndre Jordan, Jack, Tristan Thompson, Isaiah, Calderone, Rose (holding on to him but would let him go)

    Here’s some free agents: Jamison, Korver, Hinrich, Wilson Chandler, Avery Bradlet, Belinelli, Ed Davis, Derick Williams, Delfino, Tiago, Drummond, Koufos, Barea, not a lot to choose from IMO. Any help here? 10 team, 9 cat h2h

  47. Here’s my other team, 9 cat points, 12 team

    Dragic, Reddick, Jack, West, Millsap, Thompson, Vucevic, Love, Collison, Lowry, Foye, Chandler, McGee

    Losing here to, can’t seem to pick up points, been bouncing between 4th and 8th, and I want to make a move up the ladder. Any suggestions?

    here’s some free agents: Wilson, Harrison Barnes, Dunleavy, Andre Miller, Derrick Williams, Belinelli, Ed Davis, Delfino, Sullinger, Tiago, Patterson, and that’s that, lol.

    This is a daily league, and another league I can’t get a trade in. SAD!

  48. I think I’m reading you right. I’m the one with Tristan and Knight, so I’m just gonna hold onto them, probably look for a good waiver pickup to drop Knight for.

  49. Of those FAs I would take Drummond and Davis. Both have solid upside. I’d say ridnour is your worst player.

  50. I personally would drop Love since he’s going to undergo surgery. I have my eye on Wilson, but Denvers bench is too deep for him to get any good playing time.

  51. I think my team is good? But i am in 9th out of 10!

    My roster includes:
    D. Williams
    Wesley Matthews,
    Tyreke Evans,
    Josh Smith,
    Brandon Jennings,
    Klay Thompson,
    Jameer Nelson.

    Any suggestion or moves I should try to get?
    Any help would greatly be appreciated!

  52. im pretty close on accepting this trade.
    My Ryan Anderson
    for His Luol Deng

    16team H2H 8cat. ESPN
    top 4 in FT%, 3PTM, REBS, AST, STL, & PTS.
    My worst catagory is FG% and my BLK is barely above average.

    My PFs are: Ryan Anderson, Al Jefferson, KG, Dante Cunningham.

    I also have another trade waiting on him to accept.
    His George Hill and Tristan Thompson for
    My Ryan Anderson and Andre Miller

    My PGs are: Andre Miller, Greivis Vasquez, and Kyrie Irving.

  53. About to accept a trade where I give up Ty Lawson and I get Danilo Gallinari. Good deal? It’s in a head to head league where line ups are set weekly

    My team:
    Ty Lawson
    OJ Mayo
    DeMar Derozan
    Klay Thompson
    Zach Randolph
    Greg Monroe

    His team:
    Jamal Crawford
    Al Jefferson
    Grevis Vasquez
    Darren Collison
    Jordan Crawford
    Patrick Patterson

    Thanks Beast dome!

  54. I don’t know, I feel like you can get someone better than Luol Deng for Ryan Anderson. What about a Klay Thompson?

  55. I’m finding it hard to drop players on my team, and my team isn’t that good. I want to pick up players, but dropping another player, that has some value is hard to do. If I could trade the player, it would work better but I don’t see that happening in the leagues I’m in, anybody else in one of those leagues? Would you drop Jarrett Jack for say Amir Johnson?

  56. depending on what your team needs. But I would personally would rather pick up Amir Johnson over Jack. Jack is hit or miss this season!

  57. I think I have a good time? but im in 9th / 10th!!
    this is my team.
    deron williams
    Wesley Matthews
    Tyreke Evans
    Klay Thompson,
    JOsh Smith
    Brandon Jennings

    I dont know what to do! I feel like my team is pretty strong but I keep losing every week! Any help or advice would greatly be appreciated!

  58. Im keeping my eye on Wilson, but Denver is too deep! He’s going to miss a few games early on to get him back into playing shape

  59. It seems you have a small ball team. you should be winning in 3pts, assists, and points.
    tell us # of teams and the scoring variety like H2H points or 8-10cat.

  60. This is my first time playing, its H2H daily roster set ups
    the categories include. everything + Ast/TO ratio, DD, TD, TO, and fouls

  61. Looking at your team, I would say you need to keep those assists with Ty.

    Although Gallo is the better player most of the time, Ty Lawson can still get 10+ assists any given night, and you need that on your roster.

