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Important to note.  Rankings will change as I learn more throughout the preseason.  This is a good base to look at now and study.  The entire QB strategy article will be next Monday.  This is a good article to scope the talent and read my take.


It is important to get at least 1 QB from this tier in all Fantasy Leagues.  If you miss out on these QBs, your season is going to be a long one.  If you are in a 2 QB League.  You MUST DRAFT 1 QB from this list.  If you are fortunate to get your 2nd one in the 3rd Round, that is HUGE value.




Here is a perspective to remember about Peyton.  He will get his 300+ Yards with 2 TDs nearly every week.  Does not matter what defense he is facing, outside of Seattle.  What is important to remember, he wants to make it through this season healthy.  Montee Ball is a young RB who can take a lot of hits.  When the game is in Denvers control, Montee will be getting a lot of carries.  Peytons numbers will still be HUGE.  They will take a small hit.


Bottom Line: Hall-Of-Fame QB, you will be able to tell your grandchildren how you had Peyton on your Fantasy Team.

Low: 275 Yards/1 TD

HIGH: 400 Yards/4 TD





Packers talking about running a no huddle at a faster pace than Denvers.  Good news for Rodgers as he is still one of the best QBs in the game today.  Do not expect Rodgers to scramble this year as much as he has in the past.  Do expect those consistent 300+ Yard 2 TD games.


Bottom Line: No risk with Rodgers.  You know you are getting HUGE numbers every week.

LOW: 275 Yards/1 TD

HIGH: 430 Yards/4 TD



RG3 is going to be very lethal this year.  I am tempted to rank him #1 on FantasyPros and probably will once I see one preseason game.  Garcon/Desean/Roberts/Reed.  Those weapons stretch the field.  Stretch the field against RG3, and he will run for 80 Yards and a TD nearly every week.  That equals 14 Fantasy Points.  350 Passing yards = 14 Points.


Bottom Line: Look to draft RG3 in all leagues this season.

LOW: 250 Yards/1 TD/1 INT/30 Yards Rushing

HIGH: 350 Yards/3 TD/70 Yards Rushing/2 TD




Brees is a safe BEAST.  You can make an argument for him to be #1 just because he is so safe.  However I will put him at #4 as the loss of Lance Moore who was worthless last year will prove to be bigger than people think.  Defenses knew they had to guard Lance, now with that option gone.  Brees will be missing that piece and the same piece Darren Sproles brought to the table.


Bottom Line: A QB that will never let you down.  He is automatically a Top 5 QB nearly every matchup.

LOW: 275 Yards/1 TD

HIGH: 450 Yards/4 TD




Luck has strong weapons.  Wayne/Hilton/Nicks/Fleener/Allen.  The AFC South is the weakest division in the NFL.  Look for Andrew to put up big numbers as the Colts are looking for a long playoff run.  If someone takes RG3 earlier than you do, Andrew Luck is more than a fine consolation prize.  Not only does he run, but he has a gun.


Bottom Line: If RG3 was not going to be so huge, Andrew Luck would be the next guy I was promoting.

LOW: 275 Yards/1 TD/20 Yards Rushing.

HIGH: 400 Yards/3 TD/50 Yards Rushing



Strongest arm in the NFL.  Megatron has a new toy this year to finally get out of triple teams (Golden Tate).  Lions also added Eron in the 1st Round who could be the next Jimmy Graham.  Probably not this season before you get too excited.  Stafford will get his 4000 passing yards just because throwing the ball is what this team does.

Bottom Line: Safe BEAST QB.  Will get you the big games with little worry on Sundays.

LOW: 250 Yards/1 TD/1 INT

HIGH: 450 Yards/3 TD



Last season was a fluke for the Falcons.  Tony Gonzalez is gone, but Julio Jones is healthy.  Look for Julio and Roddy White to both easily get over 1,000 yards as the Falcons will be throwing often.  Matt Ryan is a safe 4000+ Yards.


Bottom Line: Safe QB with not a high ceiling.  Solid #1 who will fall in your draft..

