Tebow666 amazing call on Knowshon Moreno in the last BEAST NATION.  You all know what to do.  Help each other win championships and stay active!


You can discuss all assets of Fantasy Football and help make each others team stronger (Lineups/Trades/Free Agents).  I will come in with comments from time-to-time.


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  1. I don’t agree. I think that these three are all in similar territory, ranking-wise. Personally, you don’t sit Lynch based on match-ups because he’s indifferent to them, and between the other two I’d go with Ridley. Bell plays on passing downs which will be prevalent in the Indy matchup, and Kevin Smith is still in the picture.
    I own Ridley and Leshoure. The NE offense is also dynamic enough that strict positional match-ups aren’t as relevant in most cases.

  2. Our trade deadline is November 30th anybody i should be trying to trade for? Would you try to trade away mccoy? I have alot of ppl still interested in him.
    My team
    Qb Rg3 freeman
    Rb McCoy Morris Greene Reece
    Wr Cruz Cobb L Moore Alexander Shorts Wallace
    Te Gates Meyers
    K gostowski
    Def broncos

  3. My leagues trade deadline is nov 30. Is there anyone I absolutely need to try and trade for? Alot of ppm interested in McCoy..
    My team
    Qb rg3 freeman
    Rb McCoy Morris Reece Greene
    Wr cruz Wallace Cobb Alexander shorts L Moore
    Te gates Meyers
    K gostowski
    Def broncos

  4. Ridley is going to have running lanes so big that you could drive cars through them, due to the Dolphins focusing so much on their suspect secondary not giving up 400yds passing to Brady. Play Ridley with confidence this week. Guaranteed 75yds rushing – 15yds receiving – 1TD.

  5. I have one of the top waiver picks this week so I will most likely be picking up Michael bush. Should I drop lafell or Edelman?

  6. I need to start 2 of these running backs:

    Daren Sproles @ Atl
    Fred Jackson vs Jac
    Reggie Bush vs NE
    James Starks vs Min
    Vick Ballard @ Det
    Jacquizz Rodgers vs NO

  7. If you had a choice between Pierre Garcon and Ryan Broyles on the waiver wire, which one would you pick? Also, would you play Reggie Bush against New England?

  8. I’m confused this week I have AP, Reece and Moreno as my rb’s and
    welker Jordy and Decker as my WR who should i put in as flex?
    I’m thinking maybe sitting Reece especially if DMC is gonna be back any opinions?

  9. Garcon is definitely the better long-term play IMO. you could argue that Broyles is better for this week because they both have equally good matchups, but he got targeted almost twice as often as Garcon (12 v. 7) simply because Stafford throws the ball so much more than RGIII. also, Garcon is kind of a boom-or-bust guy (probably need a long TD to have a good week), while Broyles will get a lot of receptions throughout the game, in all situations.

    Bush? depends on your alternatives.

  10. NYG plays WAS which is a bad matchup. I know the Bills D is a regular sleeper on this site, but the Jaguars actually look good with Henne playing so I’d have to go with Arizona on this one.

  11. actually, if you meant NYJ vs. Ariz, I’d play them over NYJ *only* if they’re serious about starting Lindley at QB again.

  12. I have a shallow league for fun on the side, pick two of these three… Cruz, nicks, decker… Thanks!! Just not sure how to handle having 2 giants receivers, but was able to snag Cruz for pennies on the dollar really

  13. Beast Nation I need help trying to figure out who to start at my flex this week. JaQuizz Rodgers, Vick Ballard or Antonio Brown??

  14. I would drop Lafell he had a good game last night against a struggling eagles secondary. Edelman has Brady throwing to him so he defiantly has a edge on lafell.

  15. Please help, Cam’s break out hurt my playoff chances;
    TE-Aaron Hernandez

    need 2-RB 2-WR 1-Flex:
    Spiller, CJ2K, Cobb, D. Alexander, C. Shorts, Moreno, Greg Jennings, Beanie, Sproles, Bryce, Wallace…
    WK13 is a MUST WIN for me THANKS!!!

  16. Ryan Broyles, Sidney Rice, or Brandon Lloyd as WR2?

    And for flex: Julian Edelman, Shane Vereen, or any of the above?

    Keep in mind that my RB1 is Steven Ridley and TE1 is Aaron Hernandez. My QB is Andy Dalton and WR1 is AJ Green.

  17. I would choose Quizz
    1st – ATL is going to Quizz more for the run now
    2nd – He’s more productive with his limited carries
    3rd – Quizz got a TD & decent yards last week
    4th – ATL finally showing a time share b/w Quizz & Turner, which should lean towards Quizz soon
    5th – Quizz is up against the Saints D this week, he should produce and highly likely a TD at the red zone.

    Vick Ballard looked inconsistent with his carries last week and Donald Brown looked like he’s coming back

    Antonio Brown, coming off an injury & missing a few games, most of all dealing with Charlie Batch, even if they say Ben might come back, Ben had a serious injury, dont know how well he might be able to throw. Even if Ben starts this week, he might be taken out during game if he cant stand the pain from his ribs.

  18. I would go with Jacquizz! He is going to have his breakout game this Thursday night in front of a national audience!

  19. I’ve got too many up-and-down players on my roster, and need to make some room to put in claims on the likes of Bush, Moreno, etc this week. Here’s my lineup (we play 3 WR, 2 RB, 1 W/R flex):

    QB: Ryan, Kaepernick
    RB: Martin, Charles, Reese, McFadden
    WR: Marshall, Nicks, Amendola, Blackmon, Maclin, Lloyd
    TE: Daniels, Davis

    Daniels/Davis is killing me at TE. I’ve made the wrong pick between the two the last three weeks, but was still able to pull out wins. Is it time to cut VD and just ride Daniels?

    Also thinking I need to thin out my WR corps. Marshall & Nicks are locked in every week. Which WRs should I be looking to drop? I’m thinking I may need to ride Amendola and Blackmon as my WR3, but I’m having a hard time letting go of Lloyd or Maclin.

  20. How many RB and WR are you starting? I think Reese is still going to have value as DMC didn’t prove much before he got hurt and I think OAK may take their time with DMC given how well Reese has played.

  21. 2 wr and 2 rb 1 flex in a ppr league my thinking is to sit Reece and start the other 5 unless DMC is out then should i start Reece and sit Moreno or Jordy?

  22. Im starting Jacquizz over Marcel Reese / DMC

    Mostly based on the fact that Atlanta is playing a potential high scoring game against a team with a soft secondary, and Jacquizz is the back you want on the field in those situations.
    Dont know much about your other backs, but I’d take Sproles

  23. I couldn’t bring myself to cut VD, but that’s because he’s a niner fan. He’s their best player on offense by a longshot so it’s frustrating to see him have such sporadic stat production.

