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Championship. That is what you expect every season when following the BEAST DOME Draft Strategy. Usually every year, every client dominates their Fantasy Football League and wins the Championship. Last season everyone rode the QB Combo of Tom Brady & MVP Aaron Rodgers to an easy title, with Alvin Kamara as the BEAST DOME #1 RB, and he finished as the #1 RB while everyone went after guys like CMC and Zeke.


This season in 2021, everyone was riding high to start the year and the Championship looked guaranteed. Only one client who was part of the Season BEAST package finished as a Champion.

BEAST DOME was the only site to Rank Derrick Henry as the #1 RB (Sheep really went with CMC #1 again), and Tom Brady as the #1 QB. Henry was tearing up the NFL, Tom Brady was going at a record pace. 7-1 Fantasy teams, 6-2, ever client was riding high. When Henry got injured after 8 games, the last game being on Halloween, the downfall started.

BEAST DOME clients were still able to march their way into the playoffs thanks to Buy Low Articles on Leonard Fournette when I instantly saw Ronald Jones was not a threat to Fournette after Week 1. They bought Damien Harris low as well when James White went down. Harris & Miles Sanders & James Robinson & Gus Edwards were all vital parts of the Draft Strategy in Round 4, all of them dealt with injuries at some point, but enough good games to get those wins. Minus Edwards who went down in practice before the season started.

The backup RB Strategy of getting AJ Dillon (No Site Ranked Dillion Higher than BEAST DOME) as well as getting Melvin Gordon who was a TD BEAST for a good portion of the season until the wheels fell off of Bridgewater. Jamaal Williams was less than decent, James White was fine until he got hurt. The RB depth was enough to keep the BEAST DOME clients alive despite the huge blow of losing Derrick Henry.

The WR position for the BEAST DOME Strategy also had injury problems all season. Julio Jones who was a vital part of the strategy got injured early on with a hamstring injury, and never looked good all year fighting it off and on. AJ Brown had injury problems. Brandin Cooks was a lone bright spot at the position, but inconsistent play from his QB was not great, and his season was not spectacular at all.

The TE position was strong for BEAST DOME. TJ Hockenson started the Fantasy Football season on fire, just to get injured right before the Fantasy Playoffs. His TD on Thanksgiving was something we could all be grateful for. Imagine if he had Tim Boyle all season, St.Brown is putting up record numbers and Hock looked great in his only game with Boyle.

Despite all this, nearly all clients (90%+) made the Playoffs thanks to the fast start.

Then in the Fantasy Playoffs Week 15, with everything on the line, Tom Brady who has been the #1 Fantasy QB this season as far as consistency goes and leads the NFL in Passing Yards by a HUGE margin. The Bucs hosted the Saints on Sunday Night Football. Godwin/Evans/Fournette all went down. Antonio Brown was not playing in that game, and Tom Brady was shut out for the first time in almost a decade. Bucs did not score a point. Just like that, the battle that we all went through to get to the Fantasy Playoffs was over.

Most Clients Draft Strategy looked like this.

1st Round Pick. Derrick Henry. Injured (Was on a record pace)

2nd Round Pick. AJ Brown. Injured

3rd Round Pick. Julio Jones. Injured

4th Round Pick. Dame Harris/Miles Sanders/Gus Edwards/James Robinson. Injured

5th Round. TJ Hockenson. Injured

6th Round Pick. Tom Brady. GOAT

*Only 5,000 Yard QB in the NFL *Week 17 time published & Only QB with 40 TD leads League*

It is never easy to win a Fantasy Football title when your first five picks have to battle injuries all season. All of these players missing a handful of games. You never want to make an excuse, but lessons were learned. Those lessons will be implemented in the 2022 Preseason BEAST Draft Guide.

As for me. I feel devastated. The whole mantra of BEAST DOME is to win your Championship. The last time the BEAST DOME NATION (Heavy Majority of Clients) & I did not win a Championship was when RGIII was injured back in 2015. I tried to rally the BD Nation with Joe Flacco (Best Season of his career) and Ryan Fitzmagic to go along with the BEAST Brothers of Arian Foster & Marshawn Lynch (Two of the biggest steals in Fantasy Football History that year). Though it was not enough as Arian went down as well.

I remember how bad it felt to not win a Fantasy Football League that season. I was very depressed about it. I remember I was walking down the Vegas Strip back to my apartment after Week 16 with tears in my eyes, nothing worst than starting the New Year off without a Championship and your clients in the same spot. Here we are seven years later and that feeling is back in my soul. I have a lot to be grateful for, but falling short of a goal is something you never want to deal with. However I decided I need to Trust the Process and do better next time.

The following seasons in 2016-2020 were nothing but Championships for all of us. I plan on bringing back that energy again, this time with even more BEAST defiance.

Instead of waiting for next September to win. I am deciding that we as the BEAST DOME NATION are going to start winning today in the Playoffs. You can be on my team if you want, and I hope you enjoy the ride doing so.


*If Interested in Early PLAYOFF BEAST access E-Mail [email protected]*

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