By Muntradamus


The 2014 Fantasy Football season is now complete. Once again BEAST DOME continues to lead the way in Fantasy Football advice season after season.

While some of you may roll your eyes at that statement. Let me ask you this.

In 2013 the Draft Strategy was to grab Lesean McCoy and Marshawn Lynch. Grab Desean Jackson and Josh Gordon late. Grab Peyton Manning my #1 ranked QB, only site to rank him that high.

In 2014, what Fantasy Football site had a specific Draft Strategy of going after Arian Foster and Marshawn in Lynch in Round 1 & Round 2? Then go after a sleeper WR core featuring Jeremy Maclin/Golden Tate and Mike Evans?

The Answer is BEAST DOME.

Other Fantasy Sites told you to go after Jimmy Graham. Other Fantasy Sites wanted you to take Calvin Johnson. Other Fantasy Sites told you to go after the Consensus #1 and #2 in Jamaal Charles and Lesean McCoy.


Besides Arian Foster and Marshawn Lynch. BEAST DOME had probably the Three Best WR Sleeper picks of the season with Golden Tate/Jeremy Maclin/Mike Evans. The only non obvious names of the Top 15 along with Emmanuel Sanders.


While there were picks that did not work out like RGIII, the BEASTS outweighed the BUSTS as the BEASTS were truly dominant players that can carry your team.


While many want to point the finger at me about Montee Ball, even though every Fantasy Football website ranked him as a Top 6 RB this preseason. BEAST DOME was the only site to recommend C.J. Anderson at the time of the injury, and not Ronnie Hillman.



While every Fantasy Site was taking RBs like Giovani Bernard and Andre Ellington. You were building a BEAST dynasty in the early stages of your draft. The early/mid strategy was to go after Ray Rice this season as no site had him ranked higher outside of BEAST DOME. When he got suspended, there was a Leaked Forsett which led to Fantasy Football Gold.


When it was early in the year, and you needed to make trades. I told you buy Low and Sell High on a lot of key players that could have ended up winning you your league.


I know people hate on my predictions.
I know I have some of the most loyal dedicated Fans anyone can ask for.

To both of the above. Thank you.

The year of Arian Foster is now complete. I expect to see everyone next season as we BEAST 2015.























  1. Thanks to you I won $750 this year. I tell my friends how well I do in fantasy, but without you I would not be a winner. Thanks!

  2. In the past I followed the main stream, pay big bucks, websites and magazines. The problem with that is so do millions of other fantasy players, some of them are in your own league. What I needed was someone who actually watches the pre-season games, has a real touch for fantasy football and was willing to make some gutsy calls. Arian Foster is about as gutsy as it gets. Sure you hear Munt apologizing about his RGIII call but he also told us that if RGIII failed to reach expectations to use that waiver wire and trade, trade, trade.
    After a 2-4 start, mostly of my own doing, I started to pay attention to the players Munt told us to get. C.J. Anderson….what the f…ok Munt, I’ll believe in you. Every other “expert” said get Hillman. Now I had Arian Foster, Mark Ingram and C.J. Anderson on my team. Fantasy GOLD. I drafted Mark Ingram in the 9th round. Roddy White, Golden Tate, Matt Ryan, and Greg Olsen held my team together all season. I streamed D and Flex.
    I ended the season 8-5 and in the playoffs. Lost the championship game to Cam Newton and Le’Veon Bell. Thanks to Munt I got there. I’ll be back for a 2015 domination season.

