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  1. 12 team league 5×5.

    I have three Stud Pitchers in Dickey, Verlander and Scherzer all with the ability to tally over 200 strikeouts by year’s end. I have a few other arms in the stable that I spot start but mainly, I have strong Relief guys (6)that will tally 75+ strikeouts a piece hopefully.

    I figure that streaming the good matchups with my other two pitchers along with the K’s from my RPs, I should be able to approach 1200 Ks for the year which should put me top 3. This strategy, although never tried by myself, seems like it could work. I might need one of those guys to win 20 and the other two to notch 17 to contend in Wins, but I’m not worried about that.

    My question is, this pitching strategy should allow me to contend in 4 out of the 5 pitching categories with a real shot at finishing first in all of them but will not afford me the opportunity to have extra hitters lying around. Should I move some arms for another hitter? I have HanRam on the DL and have been offered Cliff Lee for him which will open up the chance to trade some RPs for another batter and push me into contention in possibly winning all of the pitching categories.

    Is my strategy worth it? Can it be successful? What flaws do you see that I need to address?

  2. Solidify a team that will get you in the top 6 in batting stats. Those extra bats on days when you don’t have a full lineup hardly make up for anything.

    If you’re dominant in 4/5 pitching categories, focus on either speedy guys who hit well and get 3/5 in batting with SB, Runs, and AVG. Or get a well rounded team that’ll put you in the top 6 on everything. Keep your pitchers. Watch your inning limit.

  3. In a points league here. Right now I have Pierzynski, but Arencibia is out there on the wire. I am really tempted to drop AJ for JP, although I pause to remember how streaky JP when it comes to mashing HRs while AJ is a better overall hitter than him. Thoughts? Thanks!

  4. JH..Great reply….in a 12 man league there might not be avail bats to make up for the pitching you can be losing. With HanRam being avail soon he should give you flexibility with your infield since he is avail at both 3rd and SS.

  5. Hi Mike,

    I think that your strategy could work. It’s hard to say if you need more batters without seeing what your lineup is already. Can you post it? Or a link to imgr or something with a screenshot?

  6. I use the exact same strategy of loading up on RPs and went 9-1 week 1. I would also consider streaming a batter or two depending on the matchups. For example, last week streaming Pena got me back to back HRs against guys he had hit well against in the past. This week I am weak at 3B so I spot started Valbuena last night and he got me a HR plus an extra RBI (.333). Lefty cubs have good matchups this week. Anyway, you get the idea as long as you have enough acquisitions.

  7. Thanks guys, here is the batting portion of the squad. Its a 6 man keeper league which explains the depth

    UTIL-Weeks/Ike Davis/Marte/Bourjos

    *Although the season is young, offensively, I am top three in all hitting categories except AVG but I’m sure that will change as VMart and Rizzo right the ship.

    I have been offered Uggla for Marte since this original post. Wondering if I should pull the trigger.

  8. Thanks guys, here is the batting portion of the squad. Its a 6 man keeper league which explains the depth

    UTIL-Weeks/Ike Davis/Marte/Bourjos

    *Although the season is young, offensively, I am top three in all hitting categories except AVG but I’m sure that will change as VMart and Rizzo right the ship.

    I have been offered Uggla for Marte since this original post. Wondering if I should pull the trigger.

  9. Eric….

    I would say that AJ will finish the year with a higher batting average than JP but probably won’t match the Home Run totals.

    You are correct in that JP is streaky but that Jay’s lineup is potent and lets face it, Lawrie and Bautista still haven’t warmed up and with Reyes out, who knows if it will ever mesh the way we envisioned in the offseason. Nevertheless, JP is the hot-hand.

    How many teams are in your league? In a 10 or 12 team league, I don’t see the issue in dropping AJ as he will probably be still on the wire when JP cools off. Also, guys like Gattis and Buck probably won’t keep up their production levels either and the owner that jumped ship to acquire those guys will probably be looking for answers soon to.

    Toronto let their stellar catching prospect go in a trade to the Mets which means that JP isn’t looking over his shoulder now. I think he is out to prove they made the right choice.

    Final Stats Prediction:


  10. Thanks Luke,

    Great advice. I sometimes sit the poor match up split with Rizzo and pick up a replacement to fill in.

    Actually, I grabbed Matt Adams last night as Rizzo was up against a Lefty and then he tweaked his oblique in pre-game warm-ups. I ended up starting Rizzo anyway 0 for 6, but my intention was there.

    I think having a rotating match-up player that can be dropped to fill in offensively or if the opportunity exists to exploit a poor offensive team and take a once-in-a while gamble on a spot start can pay dividends in the long run.

  11. I think you give Miller one more start against a lowly Pittsburgh offensive at home and let his value go even higher and then see if you still feel comfortable moving him. Saves can be found. Already this year I have picked up Henderson and Mujica on speculation and within a week, they were tallying saves. Miller, in my eyes, is more valuable than Jannsen and I think if you have to move him, you can get a better name after Sunday’s start at home.

  12. Mike,
    Before the DL bug got a hold of my Team I had two spots that I liked to Rotate. If I needed a position player I tried to grab one with the better matchup. If i could take advantage the Beast Daily Pitching Rankings I grabbed a starter for the evening. Days with neither I like to grab either Storen or Robertson, somebody similar off the Waiver for ERA and Whip, possible win and maybe a couple K’s.

  13. I think I prefer Uggla to Utley, long term, but then you have two 2b’s, and you don’t need a 3rd 2b for util. Your team also has plenty of speed. I might take the trade, if only because it may be easier to flip a 2b than an OF in another trade, if your league is active. I think your team is a little light on power. If you take the Marte trade, try and flip a 2-for-1 to get a good power hitter to fill your Util slot while Ike is slumping a bit.

  14. Dave…
    Absolutely well done! The good thing about most leagues too is that if a player is only owned for a short time (one day), he doesn’t need a waiver claim to pick back up two days later if you’d like to drop and pick up again. Although middle relievers don’t always get the glory, a low ERA/WHIP and strong K/9 ratio with a few vulture wins can really make a difference. I currently roster 3 setup men and who knows, perhaps a save now and again too. I’m pretty high on Al Alburquerque this year and although he walks too many, I’m hoping he gets it figured out soon as his K rate is sick.

  15. I’d rather have Cliff Lee. You don’t know how the injury might effect HanRam going forward. Maybe lost velocity in his swing or loss of power. Cliff is a monster and you can always trade him or another pitcher for a bat if a need arises. They are both keeper material.

  16. Elite Starter Avail of Waiver today….
    Drop Hanrahan?

    Other Closers on the Team include: Bailey, Rivera, Street, Wilhelmsen, League.

    Valverde claimed quick off the waiver last night so if Boston decides to go back to Hanrahan options might be limited.

  17. Who’s the “Elite Starter” available?

    How many teams in your league and how many pitchers can you start? You seem to have a lot of good closers so dropping one such as Hanrahan should be pretty safe.

  18. Should I still be trying to trade Arencibia? He just hit his 8th homer of the year. I need runs, RBI, SB, and saves. Here’s the trade idea I have in mind.

    Give up:
    J.P. Arencibia
    Marwin Gonzalez
    Tim Hudson

    Victor Martinez
    Jean Segura
    Tom Wilhelmsen

  19. Brendan thanks…A little Beast told me to go for it. Morrow was the Starter. Pitchers are unlimited, H2H, max 7 acquisitions per match-up, (week). After games started grabbed DeLeRosa for tomorrow’s match up. (Stream of the week). Once games start waivers are locked and you can claim for the next day. Only 10 man league so you can find pitching match ups throughout week.

