1. joe, I like Hartline & Rice. DHB has potential but his only catch last week was a 32 yard TD…. that scares me. If you can find better options, the more power to you

  2. I would say Rice and DHB. I like Hartline, but the risk is that Dolphins will run all day long with Bush and Thomas leaving Hartline only couple of catches. Raides will throw a ton vs. Buccaneer and DHB is a good bet to catch a TD as they will try to take Moore out of game.

  3. I would go with Vick who’s playing for his job and going against probably the worst defense in the league. He’s gonna have to pass a ton to keep up with Brees.

  4. Depends on what you want. If you want safe go with Ben, if you want upside go with Vick. Vick might get benched in that game if he plays poorly..

  5. MIA is missing their top 2 corners; and were not that good regardless. They will not take Moore out of this game.

  6. Who should I start at QB?

    Matt Ryan vs. Cowboys

    Josh Freeman vs. @ Raiders

    Thanks again for your insight(s)

  7. d. moore, j. maclin, or t. smith for WR in PPR

    any of the above, or mcgahee for flex spot in PPR

  8. Pick two to SIT! I need three to start…
    Julio Jones, Randall Cobb, Antonio Brown, Denarious Moore, and Mike Williams…

  9. Josh Freeman @ Oak

    Andrew Luck vs Mia

    Freeman is hot. Luck is overdue. Freeman lost Carl Nicks. Luck has been trending down. Gotta go with the hot hand. Nice to have Vjax to go with him.

  10. If Jordy Goes out who are the top 3?


  11. Julio. M. Williams could be in a shootout in Oakland, and he’s been hot. I also like Brown. NYG pass D can give up points, and you hsve to throw to keep up with Eli.

  12. to anyone who reads this, i need suggestions for my week 9 line up. i’m in a 14 team PPR league.

    a couple things to note:

    * Cecil Shorts is still available in free agency. Should I pick him up and let go of Donnie Avery, Ben Tate or anyone else?

    * Am I better off starting Larod Stephens-Howling or possibly Cecil Shorts in my flex spot?

    ***** STARTERS *****
    QB: Cam Newton
    RB: Rashad Jennings
    RB: Doug Martin
    WR: Jeremy Maclin
    WR: Titus Young
    TE: Jason Witten
    FLEX: Josh Gordon
    DEF: i missed out on starting Kansas City. only defenses remaining in free agency are Dallas, Tenn, New Orleans, and Indianapolis…

    ***** BENCH *****
    QB: Ryan Fitzpatrick
    RB: Larod Stephens-Howling
    RB: Ben Tate
    RB: Maurice Jones-Drew (out due to injury)
    WR: Donnie Avery
    WR: Brandon Lloyd (bye week)
    DEF: SF 49ers (bye week)

  13. Cobb,Brown,and Williams.Moore will draw the double coverage.cobbs catch percentage is ridiculous based on his targets.Williams benefits from v-jax double coverage.#2reciever usually does well against the g-men and coupled with how many drops Wallace has of late,I think big Ben gets brown the ball More.

  14. @Gridiron Samurai, You don’t have to get cute in there. Just start Ryan. Never bench our stud player because of matchup. So keep Ryan in your starting lineup.

    @eljoven, That’s a tough one. If it’s a PPR league, I would start Nicks for sure. If Dwyer get’s the start then it would be him, but if he is limited or out, then I would start Stewart over Nicks.

    @ jt1432, I would start J.Jones, R.Cobb and D.Moore.

    @bcalum06, I don’t know who did you start. P.Rivers got 15p tonight. I think that Romo will get couple of points more. He is ranked higher in my week 9 rankings.

  15. Thanks Finn… Those are the three I was gonna start as well I just wanted to get a second opinion!

  16. Now I need 2 RB’s out of these
    Reggie Bush
    Rashad Jennings
    Darren Sproles
    Fred Jackson
    Donald Brown

  17. I don’t know if you can bench Ryan, He’s always going to put the ball up. Plus Oak held Matt Ryan to his worse game of the year in week 6, So wouldn’t be surprised if they do the same with Freeman.

  18. Go with Brian Hartline.

    The Dolphins will look to get him back on track against a Colts Secondary that can be beat.

  19. It looks like you have fitzpatrick ranked #5 on fantasypros but here you have him ranked #25. I have Brady on bye and I need to pick up a replacement. Available QBs are fitzpatrick (i have him now) wilson, hasselbeck, gabbert, and skelton. Stay with fitzpatrick or pick up a FA?

  20. FantasyPros rankings have not been edited besides Thursday Night Players. Skelton is probably the best choice.

  21. Trade Roddy White for Calvin Johnson??
    i’m stacked at WR: so I never actually start Roddy cause of his inconsitency – however he has an unbelievable schedule – 2xNewOrleans and 1xTampa – my WR’s:
    1. Demarious Thomas
    2. Percy Harvin
    3. Reggie Wayne
    4. Roddy White

  22. I would go with bush and jennings. Bush is due for a breakout game and goes up against a less than average colts D. With sproles out with a broken hand, i’d take jennings>jackson due to oppurtunities and opposition.

  23. McFadden, McGahee, Mike Wallace for flex.

    which of these fine Irishmen should I roll with?

  24. I’m in standard league
    N I’m stumped who to start at wr i need to pick 3 out of:

    Eric decker
    Hakeem nicks
    Roddy white
    Dez Bryant
    Jeremy maclin

    Desean jackson is available in free agency

  25. DHB! Moore will get double coverage which gives DHB all the chance in the world to find the endzone.

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