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Now is a great time to reflect, and recap the first half of the season:

Please post your testimonials with:

– Your current standing position.  (Team if you want)
– Some major moves that you made because of Beast Dome.  Or any great experience you want to share.
– A burning question about your team for the second half. (If you want)
– And just any other comments/thank yous.

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Thank you so much Beast Dome community for a great 1st half of the season.  We enjoy looking forward to helping you bring home that championship!


In case any of you are curious who is on Muntradamus’s fantasy basketball team.  Here it is.

12 Team ($$$$ Stakes). Roto & H-2-H. 7 Categories.

 Roto 1st Place: 66 Points (7 Point Lead). H-2-H. 1st Place: 37.5 wins (8.5 win Lead)

G: Mike Conley
G: Jarrett Jack
G: Jordan Crawford
G: Jeff Teague
F: Kevin Love
F: James Johnson
F: Paul Pierce
F: Antawn Jamison
C: Andrew Bynum
C: Al Jefferson

RES: J.R. Smith
RES: Jared Dudley
RES: Jameer Nelson
RES: Evan Turner
RES: Brandon Rush
RES: Bismack Biyombo
RES: Marcus Camby


  1. A) 3rd place in a 10-team h2h league.
    B) Added Gortat 2.0 and the move has helped me out tremendously so far
    C) Would Monta Ellis be a better fantasy choice or Al Jefferson for the second half of the season (I was offered a trade. I give up ellis)?

  2. Thank you Sam.

    Depends who your center is. If it is a clear upgrade to get Al Jefferson, then make the move. Jefferson will be a top 5 center the rest of the fantasy basketball season barring any injuries. Ellis should continue to put up 2nd round value.

    Glad you got Nikola, he should be great as long as the Wolves don’t make any major moves to bring in another big man.

  3. A) 5th place, 12 team league H2H 9 categories
    B) Added guys like Vasquez, Drew Gooden, Calderon when they were hot. Also I traded Calderon for Garnett, then Garnett for Lawson which helped.
    C) The trade deadline in my league is March 15, and do you think I have a chance to make a move from fifth place to get a better spot in the playoffs (8 teams) and win the league?

    PG- Kyle Lowry
    SG- Ray Allen
    G- Ty Lawson
    SF- Danny Granger
    PF- Kevin Love
    F- Corey Maggette
    C- Serge Ibaka
    C- DeAndre Jordan
    Util- Mario Chalmers
    Util- Jarrett Jack

    B- Greveis Vasquez
    B- Anthony Morrow
    B- Isaiah Thomas

    Free Agents in the league: L. Fields, J. Kidd, L. Odom, Varejao, E. Davis, Bayless, B. Haywood, G. Davis, C. Hayes, Derrick Williams, J.J. Hickson

    Any moves? Thanks a lot Muntra!

  4. A) 1st Place, in my head to head 14 team league, and am currently the only undefeated team.

    B) There were a lot of pickups I did throughout the season but the big one had to be Pekovic. Right now I’m holding onto Bayless with the hope that he too will blossom. The site especially helped me with a lot of trade offers that I got and in the manner that I dealt with them.

    C) I have Paul Pierce and Kevin Martin on my team. I’m afraid that when playoff comes and either of them don’t perform to potential(inconsistency) that it will hurt me. Should I try to move them? And if so, for who?

    This is my first time using the site and I found the articles to be extremely helpful. Trends before they trend and the evaluations on every player’s situation really influenced my decision on trades. Thank you for an awesome first half and I’m looking forward to more helpful advice on the 2nd!

  5. A) 3rd place (out of 12) (5-2), H-2-H, 13 Cat
    B) Traded Carlos Boozer for JaVale McGee for more reb/blk (punted FT), picked up Scola & DJ Augustin off waivers…My mistake this season has been hesitating and missing out on picking up players such as Lin and Pekovic. From now on, I will keep my eyes out and act quickly.
    C) 1. I have been trying to move Scola because he doesn’t provide me with much help, but I my offers have all been rejected. What’s a fair player to trade for him?
    2. Since I am trading Blake Griffin for Steve Nash, I will need some new bigs. You already recommended Andray Blatche. Should I also consider Spencer Hawes, or is he just not worth the uncertainty? Would he be able to come back and average his monster stats at the beginning of the season? When is a good time I should consider picking up Anderson Varejao?
    D) I really appreciate the advice on this site. I usually seek advice on my transactions between 4 or 5 sites. This and rotoworld are the most helpful.

