We have made it this far.  Now it is time to get the final push to get you into the Championship.  This week, the Championship begins.  As a Nation.  Let’s take it home.

You can discuss all assets of Fantasy Football and help make each others team stronger (Lineups/Trades/Free Agents).  I will come in with comments from time-to-time.



1. If you ask a question.  Answer a Question, the more depth the better. 

2. If someone answers your question. Answer another Question.

The point of this group is to help each other win Championships.

Everyone here is your ally.  





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  1. Hi guys,


    I was thinking of leaving my team line-up the way it is, cause they got me here through weeks 14 & 15


    Bench-Wallace, Shorts, Sproles, Ben Tate, Bryce, Alex(GB), Greg(GB)

    Any opinions on changing my line up?

    Thanks all

  2. need 3 wrs out of the 4.
    also goin up against eli this week.

    v cruz (vs Baltimore)
    e decker (vs Cleveland)
    p garcon (vs Philly)
    d amendola (vs TampaBay)

  3. Cruz, Garcon, Decker
    You have a really tough decision to make with 4 good WRs to choose from. Amendola against a vulnerable TB is a nice matchup. Cruz playing with a Giants team ready for a big rebound. Decker is coming off of a huge game where he caught nearly all his targets. Then there is Garcon who will benefit greatly if RGIII is able to return. You need to wait and see how things shake out. This is my choice assuming RGIII gets the start.

  4. I am worried about a coupe of things this week.
    #1 Josh Freeman is he a good start or do i put Flacco in?
    #2 flex -I have J.Gordon,D.Wilson,Dh-bey to choose from which would be the best start unless Jordy comes back then my flex problems would be over.
    Thanks for the time and Good luck!

  5. I also think Cruz,Decker and Garcon.
    Amendola is so hard to sit but Garcon had 12 targets last week so Cousins likes him alot.
    Good luck !

  6. Despite the NYG getting blown out, I would still take Freeman. I watched most of the STL vs MN and Ponder was actually throwing multiple 15+ yard passes.

    Sorry about the flex situation…Wilson is a better play simply because he’s a RB and Bradshaw may not play again, but Gordon has a higher point upside. Yeah they play Denver and yeah Champ Bailey will be on him, but Denver gives up a few big plays to the the teams you would least expect them to.

    And I know the match-up of CAR vs OAK looks nice, but never rely on the paper.

  7. I would have to see how Cruz is by weekend. If he is on the injury report or not. If your a ppr league I would play amadola over decker yea he just had a big game and he normal doesn’t have back to back. Plus Denver will get up and run the ball in this game I could see manning coming out after 3 rd so I would go amadola.

  8. I am in a championship in both leagues but I need my flex for both. I have. Amadola , Ballard, Dwyer, James jones. Who would u play. In the other it’s a ppr I have amadola and mike Williams or Ty Hilton. Who would u play there?

  9. For the 1st league i would look at Ballard vs. the Chiefs and in the 2nd i think i would give Amendola the nod he can be a ppr goldmine!
    Good luck.

  10. I need two running backs out of the following three: Marshawn Lynch against SF, Jamaal Charles against Indy or Reggie Bush against Buffalo. Im scared of playing Charles due to last week and Lynch against SF is very tough. Thanks for the help!

  11. I would go with Cruz, Decker and Amendola. Decker should be good because haden will be covering thomas. I think the gmen will have a bounce back game and cruz and eli will be back against a suspect raven D. Tampa secondary is terrible, that coupled with the amount of targets amendola gets I would go with him.

  12. Lynch and Charles! Lynch is a beast towards the end of the season and Charles is all KC has so offense will go through him… But if Indy goes up quick he may be taken out of the game somewhat… But I think you will get 100 yards at least out of Charles and if you get lucky and get a TD you should be good to go! Your best bet is to wait for Munts rankings but I can almost guarantee that those two players will be the two highest and you always have to start the better players in the playoffs!