    I’d drop Lloyd if you’re going to cut anyone, and pick up Bush/Moreno if you can get them.

  24. I have the Seahawks D.
    They aren’t exactly producing the way I wanted them to, 2 of their top players are pending suspension, and the Bengals D is looking good with a great lineup in the next 3 games.

    Seahawks or Bengals?

  25. Get rid of the Seahawks… Ride with the Cowboys, Jets or Bills this week in that order. The Jets will only be good if Arizona starts Lindley at QB so watch for that. But the Cowboys have the Sunday night primetime game against a struggling conference rival. Expect Dallas to dominate as DeSean Jackson is out for the season and Bryce Brown will struggle because Dallas will be prepared for him after getting burned by AlMo. Brown is all Philly has!

  26. Giants. Packers or cardinals D for week 13?
    Also at WR I need 2: fitz Blackmon Moore mike Williams or amendola? Or do I pick up sanu or broyles? If I pick them up who
    I drop from the first 5 WRs I mentioned?

  27. I honestly think if Dallas is available grab them… But if you had to choose out of those three the Giants should be ready for RG3 and AlMo!

  28. Between those Ds, Arizona. But Dallas or NYJ would be better.

    At WR, Blackmon and Mike Williams assuming it’s not PPR. I might go with Amendola over M.Williams if practice reports sound good this week.

  29. I don’t think so unless you have a really deep league. Andre Brown was averaging ~5 carries per game until Sunday night. He only got double digit carries because it was a blowout.

    I expect Wilson to pick up those 3-7 carries per game that Andre was getting during the month leading up to Sunday night.

  30. Is Greg Jennings worth an add? He is available in my league, thinking he may be a strong pickup in to the playoffs but I’m not sure.

  31. Hey Nation,

    My WR Core is finally all healthy and ready to go, but now I am not sure what 3 to pick:
    Marshall vs Sea
    Cruz vs Wsh
    Jennings vs Min
    Garcon vs NYG
    and still got Britt and Edelman, but they are the obvious bench riders.

    Help me pick 3 to start.

  32. I think either defense from the AZ vs NYJ is going to be a good match-up..both team are turnover machines.

  33. I would also take a chance on Broyles.
    Edelman might not even play this week so that might make it easy for you.

  34. in regards to Sanu vs Broyles, i was in the same situation. i ended up picking Broyles due to being targeted so often and the Lions throw the ball a lot. His value increases if Titus Young continues to sit out.

    Although Sanu is targeted in the redzone, he still has to contend w/ AJ Green and Jermaine Gresham for looks and has yet to go over 50 yards.

  35. I agree about dropping Lloyd, he hasn’t been too impressive lately except for his 2 TD game a couple weeks ago. Good depth at WR but i don’t think you need 6 of them.

  36. You have 3 studs (imo)
    Marshall – Cutler is back, which means his targets is the same amount for 3 WRs
    Cruz – Eli just had an amazing game after his bye week (as usual) and this game should be a shoot out against RG3 and the skins
    Garcon – He’s the best WR RG3 has, and can easily run for a long TD like he did on Dallas

  37. Would greatly appreciate some help

    Greg Jennings

    My QB – Matty TE – Aaron

    Week 13 is a MUST WIN w/ big points for me

    Thanks BeastNation…

  38. Depends what the offers are?
    I wouldnt trade McCoy away for cheap
    He could be back this week if he passes the tests
    You might be able to get package deal.

  39. Blackmon – with Chad at center, he looks to be good for at least 60 yards & possible TD
    Williams – his value has been declining due to Clark emerging BUT this week against DEN, Champ could be all over VJax, which means more targets for Williams = big chance for a TD or even 2
    Floyd – apparently always good for at least 1 TD, and with Alexander drawing more attention as the #1 WR in SD = less coverage on Floyd
    Lloyd – dont even touch, run away…

  40. Thanks for answering my earlier question!

    Dude keeps asking weekly for a McFadden trade who has nicely filled my bench. What could DMC possibly have that this guy wants? I am fighting for a playoff spot, he pretty much has one. His team is as follows.

    Drew BreesQB
    Michael TurnerRB
    Ahmad BradshawRB
    Hakeem NicksWR
    A.J. GreenWR
    Owen Daniels TE
    Colin KaepernickQB
    BenJarvus Green-EllisRB
    Michael BushRB
    Ryan MathewsRB
    Knowshon MorenoRB
    Sidney RiceWR
    Mike WallaceWR
    Matt Bryant k

    Is there anyone on his team I should ask for? Latest offer was Bush and Matthews. Worth it?

    Thanks again :)

  41. I’d go CIN.
    Been playing very well the last few weeks, even against typically good offenses.
    Even though they’re on the road they get SD who’s given up the 5th most mosts to Def on the season. Rivers loves a pick 6.
    GB hurting.
    NYG looked sharper coming out of the bye but on the road vs WAS who’s play calling is designed around RGIII & his versatile game that’s eluded Defs all season. Plus they have another weapon with Garcon back.
    CLE would be my 2nd choice… unless Matthews returns against MIN.

  42. Who here is in the know? I have Gore & would like to get the right handcuff. Is it Jacobs (most logical), or does Dixon & James have the better “ability to block”. (Yeah, I got burned by the Hillman thing last week & need to make sure I have a back-up plan for Franky.) FYI, this is a deep 14 team league, so Bryce, Knowshon, Dwyer, etc. were all gone last week. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

  43. Um, Donna, I don’t quite know what you have on your team, but as best I can tell, Ryan Matthews for McFadden straight up would be a slam dunk for you. That he wants to give you Michael Bush as well? THE handcuff guy. In my humble opinion, yes on all working days AND on Sunday. I couldn’t say yes fast enough to that trade. Now get out of here & go approve that thing before the guy wakes up & realizes what just happened.

  44. Beautiful ShowMe! Sanu is a scary start because he doesn’t get the yards and is so TD dependent! I know the one game that I start him he will go for two catches 22 yards or something like that.

  45. Non PPR! Tebow! Thats why I’m worried about the playoffs! I’m starting Jacquizz for sure! But being burned by Bush so often has killed me, but he may be the other start.

  46. Not really… But if I was in your spot and he really wanted Run DMC I would go after Nicks plus a RB. He is going to get a ton of Red Zone targets. So a trade with Nicks and Moreno for Run DMC would be a good idea to target.

  47. I like Broyles! Stafford has a huge arm and enough stamina to throw to both Megatron and Broyles. Sanu is way to TD dependent for me to jump on his bandwagon, and Edelman has been lucky the last couple weeks. But then again this is just my opinion.

  48. I need to start 3 WR’s…
    1. Julio Jones
    2. Randal Cobb
    3. Denarious Moore
    4. Mike Williams
    Danario Alexander and Mohamed Sanu are on the wire. I’m thin at RB and that is the main reason why I don’t have a deep WR core.