    PG-Brandon Jennings, SG-Ray Allen, G-Marcus Thornton,
    SF-Nick Young, PF-Blake Griffin (pending trade for Steve Nash), F-Luis Scola,
    C-Dwight Howard, C-Javale McGee,
    Bench-Louis Williams, DJ Augustin, Marco Belinelli, Devin Harris, Bismack Biyombo

  6. Also, someone dropped James Johnson. Would it be a good idea to drop Marco Belinelli for James Johnson… Before Nash, my team most needed mostly assists/steals and some rebounds/blocks…. I’m in the upper half for points, 3’s.

  7. I’m currently in 2nd place in my division, 5th overall (top 6 make the playoffs with top 2 getting byes) in my 10 team H2H, 13 category league. Most teams ahead of me have had the luxury of playing a team who’s lineup hasn’t been updated since week two, so the standings are a bit skewed. The complexion of my team has changed greatly since draft day, with only four of my original players remaining. Muntradamus has helped me orchestrate the trades that brought me Ty Lawson, Tyreke Evans and Jamal Crawford. Most crucial has bee the help with timing the various moves that have benefitted me thus far. The Dome is an invaluable resource. Many thanks. My current question is, is there anyone on my team I should drop for Dorell Wright or Wilson Chandler. I feel like I’m thin at SF. Thanks again for all the great help.

    PG – Ty Lawson
    SG – Tyreke Evans
    SF – Carmelo Anthony
    PF – Kevin Love
    C – Nikola Pekovic
    U – Jamal Crawford
    U – Marcus Thornton
    U – Josh Smith
    U – Channing Frye
    U – Bismack Biyombo
    B – Ramon Sessions
    B – Jameer Nelson
    B – Jordan Crawford
    B – J.R. Smith
    B – Brandon Bass

  8. This site is hands-down the coolest thing since sliced bread if you love fantasy basketball insights. My happiest moment this year was picking a crazy team in a CBS draft a few weeks ago. Currently undefeated and I don’t think anyone can stop me.

    Points based h2h assists worth 2 points
    Bryant, Kobe SG LAL
    Irving, Kyrie PG CLE
    Jack, Jarrett PG NO
    Jennings, Brandon PG MIL
    Aldridge, LaMarcus PF POR
    Anderson, Ryan PF ORL
    Monroe, Greg PF DET
    Pierce, Paul SF BOS
    Gasol, Marc C MEM
    Thornton, Marcus PG SAC
    Reserve Players
    Rubio, Ricky PG MIN
    Gooden, Drew PF MIL
    Varejao, Anderson C CLE

    Would you start Rubio over any of my guards including thornton? he had a rough week last week. im hoping jack dominates and vasquez doesnt see any time

  9. Muntra, can you help me figure out what player i should drop for MarShon Brooks and/or Wilson Chandler?

    This is my team–2ppb 2pps and -1for shot miss. I have an 8 man league so its shallow.
    Brandon Jennings (seems like he’s on the decline)
    Danny Granger
    Kevin Garnett
    Nikola Pekovic
    Kyrie Irving
    Drew Gooden (worried about wrist issues)
    Kemba Walker
    Dwight Howard
    Joe Johnson (seems like he’s on the decline)
    Danilo Gallinari
    Blake Griffin
    DeMarcus Cousins
    Brook Lopez
    Isaiah Thomas

  10. Chandler got scooped up. The Top remaining FAs are Dorell Wright, Marcus Camby, Tony Allen, Greivis Vasquez, Devin Harris and J.J. Reddick. Thoughts?

  11. Thanks Christian it has been a pleasure helping you out this season.

    Being in the 5th spot, it is more important to win now than later. But I am going to help you do both.

    Your team is looking good for a strong 2nd half, and it appears Corey Maggette and Ray Allen are two people you can move to get a real stud at the forward position. If you combo those two in a trade, I would look to target the slumping Ryan Anderson.

    I feel Maggette will lose a lot of value when Gerald Henderson returns, and this is the time to trade him.