LOW: 275 Yards/1 TD

HIGH: 400 Yards/3 TD


TIER 2 – The Good Backups

Look Fantasy Football is a long season.  Players hit hard.  If your QB goes down, you want a good backup.

Does not hurt to have insurance and get a good backup QB.  Be patient and your QB will come.  Cutler falls and more strategy on this later.




Alshon Jeffery is one of the most underrated star #2 WRs in the game today.  Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler is maybe the #2 connection in the NFL today.  Matt Forte and Martellus Bennnett are both active in the passing game.  Cutler has his weapons and should get in the 4000 yard category with 25+ TDs easily for the Bears.  Injuries and the occasional game Jay loses all of his skills is his downfall.


Bottom Line: Cutler will win you Fantasy Football games when you need him to.  Great backup to own.

LOW: 250 Yards/1 TD/1 INT

HIGH: 330 Yards/3 TD




Eagles offense and that no huddle makes Foles worth it all.  There is still flashes of his inconsistent play in 2013 that go through my head.  Still you have to go with the fact that he has no more Michael Vick barking over his shoulder.  This is Nick’s team, and you will let someone else reach for him.


Bottom Line: Desean Jackson is a bigger loss than other people are making it out to be.  He stretches the field and makes everyone else better.  Jeremy Maclin will have to make a big impact, which he should.  Still, let someone else buy the Hype.

LOW: 250 Yards/1 TD

HIGH: 430 Yards/3 TD




Romo and the Cowboys will be playing from behind all season thanks to the injury of Sean Lee.  Good year to watch Romo chuck the ball 50 times a game as any throw can be a big play or an INT.  Dez Bryant will get his jump balls, Terrance Williams will be getting his deep balls, Jason Witten will be getting all the dumpoffs.  Good year for Romo when the matchup is right, better QB#2.


Bottom Line: He is a QB#1 who turns into Brett Favre on his bad days more often than not.

LOW: 275 Yards/1 TD/3 INT

HIGH: 440 Yards/4 TD/1 INT





Hall of Fame QB no doubt.  He was able to put up a 4000 passing yard season with a weak WR group and Gronk out for a majority of the season.  Look for Touchdown Tom to be a smart veteran and play for the wins.  He will have his big games, but he will also have 250 Yard/2 TD games.  Those will not win you Fantasy Football Championships


Bottom Line: Don’t love his options enough to endorse you to draft Brady.  I’m sure his numbers will be great this season, but his upside is capped.

LOW: 200 Yards/1 TD

HIGH: 350 Yards/3 TD



The 49ers play to win football games, not for Colin Kaepernick to get Fantasy numbers.  Colin does not run nearly as much as we want, at least thats what we saw in the regular season of 2013.  The 49ers get an early lead and then run the clock out behind their big defense for 3 quarters straight.

The addition of Stevie Johnson and a full season of Michael Crabtree should help.  Still, the 49ers will not be throwing a lot in the 4th Quarter this season.  They are too good.


Bottom Line: Let someone else take the hype on Kaepernick.  Too risky for the QB position.


LOW: 150 Yards Passing/1 TD/30 Yards Rushing

HIGH: 300 Yards Passing/3 TD/50 Yards Rushing/1 TD




These QBs can play, but only if the matchup is right.  Do not depend on any of these QBs as your QB #2 this season.  It is important to get a solid backup QB from Tier 2.  It is a long football season.




McCown is a great QB who got little respect.  He was able to run the Bears offense to perfection when Cutler was gone, now he has a toy in Vincent Jackson as well as rookie Mike Evans.  Those are two HUGE targets with a healthy Doug Martin/Mike James behind him.


Bottom Line: McCown is going to have a good fantasy season that will be very underrated.

LOW: 250 Yards/1 TD/20 Yards Rushing

HIGH: 300 Yards/3 TD/40 Yards Rushing




Percy Harvin is going to be nice at WR.  He is not good enough to carry Wilson to being a good Fantasy QB.  Russell will run from time to time, but not nearly as much as you want.


Bottom Line: Wilson is a game manager not a fantasy Champion.