  20. Brendan…. I like the trade I would say go for it…. I grabbed Segura when Reyes went down. He’s great for AVG and SB. Muntz was high on Martinez getting it together. Wilhelmen has been getting me a lot of saves and moved up quite high on the new RP rankings. I would prefer a decent RP over a SP than can be replaced with spot starts.

  21. Brendan…. I like the trade I would say go for it…. I grabbed Segura when Reyes went down. He’s great for AVG and SB. Muntz was high on Martinez getting it together. Wilhelmen has been getting me a lot of saves and moved up quite high on the new RP rankings. I would prefer a decent RP over a SP than can be replaced with spot starts.

  22. If you can get it done, go for it. Victor may not hit as many HRs but will be ahead in RBIs and Batting Average by seasons end. Look at it this way. You already have accumulated the stats that JP has put up, now from this point forward, who do you think outperforms the other? If your answer is VMart, go for it. I just don’t see JP hitting 40HRs this year or even 30 for that matter. As for the other two players involved, if you were to do a two for two trade, Segura/Wilhelmsen side wins everyday and twice on Sunday. If you need Saves and SBs, I think its a no-brainer.

  23. Justin Grimm (Tex) at Minn tomorrow – worth a Shot?

    Interesting Day….R.A. Dicky showed up on the waiver this morning for a Saturday claim, I’m last in waiver order but might be able to pull it off.

  24. Alright, heres a trade question…

    ESPN 12 team H2H Points League w/ some bonuses for things like perfect game, grand slam, cycle, etc.

    My lineup is
    C Rosario
    1B Trumbo
    2B Kinsler
    3B M Cabrera
    SS E Cabrera
    OF Ellsbury
    OF Cruz
    OF Cuddyer
    UTIL Longoria
    BE Ortiz
    BE D Jennings
    DL Aybar

    P G Gonzalez
    P I Kennedy
    P Medlen
    P Cingrani
    P Quintana
    RP Wilhelmsen
    RP J Henderson
    BE Beckett

    I’ve been trying to trade Longoria for another SP because I want to get Ortiz in the lineup now that he’s off the DL and I feel like I’d get the most out of trading Longoria over another player (besides Miggy obviously). Do you guys have any suggestions, possible players to target, other players to trade.

    Also if anyone has any other random suggestions for my team feel free to post it.

  25. I like both Andrew Cashner (SD) vs. SF or Dillon Gee (NYM) vs. PHI better than Grimm.

  26. 8 Team Weekly Points H2H League

    1b- A. Gon. 2b- Utley
    3b- M. Cabrera SS- Desmond
    1b/3b- Machado 2b/SS- D. Murphy
    OF- Bautista OF- Ellsbury
    OF- Trumbo OF- Cruz
    OF- T. Hunter UT- Berkman

    SP- Felix, Sabathia, Harvey, Peavy, Kuroda, Pettitte, Latos, Ogando, J. Garcia, and Kuroda

    RP- Don’t want any. This league is set up for a lot of streaming pitchers (daily add/drops are heavy for those teams who have weak SP)

    So my question is this. Got offered a trade:
    Kemp, Hellickson, Hudson, and Homer Bailey for
    Bautista, Gallardo, and Latos.

    Thoughts? He has Chris Sale, Id like to get in there in place of one of his pitchers.

  27. I say first look over your league rosters and see who is weak at 3b or Corner Infielders and see who you’d deal Longoria for. Perhaps a Latos, or a struggling ace’ whose impatient owner wants to get rid of (Hamels, Cain, etc.?)

  28. Alex….
    I went through this same problem but from the other side just yesterday as Longoria was offered to me for Scherzer/Wilhelmsen/Jansen for Longoria/Benoit. I told him no as I wanted to hold onto Jansen and wanted no part of Benoit.

    Anyway, I think you need to shoot for a top team that has a young starter off to a hot start…(ie Harvey/Cobb/Miller/Bailey/Minor) and send an email that you are ‘interested in his top guy but are hesitant because pitchers like -fill in the name of his hot start player- can be found more often than a stud thirdbase hitter who has 4 dongs in last ten.

    Then make your proposal and include a mid-level or ‘closer in waiting’ guy as a two for one. Double bonus if its Jansen. I think he vaults up to top 5 status again as soon as next week and that Dodger rotation will afford plenty of save opportunities. Throw in
    Beckett into the pot as he is the guy you’d probably drop.

    Trade targets: Kershaw/Verlander/Hernandez/Price/Strasburg.

    Think of it this way, the trade actually looks like….Ortiz/King Felix/Jansen for Longoria/Beckett.

    You don’t need to win the trade brother, you need to win your league!

  29. If you are looking for someone to stream for Saturday, Felix Doubront and Shaun Marcum are great picks.

  30. I grabbed Doubront already, thanks… I was reluctant to give up Grimm, lol, he had a great game, shame I also had Maholm pitching last night.

  31. Grimm and Cashner had good games, Gee didn’t (partly because the Mets’ batters only got three hits!). I guess that’s what you get with streaming, it’s unpredictable sometimes. Good luck with Doubront. With all the teams playing today, Boston is the most heavily favorite team to get the win in terms of betting odds. Should be a nice game for Doubront.

  32. Kemp and Gallardo are top players who started the season struggling but have had nice showings recently. As an owner of Kemp, I really like his improvements since the early part of the season. He looks like he is starting to feel more comfortable. He just has to have the confidence to not worry about re-injuring his shoulder. If you traded Gallardo for Kemp, that would probably be good.

    Hudson might not even be rosterable at this point. I just dropped him. He might be good for a few matchups, but that’s about it. I’m not sure if Hellickson or Bailey are anything special either. You’re also giving up Latos, who is pretty good. You would be giving up three must-start players for one must-start/MVP caliber player and junk. Try trading Gallardo and Hunter for Kemp and someone else. Chris Sale might be aiming a bit too high, though. You could through in another pitcher if you like streaming to make it a 3 for 2 trade.

  33. I’m always unsure about the Phils, they can either hit or forget how, reason why i shied away from Gee. Minn has been struggling at the plate so i went with Grimm. It’s always hit or miss which keeps it interesting. Good luck today!

  34. Just to keep it interesting…..

    Just read Hanrahan is supposed to get his job back Tuesday…. I’m guessing they will share for a bit?? I wouldn’t get rid of Bailey, but if you have an open spot.

  35. Joel will not only get the job. But he should be able to pitch well enough to keep it.

    Let us not forget that Hanrahan was a Top 10 Closer the last two seasons with the Pirates. Expect Joel to remain a candidate for 30+ Saves.

    Andrew Bailey on the other hand is now looking more like a 15+ Save closer.

    Hanrahan should be owned in 93% of leagues. Bailey should be about 56% but on the decline with every Hanrahan perfect appearance.

  36. Ed I rather own Bautista than Kemp at this point with the way the season is shaping up.

    Jose will hit his 50 HRs, Kemp looks to be an up and down roller coaster, but more likely a 1st-2nd round type rollercoaster.

    Hellickson and Hudson are two good pitchers. But both Hudson and Bailey are replaceable with streaming pitcher spots.

    Gallardo vs. Hellcikson, I like Gallardo simply because the Brewers offense is going to be amazing when Hart and A-Ram return. You can stay still.

  37. If R.A. Dickey was waived in any league, he has to be picked up.

    It is a long season and a pitcher like Dickey will not keep himself down all year. Same with David Price, and same with Matt Cain. Dickey is as good as both of those pitchers if not better.

    See if you can grab him, if not, try a trade since the owner will not value him too much.

  38. J.P. is a better bet to get 25+ Home Runs this season, but A.J. is a better bet to hit around .270 with 18-22 Home Runs. When you put the two together, one player in batting average will not make a difference.

    Although J.P. is streaky, his upside is better than the ageing A.J.