  13. lynch is too good. play him. charles is so inconsistent and indy’s run d is actually good the 2nd half of the year. go with bush as the 2nd RB you choose for your team.

  14. Roll with Jason Hanson or pick up either of Janikowski or Walsh?

    Roll with Denver D/ST or pick up Arizona or Indy?

  15. I’d go with Lynch and Charles. Yeah bush’s matchup against buffalo is attractive, but you gotta go with your studs.

  16. RB/WR Help!
    Pick 2 for RB 1 for WR

    RB: Spiller, Moreno, Gore, Ridley

    WR: Reggie Wayne, Mike Wallace, Greg Jennings.

    My other wr is megatron so obvious start there but I’m hesitant with Wayne after last week. As for my RB I’m really at a loss.

  17. I’ve been holding on to Greg Jennings all year and started him the last two weeks. I’ve been able to get into the championship with him but I’ve also got Stevie Johnson on my bench as well as James Jones who went off last year.

    I’m pretty set with B. Marshall and D. Thomas as my #1 and #2 but I can’t decide if I should swap Jennings for Johnson or Jones.


  18. Freeman is a momentum player and I think he is severly lacking confidence. I’m dropping him for Bradford this week!!

  19. RB Help: Pick my top 3 in PPR

    Mikel Le”Not so” Shure

    Alex “Not Ahman” Green

    Steven “Im sorry Miss” Jackson

    Joique “didn’t get his” Bell “rung much last week”

    LeSean “got his bell rung” McCoy

    Beanie “Dont call me Baby” Wells (waivers)

    Billal “Boom Boom” Powell (waivers)

    (Have a claim in for Wells dropping A Green right now)

  20. Ok maybe not a “stud” as of late but I’d start him over bush. He’s all the chiefs really got on offense.

  21. Pick one def for my championship…

    Indianapolis versus KC whom is rumored to be starting Ricky Stanzi at QB…

    Denver versus Cleveland or

    San Diego at New York Jets

  22. Spiller/Moreno

    Just not feeling Gore and Ridley esp with the matchups.

    Mike Wallace due is playing to get PAID right now.

  23. I need help picking a defense for my Championship week…

    Indianapolis at KC whom is rumored to be starting QB Ricky Stanzi

    San Diego Chargers at New York Jets who might be starting QB Greg McElroy

    Or Denver Broncos at home against the Cleveland Browns!

    I’m thinking either the Chargers are my bread and butter Denver Broncos

  24. KC is rumored to be starting QB Ricky Stanzi and I doubt he is going to throw a lot… Expect a lot of work for Charles.

  25. I think Ridley and Moreno.

    Ridley was benched for fumbling but I doubt Belicheck will bench his starting running back again. Ridley will be back for revenge and I think you will see a great stat line from him. Players like Ridley generally have great bounce back games.

  26. But your safer picks are Spiller and Moreno. And it is the playoffs and you are supposed to start your studs and those are your two.

  27. I’m going with either Denver or the Chargers. I like the Chargers chance to stop Greg McElroy and the Jets in a revenge game after getting blasted by Cam Newton… But Indianapolis is not a bad play either especially if KC starts QB Stanzi like they say they are. Good luck because both are not bad plays… But Denver is at home and has been a beast on Def. so I think they are the safer play.

  28. ^^ I just chose the Chargers over the Colts and Packers Defenses for this week myself, was a close call between the 3.

    My question:
    Benjarvis has been treating me well at the flex spot the past few weeks, but with him facing the Steelers..should i sub in Deangelo Williams vs the weaksauce Raiders defense for the Champ game?

  29. 2 QB League Championship game, got Rodgers but have to decide between Kapernick and Bradford as #2. Kap @ Seattle,
    Brad@TB, leaning towards bradford but un-sure

  30. If my opponent is starting Rivers, would it be wise to start NYJ at home vs. SD? My other options are IND @ KC and SEA at home vs. SF

  31. Hey guy,

    By some miracle I survived the first round of the playoffs despite my WR core scoring 5.5 points total!

