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The TE position has never been deeper in Fantasy Football than it is in 2016. With players like Dennis Pitta, Jordan Cameron, and Jacob Tamme emerging from the grave. Fantasy Owners are cutting bait on their potential Franchise TE in Jared Cook.

Jared Cook is the closest thing to JerMichael Finley. The last productive TE the Packers had sine Mark Chmura back in the Favre ERA. Jared Cook is a special talent and can get down the field very quickly. Right now the Packers are really working on getting Jordy Nelson and Rodgers back in a groove, and Davante Adams is still a threat in the passing game. With so many options, it is easy for people to give up on Jared Cook, but I would not be so quick. The Packers need a big body BEAST who can catch balls over the middle of the field and move the chains. Rodgers is very shifty in the redzone and that could lead to an easy TD for Cook more often than not.

Even if Jared Cook does not perform in Week 3, you will see him waived in nearly all leagues as the Packers have their Week 4 Bye. The Bye Week will work wonders for that offense and we should see the vintage Rodgers that throws for 300+ nearly every game. When Rodgers starts getting his numbers, when Jordy Nelson goes back to consistently stretching the field. That is when Jared Cook will really shine.

By the end of the season, Jared Cook will be a Top 10 TE.



  1. Munt it seems to me that Jordy has lost a step and is not stretching the defense so far this year. Cobb too. Is Jordy just in recovery or are his best days behind him? Right now the Packers have a bad group of WRs and their coaching staff does nothing to help get guys open. No bunch formations, no motion. I mean they just spread out their wideouts and hope Rogers can pull a miracle and he is starting to show it. Things aren’t any better in Green Bay than last year. Lacy is still fat and ineffective and Jordy hasn’t saved the day. The team has no identity.

  2. I didn’t know 4.6 ypc is fat and ineffective…if anything i,have seen Lacy be the bright spot. Needs more carries.

  3. Packers are trying to incorporate new pieces of the puzzle and get Jordy Nelson going again. Jordy looked rusty Week 1, but showed more signs towards the end of Week 2. He will soon be 100%, this is like his preseason. Productive Preseason if you ask me.

    The bye week will do big things for that offense. Everything will be back to 2014 in no time, but even better with Cook becoming a constant threat.

  4. Why McCarthy won’t feed Lacy 20+ carries a week is so strange. Nobody would want to tackle that dude in the second half, especially when it gets cold.

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