  39. Just wanted to let you all know that if you are in need of runs or SB, grab Nate McLouth while you can. He’s the lead-off hitter for a hot Baltimore lineup. Just in the past week he has gotten me a whopping 11 runs and 4 stolen bases, while also getting 6 RBIs and batting .500

    The RBIs probably won’t continue, but the runs and SB probably will.

  40. Tagged and bagged Dickey, I was concerned being last on waivers, but everybody else shied away.

  41. I had to drop Maholm to pick up Hanrahan, is Bailey droppable?? I figured will need to run with both for awhile until the dusts settles, and to make sure Hanrahan is heeled….thanks

  42. 12 team H2H league:

    C: Rosario (Arencibia)
    1B: Pujols (Garrett Jones)
    2B: Kyle Seager
    3B: Pedro Alvarez (until Amaris Ramirez returns)
    SS: Rollins (Alexei Rami)
    OF: Ellsbury, D. Jennings, C-Gomez, Cespedes (Garrett Jones)

    SP: Kershaw, Cliff Lee, Iwakuma, AJ Burnett, L. Lynn, Shelby Miller, CJ Wilson, Josh Beckett
    RP: Kimbrel, Valverde

    This offer was thrown out to me:

    I give: OF Ellsbury,SP Burnett, SP Beckett
    I get: 1B/OF A-Gonz, RP Perez, SP Shields

    This seems like a no-brainer, since Jennings and Gomez SHOULD be able to keep me competitive in R/SB category, but should I move Ellsbury for this package?

  43. It’s looking like the brass want to give the reins back to Hanrahan, according to the Globe. I’d go ahead and hold both though for now, to be cautious, at least until there is a clear-cut victor. You don’t want to be the guy who gave away 30+ saves for nothing.

  44. I would not make this trade.

    Ellsbury is way better than Adrian Gonzalez. Much harder to find 20 HR/40+ SB potential, than 30 HR/100 RBI potential at the 1B position. Especially since you already have Pujols. His power in the OF does not make him very unique.

    Chris Perez will lose his job to Pestano at one point in his Indian career, Pestano is too good to be a setup man forever.

    Sure giving up Beckett is easy to do for Shields, but Shields is having problems of his own this season with the Royals. KC always seems to be the underdog, and in high scoring affairs. I would not make the trade based off of that, giving up Ellsbury is too huge of a loss.

    No Deal.

  45. Hey Brendan, this is Rev, having login problems today, anyway

    Great advice Brendan, I grabbed him in 3 leagues after reading about him on another site. Your post just confirmed the pick up for me. Hope he keeps on producing, want to steal the steal category in all my leagues as not to many people pay any attention to it.

  46. Kevin Gregg picked up his 3rd save for the Cubs…could be worth a shot for those looking for RP’s. His last 2 save were against MIA, with one against CIN. Not sure when Fuji will be off the DL.

  47. Nice find, a guy in our league in need of SB already claimed. Sequra has been doing the same for me.

  48. I tried to claim Buchholz for one of my many OF… the

    Counter: (my) Matt Harvey = Buchholz

    The new sensation for the Vet that found his groove with his old pitching coach back as manager.

    The Boston fan in me says most definitely but it could be clouding my judgement.

  49. think my counter will be….

    Harvey / A-Gon = Buchholz / Strausberg

    He’s has pitching….I have Hitting.

    My team has Trumbo, Cuddyer and Frazier on the Bench that could play first instead of A-Gon

    My starters only include Harvey, Lohse, Dickey


  50. Who is the better OF to own for the rest of the year, Torii Hunter or Jason Kubel? Im in a 8 team points H2H league. Thanks!

  51. A-Gon tradeable??

    Thinking of countering with

    Harvey / A-Gon = Buchholz / Strausberg

    I have Trumbo, Frazier, Cuddyer on Bench to take over at First.

    my SP only include: Dickey, Loshe, Harvey

  52. Dave…

    Giving up too much. Look at it this way….giving up 3rd and 11th rd value for 2nd and 17th a month ago. In a redraft today, I bet Harvey moves upto 5rd value in 12 team mixed. See if you can get a Matt Cain type straight up for A-gon. I think that move if the other team could use some power and is frustrated, works good for you. Harvey is this years pitching version of Mike Trout ’12….hold on unless the move knocks your socks off.

  53. Have been dealing hard this year….12 team mixed 5×5…Keep 6 Players

    3B-Lawrie and HanRam
    UTIL-Uggla/Ike Davis/McLouth/Arenado


    Can probably get Matt Cain for Hanley? Should I go for it. I have Lawrie on the right track. Hanley could be up or down and Arenado looks safe to supply a .260/60/17/65/5 line for the season.

    Buy Cain for Hanley? or Stay put..Currently right behind the leader but solid in all stats except AVG. Castro/Rizzo and VMart’s slow start should eleviate that.

  54. Mike…..
    Wow…just about to hit send on the counter, I was thinking maybe these RedSox fans about the house were clouding my judgement…lol. Harvey was a after draft pick-up that somebody dropped. Aero25 talked me into him over Hammels in the Chat area.

    The other offer I have is my A-Gon for his Price. Thinking my counter would be my A-Gon and Street for Price and Romo.

    the M. Cain owner doesn’t trade.

  55. Mike….sorry I don’t know enough about Lawrie, Muntz had him ranked about the same with HanRam at 3B. Hanley had a nice game back, looked good. He was batting 5th behind Kemp and A-Gon which should lead to a lot of RBI’s, if the move to 2nd instead of Punto I can see him scoring a lot of Runs.

    I like the Swag article on Cain, would like to take advantage of his slow start but that owner won’t trade.

    Sorry not much more help…

  56. MIke….sorry don’t know that much about the year rankings Muntz had him about the same as HamRam.

    Hanley had a nice game back last night. They had him batting 5th behind Kemp and A-Gon, which should lead to a lot of RBI’s. If they move him to 2nd instead of Punto he should lead to a lot of R’s.

    I liked the Swag article on Cain, would like to take advantage of his slow start, but that owner doesn’t respond to trades.

    Sorry not much help…

  57. Hi Mike, If you can flip Hanley for Cain, I’d do it. I’m sure he’ll turn it around. It is a risk though, as Lawrie is injury prone.

  58. Dave…

    Well my other option is I’ve been offered Ian Kennedy for Mujica…..

    I have Motte on the DL, and I always think I can swoop up saves and then I could hold onto Hanley just in case….quite the dilemma.

  59. I would keep Mujica… Motte and Jansen might be awhile before they take over closing, Hanrahan is “now” the 8th inning guy, Wilhem was a great pick up. Bell i’m not familiar with.

    Depending on how u match up u might need Mujica.

    5×5? compete weekly?

    We go head to head each week, i’m deep in batting and very week in pitching I rely on S, ERA, WHIP. The guy i’m going against this week is all about RP.

    I like Ramirez, esp since he can play 3B or SS. He batted second last night with A-Gon and Kemp behind him. Would Lawrie be an option to trade? As mentioned I don’t know enough about Lawrie to know which one would be better to hold onto.

  60. I like targeting the ‘speculative saves’ guys as you never know. I have picked up and dealt Henderson this year with Harvey, I turned them into Verlander. We do a 5×5 roto so long term stats are the play.
    I have Jansen/Heath Bell and Hernandez waiting in the wings now. Next on the chopping block, is probably Rodney….he looks like his old self.

  61. Hi Mike, if you haven’t noticed yet (I think it happened today (5/5)) but Motte is out for Tommy John surgery. If this isn’t a keeper league, you can safely dump him without worry.

  62. I don’t know if any of them are still available, but Ryan Madson and, to a lesser extent, Sergio Santos would be better DL stashes (assuming you have a DL slot). I was able to swap Motte for Madson in my P DL slot.