    I wouldn’t have made it here with out Munt and you all so lets get one more W!

    My championship opponent for this week put up big points last week and I have tough matchups.

    1QB: Matt Stafford or Sam Bradford?

    3WR: I’m thinking Cruz, Moore, Garcon, but I also have Hakeem Nicks, Amendola on my bench. I dropped DNX…

    2RB: I’m thinking of Foster and Moreno but I also have Vick Ballard and Reggie Bush warming my bench

    TE–> Aaron Hernandez. Won me Week 15 singlehandedly. He stays.

    DEF –> Broncos or Indy Vs KC? I’m leaning Broncos on Munt’s playoff DEF advice.

    Most important, what’s everyone’s input on the QB:
    Bradford or Stafford to win me the league?


  32. I’m leaning towards Indy because of the matchup only because of what SF did to the Pats…at home….in December.

  33. I would start SEA at home. Besides the fact that they are the better defense, they are at home.

  34. My opponent is starting Drew Brees in the championship.

    Garret Hartley @ DAL to sink his battleship,
    or stick with Jason Hanson vs ATL????

  35. I’d go with Bradford. I own Kaep also but SF likes to play defensive games with other defense-oriented teams.
    I honestly think Kaep is one of the Top 5 QBs in the league, but this matchup is as tough as it gets.

  36. I’d go with Deangelo Williams. The Raiders have the worst D in the league.

    Who knows though? They shutout the mighty Chiefs last week!

  37. Danario has to go up against Cromartie this week. I’d play Shorts instead. Pretty good chance the Jags fall behind early against the Pats and are forced to throw a ton, which will only benefit Cecil.

  38. I think NO has a better chance of scoring TD’s in the redzone over Dallas than Detroit will over ATL. Pettigrew is still likely out with high ankle sprain.

  39. I like SEA at home as well. I had the Jets D/ST but ended up dropping because of the Jets QB change. Concern being they will just be on the field to long. Luckily(?) I had the Packer D/ST to go agains Ten this week. IND could be a sleeper Quinn will be starting, Bowe is on IR, that leaves it up to Charles, I’m not sure about how good IND’s run Def is.

  40. @blueniner.. did you see the Det offense implode against Az last week? I’d be scared to death of them in the red zone, likely Hanson scores their only pts. BTW i picked up Bradford, tks for the backup!!

  41. First time going over my line-up with you guys…Nothing that I’m nervous about, but I’m curious to hear your opinions

    Right now it is set as such:

    QB: Brady
    RBs: Moreno, Gore
    WRs: Bryant, Shorts III
    TE: Greg Olsen
    Flex: R. Bush
    K: Tynes
    DEF: Miami

    Bench: Freeman, Welker, Graham, Ridley, T. Richardson, Decker.

    I knew Decker would have a great game in BAL because Thomas would be blanketed, but I foresee Stokley and the TEs getting lots of targets. I actually just picked up Greg Olsen because I was tired of being burned by Graham and that position is the most 50/50 this year.

    I know most of you will say get Welker in there, but it almost seems too easy against JAX and Brady has plenty of options. Ridley is the one I am most up and down about…he could have huge potential within 30 yards of the end-zone, especially if it’s a blow-out, but will those fumbles last week be enough to let Woodhead get a head-start on carries?

    Speaking of carries, that is why I am starting Bush. It took the entire season, but at least MIA’s best play-maker is getting solid touches now.

  42. QB/RB help.

    QB: Bradford/C. Kap/E. Manning. Kaepernick and Eli Manning both have tough matchups, Manning’s less so but he has been awful and i don’t trust him this week. I picked up Bradford who has a tasty matchup but isn’t as ‘elite’, who should i roll with?

    RB: Ray Rice, J. Charles, K. Moreno, Ridley, Sproles. That is the order that i rank them this week but feel that J Charles might not get as many touches in the last game as well as Ridley might not get the ball due to his hot hands recenlty. What do you guys think? THANKS.

  43. 2 champ games this week (thanks munt and people who’ve helped me here!)