  49. Out of these guy which wrs should I play this week. I need 2.
    S. Smith ( just maybe he’ll finally show up)
    I also have harvin and amendola but it doesn’t look good for them, right now thinking about Blackmon and smith but tempted to start broyles over smith.
    Let me know what you think.

  50. Pick up dx!!! He’s a stud. Do what you have to do to get him. I’d drop mike for him, quickly.
    Haden is going against Moore, I wouldn’t.

  51. No, Jennings is behind Cobb, Nelson, and perhaps even Jones in GB. He’s been gone too long to suddenly be the same #1 WR he has been. You’re better off with somebody like Blackmon or DX.

  52. See if you can get Bush and Moreno for DMC. Mathews is doggy doo doo (believe me, I tried to believe in him all year but SD is a terrible team). If you need a WR I’d go for AJ Green straight up. If he wants DMC, he’s gotta pay. :)

  53. I think you mean you need to start 2 WRs. Julio Jones starts every single week. Of the remaining three…I like Cobb and Moore.

  54. Cobb has produced each week I’ve owned him. Albeit on my bench! I would go with him and Moore.

  55. Thanks JT. He’s been tuggin, But I’ve been standing my ground. He even once said to me, “Your perceived value of McFadden.”

  56. @Munt all season and this week @Tebow666
    Great advice from both of you! Has helped me feel more confident about my weekly picks. My record is 8-4 so far in 2nd place in my league.

    My WRs:
    Hakeem Nicks
    Victor Cruz
    Lance Moore
    Anquan Boldin
    Brandon Lloyd
    Ryan Broyles (just picked up, dropped Amendola)

    Should I drop B.Lloyd for a RB like Bryce Brown or try and pick up a quality WR like DNX or Garcon. Blackmon is avail too.

    My RBs are Reggie Bush, Green-Ellis, M.Reece,

    I need to have solid contenders for playoffs!

  57. Hello all,

    i need some RB advice for my ppr league. Can play 2, maybe 3 though matchups look bad all around for 3.

    Beanie, Law Firm, Knowshon or Felix jones (assuming Murray is out again)? Leaning Law firm and beanie.

    Thanks in advance!

  58. I’d go with Cobb, Julio and Williams. Though I like Danario better than williams if you can swing that.


  59. Sproles, Brandon LaFell or Ryan Broyles for flex?

    Not a PPR league.

    Note. I also have Megatron and this week my opponent has Stafford.

  60. I need opinions about my this weeks matchup. I need a win or I’m out of the playoffs so it’s do or die week again. It would be nice to get Muntradamus answer this but all opinions are welcome. My this week line up for now:

    QB: M.Stafford vs. IND
    WR1: V.Cruz @WAS
    WR2: S.Johnson vs. JAC
    WR3: D.Amendola vs. SF
    RB1: R.Rice vs. PIT
    RB2: K.Moreno vs. TB
    TE: J.Witten vs. PHI
    flex: J.Rodgers vs. NO
    K (will pick someone before kickoff)
    DST: SF @STL

    Stafford, Amendola and J.Rodgers are those players that I need opinions for. But I need Munt’s answer before tomorrows game. Do I start Rodgers or someone from my bench? And do I start Stafford or Kaepernick? And would it be wide to replace Amendola for someone like Sanu or Edelman? Here is my bench…have to drop someone for kicker. I picked up J.Bell just because Leshaure is not practicing at the moment and Bell would be awesome play if Leshaure can’t go.



  61. Antonio Gates is a FA in my league. I have Greg Olsen and Brandon Pettigrew as my TE’s. Should I go after Gates for my playoff run?

  62. You don’t look bad to get into the playoffs. You’ll get Munt’s opinion as soon as the rankings come out. 1) Munt might disagree, but consider Dwyer over Quizz: he’ll be carrying in a run-heavy game (higher floor and the same upside as Quizz). 2) If Amendola practices fully, he’s your man. If Edelman does, too, he’s your backup. If neither, roll the dice with Sanu over Givens. 3) Stafford (even though Kaepernick is fun to watch). 4) LeShoure may just rest a day, stay tuned, and you won’t be told how many carries Bell will give up to Kevin Smith.

  63. Definitely Broyles. He’s locked into targets for the ROS in the most pass-heavy offense in the league, with the trust of his QB, across from a WR#1 that’s always double-teamed, and next to a TE with a bad case of the drops.

  64. I would go with

    1. J.Jones
    2. R.Cobb
    3. D.Alexander
    4. D.Moore
    5. M.Williams
    6. M.Sanu

    So pick up Alexander and start him.

  65. Parmele is out for season so you can drop him. Beanie is back in good form and he is fresh so start him.

  66. He is worth stashing but they just signed R.Torain and G.Lumpkin so hold your horses and monitor the situation.

  67. Decker is must start this week IMO. Nicks and Cruz are both great plays against WAS as well. Hakeem was def the one seeing the targets last week.

  68. Guys, really need your help picking which two WRs I should go with this week for PPR league:

    P. Garcon vs NYG
    J. Maclin vs DAL (has been down more than up)
    T. Smith vs PIT (non-existent two weeks ago)
    D. Moore vs CLE (Joe Harden scares me)

    I’m leaning towards Garcon and Maclin given the opponents Smith and Moore are facing, but I can’t have Maclin laying another egg on me.

  69. Must win two in a row to make the playoffs and would appreciate any advice on my lineup in a standard 12-owner ESPN league (with a picked clean waiver wire):

    QB: Stafford, Schaub
    RB: Martin, Reggie Bush, Ballard, Bell
    WR: Nicks, Maclin, Denarius Moore, Mike Williams
    TE: Graham, Bennett
    DST: Bears, Falcons
    K: Tynes, Graham

    Current thought is to start:

    Stafford, Martin, Bush, Nicks, Maclin, Moore, Graham, Bears & Tynes

    Open to anything.

  70. Seems to be mad love for Quizz on this board. What do yall think about starting him at Flex this week over Malcom Floyd/Mike Williams/Jennings?

    Been rolling with a WR at Flex because I’ve been decimated by injuries at RB. Going w/ Ray Rice and Reggie Bush this week. Had regular season first place all but locked up before Cam went ham on MNF; now I need a W this week to make this playoffs…

  71. I agree with Garcon and Maclin. Smith has a tough matchup, even though the Ravens are home and should be able to keep the banged-up Steelers offense off the field. Polamalu’s probably back, making bad things worse. With Desean Jackson out, the Eagles (which means Foles… ouch) will HAVE to go to Maclin when they throw. Moore’s got two catches over two weeks and probably Haden covering him.

  72. Jdust

    I’d go Garcon, best matchup out of the grouping.
    T. Smith, especially if Rapelisburger is out another week. Baltimore will be on offense most the game and will likely get some turnovers near the red-zone to set up some easy scores. 7 turnovers last week. -7-. I’d say the over under on turnovers against Baltimore would be 4.