  63. I don’t know if they’re still available, but swapping out Motte for Madson, Santos, or Fujikawa wouldn’t be a bad idea (assuming you have a DL slot). I was able to dump Motte off my DL for Madson.

  64. BD Nation,

    Been offered Price for CC. Im torn, as CC is pitching well on a surprising NY team with 4 wins, but Price is younger and is a top 10 pitcher when he gets his act together. My gut says Yes. Would you pull the trigger and do the deal?

  65. I turned down his offer, but he’s still stuck on trying to get Ellsbury off me. He’s offering Gio Gonzalez and Adrian Gonzalez for Ellsbury alone.

    His other OFs are Austin Jackson, Parra, Marte, Pagan, and Todd Frazier.

    He has Cano, but that’s a no-go.

  66. I would take Gio Gonzalez and Adrian Gonzalez for Ellsbury.

    Gio is a Top 10 Pitcher. Adrian will be a BEAST when his bat gets going. Although Ellsbury is a very dynamic player, you are getting two superstars for the price of one.

  67. Keep C.C.

    The Yankees offense is going to be amazing when they get healthy. Which means automatic wins for C.C.

    Price has yet to find his groove, which is a huge problem at this stage of the season.

  68. 14 team h2h points league….

    Just traded:

    Yuniesky B. & Harvey for D. Wright & CJ Wilson

    Have to believe I’m the big winner there… right?

  69. Forgot to mention, this is a weekly league.

    I picked up Gyorko for 2B (where I had Yuniesky), have Headley at 3B, so Wright will serve as a UTIL.


  70. Yuniesky will likely be short of 20 HRs this season. Harvey is a Top 20 Pitcher.

    In return you got a Top 3 3rd Base Option and a solid starting pitcher who will be better when the Angels give him more run support.

    I would not say it is a fair trade, but I would say you have the edge in the deal.

    Betancourt will likely not be starting more than a game or two a week once Corey Hart returns.

  71. Hey Nation,

    playing in 6 leagues, needed something to occupy my mind and didn’t want to turn down any invitations, hence the six. Going to need your input on what to do, current in 4th place in 2, espn leagues, I think I can handle them right now, one I’m just plain old out of it right now. Don’t know what happened there, autopick really screwed me up pitching wise. this is what I got: Russell Martin, yuniesky, rickie weeks, longo, asdrubal, zobrist, cain, j-up, marte, gattis, segura, craig, aramis, stanton, samardjda, vogelsong, perez, romo, verde, cingrani, hammel, lincecum,loshe, and pettite. Been streaming players, especially pitchers.mainly 2 starts. I think my bats will be fine, what do I do pitching wise? trade yuni and ??? for sp, I NEED a pitcher to balance out my team. What say you nation? Will post another team after I get this one together.

  72. So in my 12 man league…Prado and Berkman hit waivers. I was wondering who I should snag (i doubt i’ll get both). Here’s my current lineup:

    ss-Asdrubal Cabrera
    OF-D. Jennings

  73. Hi Rev, Why don’t you try and package one of your second basemen with yuniesky for a mid-level SP that’s currently down with high upside, like Morrow? Another route to think of would be to package Cingrani, who I know is doing well, but will be limited on innings, even if he doesn’t get sent back down when Cueto returns.

  74. Hi Deadhardy, is this a 2-catcher league? If not, I would consider picking a catcher for ROS (probably Rosario) and drop JP for Berkman. I’m not sure you need Prado, where Berkman can help you balance out some of your streaky bats.

  75. Im looking to pick up Koji Uehara and Chris Tillman and would have to drop two of the following players:

    Rickie Weeks
    Ryan Madson
    Ian Kennedy

    Rickie Weeks has been doing terrible and I have Yuniesky Betancourt playing 2B right now. I think I’m going to be good for steals, since I picked up Nate McLouth and Michael Saunders to go along with Matt Kemp, Erick Aybar, and Matt Kemp. Betancourt would be my only 2B if I dropped Weeks but I have plenty of trade fodder.

    I’m in need of saves but I don’t know when Madson will even get a save opportunity and it’s possible I could pick him back up if Uehara doesn’t work out.

    Ian Kennedy has had bad games in pretty much every game this year and I’m not sure I have confidence in him.

  76. It isn’t a 2-catcher league. I was hoping to use Arencibia as trade bait…but i’m new to the league and these guys have no trade etiquette (i’ve made 5 trade offers and no one has bothered to accept or deny). Berkman was my choice so I think i’ll take your advice.

  77. Aero,

    I’ll do as soon as I find out who to couple him with and who to target. Got to check out Munz’s rankings and see who he considers 2nd tier. I would be selling/trading on Yuni strength alone most teams if not all in this league have decent 2nd basemen. Was thinking of targeting another injured player that would be coming off the D/L soon, early June. Could end up with a decent SP, thoughts?

  78. Deadhardy,

    it’s like that in a lot of leagues. Been in several where there wasn’t a single trade. Shoot, I posted stuff everyday and didn’t get a response. So, I concentrated on beating them all and won that league. And they still had nothing to to say, lol. I guess beating them said it all. Anyway, all you can do is offer. You could also put them of the trading block, with someone you don’t intend of trading and see if you get anything. And I agree with Aero, Berkman can be useful.

  79. Brendan,

    Uehara, would be a good pick up but I thought they were considering Tazawa too. Who else is available?

  80. Aero great advice all-around.

    Yuniesky has to go on your team, package him with any of your starters and upgrade that SP. All of your pitchers are Boom or Bust and that will leave you on the short-end more often than not. I will be posting Rankings soon.

  81. Last comment by Ferral had Tazawa taking over 9th inning, might be a committee thing. I ended up dropping Ian Kennedy to go with Tillman. My era and whip couldn’t wait for Kennedy to work it out.

    Madson should be throwing here shortly but might be a while before he takes over 9th inning. I would keep for 2nd half of the season.

    Weeks, hit or miss? somebody in your league wiling to take a chance on him with a extra RP?

  82. The Hanrahan Shuffle….(from the Chat side, can’t access)

    In a 14 man league I think you have no choice but to wait him out. Looks like he and Bailey will be swapping out Closing and DL for most of the season.

    I have Bailey, dropped Hanrahan to stream SP and RP’s. Picked up Tazawa for s spot start this evening.

    My league is only 10 Teams, playing the game of chicken and will try to claim Hanrahan back before his DL stint is over.

  83. Working with the BEAST Master and taking the advantage of all trades offers over the last several fantasy Baseball and Football seasons the league is suspicious of all trade offers I make.

    I kept Rosario over JP, having to drop JP since I couldn’t work out a trade.

    Prado is good for AVG but doesn’t seem to help out much in other categories. Berkman playing for a good Texas team should give you more R and RBI opportunities.

  84. DH…
    I ended up dropping JP because I couldn’t work out a trade in my league.

    (Working with the BEAST Master, I’ve been taking advantage of the other owners the past several years, now they’re suspicious of all trade offers.)

    Berkman, playing for a good Texas Team should give you more R and RBI opportunities. Prado seems to help with AVG, but not much of anything else.

  85. Relief Pitchers….

    Drop Brandon League for Heath Bell???

    With Putz going down for awhile and League barely hanging on to the closer role, time for a switch??

    I just acquired Jansen in a trade so waiting for him to step in for League. The HR he gave up yesterday might push it back a little.


  86. Any of these players worth picking up? My only two players I’m able to drop at this time are Rickie Weeks and Ian Kennedy. I need help with RBIs and Runs. I also have Michael Saunders and Travis Hafner I could drop if I HAD to, but they are doing pretty good right now.

