Beast Dome Testimonial: Fantasy Baseball

Beast Dome Testimonial: Fantasy Baseball



It is #NowOrNever time in Fantasy Baseball, which is the theme for the 2012 Fantasy Baseball Championship run.

“Together We Will Win The Championship.” – BEAST DOME MOTTO


First of all I want to say thank you for coming to me for your fantasy baseball advice when you could go to any other site.  I value every member of the BEAST DOME NATION. and if you read my articles and have not asked for any advice, please do so in the chat/forums/or any strategic articles.


This article will be bumped each week, and you can leave testimonials thanking me for any recent pickups, to advice throughout the season.


Anything and everything is appreciated, and I hope to hear from all of you before the Fantasy Baseball Season is over.


The reason this is being published now instead of the end of the season is so the Fantasy Football people that are joining the site can see what it is to BE PART OF THE BEAST DOME NATION for an entire season.


Thanks again everyone!


– Muntradamus


  1. Thanks for turning me into a clueless fantasy baseball player into someone that can actually compete.. my roster went from looking like a dead last lock to competing for playoff spots in just a few weeks. I enjoyed all the past basketball insight as well and continue to look forward to the football season. Keep up the great work Muntz

  2. Muntradamus is amazing. I don’t know any other way to put it. With the help of, I went from fantasy zero to fantasy hero in one season. I literally had no fantasy experience before basketball 2012. Then I won all 3 of my standard 10 team ESPN competitive leagues! Now in baseball, my teams are ranked 1st, 1st, and 3rd. Munt’s live chat is awesome, you can bounce ideas off many other players. Munt is always here to answer your questions too. He will respond no matter what, 100% of the time. Munt helped me do my baseball drafts live, I was asking who to pick and why. Name any other Fantasy Pros expert who will hold your hand like that! I think there are none. I used my first pick on Ellsbury (huge bust) and my team is still in first place. I highly recommend to amateurs and pros alike. There are daily lineups, beasts of the week, plenty of player focuses and strategy articles. You won’t be disappointed. Munt is a serious expert for football, baseball and basketball – he watches every game – you just can’t get any better than this for a free (or even paid) site. is growing fast and I hope to see you there.

  3. Muntradamus is for real! Every since I started following this site I have consistently been in the money in daily contests. Also, his predictions are almost always right. If he tells you a player is about to go beastmode, chances are he is. I cant wait for football season with muntradamus is my corner, its game over!

  4. I’ve been using for fantasy baseball advice since week 3, and i’ve been in first place ever since. Every player i’ve picked up based on Muntradamus’ daily articles, or advice in the chat room, has pushed me closer to finishing in first(Todd Frazier!). I had no interest in fantasy football due to a lack of knowledge of the sport, but has me confident i would still be able to compete. Thank you Muntradamus!!!

  5. Muntradamus has been a fantasy Guru for me. I had enough with losing on Draftstreet, I decided to try one more time. I followed Muntradamus’s advice and I am now winning money on Draftstreet. I also went from 4th to 1st in my yearly league. Can’t wait for football now this year and use his advice to win my yearly leagues. I hope non of my friends see this or I am busted. I tell them it is all me. Lol Thanks Munts for all your advice.

  6. BEST Fantasy Website by far!!!….Muntradamus’s Daily Ranking and insight has always saved me countless hours of research but it was until I started asking for help that I realized how invaluable the Beast Dome site really is. Muntz is available through the live chat to answer specific questions and will even help evaluate your team. My only complaint is that I didn’t ask earlier. The live chat forum is also a great place to meet and seek advice from other more experience players. Beast Dome has taken my middle of the pack Fantasy Baseball Team and has provided me the information to make a run for the top. I’m looking forward to the Fantasy Football season. The FREE information already provided on Beast Dome and Muntz’s one on one advice is more than I ever received from paying for a draft package from another site. Thanks again for all your help!!!!

  7. I wanted to give Muntradamus a huge shout out. This is my first year playing fantasy baseball and I was absolutely clueless! I discovered BeastDome on the second or third week of the year and it has been a game changer for me and my team. I now visit the site daily to help me with my lineup decisions. Muntz’s advice is dead-on and nine times out of ten published before the other sites. His waiver wire recommendations and player ranking articles are excellent. I can’t thank Muntz enough for his help over this past year. I am currently in first place in my division and looking ahead to the playoffs. It ABSOLUTELY BLOWS ME AWAY how helpful and responsive Muntz is to the BeastDome Nation. The fact that he takes the time to look at your individual team and waiver wire is AMAZING! You can not get that anywhere else. Thanks Muntz!!!

  8. had my best day on draftstreet thanks to munt yesterday. came in with a 75 dollar bankroll and with his knowledge i am now over 200. i won a 2$ pick em gpp for 85 dollars and numerous 5 dollar leagues. Thanks for all great picks yesterday. There is no better at helping you with your daily fantasy lineups then BEASTDOME. thanks again Munt. i will b on here everyday.

  9. Thanks for the help! I won every league that i entered last night with his advice. His blogs and info are by far the best out there. He even helped me out in one of my just for fun espn leagues. I won about 100 bucks last night using the info he provided. I will be coming back. I can use all the NFL help i can get lol. Thanks again MUNT! BEASTDOME POWER lol.

  10. MUNT your site has helped me through out the season’s in my fantasy leagues. Love all the hard work you do for us! You must get no sleep updating the site everyday.Much appricated for the hard work you do thanks again!

  11. Muntradamus has been a fantastic help. With his advice and articles on this site, I went from last place in week 4 to 1st in the last week of the season. Onward to the championship!

  12. I just want to say thanks Muntradamus, you will never know how much you’ve helped me all season long. When I first came to this site, it was just to gather some help and move on. I never knew I would stay around all season. Every week, there was new info for me to use in all 5 of the leagues I played in. Then there were those timeless one on one times when you suggested a player that turned out to be a beast all season long. And even when you didn’t answer my question, your suggestions to others helped me. You know your stuff man, lol. I also want to thank all the members, Beast Dome Nation, namely Blue, who also helped me a lot. And now that my baseball season is or has come to a end, it’s on to Football, and you’ve haven’t missed a beat there either. So, thanks again. I ended the season with 2 Championship teams and 3 – 2nd place teams. In one league I was in first place since week 5 and stayed there all season long. That’s how much you info helped me. Not to many people can go through a season like that, IMO. So, thanks dude, you are the man. May you continue to be successful and I’ll definitely be here soaking up all your wisdom. God Bless you, and thanks again.

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