    League 1: standard scoring
    WE: D. Alexander, Maclin, or Britt? I’m leaning denario, no way he gets blanked two weeks in a row, right?

    League 2: PPR
    WR: Nicks, Denario, Blackmon, or Gibson?
    Flex: I’m leaning heavily to Lynch
    Other options, wrs above and Reggie Bush. Doug martin is slated as my starting rb.


  44. I’d probably play manning, it’s more important to NY that he plays well and I doubt they can rely on the run.

    I’d also put Moreno over Charles. Any NFL defense who knows a team can’t throw usually can stop the run. Moreno should have a good day against Cleveland.

  45. Oh and standard league TE. A position that has killed me all year. Rudolf, Bennett (just put on waivers), or Chandler?

  46. Is it just me or are you over thinking this? Play your best players here that don’t have killer matchups.

    I’d definitely get decker in against Cleveland, the 2nd wr usually does very well there. I’d also lean on welker over a gimped dez.

    I think:
    Moreno, Richardson (he’ll get more touches than Gore and both play tough ds)
    Welker, decker
    Bush or Gore

    Is a better lineup than what you have up. Maybe that’s just me though. Overall you have a deep team and that’s a good problem to have.

  47. Im with Brad… bench Danario… Id roll with wallace or shorts. Wallace is due big time; however Shorts should get alot of targets

  48. good luck to all this week and thanks to Munts for leading the way…

    I have a tough flex decision,
    Mikel Leshoure at ATL
    S.Jax at Tampa?

    Im leaning towards Jackson… thoughts?

  49. Hahaha, that’s not me over-thinking things…just trying to converse and get some gears turning.

    I try to follow a few “rules” that have served me well so far… The main two are : try not to start players that are playing each other and never trust a “gimme” match-up.

    I also try not to start too many players that are on the same team; unless it is a QB/K, QB/WR, RB/K, or at maximum a QB/WR/K combo.

    But Welker will most likely take Dez’s spot since one hit could take him out for a half.

    Thanks for the input!

  50. Yeah unless your TE plays for the Patriots, it’s a crap-shoot.

    I just dropped Rudolf for Olsen, but who knows? Maybe the Vikes play like they did against San Fran? Rudolf could see a bunch of 5-8 yard completions…

    Best bet would be Bennett I think. Ravens are going to be swarming Cruz and Nicks after what happened last week.

    As far as your above line-up…The Packers can definitely lose to teams like the Titans, so that makes Britt a sneaky play. If want to play it safer I would stay with Alexander, but if you feel frisky I would play Britt.

    In PPR: I would take Nicks and Martin. Nicks should get the targets even if it is short yardage.

  51. i’d go with cruz, decker and amendola and here’s why –
    Eli is typically successfull only if Cruz is involved so this would be a must start.
    Decker is streaky, but luckily in time for the championship game.
    Amendola is a #1 and Garcon will be good, but don’t know how RG3 will be coming after an injury

  52. In a PPR league –
    QB – Cam
    RB1 & 2 – Morris & Spiller
    WR 1 & 2 – Danario & Blackmon
    TE – Tony G
    Flex – TY Hilton
    D – Seahawks
    K – Bryant

    Bench – Beanie Wells, Lance Moore, Larry Fitzgerald

    Should I change my lineup for the big game?


  53. Saints offense > Detroit’s offense
    Combine this with being able to sink his battleship and you have enough to go with Hartley

  54. Just need 1 for a FLEX (WR/RB). Options are David Wilson, Bryce Brown, Beanie Wells, Riley Cooper, Dwayne Harris, Kendall Wright.

    I’m about a touchdown favorite so probably want more of a low risk option than a high upside option.

  55. First time posting here, thought I might get all the advice I possibly can going into the championship game.

    My concerns are mostly WR and DEF related. Here’s the lineup I’m expecting to go with:

    QB- Cam Newton
    WR- Julio Jones
    WR- Dez Bryant
    RB- Adrian Peterson
    RB- Arian Foster
    Flex- Alfred Morris
    TE- Jason Witten
    K- Lawrence Tynes
    DEF- Streamline

    I’ll be starting Julio, but I am worried about Dez’s finger. My other alternatives would be Hakeem Nicks and Pierre Garçon.