    Wandy Rodriguez
    Jonathan Pettibone
    Adam LaRoche
    Matt Joyce
    Ryan Vogelsong
    Eric Hosmer
    Kelly Johnson
    Vernon Wells

  87. I like Kelly Johnson, he was suggested to me by the Beast Man to cover my SS/2B position after my Utley trade. He’s batting second for Tampa, Jennings ahead of him in the order with Zobrist and Longoria following. He’s hitting well, gets SB and in my league avail for both 2B and OF.

    For me he’s short term, maybe, covering for HanRam while he’s on the DL.

    Who to drop?? I think both of us have been kicking around Kennedy for awhile. He’s currently on our waiver and I”m thinking about grabbing him with my open spot against the Phils.

    What kind of League do you have? If you drop Weeks will somebody grab quickly because of his rankings or will he sit because of his current production? In our League they usually sit. Weeks is streaky and i’m guessing like last year will pick it up in the second half. I like MIL, they currently got Aramis back and Hart is around the corner. I”d be reluctant to drop him.

    Can your SP afford to drop Kennedy?

    I’m hoping Kennedy is about to turn it around, but it could be wishful thinking.

  88. Is a Kenley Jansen as a closer worth more than Brett Lawrie? I’ve been offered the trade with Mujica/Bell as my only two closers but have Madson waiting in the wings. Also, I speculate that Rodney is less than a month away from losing his job too as I have Peralta on my bench.
    Pull the trigger and buy low on Lawrie or does this kill me? I have Arenado at third now with the injured Hanley out.

  89. quick note: found out today…

    some days depending on the matchup John Madden likes to sit Kelly Johnson.

    I still like him but in a few weeks I will have HanRam to cover that spot when he’s back from the DL.

  90. A little Beast once told me that RP’s will be available all season on the waiver. (I’m in a 10 man league.) I used Street as a give away in a recent trade. RP’s can help with ERA and WHIP but mostly for S’s.

    Can your Team take the hit in the one Category?

    If I remember correctly Muntz had Lawrie ranked pretty high.

  91. oh…forgot. Madson is on our wire so i’ve been watching him. looks like he’s starting to throw, he’s headed for extended spring/minor league ball, and isn’t guaranteed to close when he gets the call up, but word is won’t take long for him to take over.

    I haven’t been following Rodney, Peralta is on our wire so I’ll start to keep an eye. Thanks for the head up

  92. Might want to wait to here from a beast, but I would. Working with Muntz a few weeks back I tried to claim Pujols for C.Davis and a closer, other owner wouldn’t pull trigger.

    Don’t think his legs got worse.

    Salty was a week 6 add in deeper leagues. U do have to watch Ross takes a turn every 5.

  93. guess it never posted yesterday….

    Assuming your getting Pujols? I would take that trade.

    A few weeks ago I was working with Muntz to try and claim Pujols with C.Davis and a RP, after it was brought up in a article on here. The Pujols owner never bit.

    I had concerns about Pujols’s legs at the time, haven’t followed him since but I think he started to turn it on.

    Salty was in the latest add article, must-own for deeper leagues. I like him, if i had a spot i’d pick him up. (10 man league so he’s on waivers). He fits nicely at Fenway and there seems to always be runners on when he’s up to bat. As Muntz mentioned Ross does cover for him every 5th day.

    Last week during one of the games when one of the catcher’s fouled off them, they mentioned Gomes is the 3rd catcher. The sox are content to leave Napoli at 1B, so I don’t think there’s any worry there.

  94. The Jansen/League combo is easily the best combo of 8th INN/9th INN pitchers. The Dodgers are going to be in close games all season, which should lead to plenty of Win/Save nights for both players.

    Heath Bell was beyond horrible last season, hard to see him bouncing back from that.

  95. Hosmer may turn it around.

    Kelly Johnson is a solid 2B option for a cheap 15-20 HRs.

    Vernon Wells has 20-25 HRs written all over him.

    I like Hafner more than those options, while Michael Saunders towers all of them. If you are having 2B problems, and Hafner is on your bench. Then you can make that move if any.

  96. Closers will always be floating around your wire. Since Jansen is not guaranteed to keep the closer job all season even when he gets it, I would take Lawrie. Hanley at SS is where he should be on Fantasy Rosters, I like this move.

    Now that League had his bad game, I would try to get a little more if you want.

    Throw in a weak SP and ask for a stronger SP as well.

  97. If you have 1B problems, or even if you don’t.

    This is a trade i would definitely take.

    Salty will get his 20-25 HR potential, Pujols is a MONSTER and will always be a threat for 40/100 no matter the start. I accept that trade regardless.

  98. Very even trade.

    More risk on the side receiving Castro as he has all the writing on the wall to be the top SS in the game. But still has not put it all together. Tulo you already know you are getting the best offensive Fantasy SS for sometime, once Castro hits 30 HRs and steals 20 bases, Tulo is the SS King.

    The AL is getting stronger, Verlander is not as dominant as he once was. Hamels will always be a nice pitcher with the Phillies.

  99. Well,

    no trade, guy offered him to another person for GRILLI, and the guy accepted. I also accepted the trade but it went to the other person so that’s that.

  100. Will Hamilton turn it around? Deal Ellsbury for him? It doesn’t look like Jacoby will be hitting 20HRS this year and Hamilton could blow up any time now. The offer is ready to accept. Not sure if I should pull the trigger.

  101. Okay,

    this is another one of my teams, got 6:

    Upton, Justin
    Trout, Mike
    Molina, Yadier
    Pagan, Angel
    Mauer, Joe
    Jennings, Desmond
    Cain, Lorenzo
    Craig, Allen
    Kendrick, Howie
    Escobar, Alcides SSC
    Seager, Kyle 3B SEA
    Morneau, Justin 1B MIN
    Swisher, Nick RF CLE
    Uggla, Dan 2B ATL
    Gyorko, Jedd 3B SD
    Kubel, Jason LF ARI

    Shields, James
    Sabathia, CC
    Gonzalez, Gio
    Pettitte, Andy
    Samardzija, Jeff
    Gregg, Kevin
    Holland, Greg
    Cueto, Johnny
    Kazmir, Scott
    Dickey, R.A.
    Kennedy, Ian
    Estrada, Marco

    would like to upgrade at a couple of positions, SS , 3rd and MI. Also, can can pick up Aramis for 3rd from ww, any thoughts?

    will post remaining teams next time

  102. Aramis is your easy upgrade at 3B….no brainer. Gomez, Aoki and Braun batting in front should provide plenty of RBI opportunities and Hart should be back soon. That lineup will be potent!!

    I’d try and move Mauer for Zobrist. He gives you flex and you don’t need two All-Star catchers.

    Desmond Jennings is expendable. Someone in your league will still buy his upside and Trout, Upton and Cain should provide you with enough double digit steals as Kendrick and Molina will kick in 10-15 as well.

    Also, you have ten starters……try and package one and Jennings for an Utley or Kipnis who is heating up.

  103. Rev… unfortunately most of my player knowledge comes from either Muntz’s rankings and / or players on my team.

    My initial thought would be to pick up Aramis for Gyorko. I ended up picking Aramis up dropping Middlebrooks. I like MIL as a hitting team over SD and he usually has a better second half. Middlebrooks has a bad rib and still has a tough time with either the change up or curve.

    I also had Dickey and Kennedy briefly, currently they are both back on the WW, my ERA and WHIP couldn’t wait for them to figure it out. Your Team has a lot of players, I”m assuming you can sit them on a bench to see if they can figure it out? Dickey seems to be struggling not sure if your ready to give up on him yet.

    I have both Reyes and HanRam on the DL, patience could get a little thin some nights when other players are either dinged up or taking the night off. Reyes owner somebody you might want to target? for the second half of the season.