  3. I stick with my man Munt because he covers all angles with strategy. My two years with Munt I have a championship and another near championship!! Very happy with him those are some fantastic odds.
    He works backwards like a strategiest should. He is a professional gambler in Vegas and maps out how he thinks the entire season will flow from his unique subject matter expertise. He forms a strategy by analyzing how players will perform each game factoring coaches, matchups, team styles, FA acquisitions, and strengths. He looks for diamonds in the rough for your draft, value picks, free agent beasts, and develops complete draft strategies. Just as important he tells you who the busts to avoid that can single handedly ruin your season!! He goes all in and is fully confident in his guys. When Munt hits homers on his picks they are 500 footers like Arian foster!!
    Munt is a creative, original, person and he is not afraid to go against the grain. The grain being the typical experts that all copy each other and are scared of making mistakes. Guess what those experts all make the same mistakes and tons of them. Their advice is so wishy washy how can you turn that into a strategy. And some of them even copy Munt and he will call them on it!! Go with Munt, make your life easy, get a clear battle plan with him, go win your championship!! Beast on!!!!

  4. Just want to thank Munt for another great season this year.

    Third season following the Beast Dome family did not disappoint EVERYONE questioned me taking Arian in the first round in both of my leagues, a month later it was known as the best first round pick in the league. Munt had my back the entire season, regularly checking in via Google Hangout to go through my rosters and the waiver wire looking for improvements.

    I finished 3rd and 4th place my leagues which was disappointing but never would have had a shot at the finals without his support and always bold rankings. If you want to follow the sheep go read Karabro or CBS Sports for their advice. If you want advice from someone that knows their research and isn’t afraid to go against the crowd join the Beast Dome family. This is the third season in a row I have at least made the semi finals in all of my fantasy football leagues, and there’s no question I’ll be back again next season.

    Thanks Munt!


  5. Once again, it was a very successful season for my team thanks to the great advice from Munt! I became our leagues’ first time multiple title winner and also the first ever back2back winner!! Thanks for the great advice Munt! For those who would get upset becuz of the RGIII pick, he offers advice not guaranteed victories. I had RGIII also but you have to be nimble and know when to severe a wounded arm to save the body. I guess it is also why you draft a serviceable back-up. Nonetheless, Munt’s advice on picks like Arian Foster, Jeremy Maclin, Emmanuel Sanders, and Justin Forsett played a pivotal role in helping me secure my 2nd championship on the trot.

    Thanks again for all your help and hope to see you when the Championship Parade arrives in a city near you!

    A Loyal BEASTDOME follower,

  6. What else can I say about Munt and Beastdome that hasn’t already been said before? Easily the best fantasy expert out there. With his help and beastchat I was able to finish 1st, 3rd and 5th in the 3 leagues I was in.

    I’ve been following this site for a few years now and I haven’t been disappointed. While every other site was pointing at Jamaal Charles, Munt was steering us towards Foster/Lynch. How many ppl can say they won their championship thanks to Charles?
    With the beastcasts and beastchat, I was able to survive the busts of RG3 and Montee Ball (although it was because they suffered bad injuries) and not only made the playoffs, but won a championship as well.

    Never afraid to go against the grain, Munt and Beastdome has made me the manager all my leaguemates hate to play against. I was a client this year and I’ll definitely be back again next year.

    Thanks Munt and as always, BEAST!

  7. I have just completed my 2nd season with Beast Dome. My first season ended up with 3 Championships out of 4, especially in my main league – would have been 4 of 4 if it wasn’t for weird playoff qualifying settings. My 2nd season wasn’t as good as I took over 2 teams in keeper leagues and had to rebuild those teams. However, I still made the playoffs in all 4 leagues. In my main league, we do an auction keeper league and unfortunately I wasn’t able to go with the Beast Dome auction draft strategy as most of the targeted players were kept or were going for way too much. However, I was still able to land late round sleepers for cheap to set myself up well for next year with great value keepers. Although I didn’t perform as well this year, I am going into next year with an amazing core of young keepers that will stay with me for many years and carry me to many future Championships.

    Beast Dome has given me a whole new outlook on how to analyze Fantasy Football. Even after getting kicked out in the playoffs, my buddy in my league came to me for advice and I was able to guide him to the Championship in our league using the knowledge I had gathered from Beast Dome.

    Thanks for your hard work, Munt!