    With the defense, I’m leaning towards one of the defenses in the Jets-Chargers matchup, at the moment the Jets (but I may switch now that it sounds like McElroy will be starting). Any opinions are appreciated!

  56. I’m of the opinion that you should always flex a runningback whenever possible. That said, I like McFadden against Carolina, even with his recent lull in production.

  57. I forgot to mention that i must start 3 RBs as my WR core is not as deep. Charles//Ridle/Sproles are my options for RB3.

  58. In a non-PPR league, how’s my lineup holding up? any changes needed? Thanks!

    QB- Romo
    RB1- Foster
    RB2- A. Morris
    WR1- Marshall
    WR2- R. White
    WR3- Decker
    TE- Pitta
    K- Graham
    DEF/ST- Chicago

    Bench- J. Charles, Miles Austin, Luck, Danario, Andy Dalton, Cincy D

  59. Pick up Forbath and Garçon to neutralize opponents RG3 or stick with Matt Bryant and Reggie Wayne?

  60. Tough call but I would give the edge to DMC slightly over wallace who I think has big upside this week

  61. Mike Wallace. Bradshaw probably will not play, DX is going to be blanketed by Cromartie all day, and Run DMC is playing a recently stout Carolina D.

  62. I got burned with Danario in the semis but survived. I’d look hard at putting Shorts in for him too.

  63. Championship Game! PPR league. Help me out

    Bench is
    CJ2K vs Packers-I’m terrified of a 14 for 37 game. He sucks for a quarter, Packers go up 21-0, Titans abandon the run,
    Danario Alexander vs Jets-oooh I was so smug after picking him up early on. And then he laid a goose egg last week.
    Justin Blackmon vs Pats-big risk/reward right? Pats will put up a ton of points, so what if it’s week 11 vs the Texans all over again? of course so did the Bills 2 weeks later and he scored 1 point.

  64. For this year we have incorporated 3 IDP into our regular lineup and this week I need some help.

    I’m looking for someone reliable to replace Leodis McKelvin this week. Championships! I am considering Javier Arenas, Marcus Sherels, Philip Adams but I was wondering who they would be covering? Is there a site that let’s you see individual defensive match-ups? Ideally, I would like to find a starting defensive player, who is covering a player who gets targeted often, and who returns kicks in some capacity.

    As I said, we play 3 IDP and I have been going with Daryl Washington, Derrick Johnson, and Leodis McKelvin for most of the season. I was getting steady production from my LBs and lower floor higher ceiling from my returner. Any suggestions? Do you think I would be better off with anyone else i.e. whoever is covering Calvin Johnson?

    Point system:
    solo tackle = 1
    Sack = 2
    Interception = 3
    Fumble Force = 2
    Fumble Recovery = 3
    Defensive Touchdown = 8
    Safety = 4
    Pass Defended = 1
    Block Kick = 3

  65. Hanson listed as a bust in this weeks article. Time to check the rankings when they come out and play battleship.

  66. I cannot recommend Stafford based solely on the fact that they play on Saturday. Take Bradford for the win.

    Are you playing 3 WR rules or is your 3rd WR your flex? If it’s flex then put Bush in there. If not go Cruz, Amendola, Garcon. Your RBs are stout and go with Denver D.

  67. CJ2K is your best bet. I think you would agree that he’ll see a good deal more touches than the other two (he must be top 20RB in targets/rec). You seem to have a good lineup (don’t know who you’re up against) so I don’t see the risk/reward of Blackmon as a good call.
    a BIG NO on Alexander–with Mathews out the Jets will be all about stopping Gates & Alexander, and Cromartie has been pretty decent lately against marginal WR1.

