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Happy Hollidays and Happy New Year as we get closer to the end of 2017. If you have a Testimonial for me please post it on the bottom in the Comment Section.

Fantasy Football Season is always a journey that controls a large portion of your life. My goal at BEAST DOME each and every Fantasy Football Season is to give you the winning formula to make your life that much more enjoyable.

The Draft Guide changes every single season and improves every year, this year I would have to say is easily one of my favorites. It will likely not be the same strategy of 2018, as I continue to evolve as an Expert and the Sheep Experts are always at least 1 year behind the game.

Do you remember how every Expert was on Marcus Mariota and Andy Dalton? Ya BEAST DOME definitely was not.



1st 4 Rounds

GRONK + QB (Brady) + Saints RBs (Mark Ingram + Adrian Peterson)

Some clients were able to snag Gronk in Round 2 as all the Sheep Experts were against Gronk.

Gronk was a BEAST this year at TE. Yes he has missed two games heading into Week 17, yet he still leads all TEs in Yards and Co-Lead in TDs. If you had him on your roster in Week 15, a crucial week to advance in Playoffs. He picked up 9 Receptions for 168 Yards. If you were in the Fantasy Football Championship, Week 16, he picked up 67 Yards + a TD. Something that is always a thrill to have from your TE.

Next the Strategy was to grab Brady. Touchdown Tom was not the same Brady towards the strech run of the season. Despite that he will finish #1 in the NFL in Passing Yards as well as Top 3 in Passing TDs. Brady was MVP strong to start the season, but an injury to Chris Hogan along with defenses getting on their hands and knees praying that they would be beat by the run instead of the pass has allowed players like Dion Lewis to be Fantasy Football Saviors.

Speaking on Dion Lewis, when everyone in the world was higher on Gilli than the moon, I was alwas on the Dion train.

Here is a part of my Preseason Report on the Patriots, May 16th.

Dion Lewis Week 14: 5 Receptions. 67 Total Yards.

Dion Lewis Week 15: 1 Reception. 80 Total Yards. 1 TD

Dion Lewis Week 16: 5 Reception. 153 Total Yards. 2 TDs



The RB Strategy was to grab both Saints RBs Mark Ingram, as early as Round 3, + Adrian Peterson as early as Round 4. I was firm on the belief that the Saints Running Game would dominate this year. Even when Adrian Peterson was ruining things in New Orleans, I was still confident in keeping Ingram + AP.


The strategy was still there to dominate your league. Both Saints RBs ended up with monster seasons and all MVPs drafted Mark Ingram as he was a staple of the draft Guide. Mark Ingram will not only make it to the Pro Bowl, he was easily the best value on Draft Day from any of the Round 3-5 Picks anyone could grab.Those are the guys that will win you your league.

Adrian Peterson was a BEAST for a Few weeks, but he was playing with a Drew Stanton led Cardinals offense before getting injured in a Blaine Gabbert led Cardinals offense. Not the same Saints offense I saw him in when doing my preseason picks. Side note, I was not wrong about Kamara taking too many big hits as he did cost a ton of people their playoff game in Week 14 when he left with a concussion.



Yes the SeaJaguars.

Nearly every Expert wrote off the Jagaurs, I made them a MUST-DRAFT as a backup to your Seahawks Defense. While the Seahawks D suffered a ton of injuries nearly deflating the entire secondary. The Jaguars were the #1 Defense in Fantasy Football and it was evident from Day 1.

Name another Fantasy Site that told you to draft the Jaguars.

It was a Great year for a lot of MVPs

Thank you for all making this my Reality and Looking Forward to a BEAST 2018

















What else is there to say about Muntradamus that has not said been said already. I know a lot of people push for him to put out free material but I understand the value of his knowledge, and do not even get me started on his Daily Fantasy Rosters and Projections. I use his projections along with the players I like to build dream teams, and he was very HEAVY on Mike Gillislee in Week 16 so I went big with him on my roster for season long as well as my Championship Game.

Munt Merry Xmas you made mine a great one!