    I also think it is vital you get Bismack Biyombo. He is starting every game and by the time Mid-March rolls around he should be close to a must-start option with his block potential. He will be huge for fantasy playoffs.

    I would drop Anthony Morrow, but only if you are okay losing those 3’s. If not then Vasquez.

    Make sure Isaiah Thomas is a starter on your team. He is going to put up Jeremy Lin type production while starting.

  12. Great to see you are dominating your league Harry. I will do my best to help you win that championship.

    I would definitely hold onto Pierce. The Celtics are no lock for the playoffs, and when it comes to fight for that spot. Pierce is a guy you will want on your roster.

    Kevin Martin appears to be on the darkside of fantasy basketball right now, however he is far too talented to get traded at this point since his value is so low. If he starts to pick it up, I can see why you would debate to trade him for perhaps Tyreke Evans if Martin exceeds the value we expect.

    Glad to see the Dome is helping you out, and I will continue to be here for you all season long!

  13. Thank you Richard. I appreciate your comments in the previous post about being your go-to-site next to rotoworld!

    Luis Scola is a hard player to trade since he does not have a lot of attractiveness as a fantasy option. I would try to target David West, but you may be more inclined to go with a Chris Kaman. Either way you are not going to get a lot of value for a forward who is having trouble grabbing 6 rebounds a game consistently. Another thought is Tim Duncan.

    Seeing that you are in 3rd place, I would add Verjao now. Better to be safe than sorry, especially in a 12-team league. You do not want to face Anderson in the playoffs when you had the chance to get him. I do not like Spencer Hawes, the 76ers have developed their offense and gameplan all season long without the big man. The other Nikola from USC is looking impressive and should have an impact on any chances of Hawes having a productive 2nd half.

    Thanks again Richard and I will be here for you all season long.

    Definitely pickup James Johnson for Marco. James Johnson is Gerald Wallace 2.0, just watch out for Linas Kleiza coming back and stealing his minutes. Hopefully that is not the case.

  14. Thank you Thomas for the comments. Glad to see “The Dome” is helping you out. I will continue to do my best to bring you home that fantasy championship.

    Brandon Bass is a candidate for you to drop especially with the emergence of Chris Wilcox. Bass does not have a lot of upside as a low-end double-double is the best you can hope for with him. I would pull the trigger on dropping Bass and adding Dorrell Wright.

    Wright has been inconsistent, but if Steph Curry’s foot continues to be a problem then Wright would be an excellent option going forward.

    I do believe Devin Harris will bounce back, and if you wanted to you can drop Jameer Nelson for him. I would wait another week before making this move, but just know Devin is hot and it is something to watch closely.

  15. Thank you Mike for the comments. The Dome will continue to bring you that bread so you can win that championship.

    You have an amazing team, no question about it.

    I would debate starting Rubio over Jack, but as long as Jack is playing 30+ Minutes with no Eric Gordon on the court. Then I would continue to roll with “General Jack.” Rubio is a great option, and someone that is great to have on your bench for the time being. I just see Jack as being a more dominant player in his offense for New Orleans, than Rubio in Minnesota.

    Either way keep rolling your team is indestructible.

  16. I am worried about Drew Gooden’s wrist as well. On top of that Ersan Illysova has really developed into a strong player in this offense leaving Gooden with more likely than not less touches when he returns.

    I would drop Gooden and add MarShon Brooks who is seeing 35+ Minutes a night fair consistently and is a great offensive weapon.

  17. This is my first year of FB and I was doing ok, but finding Beastdome has made me less cautious about my moves

    I’m in 1st place in a 10 team h2h league. My record is 7-2. The biggest move I’ve made because of beastdome would be picking up Lin. It worked pretty well so far, but he’s definitely slumping the past few games. I also dropped Terry and added JR Smith.

    My team:
    PG: Jeremy Lin, Steve Nash, Kyrie Irving
    SG: Tyreke Evans, JR Smith
    SF: Antwan Jamison, Josh Smith
    PF: Ryan Anderson, Serge Ibaka
    C: Dwight Howard, Andrew Bynum

    I think my biggest week spots are:
    1. Ryan Anderson’s inconsistency
    2. My PG are overloaded and feel like I need a stronger SG
    3. Having multiple players on the same team. I would like to distribute so that I have more players playing per day rather than having players sit the bench on any given day.