    I have Maclin also and he’s not seeing the field unless it’s a cherry matchup. Dallas has good corners and he’ll be the main focus in their secondary with Jackson out. Also don’t touch D. Moore with Haden guarding him.

  73. I need a flex PPR call:

    Lynch vs CHI
    Blackmon vs @BUF
    M. Reece vs CLE
    D. Moore vs CLE
    R. Bush vs NE
    Hartline vs NE

    Lynch is obviously my standard play, but after he was schooled last week and against an elite run D, I’m nervous about using him.

    I would use Reece if he was starting, but I’m now leaning Blackmon. What do you think?

  74. Can someone help me rank these players this week and ROS? I am 1st on waivers and in need of a win this week.Non PPR, bonus for 5 catches. Players available on waivers are, Beanie Wells Knowshon Moreno Jaquizz Rodgers Deangelo Williams Alfred Morris Thank you for your input! Best of Luck to all this week :)

  75. ROS: Morris, Moreno, big cutoff… Wells, Quizz, Williams.
    Week 13 (10 team league): Morris = low end RB1, Moreno = RB2, Wells/Quizz = RB3, Williams = low end RB3.
    Good luck

  76. I like the idea of dropping Lloyd for garcon or DX. Cruz and nicks are both solid receivers but its hard to rely on one team to get your points.

  77. Question about who to start at flex this week. Leshoure, Michael Bush, or take a risk with Jennings back from injury?

  78. Sounds just about what I was thinking. Now they say that Leshaure indeed have an ankle injury and he missed todays practice because of it. Bell is their best blocker and pass catcher so I think he is on the field more than Smith …..if Leshaure is forced to miss a game. I lean more starting Dwyer in flex as well…but I’m sure that Munt disagrees. I need to drop one player to pick up a kicker….that would be Givens, right? Amendola will miss practices whole week…kind of hard to trust him as WR3, but if he is active he is the best option…but I’m tempted by Edelman.

  79. And add to that earlier…I need a win or I’m out…..but a win won’t put me into playoffs just yet.;) My best bet is to win the remaining two games and our division leader must lose both games. We have three divisions in 12-team league. Division winners gets playoffs spots and the best 2nd in it’s own division is the 4th playoff team. In one division there are two teams with 7-5 record (2nd and 3rd in that division) and they play against each other next week (last regular season matchup). One of them probably will take no.4 seed. In our division I’m 6-6 and the leader is 7-5 (with better division record to win a tie breaker) and I don’t have a matchup against that team left. So I have VERY slim chance, but hey….it ain’t over until it’s over. ;)

  80. Hey Nation, need some advise…standard 12 team yahoo league starting 1 TE. I have Gronk and Jared Cook (dumped Dwayne Allen to get Cook last week), available FA TEs are Marcedes Lewis, Dallas Clark and Allen. Should I dump Gronk to pick up one of these FAs ROS, dump Cook for one of these FAs this week and play waiver wire/FA ROS or dump both Gronk and Cook and take 2 of the FAs ROS? Currently first place in league so no desperation, just looking to play ROS the best I can (currently first place because of you Munt, you RULE!)

    Thanks for any input.

  81. Green Bay would be the one I’d choose. But I’d be tempted by Cleveland. They have a juicy matchup with K.C. next week.

    Stay away from the Giant defense this week. RG3 gonna RG3.

  82. Thanks :) My other RB Forte seems to be fine today I just found out, so I am feeling relief there. I also am a Leshoure owner fearing a GTD:(

  83. Since I didnt get a reply, would like an opinion on my line up for week 13


    Should I swap any?
    Would appreciate some help…

  84. I have B Myers as my TE and his matchups come playoff time are not great, and with Pryor Possibly playing some QB for the raiders I’m not sure what he’s going to be able to do.
    My FA options are M Lewis, D Clark, Pitta, Keller, Cook.
    Does anyone think any of these guys will produce more for the playoffs?

  85. Thanks Santee!

    My team,
    Jacquizz Rodgers
    V. Davis
    Danario Alexander

    I just looked up Matthews, and he’s not too tasty to me.
    Wait … Is your name Corey?

  86. I tried for AJ. He said no. Then insulted me with some, “perceived value OF McFadden”, comment. But he’s pitched a trade just about every week for DMC …

  87. First you have to start SF at STL…. play Stafford with confidence! As well as Quizz Rodgers…

  88. Munt may feel differently, but I love Dallas Clark this week vs Denver. They aren’t good at covering TEs and you gotta think their corners and safeties will be busy with Jackson and Williams.

    If Rudolf is playing this week (thought he had a concussion or something) I like him when Percy Harvin is out.

    Dump cook and not Gronk just in case he comes back for the Championship.

  89. I actually love Meyer’s playoff schedule. I’d keep him. I’m not sure what team is scaring you. I get the Pryor thing, but I doubt Pryor gets that many snaps to take away from Palmer.

    Meyer has been a consistent 5-9 point TE in standard formats. None of those other guys have been as consistent, nor do they have as good of a schedule. (Aside from Clark).

  90. So I am sitting in the 4 hole with 2 weeks to go and I am on a 3 game losing streak. Hook it up with some help. I need a running back, 2 wr’s and a flex.

    I have Beanie, Sproles, Cecil Shorts, Greg Jennings, Vincent Jackson (Champ Bailey is going to cover him this week), Eric Decker and Ryan Broyles.

    I am in a standard scoring league.

    Also, Luck or Stafford. I’m leaning Stafford. I think Luck is wearing down from the long season.

  91. Hey folks – Needing 1 for flex. Non PPR.

    T.Y Hilton @DET
    Josh Gordon @OAK
    Edelman @MIA
    Dwyer @BAL(named starter & primary RB, Big Ben possibly back)


  92. Hey guys I need to start 2…I have FrankGore, Darren McFadden, Alfred Morris, and Turner…
    Also Pick 3: Jordy Nelson, Marshall, Roddy White, and Cecil Shorts.

  93. I like Williams since Jackson will be covered by Champ Bailey on the other side. I also think Stafford and Luck will air it out this weekend which works in Hilton’s favor.

  94. hey nation…need help!!!

    starting lynch (If his back holds out) and
    Need 1 RB: Leshoure, Moreno, Quizz

    starting D.Thomas and R.Wayne
    Need 1 WR: Shorts, D.Alexander, D.Amendola

    Im up in the air about every choice but leaning on leshoure and shorts, Any thoughts???

  95. Id go:
    -austin (eagles D is sucking)
    -hilton (amazing returner and looking like a nice passing matchup)
    Sanu (take a chance with him) but id take garcon/broyles if they’re still out there

  96. wannaBEast: I’d go with Moreno, DEN will probably be in the lead most of the game. Leshoure didn’t practice Wed due to ankle issues, so it’s a risk.