  8. Munt is hands down.. THE BEST fantasy football expert out there, not even close. Forget CBS, Yahoo, ESPN, and Rotoworld…all of whom were advocating to get Toby Gerhart, Christine Micheal, Cordarelle Patterson, Rueben Randle, Terrence Williams, Alshon Jeffrey, while Munt advised us to get E. Sanders, JMAC attack, MIKE “THE BEAST” EVANS, GOLDEN “My hands are like Glue” Tate, Steve “Super Sayan” Smith Sr, and others. Other sites told us to avoid Arian Foster, Marshawn Lynch, and to snag Shady Mccoy and Jamaal Charles, while Munt advised us that Shady td’s would disappear (which they did), and that Jamaal would get banged up during the season due to the Chiefs brutal schedule, and that having Alex Smith as their qb in a tougher schedule, would reduce Charles chances of being number 1. Turns out, Charles become the 7th best rb in fantasy football, just like what Munt predicted.

    People will bash Munt for getting Rg3, but lets not kid ourselves, that team looked AMAZING on paper, and its too bad a lot of Rg3 was from injuring himself. Injuries happen and we cannot let that be the determining factor in whether to draft a guy or not. Look at Demarco Murray and Rob Gronkowski…hell even DARREN MCFADDEN lasted all year. Things like this, we can’t predict. Rg3 when healthy did not perform well, but that is why I had Joe Flacco and Fitzmagic on some weeks to keep my team afloat, just like what Munt advised…GET A BACKUP QB.

    I appreciate all the hard work, dedication, and value he gives us when we go VIP. From the Beastcasts, to Google Hangouts, no other fantasy expert is going this above and beyond for their customers. I am hands down going to be here next year, ready to BEAST. I am ready to see who the next star running back is going to be for us to pick, and what value Wrs we can steal from our rivals!!!! KEEP BEASTING MUNT!!!!!!!!


  9. This was my first year with Munt and I am definitely in for next year! This was my 11th year of fantasy and I was ultra ready for the draft for the first time. I really believe I didn’t win the title this year was because I drafted 12th of 12 teams and could not get all of Munt’s picks. We actually have some smart players in our league. I will definitely watch more of his Spreecasts because it had more good info in there than I could ever get elsewhere – not just who to take but who NOT to take. Finally, he even had backup plans for the injured players and not just handcuffs.

    I am polishing my trophy for next year already! Munt means fantasy wins!!

  10. This was my first ever fantasy football season. I spent some time trying to learn about the players on my own by reading what the “fantasy experts” had to say. My pool buddies tried to help me by telling me to draft guys like Toby Gerhart, Cord Patterson, Christine Michael, Bishop Sankey etc. I realized that everyone was just parroting the same crap I was reading on all the websites and figured I wouldn’t have much of a chance to win if I targeted the same players as everyone else.

    I stumbled on this site and started reading. Most of Munt’s advice flew in the face of what all the other “experts” were saying, but he backed it up with hard information and a logical thought process, and most of all, it’s clear that HE ACTUALLY WATCHES THE GAMES.

    I figured, “What the hell? This guy might be crazy but he knows a hell of a lot more than me about football.” So, I signed up for a preseason BEAST package. For the money, the value of this package is incredible… not only did I get access to his full set of rankings, but literally HOURS of spreecast content where he broke everything down and answered everyone’s questions.

    Following Munt’s advice and rankings, I had a good draft, made a couple of great trades and some key waiver pickups, and rode my team all the way to the championships. Unfortunately, I lost in the final week, but I won 9 weeks in a row to get there and was the #1 seed. Can’t complain too much about that.

