Beast Dome Testimonials: Fantasy Football 2012

Beast Dome Testimonials:

Fantasy Football 2012



Thank you all for a fantastic Fantasy Football season.  For some of you, Week 16 was your championship and that means we may not see you until next season.  With that being said, I would love a Testimonial in the comments section to close out the year as this is the last time you may visit until 2013.

Just so you know, Fantasy Football Content will be going all the way through the Regular Season and bonus coverage for those Fantasy Football Playoff Leagues.  BEAST DOME is also one of the premiere Fantasy Baseball/Fantasy Basketball/March Madness analysis sites. 


Have a Great 2013. Feel Free to leave a Donation. Thanks for Using BEAST DOME as your premiere source for Fantasy Sports.



Muntradamus and Beast Dome are amazing. The amount of research Munt does is unparalleled. He also offers 1 on 1 guidance, helping you draft your team, set lineups and examine your individual waiver wire. Best of all, he is truly on top of his game and identifies vital roster moves before others, letting you make that crucial waiver acquisition before the rest of the swarm. The Beast Dome community is truly a friendly, helpful crew and I highly recommend it to amateurs and pros alike.

-Have I ever played fantasy football before this year? No.
-Do I watch even 20% of the games and follow player news from around the league every week? No.
-Did I have any idea what I was doing on draft day? Not really, just read a few of Munt’s strategy articles and pre-season rankings.
-Do I have 2 standard ESPN 10-owner teams in first place in competitive leagues where people make daily waiver moves? Yup.


-Did I beat 1100 people and win $62.50 in a Beast Dome free-roll? HELL YEA !!


Beast Dome is constantly expanding, the level of individual attention is unbeatable, and the depth of Munt’s sports insight blows me away. Enjoy!
    i am a v.i.p. here. yessir. let me start with a lil story. moments ago i sent muntradamus an email picking his masterful mind completely. reference song by lil boosie – mind of a maniac… should i trade – rodgers, vick, alfred morris, and demarco murray – for drew brees, matt ryan, percy harvin, lance moore, and marshawn lynch. blah blah blah blah blah… i asked “da masta” about fifteen trades similar to that. i bet as i’m writing this there is a response sitting in my inbox right now. i make the moves but i also have access to the mind of a fantasy maniac. it’s the best of both worlds. so if you’re like me and you sit there thinking…well should i do this, should i trade him for this, or is that too much, well should i drop him for him lol…think no more, just ask munt. it’s like guiding your thoughts and you’ll always make the perfect move. he’s a genius, therefore i’m a genius. this is my first year playing fantasy and with his knowledge and guidance i’m a seasoned vet. it’s made me a better owner then i could have ever been. he’s like my best bud. i highly recommend the “muntradamus effect”! it’s awesome and it cost me next to nothing. where’s the lifetime membership homie?
Hey Muntradamus,
Thanks for all of your help throughout the season. Your rankings are by far provide the most value in terms of insight and accuracy. I look forward to your updates each week. 
Last week, I was able to pull off what I consider one of the greatest Fantasy Football Playoff comebacks of all time. (see attached photo).  I came into the Monday night game facing a 37.02-point deficit, but scored 51.90 for the comeback. (I had Steven Ridley, Aaron Hernandez, and Brandon Lloyd as my remaining players while my opponent had Owen Daniels and the 37 point lead).
I was contemplating starting Lloyd, but your Tweet back to me @alaypatel saying I should start my Patriots secured my doubt (I figured the Patriots would use Lloyd heavily this week because there was a lot of criticism surrounding his performance throughout the season. Also, I reached for Lloyd in the draft…so I figured I might as well go down with him if he doesn’t perform well)
So thank you for your help!


  1. I used a few sources this season, discovering this site maybe 8 weeks ago. I cant say that I always listened to what I read here, or that i didnt have other sources that i used… But what I can say is that the week I started, I was in 6th place (of a 6 person league) and made it into the playoffs in 2nd. I wasn’t VIP or anything, maybe that’s what would have put me over the top lol. Well, now lets give basketball a try..

  2. League Champion! Oh YEAH been following advice and listing to other users posting comments ect. Site was money when trying to figure out hard match ups… SUNK YOUR BATTLESHIP STRATEGY won my playoff match up against Payton Manning ha greatness

  3. I’m in the championships in both the leagues I’m playing in and am favored in both matchups. Thanks Munt!

  4. I didn’t have the luxury of knowing about Beast Dome and Muntradamus until week 13-14 of this season. Since then I’ve been enjoying the accuracy of one of the best Fantasy Football experts in the game. This is my first year playing fantasy football. Last week was my teams semi-final. I was up against the best team and won by a margin of .54. This wouldn’t have been possible without Muntradamus pointing me in the right direction of fantasy kicker. Yes, I said it, Kicker. The hardest position to predict in the game. Week 15 Fantasy Playoffs most experts had Shane Graham as their number 1 Kicker, who score 18 pts. and I believe ended up 3rd amongst kickers. Munt set me right, and told me he liked Janikowski a little bit better, who was on my waiver wire. Following some bad advice, by a “terrible” heralded fantasy expert earlier in the year I almost didn’t do it. Worried I would make another bad decision based on someone else’s opinion. Low and behold Janikowki ended up scoring 20pts. The difference between a win and a loss, the difference between right and wrong, and more importantly ladies and gentlemen, the difference between being paid and empty pockets right before Christmas.

