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Fantasy Football is still coming at a slower pace than we can all imagine.  Pretty soon every week we will be glued to our television on Sunday as we cheer as if there is no tomorrow.  If you don’t follow BEAST DOME for your Fantasy Football season, you may end up breaking a television with anger.

Regardless, I am here to help ease your pain and bring you Fantasy Football information to help keep you one step ahead of the game.  Today we are going to look at three players who  you may or may not want to draft this season.

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Ladies and Gentleman of the jury.  Michael Vick is going to have a comeback player of the year season.

How can I say such a ridiculous thing about a player who has declined each of the last two seasons and is only getting older.  Two words.  CHIP KELLY.

The Eagles brought in maybe the only head coach that can make Michael Vick the most dangerous QB in the NFL.  If Kelly knows one thing, he knows how to utilize an offense with a dual threat QB to the MAX.  Vick still has all of his weapons in Desean Jackson/Jeremy Maclin and of course LeSean McCoy.  While some people think Nick Foles has QB of the future potential, this is still Michael Vick’s team.  The Eagles are going to score a lot of points this season.  Vick is getting drafted outside of the Top 12 QBs.  If you can land Vick as a QB#2, you have yourself a steal with huge upside.



No more Wes Welker.  Gronk is less than 100%.  Is Brady over hyped?

The answer is no.  Tom Brady can throw for 400 Yards if you give him Julian Edelman and Troy Brown as his #1 and #2 WRs.  As long as Brady has the ball in his hands, and as long as the Patriots give Tom time to throw, he can pick a defense apart.

Ready for this statement.  Danny Amendola is a better WR than Wes Welker.

The fact that Amendola was able to be so productive on a Rams team that had zero threats in the passing game outside of himself is amazing.  Danny is a bigger WR than Welker, and his hands are just as good.  Sure Welker is shifty and can cause enough problems for defenses to have no answers.  On the flip side, Amendola is a great route runner and get down field much better than Welker can.

If Julian Edelman is healthy for Week 1, look for him to be a sleeper that can easily crack the top 30 WR class.  He is a bigger Wes Welker with less speed.  Sound familiar?  Brady will make it work.




Are you worried about Bryce Brown?

You should not even put Brown and McCoy in the same sentence.  McCoy is a Top 5 if not Top 3 RB in the NFL.  With Chip Kelly coming into town to run this offense to a whole new level.  Now is a good time to jump back on the McCoy bandwagon.  If LeSean is picked outside of the Top 5 RBs, you have yourself a steal.  Last season Vick killed McCoy fumbling the ball in the Redzone like it was a greased watermelon.

With McCoy coming into the season 100% healthy, and Vick having more to prove than Lindsay Lohan’s lawyers in a court room.  This could be the season LeSean gets back to that #3 RB title behind Arian Foster and Adrian Peterson (Rankings still not official).

Don’t be Shady.  Draft McCoy if he falls.



The man is half stallion.  Half Truck.

Sure Steven Jackson looked 5 Steps slower than usual last season.  We can attribute much of that to the fact that Rams had zero passing game.  Which means every time Jackson touched the ball he was seeing 8-10 man stacked boxes.  By the time Jackson got the ball, he would have to shed tackles in the backfield.

Now S-Jax goes to the Atlanta Falcons.  A team where if you decide to stack the box, Matt Ryan will throw for 400+ Yards and 4 TDs.  While Turner the Burnt out Turner looked horrible in 2012, he was still useful and finished the season as a Top 15 RB option.  S-Jax is and will always be Turner on steroids.  Not only that, Steven Jackson gets an opportunity to play on a winning team for the first time since Kurt Warner was QB for the Rams.

Look for Steven Jackson to be a TD machine and easily crack 10+ TDs.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get 15.  He still can catch the ball, and he can still be a BEAST.  He did rush for 101 Yards and a TD against SF last season.





Ryan  Tannehill is not a bad QB.  Mike Wallace is a great WR.  The Dolphins have zero running game.  The Dolphins are still a garbage football team.  Let’s do the math.

The math in this equation means Mike Wallace will be the greatest 3rd/4th Quarter WR in the NFL.  The Dolphins have one goal this season, which is to make Dolphin fans believe Tannehill can win games for this football team.  While Tannehill is not good enough to control games, he is good enough to throw some deep TDs and give his WRs nice breakout games.  Just ask Brian Hartline who somehow ended up being a 1,000+ Yard WR in 2012.

Mike Wallace is the best thing the Dolphins have on offense by a long shot.  With the Phins playing from behind, and Tannehill needing someone to throw the ball to.  Look for Mike to get back to his best numbers and possibly give you Top 10 WR potential.