    Needless to say, I will be back. BEAST

  11. I’ve been playing fantasy football for 11 years. Prior to discovering Munt / Beastdome 3 years ago, my track record included a mixed bag of seasons that were good, bad and mediocre. The only consistent thing about my fantasy football performance was, year in & year out, I was inconsistent. I started getting into FantasyPros & perusing that sites content when I noticed this purple werewolf looking emblem & the author’s name sounded like

  12. Nostradamus, the old prophet. I checked it out and since then my results have been great, consistently. Three years in a row I’ve been to my leagues championship game. I’ve lost 3 in a row but no one else in my league can say they’re as consistently dangerous as I am. And I owe it all to Munt.
    Muntradamus is the best expert in the business. He studies, analyzes and gives insight that no one else out there does. He gives thoughts, predictions, suggestions are strictly geared towards giving you the best odds of winning. Munt wants you to win. I know this first hand like so many of you in the Beastdome Nation know. We all truly feel that Munt puts his heart into us getting the wins. That’s why we are as loyal as we are to him. He gives us his all & we got so much respect and admiration for him as a result. This past year was the first I signed up for his packages (preseason package & playoff warrior package). The preseason package was so worth it it’s not even funny. You get so much info for such little cost. And the playoff warrior package was not only guaranteed championship or money back, but Munt was literally texting me moves to make and calling me on the phone to discuss strategy. What other expert out there does that? None. So much respect for you Munt. BEAST!
    can’t wait to Beast next

  13. First year here at Beastdome, I was hesitant at throwing more money at fantasy football this year but decided to try Munt’s Preseason Beast package. The knowledge I gained from this site helped me in every aspect of my league.Whether it is through the wavier wire or through buy low targets you acquire through trades Munt has you covered, he covers all aspects of fantasy football.
    My season did not go the best for me I skipped some of Munt’s main waiver wire targets and was devastated I did not follow them. If I would have followed these articles I would have succeeded in my league. Next year I will be sticking around with Beastdome and following ALL of Munt’s advice. Thanks Munt and the rest of the Beastdome community…………BEAST

  14. My passion for fantasy football stems solely from Muntradamus and his passion for the sport, his business, and his fans. This is my third year as a VIP with Muntradamus and BEASTDOME. Although this year my three leagues had less than desirable outcomes due to multiple unpredictable injuries (etc.), I still know that my investment in one of Munt’s VIP experiences was the best that money could buy. And, I will be back next year, the year after that, and so on regardless if I win my leagues or not. Here’s a little secret for you that you won’t receive from other fantasy expert services in the industry. You see, it’s the VIP experience that brings me back every time. That’s right, I value the Muntradamus experience over the win. Don’t get me wrong, winning my league is VERY important, and Munt has helped me bring home the three championships in three years. The quality of the daily content he delivers in so many formats is what I come back for and what I dream about both when the fantasy football season approaches an during the season.

    Bottom-line, Muntradamus has an industry-wide unique method of predictive analysis that involves various techniques coupled with extraordinary vision developed through years of statistical analysis, game theory and historical fantasy sports facts. Using these tools, he determines the most optimal/certain outcomes for you to win your championship and delivers this effectively through multiple media platforms and tools for your success. In my humble opinion, you cannot find another expert with his gift.

    Thanks again Munt. As always, I’m looking forward to another great VIP experience in 2015!


  15. 2014 was the third Fantasy Football season that I looked exclusively to Munt and Beastdome for any and all insight to my campaigns. I had never subscribed as a VIP in the past, but decided to up the ante. No more magazines, no other sites to subscribe to, just the purple and gold and ride ’til we die. I went ALL IN on the draft strategy in each of my leagues.

    I was mocked in my drafts for taking Arian 3rd, 5th, and 6th overall.By week three, I was in the basement of each league. I was beginning to lose hope… but, as in the past, Munt comes through, going above and beyond. Providing insight, guidance, and suggestions to ensure my waiver wire is set, my bench is deep, and my trades are always leaning in my favour.

    I finished first in one league, second in another, and missed the playoffs in the third by the smallest margin possible. All in all, a very successful year considering the first three weeks of the season, and the challenges anyone who followed the strategy likely faced. If it were not for the investment and confidence in Munt, I’d be in a much darker place!

    Here is looking forward to 2015 – the year of the BEAST.