    Thanks Munt, glad to be a part of Beast Dome! Just hope nobody else in my league finds out about you.

  5. i found this site mid-season when i was in 12th place (out of 14 teams) and had no hopes of making the playoffs. with this site’s help, i managed to claw my way back to 7th place, got into the playoffs and made it all the way to the semi-finals (i lost cause Doug Martin decided to have a bad day and benched Brandon Lloyd…ugh). playin for 3rd place now.

    regardless, i made it further than i ever imagined and couldn’t have done it without this site.

    thanks for all your help Munts and the entire Beast Nation! i can’t wait till next season.

  6. Thanks to Muntradamus and Beast Dome I went 11-2 and took the Championship. Great call on Gates this weekend!

  7. I joined this site 0-2, in either 9th or 10th place, I cannot remember. Then, I ended up 8-6 and JUST WON MY LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP! WORTH EVERY PENNY!

  8. Munt, thank you. You were always ahead of the curve. Without you, I would have struggled to move on from guys like Kevin Smith and Dwayne Bowe who were huge for me early in the season. While so many other fantasy sites were still ranking these guys high based on past performance, you were the one place that made the call when these guys were worthless going forward. You were the only fantasy site of value for a deep 20-team league like mine, and I was often impressed how accurate you were in your calls for lower-tier WR. And it was thanks to your twitter feed that K. Moreno was my solid RB2 down the stretch. Now I’m league champion, 14-2, despite having not played fantasy football in almost a decade. Thanks so much.

  9. Just wanted to say thanks to Munt.
    While I listen to multiple voices, (some about fantasy football, even), I’ve learned to place a little more weight on the beast dome than any other source.
    The draft advice goes well with my draft style, and I used it to find McGahee, J-mail, and a few other draft day steals.
    I really appreciate the insightful mid season articles, such as Beast or Bust, and the waiver wire advice.
    12 team leagues: 1st and 2nd
    10 team league: 3rd
    Next year I’m using some of my winnings to buy a Beast Dome package!
    Thanks Munt.

  10. Just finished my 12 man league… 1st place! The team I drafted was very weak but over the course of the season, thanks to Munt’s advice, I was able to pick up fantastic players off of waivers. Cobb and Blackmon just helped me win the Championships but it was pickups on Reece, Gibson, Myers, and even Skelton (in week 9 where he put up his only double digit showing of the season) that took me to the playoffs. That Skelton pickup scared the crap out of me be you were right about GB’s defense. Hell, you’ve been right almost the whole season. Thanks Munt!

  11. Beastdome regular since the Madden Arena era. Overall, the consistency of advice is what keeps me coming back and Muntra’s unique insight has led me to:

    My 1st 8 man non-ppr league championship
    My 1st playoff keeper championship

    A 3rd place reg season and 3rd place playoff finish (narrowly missed winning it all)
    A 1st place reg season and 4th place playoff finish (laid a semi-final egg)
    My 1st 10 man non-ppr league championship

    Thanks a bunch Muntra, looking forward to your keeper league playoff picks. Let’s keep the season rollin!

  12. Beast Dome equals Championships!!!!

    What a fantastic year in Fantasy Football thanks to one of the greatest fantasy finds on the internet… Beast Dome, run by Muntradamus a top ten Ranked Fantasy Expert is the only place I go for fantasy advice.

    Playing in a 10 man League leaves very little room for error and it all starts prior to the draft. The pre-draft articles and rankings were right on, not only did they provide me drafting strategies but it gave me a list of players to target. On draft day I came away with the following steals Brandon Marshall (5th round) Reggie Wayne (6th round), Doug Martin, who? (7th round). All my skilled positions ended up with a fantasy ranking top 5 with the exception of Cruz (13th) and Wayne (15th). I used the weekly rankings provided to select my D/ST and K.

    My team end up with the best record (11-6), had 3 loses by a combined total of 13 points, scored only below 90 points 4 times and scored over 100 fantasy points above the next closest team.

    Opting for the VIP #3 services it was like I had a fantasy expert in my corner. (I highly suggest if you want to win next year you do the same.) Muntz provided a weekly evaluation of my Team, weekly players to target off the Waivers and the most important of the services Trade advice!! He saved me many times from giving up on players and who to sell high.

    Beast Dome has turned into one of the great fantasy communities that I looked forward to visiting everyday. The weekly rankings and articles are some of the best on the web and it gives you the chance to discuss and read advice from other fantasy players. (Many thanks go out to the Community for your assistance along the way).

    Muntz…Thank you again for such a Great Season!!! I’m looking forward to continuing the success next year.

  13. Munt is a beast! If there was a fantasy league for fantasy sport players Munt would be on top. I know my stuff, but Munt has a gift! From Joe Flacco exploding to the Rams putting up incredible defensive numbers! The one constant to all you science enthusiast is Muntradamus. Munt has preformed on another level!

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