    I lucked out and picked up Sedura when Reyes went down, so much so working with Muntz I was able to use Utley in a combination trade for R. Braun to upgrade my OF. Does that owner have anybody to target.

    Sorry not much more help than that…

  104. Mike…tough one. Ellsbury is great for R, SB’s and AVG, until he took last week off.

    Doesn’t look like he’ll be hitting the 20 HR’s but when Boston was winning this year, much of it had to do with Ellsbury getting on and Victorino moving him over and middle line up knocking him in.

    I like Ellsbury in the line up for SB’s. I take it from the question your team needs HR’s?

  105. Victor Martinez is hanging on the Waiver Wire…

    my team
    C – Rosario
    DH / Utility – Ortiz

    Not much room for V-Mart but thinking I might be able to claim Shield or Latos off a owner that keeps picking up other catchers besides Victor with Rosario and then pick V-Mart off waivers.

    My team can use some SP help..

  106. Who is better?

    Neil Walker or Kelly Johnson
    J.J. Hardy or Andrelton Simmons

    Pick two of these

    Rickie Weeks
    Adam LaRoche
    Will Veneble
    Michael Saunders

  107. Who is better for these positions?

    2B: Neil Walker or Kelly Johnson
    SS: J.J. Hardy or Andrelton Simmons

    Pick two of the following to put on my team

    Rickie Weeks
    Adam LaRoche
    Will Veneble
    Michael Saunders

  108. Dave….

    Pick up V-Mart, his AVG doesn’t look great but his line strung across the season does. He will only get better and I think he finishes as a top 5 catcher.

    Deal Rosario for a top end starter if you can

  109. Johnson and Hardy

    Hardy goes unnoticed but look at his recent numbers.

    30 and 26 past two year HRs and has six already this year that puts him on a similar pace. The lineup around him is great, plenty of RBI opportunities. One of the most underrated Fantasy SSs in the game in my eyes. Johnson will be a 15/15 lock…think Kendrick without the avg at worst, but he has shown glimpses of greatness.

  110. Alright i need some help getting my lineup with more pop. and i have in my team:

    C Salvador Perez
    1B Billy Butler
    2B Howeii Kendrick
    3B Evan Longoria
    SS Jimmy Rollins
    OF Jacoby ellsbury
    OF Alex Gordon
    OF Michael Morse
    Util James Loney
    BNCH Nate Mclouth
    BNCH Matt Carpenter
    DL Giancarlos Stanton

    Now i want to pick two players from the waiver wire that are currently on the DL and another one is not. What do you think?

    The players are Mark Teixeira, Paul Konerko, and Corey Hart which of this players would be a safe and better bet in the long run?

  111. Nation – thought I’d play what would you do.

    Working with BD draft rankings and Muntz for a couple 2 for 1 trades I upgraded all my hitting positions.

    Need to make a couple trades for pitching.

    position, player (current ranking), alternate positions (alternate position ranking)

    C Rosario (3)
    1B Gonzalez (6)
    2B Cano (1)
    3B Aramis (7)
    SS Sequara (2)
    2B/SS Zobrist (2B 4)(SS 5)
    1B/3B Trumbo (3B 5)(1B 9)
    OF R. Braun, Ellsbury, N. Cruz, C. Gomez, Cespedes, C. Davis
    Util Ortz (1)

    K. Johnson 2B (16), OF
    Hanley Ramizez 3B (19) SS (16)
    DL Reyes SS (19)

    Hitting is stacked,
    SP Harvey, Tillman, Stream spots

    Ramizez off the DL soon can play SS and 3B.

    1. Trade Cano for Top Pitcher.
    2. Trade Reyes / Ramirez, low top tier SP?
    3. Some Teams need 2B, trade K. Johnson for Tier 2 SP.
    4. other ideas?


  112. 1) No, don’t trade Cano.
    2) No, do not trade two DL guys. You will get back pennies on the dollar. If you trade a DL guy, only start making those offers when the guy is on a rehab assignment and killing it.
    3) Try this, for sure, but more likely to get a tier 3 guy for him.
    4) You have 6 OF’s. Is this a 4-5 OF league? If not, use one of them in a package with Johnson to get that tier 1/2 pitcher.

  113. aero thanks…

    1. Figured i’d throw him in the mix and make the Mrs’s happy, RedSox family, I just don’t bring his name up around the house. He would bring me a top SP, but could only use him every 5 days.

    2. DL guys would only be when they come back and infield starts to get crowded, figure get me a SP second half of season and playoffs. Reyes seems the most limited.

    3. A couple teams in mind to trade, waiting on revised rankings to see who to target. I usually get an advantage using the rankings here over ESPN.

    4. it’s a 5 OF League so I have an extra, question would be who to get rid of and for who, again waiting on the rankings.
    Great idea though, might help me get a better SP.

    5. Also watching who gets dropped as teams start to get limited with injured players.

    Hope all is going well!!

    I believe you were the one to talk me into Harvey before the season…nice find.

  114. Just went down the bruised and dented can isle.

    Trade was accepted:
    I picked up the DL’d David Price for Kelly Johnson.

    Word is Tampa might look to move him around the trade deadline.

    Guess we’ll find out in 15 days if it was his tricepts all along.

    Did I make out on the deal?? I was surprised it was excepted.

  115. I think you made out like a bandit. KJ is playing above his head right now. They are saying that they expect Price to miss ~3 starts. I’m betting he’ll be a little better after his time off.

  116. So, Yovani Gallardo is killing me so far this season. His K’s are down and doesn’t seem to be a shell of himself. Is it to early to cut him loose, trade, or hold on to him?

    Not much on the wire other than Bronson Arroyo and Brett Anderson (DL).

    Who to target for in a trade? Price? Lincecum?
    I do have Berkman, Saunders, and J. Heyward (DL) as pieces I can include as part of a package to get another SP.

    Thoughts? You guys are amazing and thanks again!

  117. Been offered:
    Verlander, Anibal Sanchez, Guthrie for
    Harvey, Peavy, and Gallardo.

    Im tempted to say yes. What do you all think?

  118. I put it out there not too long ago and the door to the ninth in Tampa is starting to Revolve if you missed Peralta’s save last night.

    Now I know Rodney was great last year, but he was lucky, and his stats have NEVER looked that good. 2010/2011 and 2013 all look similar and as the President said in 2008, a change is coming!! (In Tampa Bay that is)

    Pestano and Peralta will be closing soon….

  119. Nation,

    I have an owner who wants to unload Kemp. Approached me about a Kemp for Ian Desmond deal.

    On the wire for SS are: Gregorious and Rutledge.

    If I do this deal my OF would like:

    OF Bautista
    OF Ellsbury
    OF Trumbo
    OF Heyward
    OF Kemp
    OF Cruz

    The idea of getting Kemp is very intriguing for a buy low opportunity as I can get a #10 Muntra ranked SS in Rutledge.

    Does Kemp’s upside outweigh Desmond’s upside? I’m thinking yes. Kemp is too talented to continue like this. Even if he hits 20/20 or 20/30, 30/30 is probably the minimum vs Desmond’s ceiling of 20/20.

    Agree or disagree?

  120. Hamilton can, and will rebound.

    All it takes is one Huge week for him to get rolling the R.O.S. Would not be worried.

    If you need power more than speed, go for the trade.

  121. Rev you got excellent advice from both Mike and Dave.

    Hopefully you made the moves and checked out the latest rankings. Your team is solid all-around, your pitching could use a little help. For the most part, your team is solid from top to bottom.

    I don’t know how your roster stacks up to your league, but you could use another Power 1B bat badly. Now would be a good time to go after Tex to hold in the backburner as he could be back shortly. You would not have to give up too much to get him as well. Keep riding out Morneau and Craig until then.