    I’d go with Shorts vs the Bills over the other two.

    My question: Would any of you pickup/start Rashad Jennings this week as 1 of 2 RB out of these (A. Morris, D. Martin, Leshoure)

  97. I will give you an alternative viewpoint re Jared Cook. I follow the AFC South very closely for what little that is worth. Cook may see 10 targets this week, including a red zone target or two. His usage, already on the uptick, should go up for these reasons as I see it: 1) OC Chris Palmer fired; 2) Cook wants more targets/usage; 3) Titans want to keep Cook and utilize him; 4) Current Texans D is not great against this type of TE; 5) simplified play calling will help Cook and Locker. I should note that I do not own Cook right now, but will add him in the BeastDome League. This week will tell whether you should keep him ROS, IMO.

  98. Keep tabs on that tough little dude Amendola. If you hear after Friday’s practice something like the words “without limitation” from Jeff Fisher, he’s your best bet. Bell has a great matchup, will see the most carries, but I still don’t trust him. He could totally go off, and I wouldn’t be surprised, but what’s his floor as a lead back? Stafford will throw all day. I would be dropping Givens just in case Bell does light it up and you want him in week 14. Givens returns to non-startable when Amendola can walk.

  99. Run with Dwyer. Hilton had stats last week but only 3 targets and a healthier Donnie Avery this week. The Steelers have to run this week.

  100. If Austin plays, you have to use him out of that group. The next two are Williams then Britt. Sanu and Hilton are both rolling dice, play the one you want to root for.

  101. If Leshoure goes full practice, he’s your RB#2, followed by Moreno then Quizz. I’d go DX over Shorts or Amendola even if he’s healthy.

  102. I would definitely try to trade him for another running back, preferably AP or Lynch if you can swing that trade.

  103. Close call. Always have to consider Edelman is one of countless targets on NE. LaFell is at least a starter. I would probably part with Edelman.

  104. So I fortunately feel like I have a lot of depth on my team and if I win one of my next 2 games I earn a playoff spot, but my next 2 opponents are the best in the league. This is who I am currently starting
    QB- Freeman
    RB- Peterson/ Lynch
    WR and Flex- Garcon/ alexander/ jennings
    TE- Gonzalez
    Kicker- Tynes
    Defense- San Fran

    My bench
    QB- Romo
    RB- Reece/ Mcfadden
    WR- Blackmon/ Austin/ Wallace

    Since DMC is most likely back I dont want him or reece in the flex spot. I am having a hard time deciding whether to start Freeman or Romo because both could go off. Then at WR any opinions? All 3 could blow up, but I am a little skeptical on Jennings. Wallace and austin could blow up but lately they are pretty useless. Any opinions on who you would start?

  105. I would start Jacquizz since RB’s usually do well with NO. Greene/ Dwyer have more difficult matchups.

  106. In that case you gotta consider your risk and reward – Moreno will guarantee you consistent point, but Jordy always has the upside for a huge game. If you can’t risk a bust game from Jordy and need the points then start Moreno, otherwise start Jordy.

  107. I’m starting BUF cuz thats my best option, but I would prefer to start AZ. Both teams will be running the ball and therefore the clock down alot, so it should be a low scoring game. Also, both QBs are likely throwing picks.

  108. Both games should be high scoring shootouts for points for everyone. Crap shoot really. If you don’t want to start two giants receivers start Cruz, I sense he’s going to bounce back this week for a huge game to shut up all the critics.

  109. No. Bills aren’t as bad against the run as they’re season-long stats suggest right now, and Jennings might well be as bad as his season-long stats suggest. You definitely want Martin then Morris then Leshoure (if he plays).

  110. fitzy is killing me. This week I’m playing someone with Brees as a QB.
    I have graham and colston. Anyone think it would be a good idea to pick up Moore (FA) to sweep the NO receivers and sit Fitzgerald?


    Have a tough matchup this week and need huge upside to win and make playoffs. I’m thinking Wilson.

    Pick 1:
    David Wilson, Bilal Powel, Donald Brown.

  112. Thanks for the feedback AlwaysNextYear and Smashville, it is very much appreciated. Clark was scooped up by a competitor but Chandler and Celek were dumped onto the waiver wire. Smashville, your insight following the AFC South closely is exactly what makes the nation so special. I was too quick to think I needed to change without realizing that maybe I am just fine as is, thanks!

  113. QBs — Eli
    RBs — T.Richardson, CJ, Beanie, F-Jax, Bilal Powell

    Should I drop Bilal Powell for Roethlisberger? I recently traded for Eli, and I thought it might be wise to have some insurance in case his arm goes flat again.

  114. Hey all.

    This site is great! Been using it all season. First time playing ff. 6-6 with a great shot at being on the playoffs.

    Question: which 3 out of 6 rbs should I start? Reggie, Ridley, johnson, knowshon, wells, reece? dang, I just noticed I’m
    over the limit on rbs in my league.

  115. Of those, I’d go with Powell and hope he continues getting redzone carries, or maybe the Jets just finally decide to roll with him over Green.

    Wilson will probably get the 3-7 carries that A.Brown was getting before this Sunday night. I doubt Coughlin leans on him more in the redzone because he’s not a bruiser and he fumbles.

    Colts have 8 rushing TDs, and 5 of those belong to Luck. Forget any Colt RB if you’re looking for big upside.

  116. My league is flex heavy (1 each at WR, RB and TE plus three flex spots). I’ve got J. Jones at WR, Ridley at RB, and Clark at TE (lost Gronk to injury, killed me).

    For my three flex spots pick three of the following: C.Shorts, M. Lynch, McFadden, Reece, D. Moore, or D. Alexander.


  117. Broncos are not particularly strong against #2 receivers. M Williams could see increased targets this week w champ on vjax.

  118. I’m afraid Powell is the only one w a chance to even sniff the end zone. pun intended. #sanchez

  119. Quiz will be in a high scoring game, but with fewer touches than greene. Dont trust Steelers at all right now. At this point you pick someone who you will think get in the endzone. I’ll go with Quizzy since he is playing more snaps than turner the last 2 games.

  120. I would roll the dice, expected to be a high scoring game and those 3 are his main TD guys. But you are putting all your eggs in one basket if its not high scoring. Wouldnt start Fitz unless Kolb is playing. Cards have 2 rook tackles and Lindley was down right horrible.

  121. Need some help: 12-team PPR league. Trying to determine my WR2 and Flex play this week. I really dislike Colston’s matchup this week, plus Brees spreads the wealth so much. My Roster options for WR2/Flex are:

    Danario Alexander
    Justin Blackmon
    Ryan Broyles
    Pierre Garcon
    Marques Colston, of course
    Malcom Floyd
    Darren Sproles (could use as flex)

    Thanks for the thoughts and assistance. Love the community and advice.

