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This season we will be tracking TEAM BEAST DOME as it competes for its chance for $100K.  The players on this team were developed and created by the Muntradamus.NET strategy and many VIPs have the exact same team and players.  In fact every single VIP has at least 10 players from this team.


NFFC LEAGUE. 12 TEAM. 20 Rounds

$100K Global Prize. $1,500 1st Place.



There is Team Edward.  There is Team Jacob.  As a group of BEASTS, we all fall in the same boat as Team BEAST DOME.  Many of you have similar players to this team above, in fact I guarantee you all have at least three of the players above.  Here is how I got this team.


It was Friday Night.  Yahoo just published more hate articles on RGIII and Arian Foster earlier in the day, I knew it was my time to strike.  I sent an E-mail to my friends at NFFC for a Team, and my wish was granted for the Rotowire Championship.

With the 9th pick in the First Round, I grabbed Arian Foster.  I patiently waited for the Snake to come around only to find Marshawn Lynch falling in my lap.  Players like Jordy Nelson and Julio Jones went in front of Lynch, could not believe it.

In the 3rd Round I just missed out on Doug Martin, settled with Andre Johnson who pairs up beauitfully with Arian Foster.  As I waited for the draft to come back to me, I was hoping Vincent Jackson would fall.  He went one pick ahead of me, so I settled with Lamborghini Percy who pairs up nicely with Marshawn Lynch.  Just like that my base has been created.

In the 5th Round I knew I had to grab RB depth, Ray Rice and his 2012 potential looked too sexy to pass up.  He is the better RB by far this preseason in Baltimore, and the concussion to Pierce will change the goal line stand in Baltimore for Rice 70/30, at least. In the 6th Round I reached a bit for Steven Jackson considering how far low he was on the list, at the same time I cannot pass up his potential in the Falcons offense.  For all the haters that think S-Jax is done, you are not giving him a fair chance.  This is a guy who the Falcons paid tons of money for and he was less than 100% as soon as he hurt his groin in week 2, then Julio Jones went down which changed the entire dynamic of this team.

The fact S-Jax became a TD machine at the end and now Julio Jones is back along with this quote from S-Jax. “I want to give the Falcons Fans what they were expecting in 2013.”  I’m all in on S-Jax having a big season, JacQuizz is the #2, and Devonta is the #3.  Both JacQuizz and Devonta are small change of pace RBs.  S-Jax is a 3 down back.

In the 7th Round, RGIII fell to me.  I was nervous he wouldn’t, but the Yahoo/Espn/CBS culture really has all the goats doing what they say.  In the 7th Round, Carlos Hyde was drafted by another team.  It hurt, but at the same time I am fine with my 4 RBs.

After this, I went on a WR spree and ended up with a solid cast of players who can rotate in my WR#3 slot along with my Flex if needed.  100% confident in my WR core, just missed out on Jeremy Maclin by a few Picks which would of been an automatic $100K.  Regardless, I am happy with my unit.  Richard Rodgers went in Round 10, which is too early for my blood.  Steve Smith went very early as well, I decided to draft Boykin ahead because of his potential with Aaron Rodgers.  I settled with Martellus Bennett in the 14th Round.  Shonn Greene was a steal in the 15th Round.  QB/K at the end was icing on the cake.  Kai Forbath is owned in only 1% of Yahoo Leagues.  That 1% is probably all of the VIPs.

This is how Championships are built.

After this draft, I decided to find the 2nd strongest team in the league after everyone was trash talking in the draft room.  People saying my team was garbage was laughable.  I heard lines such as, “Look at my WRs Bro.”  From this team.


Instantly I started laughing at his team pointing out he will have no RB #2 by Week 5 once Hyde takes over for Gore.  I pointed out my backup QBs can do better than Cutler any given Sunday.  I pointed out he has easily has one of the weakest benches in Fantasy Football History.

His response.

“Arian and Marshawn Lynch are both over the hill.”

That’s when you know its not even worth your time to talk back as this guy clearly just reads what ESPN/CBS/Yahoo tell them.  I will happily take his money.

The 2nd place team goes to.


Don’t get me wrong.  I would take my team 100x over this team any day.  My RBs blow his out of the water as he lacks a true Top 10 RB at the moment.  He also hs a huge injury risk in Gronk who can make or break his team.