    That’s my thoughts so far. My league isn’t huge on trades, but I’m willing to try. The waiver wire is still fairly loaded with good talent as well. So while I’ve done pretty good so far, I’m looking for moves to dominate the 2nd half. Thanks so far!

  18. Notable FA’s: Marshon Brooks, Wilson Chandler, Knight, Lou Williams, Jordan Crawford, Jamal Crawford, Wesley Matthews. There are more. The only droppable player at this point seems like JR Smith, but I could be wrong.

    Categories I don’t do well in include: FG%, FT%, TO
    My next worst would be PTS (6-3 record) and STL (6-3).

    Again, I think a big thing is spreading the most players across days so no one is sitting. Cheers!

  19. 1. 12 Team League (H2H 9 Categories) 7th Place in league. 8 playoff spots.
    My team
    PG- Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo
    SG- Paul George, MarShon Brooks, Nick Young, Landry Fields
    SF- Carmelo Anthony, Paul Pierce,
    PF- Brandon Bass, Thaddeus Young
    C- Andrew Bynum, Marc Gasol, Nikola Pekovic

    Are any of these players trade worthy? If so, should I get rid of them now, or wait until they have more value?
    Someone in my league offered me Deron Williams and Blake Griffin for Paul, Anthony, and Paul George. Should I make your move? Any other players you think I should go after? Thanks

  20. Not an expert here. You must pick up MarShon Brooks he is a consistent 30+ minutes starter. JR Smith is a 6th man on a very deep team.

  21. 4th out of 12 people.

    Brandon Knight
    Dorell Wright
    Greivis Vasquez
    Andre Iguodala
    Demarcus Cousins
    Al Harrington
    Greg Monroe
    Andrew Bynum
    Josh Smith
    Ty Lawson
    Trevor Ariza
    Rajon Rondo
    Tony Allen
    James Johnson

    recently, i’ve been losing in the fg%,3pts, fts, and TOs categories. what should i do sirs? Thank you very much sirs!

  22. Ahh I see,I didn’t think of it like that. I’ll hold onto Pierce then. Kmart on the other hand, I might try to deal him if he does pick it up. Thanks!

  23. Thanks Munho! It has been a pleasure helping your team out this season.

    Ryan Anderson should be fine, even in bad games he will still get you a couple 3PTM which is more than most forwards.
    You can trade Jeremy Lin for a stud SG. Maybe even Kevin Martin.

    Looking at those FAs.

    Jamal Crawford
    Brandon Knight
    MarShon Brooks

    Should not be FAs in any league.

    You can drop J.J.J.R Smithhhh for Crawford. Now that Crawford is starting you will get a guy who can score 20 a game, and possibly dish out 5 assists. He is a very dangerous option.

    I also like Mike’s suggestion about Brooks. However with Crawford you are getting someone who will give you assists on top of those points. Brooks could see a small decline in value now that Brook Lopez is back. Less shot attempts will be there for the Providence star.

    Lets bring home that championship Munho. I’ll be here to help you in the 2nd half.

  24. You can trade Marc Gasol now. His value will go in decline mode once Zach Randolph returns in a little bit. Right now for Marc you an get a superstar PF to help out that weakness.

    I would not make that first trade. Paul George is a serious fantasy asset, as you can see he made the Fantasy All-Star Team for a good reason.

    As tempting as the second trade is I would pass on that as well.

    Chris Paul is going to be a fantasy monster in the 2nd half of the season and you do not want to get rid of him for anyone. He is now comfortable with his team, and he knows his role with Chauncey gone. Joe Johnson is a big question mark this second half, he just does not seem into it this year.

    Check the waiver wire update later in the week and hopefully I can help you find your next talent.

    Lets get you into the playoffs!

  25. Thanks Kevin.

    Your team is solid. You can tell you lack big time scorers outside of your big men. Since assists do not appear to be an issue I would look to move Iguodala and get that big time scoring guy you are looking for. Potentially Kevin Martin.

    Check out the trade analyzer to help you figure out a trade.

    Keep pacing into the playoffs.