  122. If you do that you would basically cancel out your opponents Brees points. And, if memory serves me correctly, Muntradamus recommends just such a strategy. Go for it.

  123. For 3rd WR I would go with Shorts, he has the better matchup this week out of the 3 and he has been on a roll with Henne.

  124. Hey Will,

    seems like nobody wants to answer you, lol. Let me see what I can do.First let’s eliminate some players. Wallace needs a QB, so I would consider him out, Beanie is just getting back, so he’ll need to get back up to speed. But HE’S PLAYING THE JETS, so keep him in mind as the flex. I would say no to Jennings, groin issues still exist. Sproles has to share the ball with to many people, can’t remember when he last had a touchdown, even before the injury, so I would sit him. Broyles looked good, but I think Dallas’s defense is better than Carolina and will slow him down. Also, the new guy on the field always catches the opposition off guard and looks great. Cj2k looks good, getting yards, had 116 yards last week. but he’s facing the Texans d this week, gonna be rough sledding. Spiller is facing the Jags, who have looked good lately, but should have a great day. I would play him, even with Jackson back he still gets more touches. Cobb will produce even with Jennings and Jordy playing. Danario is nursing a thigh injury and is facing the Bengals D, could have a decent day, Rivers will be looking for him. Just don’t expect a big game, IMO. Cecil has turned into a beast, but he also shares the ball with a breakout player, Blackmon. I like Cecil, think he will have a good day, both he and Blackmon, 100+ and a td, imo. Lastly Moreno looked good last week. had 20 carries for 85, but totaled 111 yards and faces TB this week. I would start him in the flex, with Spiller and Beanie at RB and Cecil and Cobb at wideout. Just my opinion, good luck

  125. Hey Will,

    seems like nobody wants to answer you, lol. Let me see what I can do.First let’s eliminate some players. Wallace needs a QB, so I would consider him out, Beanie is just getting back, so he’ll need to get back up to speed. But HE’S PLAYING THE JETS, so keep him in mind as the flex. I would say no to Jennings, groin issues still exist. Sproles has to share the ball with to many people, can’t remember when he last had a touchdown, even before the injury, so I would sit him. Broyles looked good, but I think Dallas’s defense is better than Carolina and will slow him down. Also, the new guy on the field always catches the opposition off guard and looks great. Cj2k looks good, getting yards, had 116 yards last week. but he’s facing the Texans d this week, gonna be rough sledding. Spiller is facing the Jags, who have looked good lately, but should have a great day. I would play him, even with Jackson back he still gets more touches. Cobb will produce even with Jennings and Jordy playing. Danario is nursing a thigh injury and is facing the Bengals D, could have a decent day, Rivers will be looking for him. Just don’t expect a big game, IMO. Cecil has turned into a beast, but he also shares the ball with a breakout player, Blackmon. I like Cecil, think he will have a good day, both he and Blackmon, 100+ and a td, imo. Lastly Moreno looked good last week. had 20 carries for 85, but totaled 111 yards and faces TB this week. I would start him in the flex, with Spiller and Beanie at RB and Cecil and Cobb at wideout. Just my opinion, good luck

  126. I’d stick with Colston through the matchup and flex DX (though Munt lists Blackmon ahead of DX this week, and you probably want to trust Munt more than some guy who comes to his site for advice).

  127. Holding on to 4th place with 2 weeks to go.
    Standard scoring.
    Starting Martin and Beanie at RB
    Need 1 flex and 2 wr.
    vincent Jackson
    cecil shorts
    ryan broyles

  128. who do i start at RB and who should be my flex?

    darren sproles
    alfred morris
    cecil shorts
    dwayne bowe
    antonio brown

  129. hey beast nation, need some advice on starting lineup this week in PPR league. i MUST win this week to get into playoffs, so any suggestions/feedback is appreciated!

    QB: Cam Newton
    RB: Doug Martin
    RB: Bryce Brown
    WR: Cecil Shorts
    WR: Ryan Broyles
    TE: Jason Witten
    FLEX: Beanie Wells
    DEF: SF 49ers

    QB: Ryan Fitzpatrick
    WR: Jeremy Maclin
    WR: Brandon Lloyd
    WR: Julian Edelman
    RB: Maurice Jones-Drew (injured)
    RB: Ben Tate
    RB: David Wilson

    what do u think? my WR’s all have favorable match ups this week, but i’m wondering if i should start Brandon Lloyd instead of Cecil Shorts. i know Lloyd has been hard to trust all season but Edelman may not play due to concussion, been waiting for his break out game and Muntz seems to like him enough to put him in the top 20 this week.

  130. Schaub or Freeman ?
    Martin leshoure Murray or Bryce ? Need 2

    WRS- need 2- fitz Moore Blackmon broyles mike Williams

  131. Nation: I need to win this week to make playoffs. Been cursed with injuries and Eli this season. What do ya think for starters?

    QB: Eli, Freeman
    RB: Ridley, Beanie, Jacquizz, McFadden (McCoy)
    WR: Decker, AJ Green, DNX, Harvin, Edelman
    TE: Davis, H. Miller


  132. I agree with Doobster. Ridley has great potential esp with Edelman possibly out and Gronk out

  133. broyles or blackmon

    2 cents?

    I am starting martin and wells at RB

    I need a flex and 2 wr’s in a standard.

    cecil shorts

  134. Is Seattle D droppable? I have a first round bye, then SEA is @ BUF in week 15 & vs SF in week 16. Thanks

  135. Damion: Freeman because of the shootout at Mile High Stadium and Leshoure + Bryce, Murray coming back from injury is too risky

    Killah: Don’t start Jackson against SF…

    For my team: Would you start Knowshon Moreno against TB or Michael Turner against Saints (bad performance last time they matched up)

  136. schaub, champ baily is a vulture on vjack.

    martin and leshoure(det/indy is gunna be a high scorer I think, since calvin’s been gettin tackled at the 5 all year I smell goal line touches)

    mike williams could see more throws b/c Bailey

    haden will lock up moore in oak.

    blackmon is going against a d in buf that is warmiong up.

    I have an unresponded post above also, take a look

  137. Looking at Ridleys playoff schedule: HOU SF JAX. Can/should I bench him 14 15?

    Other options are Reece, Quizz Rogers, FJax (I would be playing spiller as well) DeMarco, David Wilson.
    All have good Matchups.