  16. Where would my season be without beastdome and Munt, the wide receiver whisper?! Beastdome is unlike any other fantasy football site out there. Munt does his research and looks far and wide for the value picks and the diamonds in the rough. Contrarian to the core, his hidden BEASTS consistently yield fantasy gold. Following along in the preseason beast package I was able to stack my teams with the deepest wide receiver core in the entire league. Golden Tate, Steve Smith Senior, Jeremy Maclin, Mike Evans, were all had for peanuts. When things got tough mid-season and I was slipping due to injuries, I flipped Golden Tate and Andre Johnson for A.J Green and sailed away into the playoffs.

    I cashed in both leagues that I played in this year, even in one where I streamed a QB all season after RGIII went down; drafting Arian Foster and Marshawn Lynch helped carry me through the tough times! I couldn’t have done it without beastdome. I’ll be back for more in 2015.

  17. A lot of folks will talk about his gutsy calls or against the grain selections in the draft but the strength of Munt is in his wide receivers. Seems like every year he makes us all realize that you can wait on wr’s, take a QB in the mid rounds and get their with waiver wire guys or late round value guys like Steve Smith. He also practices some old school strategies that a lot of other experts don’t care to think about (take two rbs early, broncos rbs, jason witten, weeks 13-16 strength of schedule). I usually make the playoffs as a middle of the pack owner and then do great weeks 13-16 following Munt’s players and end up top 4 team in the league. He claims to make up his own rankings without looking at others. And regardless of what his expert ranking is on fantasypros or other websites, that is something I respect about him. To me, I feel like his honesty and enthusiasm is what sets him apart. And he will stick his neck out there if he has hope and love in a player. Thanks for the fun in 2014 on beast chats, lets get ready for 2015! Beast.

  18. Muntradamus…..Best Fantasy Expert on the Planet!!!!

    Beastdome and Munt’s advice is the only information I use to make any final decision on my team. Let’s face it in Fantasy Football it’s all about the draft. Granted you can find some hidden gems throughout the season, but if you don’t have a solid foundation you season can slip down pretty fast. That was especially true this year when we bumped up to a 12 man league.

    Munt’s draft strategy is a no brainer….it’s scary sometimes that I’ve been able to walk away from the past couple drafts with every player I expected or to get or players ranked higher. Yes I was RG3’d this year, injuries can’t be predicted and who would of thought Washington would be so dysfunctional. My fantasy team started out slow but still ended up being one of the top scoring teams in the league.

    I ended up in 4th place only two games out of first heading into the Championship. The crazy part is in most weeks I lost I would have beaten every other team in the League, except the one I was playing. I went into the Championship feeling good, won my way into the finals but unfortunately I lost the Championship by 1 point. (107-106)….ouch. Shame of it is that 106 would have beaten every other team in the league that week.

    I’ve had great success over the past 3+ years playing Fantasy Sports and my strategy is simple. All I do is follow Munt’s advice and rankings. Does he hit 100 percent of the time? Of course not, but show me a expert who does. Sometimes the players missed are still better than who I was going to pick up anyway.

    In Fantasy Sports you need a strategy, a plan and Munt makes it easy. Draft Strategy, weekly analysis, trade advice has helped me win the championship several times that missing by one point this year doesn’t hurt so bad. Munt thank you again for all your help, your commitment to your craft is very much appreciated.

    “The best fantasy expert you can be”….. Munt you are by far the Best Fantasy Expert!!!!

    Good luck with the NBA….see you when Fantasy Baseball Starts up….


  19. I won my league this year, and I can 100% say I couldn’t have done it without Munt. He truly cares about his clients and if you on the fence about spending the few bucks for his VIP Packages, I can tell you right now to pull the trigger. He makes the calls other experts are too afraid to make. I was 6th pick in my draft this year… Lynch was gone so I confidently took Arian Foster as the rest of my league laughed because Megatron/Peyton/Jimmy Graham were still on the board…. Foster single-handedly won me 3-4 games. Whereas any of the above players would have killed my season.