  122. Make that trade as you read this sentence.

    Kemp will rebound, Rutledge has great power at the SS position. You are getting a steal of a deal.

    Baseball is a long season, if Kemp has under 30 HRs I will be astonished.

  123. I agree with Pestano. Chris Perez was horrible today giving up back-to-back HRs in 2-run Game with 2 Outs.

    Pestano is one of the best setup men in the game today.

    Rodney on the other hand should do enough to keep his job and still end up with 30 saves. Rodney was the closer for the Dominican Republic during the World Baseball Classic and did a fine job there. Sometimes pitchers just lose it for a little bit, Rodney could be in the same situation.

    I had Rodney on his days as the Angels closer, only to lose the job to Walden. He is pitching that bad this season, but he knows how to dig deep and find his true stuff.

  124. Yovani will turn it around. If you can get Price for him straight up, I would make it happen. Owners may be worried about an injury to his left arm, which is pitching arm, but it is not believed to be serious.

    David could use the restart as well. He was beginning to pitch better, but still not the David Price we know.

    If you have depth at 1B and you can give up Berkman and Gallardo for Price, not the worst trade in the world.

    It would be better if you can throw Saunders and Gallardo for Price instead.

    Do not go after Lincecum.

  125. Agreed.

    If any pitcher needs to reset that is not R.A. Dickey. David Price is that guy.

    Price is a Top 5 Pitcher when he wants to be, this injury could not come at a better time as he is starting to get everything together and can rehab knowing that he is on a roll.

  126. Aero…thought so to, The Beast Dome puts a sort of calmness over struggling high ranked players that helps you Buy Low

  127. HITTING
    10 10 10 2.5 8
    7 10 2 1 1 61.5

    That’s my current position/line in one of my leagues, really want to improve in saves, era whip
    my pitchers are: Cueto, Latos, Moore, Gallardo, Hughes, Bell, Cashner, Kazmir, Ubaldo, Hellickson. How do I improve with the guys as pitchers?

  128. In a vacuum, I think Kemp/Castro. But, I could see the other side being ok based on needs.

  129. RP’s Bell only? Dealt a bad hand?

    Bell has been getting some saves at a cost of ERA and WHIP. Reply above mentions Pestano CLE and Boston is going to limit Bailey so Tazawa might be a possibility.

    Wouldn’t recommend dropping a SP for one. Can you do a 2 for 1 two of your SP for either a RP or SP, using the open spot to claim one of the RP above?

    I have been running with Tillman and Jose Fernandez. Both have helped with ERA and WHIP JF might lack in the wins playing for MIA. Might be able to pick either on the low end.

    K. Jansen might be a possibility for future saves, he had a couple bad games recently which might cause the owner to bite.

  130. SP is tough, Cueto coming back should help. Cashner looks like a nice find and Ubaldo, except for maybe DET coming up, looks good.

    Anybody in the league heavy in SP that you can look to trade with? or maybe light that you can do a 2 for 1, getting their better SP.

    The Beast Gods will need to help who best to get rid of.

  131. I’m in a SP heavy points league. Just traded Jason Heyward (who I pickedup off of waivers) for Cole Hamels. Good or bad trade?

  132. What do you all think of a Machado for Price or Machado for Jered Weaver deal?

    As much as I like Manny, I’m wondering if he is a “sell high” candidate with the way he has been playing this month.

    Otherwise, who else is a good SP or position player to target? Or do I hold on to Machado?

    Trading pieces:

    Thanks! You guys have certainly helped me along the way this season so far.

  133. Fellas,

    Im debating who to pick up off the wire:

    Odorizzi (TB) or John Gast (StL)

    I’m torn as Gast probably has a slight edge in terms of staying in the bigs with Westbrook and Garcia out and a better team batting behind him. However, Odorizzi has much better stuff from what I have read.

    Who is the better pick up?

  134. Quick note from the Boston Game last night…looks like the plan is:

    7th Tazawa
    8th Uehara
    9th Bailey

  135. Got offered Maholm for Gallardo.

    Gallardo has been inconsistent this season, looking better recently.

    Should I accept?

  136. Speculative save adds:

    R. Brothers-COL


  137. Francisco covered for Henderson MIL – last night when Henderson went out with hamstring, Henderson could be headed for the DL

  138. I need pitchers bad, I know, I have Samardazija, Cashner, Lohse, Teheran, Lincecum, Garza, Nolasco. Tillman. Mujica, Romo, and Melecon.

    I would like to make a offer for Scherzer, but his owner has Tulo, was thinking of offering him Zobrist, as I have Kipnis and Segura, who can hold down the SS and 2nd base positions for me. Scherzwer’s owner is in last place and could use a 2nd baseman and a ss when Tulo isn’t playing.

    Should I make this offer and is it a good offer?

  139. Vinnie Pestano is the closer you really want.

    He is the best reliever in baseball for a few years, and it was only a matter of time before he finally got the job.

    Chris Perez and the Cleveland fans have a bad history as well, look for him to be dealt by the All-Star Break.

  140. I would hold off on that trade.

    Gallardo is still Gallardo and the Brewers offense is only going to get better when Corey Hart returns. Ryan Braun has yet to even hit his stride.

  141. Has to be at this point.

    Andrew Bailey is the most proven of all those relievers. Uehara is a solid reliever, probably top 5 Middle Reliever. But Andrew Bailey has the resume to close out the season for Boston.

  142. Odorizzi did everything he needed to do to remain on every waiver wire Monday.

    His performance against the Marlins is inexcusable, you cannot trust him.

    Gast is not amazing, but he is getting the job done. More of a matchup play, than a good starter to depend on consistently.

  143. If you can get a superstar starting pitcher for Machado, you should pull the trigger.

    I love Manny, I think he is a Top 5 player at the position. But Alex Rodriguez on the Waiver Wire is going to be a rock solid option in about a month. If you can find a stoppage gap until then, you will be money.

  144. Love the trade.

    J-Hey is solid and will bounce back to get near 20/20 numbers. But Cole Hamels in a Heavy Point league is the way to go. You can always find a hot bat off the waiver wire.

  145. I need pitchers bad, I know, I have Samardazija, Cashner, Lohse, Teheran, Lincecum, Garza, Nolasco. Tillman. Mujica, Romo, and Melencon.

    I would like to make a offer for Scherzer, but his owner has Tulo, was thinking of offering him Zobrist, as I have Kipnis and Segura, who can hold down the SS and 2nd base positions for me. Scherzer’s owner is in last place and could use a 2nd baseman and a ss when Tulo isn’t playing. Should I make this offer and is it a good offer?

  146. I agree Munstra, I’ve been hearing a lot about Pestano, and I’ve claimed him the leagues I had Perez in. How long will it be before he has the job?

  147. I have 27 moves left. On the lookout for that next great callup. I missed Wacha. Also, Cole Bauer Bundy & Wheeler are gone. I have Odorizzi & Gausman, any reccomemdations on the horizon? Odorizzi will eventually be a drop but Ill go ahead and keep him for his 2 starts this week since he, Darvish & Grienke dueced on my ERA already & 1 category is IP (my least favorite but very winnable this week) I was actually looking to (maybe) drop Morrow 1st, IDK if I can take more of his shanihanigans

  148. Yeah, not good. Maholm may have a better year so far but he cannot do what Yoga can

  149. Scherz dog is always one of the top SP for Ks. Your team could use some firepower and on top of that he gets Wins.

    Zobrist for Scherz is a fair trade, if you want to go after Jered Weaver or Johnny Cueto instead, wouldn’t blame you.

  150. Top speculative save adds as of today…..I own three out of four of these guys and will use my other Closers to package a 2 for 1 deal for a bigger named player. One will close soon…..hopefully all of them.