LOW: 200 Yards Passing/1 TD/20 Yards Rushing

HIGH: 275 Yards passing/3 TD/50 Yards Rushing/2 TD



Flacco is a good candidate to bounce back and actually have a good season.  The loss of Anquan Boldin was huge going into 2013, the addition of Steve Smith will make a difference.  Same with a healthy Pitta.  Look for Flacco to have a season going near 4000 Passing Yards and 20+ TDs.

Bottom Line: Should be a low-end QB#1 from week-to-week.

LOW: 250 Passing Yards/1 TD/1 INT

HIGH: 330 Passing Yards/3 TD/1 INT



Cam is only this high because of his name.  He has no weapons this year with Steve Smith gone.  Rookie Kelvin Benjamin has potential to be a stud.  Does not seem to have enough speed as of now.  Greg Olsen should have a good year, but hard to get consistency out of him.  Does not help he is still sore from ankle surgery coming into this year.


Bottom Line: Even though Steve Smith did not work out last year, it really will not work out for Cam who has no weapons and will have to run for short gains to save his life.  Panthers Football is about winning games 10-3.  More on him on BEAST DOME.


LOW: 200 Yards Passing/1 TD/1 INT/20 Yards Rushing

HIGH: 250 Yards Passing/2 TD/50 Yards Rushing/2 TD



I know Vick does not have the job yet, but when he does he will be a solid fantasy option.  Vick is good in any situation and Eric Decker is all he needs to be succesful.  Make sure you do not let him slip and draft him as a #3 QB.


Bottom Line: Draft Vick LATE.


LOW: 250 Yards Passing/1 TD/1 INT/30 Yards Rushing

HIGH: 300 Yards Passing/2 TD/1 INT/60 Yards Rushing/1 TD



Big Ben will make it work with any WR group.  Antonio Brown remains and Lance Moore joins in as the #2 option.  Big Ben has the weapons to approach 4000 Yards and it helps that Bell is a good pass catching RB.  Look for Big Ben to get his numbers some weeks, and then be QB #3 worthy other weeks.


Bottom Line: He is over the hill.  Ben will still have some nice games, but a lot of bad ones mixed in.


LOW: 200 Passing Yards/1 TD/1 INT

HIGH: 300 Passing Yards/3 TD/1 INT



What a horrible season for Eli in 2013.  The Giants improved their O-Line, but the BEAST DOME NATION is scared.  Hakeem Nicks is gone and Eli just looked horrible last year.  Even with a bad O-Line, he always made the worst decisions.  Cannot see any reason to draft him unless you are desperate for QB Depth.


Bottom Line: Hard to expect anything consistent from Eli. Just when you think he will be good, he will be bad.

LOW: 225 Passing Yards/1 TD/3 INT

HIGH: 330 Passing Yards/3 TD/1 INT



No more Jay Gruden (Washington) will make things tough for Dalton.  He depends on AJ Green for all of his fantasy numbers.  That is not appealing at all, I want a QB with weapons.  Not a QB who needs AJ Green to have 150 Yards/1 TD just for Dalton to get his numbers.


Bottom Line: Do not draft Dalton.  Overrated QB who lost his OC and depends on Green too much.


LOW: 200 Yards/1 TD/2 INT

HIGH: 350 Yards/3 TD/1 INT



Once you dip into this category.  It better be your #3 QB.  None of these QBs are players you want to lead you to a Fantasy Football Championship.  A big game will strike a few times this year for each QB, but nothing consistent.




Fitzpatrick has some nice potential with Andre Johnson and Andre Hopkins.  He could jump to the 4000 Yard club if he plays his game to the ultimate level.  Which is a Rich Gannon type.

Bottom Line: Not a bad #3 QB to own in all leagues.

LOW: 250 Yards/1 TD/2 INT

HIGH: 300 Yards/3 TD/1 INT




Not a Rivers fan.  His deep ball is garbage but most importantly the AFC West has a very tough schedule.  Look to avoid Rivers at all cost unless he is floating very late.  #3 QB at best.


Bottom Line: He will have his games, but he will have a lot of bad games as well.