I was not a believer of Brady & Gronkowski. No other site told me to go in that direction but in Munt We Trust. Am I right? Thank you Stefon Diggs and Marvin Jones as well. Great squad! Great year! Jags Defense was BEAST!!







While still providing MVP content to Subscribers for NBA + MLB Packages, because following sports will always be my passion.

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  1. Just won 2 of my leagues using Munts strategy. He’s the real deal. Been using his advice since 2013 2014.

    Brees, Ingram, Gronk were steady studs and the jags defense was icing on the cake.

    Marvin jones had his weeks and with waiver recommendations such as alex collins and latavius murray, my team was unbeatable each and every week.

    Thank you Munt. BEAST

  2. just won 2 of 4 leagues and finished 2nd and 3rd in the other two.
    thank you munt.
    it ain’t easy being beastly…but someone’s got to do it, and those of us in beast dome nation are thankful that you do this job. there will be people there to criticize, but the matter of fact is you are the real deal and a unique site….we are all blessed to have found your portal to fantasy sports wisdom.
    if you find yourself feeling like “only” winning half your leagues is a average or even subpar year….you might be a beast dome vip.
    thank you again for another great year and guiding us all to the fantasy football promised land. …sinking the birdie putt in my dynasty league felt extra special.
    happy new year to munt and all the beast dome nation.

  3. Hey Munt
    Just want to say thank you for all your help and a great season. You got me to a 2nd place finish in the regular season, scored the second most points(just 4 pts off first place) in our league and a second place finish in the playoffs. I can truly say I could not have had this amount of success without your strategy and guidance each week. In fact I don’t think I could have made it to the playoffs and instead I would have been playing to stay out of a last place finish in our prestigious “Crapper Bowl.” If you do finish in last place, not only do you get to host next year’s draft party but your name and regular season record goes on a trophy, along with all the other losers from previous years. So yeah it is a big deal and a big thanks to you for this season. I respect and appreciate the time and hard work you put into this.

    I’m definitely going to hit you up again next year and l look forward to another kick ass campaign. Happy New Year to you and your family.


  4. ‘if you find yourself feeling like “only” winning half your leagues is a average or even subpar year….you might be a beast dome vip.’

    Love it BEAST!!!

  5. Thanks for your strategy & guidance via the preseason & 1st few weeks of the year. Although I didn’t agree about Hunt (got him after the draft) & Kamara (when AP was traded) I did draft Gronk, McCoy & Ingram. This was the core of my team & won the league 3 years running now. Thanks again- til next August


  6. Munt,
    Thanks for helping guide me to a second place finish in my 12 team league and reaching the championship! I made it to the finals last season before I started working with Munt but not sure I would have reached it again without him. I have a lot of smart, seasoned and competitive players in my league and I felt like I wanted to gain an extra edge. I came across Munt’s site a couple years ago and was intrigued by his “out of the box” approach and his willingness to go against the sheep “experts”. No one bats 1000 in the prediction business, I get that, but his batting average is still pretty good and I like his ability to identify a some booms and busts before the herd. I didn’t take the plunge with Munt until after a couple weeks into the season and had drafted a good, but not great roster. With his help on the wire, starts/sits and trade advice, I was able to get the second place bye and make it to the championship … definitely gave me more confidence in managing my team. He’s also good with responding to text questions too. I’m looking forward to starting with him predraft so I can build a playoff roster out of the gate.

  7. Another great year and another championship won. I’ve been a BEASTDOMER for 4 years now and look forward to Munts draft strat and in-season advice every year. The depth of Munts research and his timely articles and BEASTCASTS makes the decision making process leading up to gameday a stress free breeze. Unfortunately I live in a state where I cannot “gamble” on daily fantasy so i’m really hoping this new cryptocurrency based platform will change that situation. Can’t wait for another season in 2018 and another round of Munts insight!



    DFS Wallet Address:

  8. I won my league this year in large part due to the genius draft of Munt. Munt has always been on the ball and helped me every single time I’ve asked. He has always gone above and beyond. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you!!!

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