  68. That looks like a good line up to me. The only change I might make would be Austin for Decker. Austin has a really good matchup against the Saints corners this week.

  69. Playing in the championship and I’d like advice on who to start. I have a few risky RBs so I was thinking I’d start White and Bryant and use Amendola in my flex spot, but I’m not sure who else to start at RB with Forte. Also looking for advice on which Def and kicker I should go with this week. PPR league.

    QB: Rodgers
    RBs: Forte, B. Brown, Mccoy, M. Owens, Brinkley, Battle
    WRs: White, Bryant, Amendola, Nelson
    TE: Witten
    K: Hanson
    Def: Seahawks, Chargers

  70. Gresham and Carolina Def. Especially if the Raiders are thinking of giving Terrelle Pryor some more snaps!

  71. Why is Munt down on Garcon? He seems to have a good matchup and RG3 is back. Should I really start the inconsistent Britt over Garcon?

  72. Flex spot for non-ppr – need to choose one from the following:

    G Jennings
    Montell Owens
    K Britt
    Jackie Battle
    Beanie Wells
    D Wilson

  73. I like your flex play as those 3 WR are better than your RB choices.

    Owens will see some touches being the only healthy back, but I think you should roll with McCoy. go big or go home!

    Def: both are good plays. edge to SD cause the Jets just really really suck on O.

  74. You probably have to go HOU (although Peterson is scary lately).

    I like Munt’s IND recommend more and more lately. It’s safer to have a D/ST with a better offense that can keep the D rested more. I bet they’re avail too.

    SEA ain’t a bad play at home.

    DO NOT pick the Jets. by the same logic, their D will be on the field ALL DAY.

  75. Hey guys, Muntradamus made some bold picks in his rankings. Either he’s making some good predictions ahead of the pack or he’s making a desperate grab to take the #1 position back in some departments.

    WR V. Jackson, Demaryius Thomas, and Justin Blackmon.

    RB D. Murray, Mcfadden, Ridley

    I can get on board with benching Thomas going up against Haden in Cleveland, but I’m not so sure I can justify starting BLACKMON @ NE over JACKSON vs STL…. definite risk/reward

    You guys think Munt is getting “too cute” for the championship game??

  76. Cortland Finnegan is going to be on Jackson and Finnegan is the top corner in the league. He absolutely shuts down WR’s. But you almost have to play Jackson over Blackmon for the championship.

  77. Can anyone please convince me to pair Mason Crosby with Aaron Rodgers rather than playing Matt Bryant this week for the championship.

  78. Darren McFadden or Stevan Ridley?

    I’m worried about Ridley’s touches being reduced due to fumbling issues…DMAC has been very inconsistent.

  79. Munt’s advice… I feel I should go big or go home in this matchup! And play Bryant but I’m not sure.

  80. Ya I know… Matt Bryant has been money all season, he is playing in a dome, and Crosby has been crap. I feel I should go big or go home and play Bryant!

  81. Lets see if these boards can convince me:

    STD scoring, 2-QB system (don’t have to use a 2nd QB techinally)

    QB: Luck, Big Ben
    RB: Lynch, Spiller
    WR: Cruz, Cobb
    WR/RB: Decker, Moreno
    FLEX: Graham
    D/ST: Texans

    Amendola, Kaep, Wilson, Leshoure, Colts D

    anything I should change? Here are some points:

    1. I’m feeling like amendola might have a huge game and decker will bust. Also, Haden might be covering Decker b/c he’s a RCB (if i’m correct), so that might mean more throws to D. Thomas.

    2. Texans D vs Colts D?? AP is a monster, and i dunno if I should hedge my bets with the Texans

    3. Big Ben over Kaep? Esp, with a poor running game by the steelers and the potential for being in the wild-card.

    4. Should I start Leshoure over Decker, Moreno, Spiller, Shorts? This is my biggest question.

    Sorry for the long post. This is the finals for me and my opponent has a team that has gone red hot right into the playoffs.