LOW: 200 Yards/1 TD/2 INT

HIGH: 320 Yards/2 TD/ 1INT



Locker can run, he can throw.  He has some talented weapons.  The AFC South is an easier division than people think.  The problem with Locker is you just cannot depend on consistency.  Even in a good matchup, there is a lot of risk.  He should have his moments, but he will also have his failures.


Bottom Line: If you desperately looking for a QB late.  Locker can be your guy.


LOW: 230 Yards Passing/1 TD/2 INT

HIGH: 300 Yards Passing/2 TD/1 INT/50 Yards Rushing



Tannehill is a good young QB, still not ready to be a star.  There should be growth but his consistency is holding him back.  Far too many games that leave you feeling sick after his performance.  Not what you want from your fantasy QB.


Bottom Line: AFC East is tough, they play tough teams this year.  Tannehill has not shown enough yet.


LOW: 250 Yards/1 TD/2 INT

HIGH: 300 Yards/2 TD/30 Yards Rushing



Schaub can lose his job to David Carr at anytime.  Still, Schaub is a QB who can launch the ball with the best of them.  James Jones and Denarius Moore are nice wideouts who can get down field.  Look for Schaub to find them often.


Bottom Line: He will have his moments, should end up on every waiver wire by Week 14 when David Carr is the man.


LOW: 250 Yards/1 TD/2 INT

HIGH: 330 Yards/2 TD

TIER 5 – The Junk Yard

If you need a QB from this list on any given week.  Good luck.




How this guy is still in the NFL amazes me.  He is the best thing Arizona has since Kurt Warner, but he still throws blindly to Larry Fitzgerald.  Less than 50/50 shot he comes out with big stats each week and the loss of Andre Roberts (Washington) can prove to be a big blow.


Bottom Line: Palmer is like a Box of choclates that are already expired.


LOW: 200 Yards/2 INT

HIGH: 300 Yards/2 TD/1 INT



Hoyer is actually a good QB.  Manziel will likely steal the job at some point, but Hoyer can put up numbers in the right situation.  No Josh Gordon will hurt, but Miles Austin and Jordan Cameron can have their moments.


Bottom Line: Waiver Wire material

LOW: 240 Yards/1 INT

HIGH: 320 Yards 2 TD



Someone please give Bradford a weapon or two.  Hard to do anything with Tavon Austin/Jared Cook and a bunch of scrubs.  Bradford will have his moments, most of them will come when he is on the Waiver Wire.  Does not help he is in the NFC West.


Bottom Line: He needs a weapon to be useful.

LOW: 250 Yards/1 INT

HIGH: 320 Yards/2 TD



Manuel is like a bad version of Russell Wilson.  Roberts Woods and Sammy Watkins are good young NFL WRs.  They are not superstars yet and the Bills want to run the ball the first two quarters before they go to the air when they trail late.  Nothing to see here.


Bottom Line: Do not draft Manuel, not enough excitement.


LOW: 200 Yards/2 INT

HIGH: 250 Yards/2 TD/40 Yards Rushing



Alex Smith is a horrible QB.  This is the year the entire NFL will see it first hand.  He cannot get the ball to Bowe, and Donnie Avery is not a good enough #2 WR to talk about.  Alex Smith has a weak arm and will not be on anyones team who reads this.


Bottom Line: Horrible player

LOW: 150 Yards/1 INT

HIGH: 250 Yards/2 TD/20 Yards Rushing




Will not take long for Bortles to be the QB.  Jaguars are going nowhere this year, thanks to Chad Henne and his ability to lead a team to a win.  Not a good year to be a Jaguars fan as the team continues to rebuild.  Henne will be on every wire by Week 10.


Bottom Line: Do not waste your time.


LOW: 200 Yards/2 INT

HIGH: 300 Yards/2 TD/1 INT



Cassel will likely lose his job to Teddy Bridgewater very quickly.  Cassel really struggles to run an effective offense and the talent is not good enough for his weak arm.  Bridgewater will not be a lot better, but the case is.  Cassel will be handing the ball to AP as often as he can.


Bottom Line: Do not waste your time.


LOW: 175 Yards/2 INT

HIGH: 240 Yards/2 TD








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