  62. What should i do with MKG he has been terrible lately? im leading my league right now though so i didnt know if i should wait it out and hope he gets better with experience or pick up someone like danny green. this is my first time playing fantasy basketball and could use any help i could get

  63. Hello BEAST DOME. 1st time playing fantasy basketball. I’m in a 10-team H2H daily roster setup league. Categories: FG%, 3PTM, Total Points, Assists, Rebounds, Steals and Blocks.

    Any suggestions on how to improve my team would be greatly appreciated–

    S. Nash
    Brandon Knight
    JJ Redick
    D. Cousins
    N. Vucevic
    Brook Lopez
    Jordan Crawford
    Luol Deng
    Deron Williams
    Big Baby
    Tristan Thompson
    Chris Bosh

    Trade suggestions welcome.

    –Thanks in advance

  64. big baby would be someone you might want to trade. you have seen what vucivic is capable of. also big baby is going to be under a lot of minutes when capable.

  65. im looking for some advice with getting ibaka & brook lopez from an owner.
    he is asking for paul george for sure and he is more interested in roy hibbert than kevin garnett.
    should i take this?

  66. If there are better players on the waiver wire. You can upgrade MKG. While MKG does offer some nice intangibles, the Bobcats are too deep at the SG/SF position where MKG is more inconsistent than Beastly. Between Green and MKG, stick with MKG as Green as inconsistent as they come.

  67. If you can give up Paul George/KG FOR Ibaka/Brook Lopez.

    I would rather have the Ibaka and Brook Lopez side. Brook is going to be scoring 20 consistently every night. Ibaka will lead the league in blocks and always give you huge rebounds.

    While Paul George has been amazing, he also does have some downside when Danny Granger returns. This is a great upside trade, as long as you can afford the big hits in 3PTM.

  68. ibaka single-handedly changes the league

    do what it takes to get him in that trade ! dont worry about hibbert or garnett

  69. ok so since this is a 16 team league you cant really move your big guys if they can help it. I instead settled with.

    My KG, Ryan Anderson, and Andre Miller
    His Both Lopez brothers, and jeremy lin.

  70. Hey guys I just wanted to get your opinion on a trade I just made. I traded George, DMC, and Iggy for Westbrook and Kawhi Leonard. I saw Munts sell article on here a few days ago and it was one of the reasons why I shopped George around.

    What do you guys think?

    My roster and standings are as follows:

    12-team, 9-cat., H2H league. I’m currently 4th overall. My roster is as follows:

    Guards – Westbrook, J. Wall, J. Nelson, D. Collison, Ridnour
    Forwards – C. Parsons, Kirilenko, M. Barnes, Stoudemire, K. Leonard, E. Clark
    Centers – Noah, Drummond

    Rankings in each category:

    FG% – 11th
    FT% – 4th
    3PTM – 2nd
    Points – 6th
    Assists – 3rd
    Rebounds – 6th
    Steals – 3rd
    Blocks – 12th
    Turnovers – 11th

  71. It depends on what categories you need help in of course, but just looking at it on the surface, I would say stay put. Jack has been playing well lately and he should continue to do so even if he comes off the bench. Curry is always an injury risk too which would thrust Jack into the starting role.

    Amir Johnson is playing well, but there’s no telling how it will all shake out when JV and Bargnani are healthy.

    I would stick with Jack as he has a clearer path to playing time.

  72. just got this offer —- what do u guys think? im gsw

    From: KILLER KLOWNS (KK) – greg tagle

    GSW trades Greivis Vasquez, Nor PG to KK
    GSW trades Larry Sanders, Mil PF to KK
    KK trades Mike Conley Jr., Mem PG to GSW
    KK trades Ty Lawson, Den PG to GSW
    KK trades Danilo Gallinari, Den SF to GSW

  73. If you can take a hit on your rebounds and blocks, then this trade was better for you. Though you lose out mainly on those two cats, you improve with 3pt. shooting, steals, points, and ft%.

  74. hmm thanks rev! what about this other one.. someone just offered my blake griffin for my chris bosh… seems i should go for it !

    roto league and blake’s free throw % had me a little worried

    what you guys think?