  138. I agree. Good move. I would bench Fitz but not necessarily play Moore. Look at Other WW pickups w a good matchup

  139. hey everybody

    got a little problem, who to start: Romo, Schaub or Matt Ryan (mattie ice)? I’m in the playoffs, but want to go in a winner, will have a bye week week 14.

    oh here’s the rest of my team: Dez, Megatron, Andre, Murray, Foster, CJ2K, AP, Roddy White, Witten, Hernandes. This is a keeper league, Foster, Dez, Calvin and Murray are my original keepers, I traded or drafted the rest. Oh yeah, I have Ryan Mathews too, but he is a big bust this year. Anyway

    WHI WHO WHO, game is tonight, I have Romo and Schaub selected already best on matchups, would you start Mattie ice, over who?

  140. Biggest decision of the year for me!
    RG3 (vs NYG) or Stafford (vs IND)?
    Both are at home and weather won’t be a factor for RG3. Who you got? Thx

  141. Must win situation this week to make the playoffs & going to rely on the BEAST community to give me the needed push. Faced with a FLEX dilemma. Not clear cut answer because of injuries. Need to start one:

    Steve Johnson @ Jac
    Law Firm @ SD
    Forte / Bush VS. SEA (I have both)

    I realize if Forte is healthy there is more upside. However, if he starts there is always a risk of re-injuring the ankle. Also, Forte’s carries might be limited. If Forte is out, would Bush jump into the Forte ranking range against a stout Seattle D? Should I simply stay away from the mess and start Steve Johnson? The Law Firm makes me nervous too. Would love your thoughts!

  142. I would definitely start Matty Ice over both of them. The Falcons played NO in week 10 and Ryan threw for 411 yards and 3 TDs. I would then rank Romo next (significantly lower than Ryan) and Schaub not too far behind that.

  143. who should i play
    matt forte
    demarco murry
    j rogers
    r jennings

    only 2 rb

    v crus is a lock
    lance moore
    justin blackmon
    james jones

    2 wr

    1 flex
    need to win to make playoffs

  144. Need to start one TE. I’ve been rolling with Brandon Myers all year since I dropped Finley. He has a bad matchup but his output has been fairly good all year with the high amount of targets he receives. Other options on the wire include Jared Cook, Pettigrew (bad matchup), Keller (bad matchup) and Dallas Clark.

  145. word on the street at Beast Dome is if you ask a question yopu answewr a question.

    I asked one and answered 3, where’s the love??

  146. Beastdome Nation! I need some help! Gotta pick 2 to start at RB this week:
    knowshon Moreno, Darren McFadden, Bryce Brown, beanie wells, and jonathon Dwyer. Gotta pick two. Help a brotha out!

  147. Good question, dude. I will preface my response by saying I tend to be more risk averse. Although Dallas will be more prepared than Carolina, I think you have to ride the hot hand in Bryce Brown. With Big Ben most likely out, the whole Pitt offense concerns me. On top of that, you have 3 other RBs cutting into Dwyer’s carries – plus, no one can hold on to the ball. I’m simply not a Beanie Wells fan. Coupling that with the idea that a 3rd stringer is starting at QB, I would tend to stay away if possible. Lastly, Marcel Reece has performed too well to simply get completely removed from Oakland’s offense. I would anticipate McFadden playing, but the workload and split gives me a little doubt. Denver will most likely exploit the TB secondary and pass more, but I like RBs in a Peyton offense. I know Moreno doesn’t exactly have a fantastic track record with health, but a one game insert I say to roll with him.

  148. I probably should have been a little more clear – because of my explanation above I’d roll with Bryce Brown & KnowShow

  149. This is a make or break week and I’m playing an ELITE team. (Brady, A.J., Julio J, Martin, Spiller, Forte).

    I need strategic picks this week, that I feel can’t be based off of rankings alone. Consistency is a must but that HAS to be jeopardized for a larger upside..

    QB: Romo (Huge upside against the Eagles).
    RB1: Ray Rice (Consistently High).
    RB2:Leshoure (Huge upside if plays).
    Wr1: B.Marshall (Consistently High).
    Wr2: Broyles??? (Great match-up, great opportunity for upside).
    Flex: PLEASE HELP!
    TE: Graham
    K: Bailey
    D: Jets

    Bench: Dalton (Consistently high),
    B. WELLS (Should get carries against sub-par jets RUSH D)
    Mike Williams ( More targets because Champ will be on VJAX),
    Torrey Smith (#1 option, i dont have confidence), Garcon (huge upside, but too much risk),
    Steve Smith (Hasn’t produced)
    Fitz (Hasn’t produced).

    What are YOUR suggestions on roster changes?

    Thanks in advance

  150. Do I play Jaquizz Rodgers tonight or wait and see if both Forte and Murray play on Sunday? I have Rashard Jennngs as a backup plan. PPR.
    Lance Moore or Broyles? PPR. I need to win to get in to the playoffs. I have Jimmy Graham…so hesitant to go with Moore, Rodges, and Graham tonight.

  151. Forte is likely going to play on Sunday. I would wait on him.

    Lance Moore is a good compliment to Jimmy Graham in case Graham doesn’t do well. Roll with the Great Lance.

  152. Dordo212,

    you’re a Beast Dome member, we don’t lose we dominate, so you’ll be okay, just play to win son and it’ll be okay. First, you got to play the player that’s getting it done and getting the rock. Sproles is just getting back, and against ATL I think he’s gonna have a long night. ATL wants to prove something tonight. It’s the same for Jennings, don’t think he’ll be a killa this week, so sit him until next week. And with Cobb playing out of his mind, he’ll be losing some catch opportunities. VJax is getting it in. Has shown up lately, and Freemanis looking for him bigtime, I would play him. Along with Decker. Manning is throwing to everybody on that offense and trying to lock down home field early, Decker and Thomas will be lighting it up against the Bucs, you can’t cover them both. And the sleepers there are Stokely and Tamme, get one of them for the playoffs, At flex I would play Broyles, He’s up against Indy, who will be preoccupied with Megatron, like everybody is all the time. He has tsken the WR spot from Young and Stafford is looking for another receiver. Broyles fits. As for Cecil, get, but Blackmon is getting the loks too and will get more passes his way. Cecil is also do or die, to iffy for me. Go with Broyles, IMO. If you want to play a RB instead, play Sproles, he’s gets both runs and passes. That’s my 2 cents worth.

  153. You have to play Stevie, he’s the safest bet. The Jags don’t have a great defense, Stevie should do great against them, at least 100 and a td would be great too. Forte is likely to start and then end up missing, to risky. Bush is great, but Seattles defense is good against the run. As for Benjarvis, don’t sleep on SD their defense is 3rd against the run And Cincy is getting it done threw the air. Sanu and Green are in a zone. They will need the Law firm to produce to open up the field. If he doesn’t they’ll just drop him and go straight out air. Buffalo, will be airing out against the Jags. Play stevie

  154. Start Garcon or Broyles this week?


    Cowboy Def or Jets Def?