  82. i agree with picking Bryant b/c he has been less-off than Crosby, but munt says that he might have his comeback game.

    i’d still go with bryant and it coming off a huge win against my beloved NY giants.

  83. Championship Game! Standard league, opponent’s team is ridiculous. Help!

    Stumped on my WR2 & Flex.

    Pick 2: Pierre Garcon, Mike Wallace, Danny Amendola, Jeremy Maclin.

    I’m feeling Garcon and Amendola, particularly because I’m thinking I need big games from my WRs or I’m finished anyway. – Muntradamus has Garcon ranked at 32, but RG3 is playing, so I can’t figure out why . . .

    Current lineup is:
    QB = Romo
    RB = Foster
    RB = Moreno
    WR = Wayne
    WR = Garcon
    TE = Graham
    Flex = Danny Amendola
    DEF = Bears
    K = Bailey

    Bench: Mike Wallace, Jeremy Maclin, Dennis Pitta, David Wilson, Marcel Reece, Sam Bradford

    Available Kickers: Vinatieri, Forbarth, Zuerlein, Crosby

  84. Do not bench Lynch! Justin Smith looks like he’s going to be out which is a HUGE blow to Niner RUN D. Even when J Smith was in, Lynch went off in the team’s first matchup earlier this season. Start your studs! I did with Roddy tonight and it’s paying off!

  85. I’m sure Blackmon is high up because NE is going to destroy the Jags which means lots of throwing the ball toward Blackmon (remember when Houston destroyed them?).
    If you look at STL in terms of fantasy points allowed to WR, they are top 3.
    I have neither player and root for/against none of these teams, nor am I a fantasy pundit. I am the perfect objective observer here, and I can completely agree with Munt here.

    Have you considered that Munt’s “bold picks” are the norm and not a “cute” championship ploy? Fantasy football is ultimately a statistics game, and statistics say go with Munt–especially with WR…

  86. I’m very confused with QB2 optional? What is the option of only 1 QB? do you have Shorts on your team??
    1) Agree Amendola could go off, but I also think Haden will follow Thomas wherever he goes. I think Decker has more potential to go off.
    2) no help here. tough decision IMO.
    3) Kaep is a rookie(ish) QB playing against a top D AND the best 12th man in the league. Odds are with Big Ben
    4) guess this decision has been made already.

    good luck!

  87. Who the hell are you playing that your roster needs big moves?? Your lineup looks pretty damn good to me!
    The Bears might put up 50 by themselves, lol.

  88. Anyone else think McElroy at QB for the Jets makes SD go DOWN in D/ST rankings??

    I’m riding Munt’s IND vs KC pick now–Good luck all!!

  89. I’m not talking shit about Muntradamus at all. Just bringing up a valid point. Lots of picks against the pack this week.
    The logic is there for Blackmon, I get it.
    I’m just guessing as to how much Finnegan is going to shutdown VJax (and if the TB offense will be as bad as last week), and if Haden really is going to shutdown the MAnning to Thomas connection

  90. Thanks. (didn’t start Leshoure)

    I mean that I can start a 2nd QB if I want to, but I don’t have to, so I could bench big ben and start amendola instead.

    I’m going with Shorts instead of amendola, (my idea is that the Pats score heavy fast, and Henne must throw to catch up, esp with Henne fighting for a starting job) but I’m concerned with Decker. If Thomas goes hot, they might switch Haden from Decker to Thomas, but I’m not sure. Thats what the toss-up with Decker and Amendola.

    I think I’ll go with big Ben, b/c he must become clutch in order to get into the playoffs.

    thanks for the help, my opponent has a monster team: Brady, Ryan, AP, Morris, A. Johnson, Bears D. His team consistently scores liek 20-40 points higher than mine.

  91. I was thinking the same thing, but McElroy did well b/c no one knew how he would play.

    I think IND is the safe choice, but the anemic Jets OFF is looking like a real opportunity for the Chargers.

    I was also considering using the Panther’s D b/c they have been stepping up and Oakland is sputtering right now.