  75. so you would get Bosh?
    I think Blake is killing it, yeah his FT sucks but man.. he’s doing pretty good

  76. Hi yall ive been trying to trade away Paul George and this is probably as best as it can get.

    hes asking for both my paul george and vasquez for his chris paul and thad young.

    im in a 16 team 8cat H2H league
    with my PGs being Irving, Vasquez, and Lin.
    my Forwards are Paul George, Batum, Leonard, Danny Green, Jimmy Butler, and CJ Miles.

    I already traded Ryan Anderson so I took a huge hit in 3pts. Is it worth it to lose that but gain more steals, and better FG%?

    personally i got a lot of steals in my group, but my FG% is left to be improved. The cost is an overall decrease in rebounds, 3pts, points, and FT%, and possibly assists.

    Im leaning towards no because ive felt like vasquez has shown improvement and cant just slump.

  77. im in a 10 man 9 cat league (turnovers). i’m gurranteed a playoff spot and possibly a bye (second place atm) so i’m trying to secure 5 cats for playoffs…pts assist threes ft% steals.

    my team:

    rajon rondo
    joe johnson
    mike conley
    kevin durant
    chandler parsons
    jeff teague
    jameer nelson
    demarcus cousins
    earl clark
    derrick favors
    andrea bargnani

    i have trade offers for:

    rondo and bargnani for eric gordon and jeremy lin
    rondo and bargnani for kemba walker (or eg10) and amare
    rondo and bargnani for wes matthews and kg
    rondo and parsons for brandon jennings and tyson chandler.

    which trade should i do…

  78. i just got offered HIS OJ Mato for MY joakim noah.
    My gaurds are Conley, vasquez, felton and lillard

    my F/C are Durant, faried, Lee, Noah, Ibaka,Asik, MKG, barnes, and Big Baby

    12 team 9 category H2H

    I feel like i need help in 3ptm but i would be giving up REB and BLK. what do you guys think?

    this is my first time playing and im sitting in first thanks to everyones help

  79. your covered in rebounds as you have decent rebounders in big baby, MKG, and to a certain extent vasquez. but you have very good rebounders in noah, lee, faried, ibaka, and asik. but noah does more than just rebound and defensive stats he also assists.but yeah your guard position might need help seeing your SF is MKG. and your sg is ?

  80. I think your team is too guard heavy.. don’t know your league format but you don’t have enough rebounds steals and blocks.

    Most of your players are score-heavy type guys so I would think of moving Klay/Tyreke/Jennings.. targets would be someone with stl/block combo like Kirilenko or A. Davis.

    Hold on to Jameer because I feel he is undervalued and you wont get enough, while look to trade Asik.. think he does more harm than good

  81. I wouldn’t do that trade if I were you, feel like you can grab 6 out of 9 cat against most matchups so why break it.. and trading noah will take away your reb advantage as well as def. stats

  82. time to brag about today’s 2 trades !

    give : SF WARRIORS
    ·Ilyasova, Ersan PF MIL
    ·Young, Nick SG PHI

    get- MiamiAllTheWay
    ·Dragic, Goran PG PHO


    get : MiamiAllTheWay
    ·Sanders, Larry PF MIL
    ·Wade, Dwyane SG MIA

    give: SF WARRIORS
    ·Jack, Jarrett PG GS
    ·Robinson, Nate SG CH

    w00t !

  83. Let me know if you have a spot in that league next year, I’ve been trying to move David Lee in my league and can’t make any moves. There has been one trade all season

  84. haha, its a seasonal league… you gotta be aggressive and spam trade offers to every active team. if u see someone make a wire move hit them up, use the text note to let them know possible counter-offers you would accept, and keep trying! austin daye alert too for loyal BEAST fans

  85. What you guys think about trading Evan Turner for Mike Conley? It’s a small sample size but Conley seems like he’s going to play better with Gay gone and I’d love the help in FT% and steals.

  86. Make the trade.

    Conley is going to be a consistent producer. Evan Turner right now is really ruining his chance to shine with no Thaddeus Young taking shots. Turner is only going to be less and less of a consistent option as the 76ers get healthy.

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