    Many people point to his Ball and RG3 calls as busts… however he told us to grab a QB 1-2 rounds after picking up RG3 due to his risk… I took Cutler – and as bad he was in real life, he put up as many 20+ point games with his garbage time and dump-offs to Forte as elite teir QBs and was all I needed with how stacked the rest of my team ended up being. ( I would also stream QBs on weeks where Cutler had shaky matchups) And as for Ball most experts recommended him in the 2nd round like Munt did AND Munt was the only expert I can think of who recommended CJ Anderson over Hillman when Ball went down, who was clearly the better back to own.

    After drafting a solid foundation team with sleeper WRs like Steve Smith SR in round 10-11, he continued to provide excellent advice each week on Waiver pickups and trades. Each week I was looking for value and sell highs or buy lows based on Munts advice and I ended up making the most moves out of anyone in my league. I got many compliments at the end of the season for my in season moves/trades which ALL worked out heavily in my favor.

    However, more than all of this advice which clearly helped a ton, what I really love about Munt is that he thinks outside the box and he is not afraid to go against the common thinking. I thoroughly enjoy reading his articles and getting inside his head and have learned so much more about fantasy football just from learning from him, which has also made me more comfortable in making my own gut calls. He has single-handedly made fantasy much more enjoyable, which is easily worth the cost of VIP alone.

  20. I have to give Munt props…I really thought he was nuts recommending A Foster & Lynch. I was close to pulling the trigger on those guys on draft day but just couldn’t do it.

    Let me add, it’s just so happens that the guy that won our league had a backfield of guess who…? Yep, Lynch & Foster…

    Yes, Monte Ball burned me…Second year in a row it that the Broncos backfield offered fantasy value…I just didn’t come from Ball. I think it’s obvious at this point that Ball just isn’t a great fit in the Broncos offense.

    I’ll be paying more attention to Munt next year, especially at draft time. My draft killed me this year as my team faltered the first 4-5 weeks of the season and put me in a hole.

    I hope Munt offers a little more favorable pricing structure and I’d be on board. Or offer up a draft kit of some sort for $20-$25…I’ll be in.

  21. Upon my third year returning to the Dome I had my best team I have ever had thanks to the one and only Muntradamus. His advice and strategies are by far the best out there. No way will I ever stop coming to this site or using his VIP services. Now the first two years here at the Dome I won the Championship in my big money league. This year however I did not make it to the playoffs due to RG3 getting injured and I went into panic mode and give up on Tom Brady a week too early which I still regret. This lead me playing hot potato with the waiver wire QB’s. Even with that mistake I still was fighting for a playoff spot until I had a bad week where I did not set my lineup correctly and failed to substitute a player who was on a bye. This was not Munt’s fault and if I hadn’t made it I would have easily burned everyone in the playoffs. This year a lot of people were coming into the chat blaming Munt for their loss or because he told everyone to draft Montee Ball and RG3. Munt cannot predict injuries and as much as I hate to say it without Munt I would be no where near the Daily Fantasy player let alone the FF League player I am today. My team, with the help of Munt, came out to be a BEAST of a team which looked like this: My QBs: RG3/Brady RBs: A. Foster/Lynch/Alf. Morris/S. Greene WRs:Cobb/A. Johnson/J. Maclin/S. Smith/S. Watkins TE: Witten/The Unicorn K: QB/K Strategy DST: Denver/Streaming. Like I said BEASTDOME is the place to be and Munt’s VIP service is worth the money. Expensive yes but the return on that investment is well worth it in my opinion. Another thing to take away from being a VIP is that you learn strategies that no one else is promoting and Munt’s BEAST picks are legendary. Of course I will be returning for the 2015/2016 season and I will continue my reign during the NFL season. During the season some call this place the BEASTDOME, some call it the DOME, well my friends I call it my HOME. BEAST ON!

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