From Brett Favre’s favorite WR.  To Old Spice Commercials.  To being a WR#3 at Best.

Greg Jennings now finds himself on the Minnesota Vikings.  A team that still trusts Christian Ponder as their QB.  While the Vikings are likely to run the ball 30 Times a game, Greg Jennings can kill single coverage.  If teams decide to stop AP and throw that extra safety in the box, Jennings can easily get behind the secondary.

Now we Ponder.  Can Christian throw the deep ball well enough?

The answer is simple.  I hate Christian Ponder more than any Fantasy QB.  But he did make Percy Harvin a WR#1 quality player when healthy, which means he should easily make Greg Jennings WR#1 quality as well.  The Old Spice Days are likely not coming back in 2013, but the breakout 100+ Yard Games with a TD should come more frequently than his draft position says they will.





There are rumors spreading that Gronk falls later than Round 3 in Fantasy Football drafts.

First of all.  Gronk is a TD machine.  He is no Jimmy Graham, and Aaron Hernandez is likely to be the more consistent TE of the two.  But Gronk is Gronk and is expected to possibly be back by Week #1.  With no Wes Welker, look for Gronk to be featured even more as him and Brady have a chemistry that only Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo could describe.  That’s a bad example.  More like Daunte Culpepper and Randy Moss.

Gronk is a BEAST.  He also plays a rare position where it is hard to find any BEAST’S.  Draft him like a BEAST and take him in Round #3 if he falls that late.



Is it safe to say Antonio Gates is going to bounce back?

It is more safe to say that Antonio Gates cannot get any worst.  Last season Gates was as bad as Sisqo trying to make a career after the Thong Song.  20+ Yards with 3 Receptions seemed just about normal for Antonio, who was once a player that all experts threw in as a Top 5 TE heading into the 2012 Season.

Is Gates a Top 5 TE?  He should be.  Maybe the emergence of DNX (Danario Alexander) will free up the possibility of Gates seeing less coverage.  Regardless if Gates falls anywhere near the #10 off your draft board, you have absolutely nothing to lose but upside.


Muntradamus is a Fantasy Sports Expert who specializes in Fantasy Football/Baseball/Basketball. He is currently in his second season as a Pro on FantasyPros coming off of an impressive Rookie Campaign where he landed the #8 Overall In-Season Fantasy Football Rankings Expert.  Which also included #1 WR of all Expert Sites.  He is also one of two people to qualify for all DRAFTSTREET CHAMPIONSHIPS (MLB/NFL/NBA) in 2012. Most Historically, Muntradamus was the #1 Fantasy Football Expert of IDP & Overall Rankings in One Week, first and only time in Fantasy Sports History.


  1. Fantasy Football VIP Package – Early BEAST Special!!!

    Translates to ….”Are you ready to win your Fantasy Football League”.

    Your pre-draft analysis, rankings and help throughout the season made it such a easy run for the Championship last year.

    Looking forward to another great year….and Back to Back Championships!!! Put my name down!!!

  2. Like your Jackson analysis. Just picked him up in a keeper league for a second round pick (equivalent to a 6th in redraft leagues). Doubtful I hold tight for years to come, but he’s a nice complement to the Muscle Hamster, Demaryius and Kaep.

    Munt – any early insight into who you think the better option is in a .5ppr is for my first round selection – L. Miller (I note your comment on the Miami running game); Ivory; Montee Ball; or R. Mathews? I’ve ranked them in the order I like them, but it is only June.

  3. My leagues cannot open soon enough…

    So we’re deep at QB. Looks like the first three rounds should be spent collecting RBs and WRs, though I think RB’s are deep this year too. I’d love to stack my team with a top 3 WR, a top 3 TE and maybe 3 RB’s before grabbing any of the top 13 QBs in the 6th.

    Anyone care to comment?

  4. First mock draft down. I changed my mind. WR is deep. Gotta stock up on them. Did get Shady at pick 11 though. Got AJ Green on the wrap around, Andre Johnson in the 3rd and Reggie Bush in the 4th. Don’t know if I’d do it differently … don’t know if I COULD do it differently – top 20 running backs were taken by half way through the 3rd round.

    Starting to reevaluate my keepers.

  5. I will look for Brady to keep me dominating all year again! I cannot wait for Edelman and Amendola to finally break out.

    Vick, DeSean, Maclin and McCoy, all sound dangerous too! I would expect Gronk and Matt Ryan to do well, especially with S-Jax. Half-man, half-truck sounds pretty accurate!

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