  92. I feel like the Jets are still playing for something, especially a guy getting his first career start. So yes- they go down a bit I believe.

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    i’ll try to enquire LAtamDATE scam you a similar questionBetsy Polk and moreover Maggie Ellis Chotasclients initially guidebook of their : who just comes up when people think of a mans partners? very well you can actually picture sensible duos including dan in addition to the Jerry, Lewis moreover Clark, Penn and thus Teller, Watson and additionally Crick, charlie function since Wozniak, he natural stone and as a result LAtamDATE scam Trey Parker, the list goes on and on.

    But think about identified woman partnerships? i believe I arrive up withAmy PoehlerandTina Fey, linda Kate as well Ashley, Abbi Jacobsen coupled with Ilana Glazer totally from general township, so. i am also around. InPower all the way through alliance: tips about how men and women bring about stronger with each, Polk and then Chotas pay attention to having no ladies electric power duos, but destroy lots of the beliefs who have the woman received from doing home business just about every other. painting in their own 12 year relationship combined with selection interviews alongside 125 feminine web business partners, Polk as well as,while Chotas examine that girls in many cases can communicate do with success. lady close ties, the fact is, generally an LatamDate SCAM underutilized and furthermore capable tactic suitable for customer durability. discover therefore, why.

    considering 66 p. c of children health care providers are women’s, most ladies seek business leeway in a special concept. “whether it’s harmonizing employment disclose, adapting mother nature in litigant seeing, Or completing for some other a new fed up child is from home, gals in conjunction know how to step-up in addition to take a step back by simply physiology of a necessary for immediately after, Polk and then Chotas post.

    basically discovered control professional poker coaches, Polk and Chotas may have observed person doubting the fact that and dreadedimposter syndromeup special, in addition to realize that they tend to have an effect on older women more deeply in contrast their male counterparts. we feel like lady relationship perhaps be the antidote: “though you agree mixing up your talent by means of your a respectable expert, that you need to first take into consideration you’re delivering great training and additionally points of views on to the love: from the end, your wife is truly preferring you for reasons, occasionally for deciding to boyfriend or girlfriend, you can be beginning to build self-assurance.

    with, Polk and Chotas result in the liberty that experts claim originates from increasingly being allowed to bring all aspects of yourself to work. at partnering with a lady, may well not so much demands to act a clear idea: specifically, struggle to in addition rough that you have been prone to being booked a B, but are still not just too mom and dad, goodness prohibit. you can simply be yourself.

    “sustain, the key hot sauce recipe connected collaboration, is particularly difficult to inquire about, Pol with Chotas develop. “this is certainly especially true for, which one quite possibly feel that by simply needing to parents, that they’re diminishing lacking the giant targets they may of fixed on their own, predicament? my family also. “But the beauty with a business usually that reciprocal aid need to have exist for the to your job. people recognize to find their goals, they should be in that location for each other, each lending and so receive help support,

    to be able to I really moving task management early with higher education was ever if I had someone i know determined by you: desiring to work on it together with each other, saying to my lifestyle for the facilitate, you aren’t encouraging i am to start. partnership may mean eating of reputation to help select from when that you do not seem like making something or else are easily lethargic. would likely do so your own own, even so you become hardly most likely allow for your soulmate out of.

    it is so heartening to read through that probably the most frequently cited points union may well be the enjoyment that is a result of the partners’ non-public marriage. “you’ll find found on our job interviews it’s mainly romantic relationship at the center of female’s partnerships that means they are mark, Polk and in addition Chotas note. “When the call between your husbands and wives is healthy, total business is healthy; upkeep the relationship could be anguish, findings occasionally bear on the same. essentially, the is a falacy pertaining to guy mates, what individual generally compute great success of earning and simply positive effects,

    without a doubt which experts claim girl venture specializes?detect a copy ofPower to friendshipfor far attractive home elevators determining the best, getting yourself ready for liability, having war, and more importantly, to look out Polk but Chotas demolish that absurd misconceptions pertaining to the ladies doing work on alongside one another.

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