    Right now im thinking Broyles and Jets. Thanks to Munts advice

  155. Not a good day for J.Rodgers owners……played him over Dwyer in flex and got 4p. :( My opponent had Turner (fell into endzone) and Ingram….yeah….INGRAM!! Fortunately he had M.Ryan who scored only 10p.

  156. Well…hopefully your advice wasn’t as bad as mine. Sorry, bud. Tough game for Matty…I hadn’t checked Munts’ ranking til now. At least I wasn’t alone.

  157. This game tonight did a number on me but I still can win I pplayed roddy njimmy g tonight n only got 7pts I have Brady at qb I need help who to play at remaining 2 spots at wr n 2 spots at rb choices:


    Chris Johnson
    Beanie wells

    Std league please help this game gets me in to first place and can make point leader. Thanks in advance nation.

  158. Tough, that’s putting it mildly, but it’s okay, that’s how it goes sometimes, I can handle that. But the bad part is I’m playing my wife, and she’s now up by 18 points on me. Her other QB is Peyton, mines is either Romo or Schaub, so I better choose wisely if I want to win, or I’ll never live it down. LOL

  159. Okay theses are my remaining players, played Roddy and Ryan last night and got a grand total of 14 points. And the crowd roared, lol. Good Lord what was that?

    Anyway, I have: Romo, Schaub, Dez, Megatron, Andre, Murray, Foster, CJ2K, AP, Witten, and Hernandes. Got to choose who to play between Romo and Schaub.

  160. I’d go decker, shorts, broyles. Tampa Bay has given up lots of big days to WR1 and WR2, watch the injury reports on Shorts though just showed up yesterday on there, and Broyles has good matchup like decker (keep tabs on Young’s involvement throughout this week in practice). From research, it appears Champ Bailey has V. Jax # so to speak and who knows how long or how much Jennings plays (although you know he could just blow up, but I doubt it)

  161. Decker (TB is getting torched by receivers), Shorts (Henne likes him and he can go off any time – watch injury report), and Broyles (really great matchup – watch Titus Young news).

  162. I’m 9-3 and locked for the playoffs, but I could use some depth at RB. My league is 0.5 PPR, QB/2 RB/2 WR/Flex/D/K, and 16 teams, and I think my weakest spot is at RB unless the Texans D/ST continues to get worse.

    QB: Romo, Kaepernick
    RB: Foster, B.Wells, Dwyer, B.Tate
    WR: AJ Green, Stevie Johnson, Sidney Rice, Edelman, Heyward-Bey, Sanu
    TE: H.Miller, D.Keller
    D/ST: Texans
    K: Vinatieri

    Any suggestions for preparing for playoffs? There aren’t many worthwhile available players, but I was considering dropping a WR (Sanu?) for B.Powell, J.Bell, or maybe D.Wilson. Also considering stashing Henne just to keep anyone else from using him.

  163. I’m liking Broyes at Ind, I have Cowboys on on Team, Jets on another. Muntz has Jets ranked higher. Sometimes the Eagles get up for the Cowboys but most of the starters are out this week.

  164. Reports out of Detroit, Lions moved on from Titus Young, for intentionally lining up in wrong spot, has to raise the value of Broyles.

    Sanu – reports have him done for the season, had foot operation.

    Talk Radio in Philly – Will the Phils sign Hamilton, its Dallas week and the fans have just given up.

  165. I say go with Romo. He’s on a hot hand and Philly’s D is no good. Shaub has a good match up, but Foster is going to run for days.

  166. Need help deciding….

    QB: Stafford or Luck
    WR (Need 3): H. Nicks, S. Johnson, D. Alexander, C. Shorts, S. Moss
    RB2: Bryce Brown, R. Mathews, K. Moreno or R. Jennings
    TE: Gates or Finley

    Thanks BEASTS!

  167. Little tony

    Well now you can go ahead and drop denario Alexander on your waivers?

    Here are my rbs
    Alfred morris, Evan royster, beanie wells, and Starks

    Haha so we’re in the same boat

  168. Put CJ2K in at the Flex. I like DX over Cobb with Jennings coming back but if your league counts return yards stick with Cobb.

  169. Out of your choices I would go with Wells at the flex. His workload will increase this week, which does not mean more production just more chances to produce. However, I think Garcon has the highest upside.

  170. Rough start to Week 13…My WR’s are Julio, Roddy and Colston…ouch (13 points from all 3)

    RB’s include, Leshoure, Moreno, MJD, Murray, Reece, Powell. Murray if playing gives me the most upside. The only back up plan would be to drop someone for Wilson for Monday night.

    I’m thinking Murray / Moreno…all players both teams will play 1pm games, except Tamme for his team, Dallas D/ST and Murray for me.

    Other option…Leshoure plays at 1pm. Depending on scores at 3:45 I can always bail on Moreno for Murray if I’m in desperation mode….thoughts welcome

  171. Rough start to Week 13….WR’s Julio, Roddy and Colston…ouch (13 points total from all 3)

    RB’s include: Leshoure, Moreno, Murray, MJD, Reece, Powell. I’m thinking Murray if playing gives me the most upside over the eagle’s.

    Murray / Moreno? The only back up plan would be to claim Wilson for Monday night.

    The other option… All players both teams play at 1pm with the exception of Tamme for him, Moreno, Murray and Dallas D/ST for me. I can always go Leshoure and bail on Moreno if I’m in desperation mode before the 4pm games…thoughts?

  172. Really? Deckers not better than stevie..he’s ranked #15 in the don’t choke vol. 1 rankings compared to Stevie at #30.

    We can start two qbs in my league

    Is Vick even worth flexing if he does come back?

    So if I trade Vick and Stevie for Decker and weeden –

    my #2 qbs would be henne, weeden, and tannehill. I could choose the best matchup every week.

    Cam is my qb1.

    Any help would be much apreciated if I should make this trade thanks

  173. Dallas Dave,

    If I were in your shoes I’d just refer to munts rankings to make it easier on my self

    Demarcos hard to trust. So you could narrow it down to Moreno and leshoure .

    The good thing is you have this delima with this many good rbs haha

  174. decker and aj for sure
    eli is heating up, freeman has to deal with champ on vjack
    beanie. macfadden is sketchy but that game is gunna b a mudder with tons of running plays
    davis, at least we know whatever qb is playin in sf can at least throw it to his receivers

  175. 5 RB, which 3 should I start:

    Bryce Brown, @DAL
    C.J. Spiller, JAC
    Darren McFadden, CLE
    Ryan Mathews, CIN
    Alfred Morris, NYG

  176. Pick 2 rb out of CJ2K, Darren McFadden, Reece, and Wells.

    Pick a Flex with any left over RB from above or one of these WR: Danario Alexander, Danny Amendola, Justin Blackmon, or Brandon Lloyd.

    Thanks again gents!

  177. Nicks. Forte’s Ankle is ok, jennings needs to prove himself before I’d feel safe playing him.

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