    2. Delabar
    3. Peralta
    4. O’Day
    5. Brothers
    6. Hernandez

  151. GameBrake welcome back to the Dome.

    If you can daily stream in your Fantasy League, then go ahead and drop Morrow for the next hot thing.

    If you are looking for the next hot prospect, maybe Billy Hamilton gets a chance to do something. Zack Cozart has been far from a gamechanger at the SS position.

  152. Definitely agree to aim for Weaver, but don’t be afraid to take Scherzer either. He legitimizes your SP squad.

  153. Well the owner of Scherzer is a dead beat player, he’s not active and hasn’t changed his lineup since tghe 3 week of the season. I’m the commish in that league and I’m trying to get somebody to take over the team or maybe just take it over myself, anything but leave it dead like that. I HATE DEADBEAT PLAYAZ who draft a team and then just disappears. I think there’s another team that’s dead too, I’ll see. What should I do with these teams?

  154. Gamebrake

    what do you think of Kickham, SF pitcher. I know he lost his 1st game but he may turn out to be something.

  155. Nation,

    8 team points league
    league is heavy on SP with daily streaming

    With Stras looking like he will hit the DL, I’m thinking about pulling the trigger to get Cueto for Maholm and Ogando. Not sure if I want to give up the back end of my rotation, but Cueto is a solid pitcher on a solid team.

    Do I do this deal?

    My SPs right now are:
    F. Hernandez
    Josh Johnson… DL
    Ogando… DL

    Thanks guys! You all are an amazing resource!

  156. Tyler Skaggs? Looked great in his call up with ARZ before being sent down.

    Chris Archer from TB? He’s another prized prospect from that ball club.

    Cingrani from CIN? He will filled in great for Cueto. WIll most likely be the first one to be called up if another SP goes down.

  157. Who do you think finishes out the season stronger, Carlos Gomez or Starling Marte? I’m looking to move one of them in a package…

  158. Are there any of the young prospects available to pick up after you make that trade? Although they are have pretty tough matchups coming up, Gausman, Lyons, and Skaggs all look like they could be great for the rest of the season. If you could pick one of those guys up, I’d make that trade. Just be careful because Gausman goes against Tampa Bay, who have been hot recently, Lyons goes against Cincinnati and Latos so you wouldn’t want to start him there, and Skaggs goes against St. Louis and Wacha, and I’m not sure I would play either Wacha or Skaggs that day. I’d probably rank them Gausman, Skaggs, Lyons.

  159. I’m really ready to drop Gallardo.

    I would like to take the moment to brag about my team:

    C – Rosario
    1B – Chris Davis
    2B – Kipnis (with Kinsler on DL)
    3B – Frazier (Freese in at UTIL for now)
    SS – Tulo
    OF – Ellsburgy, Jennings, Gardner (with Kemp on DL)

    SP – Verlander, Medlen, Dickey, Milone, Bucholz, Gallardo, Lackey, CJ Wilson
    RP – Kimbrel, Rivera, Bell

    12-team league!!

  160. JH…thanks for the heads up, playing roulette streaming Straily today and will claim when waivers open for tomorrow.

    Looks like he would be a 2 start next week with CHC being first game.


  161. Great Team….even better being that your in a 12-team league.

    I gave up on Lohse earlier in the season, MIL pitching can’t seem to get it done.

    I have Sequra, Aramis, Gomez and PED Braun, all except for Braun seem to be doing well, they just can’t get a win.

    C. Hart, will be back soon (maybe) which might help get the team rolling again. You might have to give Gallardo selective starts until then.

  162. Not sure if u moved anybody yet.

    I think Muntz had them ranked about the same. Projections had Gomez leading in SB, but they seem to be equal.

    I like Gomez, little bit more power and with the sequra, braun and aramis ahead of him in the line up I’ll think he’ll lead in RBI’s.

    I have those 4 from MIL on my team and seem to be doing well. Haven’t been paying attention to Pirates so might be bias.

  163. The 100 Game Suspension is more Hype than reality.

    If the MLB pulls this move to get rid of Braun/Cruz and others, it will ruin the game of baseball today. The MLB cannot afford to damage the reputation of A-Rod anymore than they already have, nor can they damage Ryan Braun who is arguably the best hitter of todays game.

    Even though they are the headline players who are under scrutiny, it would be less than shocking to find out at least 25% of MLB today was using some form of PEDs.

    Do not fear, the MLB would be damaging the game to pull these suspensions. It’s already sad enough that we may never have a 60 HR hitter ever again.

  164. Need to know:

    Crush Davis for Brown/Cain?

    I have Verlander/Hamels/Medlen-Parker/Cingrani/G.Cole as my starters

    Bautista/Aoki/Davis-OF with Kemp and Harper on the DL

    I’d drop Cole

    12 team, 5×5 6 man Keeper

  165. Love the nickname, keep Crush.

    Cain is good, but he is not a Top 30 OF option R.O.S. Brown is good, but I much rather have Chris Davis over the long-haul of the season.

    Keep Crush.

  166. Great Question.

    There are a few methods.

    1) is being very selective with your starting Pitchers. This could also hurt your K/W potential, but it should lower your WHIP.

    2) going with middle relievers at your Pitcher Spot throughout the week. If your league has “P” listed instead of “SP” and you can use a Middle Reliever where you would normally use a starter.

    Then keep playing Middle Relievers. If you do not have the roster space to load up on Middle Relievers. Then this strategy is going to be too slow to execute.

    I would go with streaming good starters and keeping my cold pitchers on the bench until they get hot.

  167. Jansen…yes finally!! What looked like a trade throw-in earlier in the season is going to work out quite nicely!!!

    Thanks to your articles and rankings..

  168. Hey Rev, I would say look at career splits and last 30 day performance. Go with guys with a history of a low ERA. Check out matchups, don’t start questionable pitchers against hot teams! Good luck!

  169. My league is slow on the hot FA pickups, and trading is not an option. I see them come and go because I don’t know who to drop in a 10 team H2H 5×5 espn redraft league.

    Im loaded in the 1B/OF with guys like Trumbo, Cuddyer, Star Marte, Dom Brown, Carlos Gonzo, Ellsbury, and Jennings.

    Im thin at 3B and now SS because of injuries to Tulo and Everth Cabrera.

    Should I attempt to stream players out of my lineups such as Weeks, Tim Hudson, Teheran, and Jarrod Parker?

  170. Yumi,

    I know how you feel, I have Asdrubal as my SS and when he went down, I grabbed Aviles., Maybe try and trade 2 of your 1st basemen for a SS. Also look at alcides escobar, Yunel I think can hold it down for a minute, at least until Tulo, who always seems to get hurt comes back. Check the guy who owns Reyes, he should be back soon, and he may cost you little or nothing but would be a good backup/replacement for Tulo.

  171. I just picked up Strasburg off the waiver wire in one of my leagues. People are crazee, IMO. I wouldn’t drop him, regardless of how he’s pitching lately.

  172. My pitching is now Strasburg, Felix, Gio, Bumgardner, Minor, Wainwright, Miller, Peavy, Rodney, Cinbgrani, Lindbolm, Quintana, Pitching is off the hook

  173. Fantastic!!! What a great find. Probable drove u nuts until he cleared waivers…

  174. I was just offered Verlander, Bourn, and Carlos Beltran for Gio Gonzalez, Nelson Cruz, and Mark Trumbo. Trumbo and Cruz are on my bench this week since I already have Ellsbury, Cuddyer, and Desmon Jennings in the OF slots as well as Ortiz in the Util slot.

  175. Sorry man, I know it’s probably way too late, to reply and help. I’m not sure I’d do that trade. Gio has been money, Cruz isn’t going to miss games this year. With your other OF’s, I’m not sure Bourn really plays for you, either.

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