  26. 8th in 12 man league. Went from being last in the 1st week to moving up a spot every week, thanks for all the advice!

    heres my squad, any ideas for any trades or anything that would help my team? Ive been winning FG%, FT%, turnovers every week gauranteed plus every other category up for grabs

    Jose Calderon
    Rodney Stuckey
    Jared Dudley
    Darren Collison
    Demar Derozan
    Chris Bosh
    Lamarcus Aldridge
    Al Jefferson
    Andray Blatche
    Jason Thompson
    Vince Carter
    OJ Mayo
    Wes Matthews

    do you think Dejuan blairs gonna get more playing time?? he did pretty well in his 30 min performance

  27. Glad Beast Dome is helping you out Sam! We will get you into the playoffs one week at a time.

    I do not think Blair is going to get more PT unless there are injuries. Tiago Splitter was out for that game, and when either Splitter or Duncan sit, that is when you can expect a strong game from Blair. But even expecting a strong game sounds like a stretch. You are hoping for a double-double.

    Make sure to follow waiver wire articles I post to get your team stronger. I see a lot of droppable players on your squad. I would definitely try to trade Jose Calderon now before Jerryd Bayless becomes a huge threat to his PT and assists total. Use the trade analyzer to find the appropriate player. Or check out the latest article of the Guard Rankings.

  28. So I’m trying to work a 2 man deal trading away Bosh and Calderon like you said about calderons value going down.

    Here are some ideas what do you think would be the best for my squad?

    Either Iguodala and Cousins, or 2 of these 3 (Antawn Jamison, Tyreke Evans, Tony Parker) or 2 of these 3 (Rudy Gay, Nic Batum, or Boozer) or Nikola Pecovic and Kyrie?

    Please let me know, this is huge for my team I gotta make playoffs!
    Thanks again!

  29. Also I need to definitely drop vince carter for someone… Who do you think would be the best replacement?

    FA’s : Tristian Thompson, JJ Barea, Ben Gordon, JJ Redick, Tyler Hansborough, Evan Turner, Danny Green, Derrick Williams, Jerryd Bayless

  30. Here is my starting lineup for wednesday
    PG Russell Westbrook
    SG Stephen Curry (not sure he will put up good numbers when he returns)
    SF Corey Brewer
    PF Chris Kaman
    C Dwight Howard
    G Jose Calderon
    F Drew Gooden (really doing well for me)
    UTIL Jason Richardson
    Danny Granger
    David West (not doing well)
    Issiah Thomas ( should i trade hime for jrue holiday?)
    Kendrick Perkins
    James Johnson
    Richard Hamiliton

    Can you give me advise for each player and tell me their value in the 2nd half of the season

  31. Picked up Crawford. I agree he’s s good pickup since he’s starting now. He also diversifies my team a pit because Portland tends to play on different nights than players currently on my team (at least in the first half that was true).

  32. Bosh and Calderon will probably not land you any of those combos to be honest.

    The best chance of any of those trades going down is Batum and Boozer, though I would probably not make that trade if I was the other owner.

    Calderon’s value is very similar to Jrue Holiday range right now. Bosh’s value is very similar to Serge Ibaka. That is the low-end type of players you should aim for as the owners will probably bite at that.

    So here is what I would do if I were you.

    Trade both of them, for Cousins or Evans. If Tyreke gains F eligibility he would be one of the top guys at that position, a baby Lebron. Adding a superstar is huge, especially when you are in the playoffs.

  33. Tristan Thompson will be a beast down the line once the Cavs decide to give him 30+ Minutes. Grab him before it is too late.

  34. Would it be better for me to grab antawn + evans or tony parker? I feel like parker + antawns a bigger deal no? parkers a bit more consistent in my eyes but evans is getting to play shooting guard rather pg cuz of isaih so i feel hel do better now. whats ur input on that?

  35. Tyreke Evans now qualifies at forward. There are few forwards that can put up the versatility that Evans brings to that position which makes him an elite option.

    Tony Parker will lose some value when Manu Ginobili returns. Ginobili likes to handle the ball in his hands at times which will decrease the assist totals for Parker by a little bit. His scoring could take a hit as well.

    The best move hands down is to grab Antawn and Evans, you will not be disappointed.

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