Regardless this guy took three of the picks I was looking for.  From Carlos Hyde to Jeremy Maclin to Vincent Jackson.  It does not help me he has Megatron and Aaron Rodgers as those guys can take over on Any Given Sunday.  It also helps that his RB depth is not strong as a lot of it depends on injury.  Also helps that he has Toby Gerhart on his team who is easily the BUST of the SEASON.

Like I have been telling all of you this preseason.

RBs Do Not Grow On The Waiver Wire.

Every Sunday there is at least 1 WR on your waiver wire who will have 80 Yards/TD.  Probably more than 5.  To find that on the waiver wire for the RB spot is extremely rare.  There will probably be 5 RBs to jump on total this season off the wire.


  1. Munt!!! Love it. Stuck with your plan. Ended up with
    Julio Jones
    Ben Tate
    Jordan Reed
    I believe in the beast.

  2. This sweet. I’d wish you luck, but you don’t need it Munt.

    Ended up with both RGIII and Romo. Both have potential to do better than expected this week…suggestions? Leaning towards Young Griff.

  3. I have the same decision to make, except I have Brady instead of Romo. What to do? I like Bob, but is week 1 too early for him to have digested the Gruden playbook/scheme? I will probably go on faith and play Bob.

  4. The thing I like about Marshawn and Arian, is they don’t give a shit. Marshawn, brushes the media off with one or two word sentences, and Arian tells them he’s “just tryin to be the best teammate.” The speak volumes with their play though. People look at last season and think ZOMG, Marshawn is on the decline and Arian is hurt and suckin butt. Well guess what, Marshawn did what he did last season with a fucked up O line and Arian was hurt, had surgery to repair the hurt, and now is gonna be fresh as can be. That Seattle O line looked amazing last night against Green Bay and I suspect that Marshawn will be making all his fantasy owners very happy because of that very fact. Also, lets not forget that healthy Percy, scares the shit out of teams, giving the entire offense way more opportunities. Bill O’Brien, today, just said Arian will be playing a lot, and he going to get the bulk of work. Muntradamus = Nostradamus. Thank you sir!

  5. Here’s the team I ended up with, love it!

    RB: MCCoy/Lynch
    WR: Cobb/S. Smith
    TE: R. Rodgers
    RB/WR/TE: S. Jackson
    K: Graham
    D: Chi
    BEN: Greene/Grimes/Hyde/B. Tate/J. Gordon
    RES: Prater

    Yes I have 2 kickers, but couldn’t resist stashing Prater on the RES spot for chuckles :-)

  6. Team
    QB: Ryan/RGIII
    RB: Peterson/Ball (had third pick thought Arian was going to be there : ( bad call)
    WR: Julio Jones/A. Johnson
    TE: Reed(hurt so had to pick up Allen)
    Flex: SJax
    BEN: Tate/Hyde/Greene/Decker/Evans/Gordon
    DEF: Patriots
    K: Bryant

  7. Team:

    QB – Cutler/Brady (missed out on RG3, on waivers now so will try to get him)
    RB: Foster, Ball, SJax, Hyde
    WR: Jordy, Cobb, Andre Johnson, Steve Smith, Gordon, Boykin
    TE: Witten
    DST: Patriots
    K: Gould

  8. QB: Jay Cutler, RG3,
    WR: Roddy White, Cruz, Golden Tate, Boykin, Steve Smith, Kenny Britt, Josh Gordon
    RB: Aria Foster, Montee Ball, Carlos Hyde, Trent Richardson
    TE: Jordan Cameron
    DEF: Broncos
    K: Forbath

    RB: Ball/McCoy/Morris/Hyde/Helu/J Rodgers
    WR: White/Boykin/Austin/Gordon
    TE: Witten/R Rodgers
    DEF: Patriots
    K: Forbath

  10. Beast team this year! Not even worried about week 1, full trust in Munt!

    QB: RG3 and Cutler
    RB: Foster, Ball, S-Jax, Doug Martin and Hyde
    WR: Cobb, Decker, Decker, Benjamin, Smith Sr and Gordon
    TE: Cameron
    DST: Patriots
    K: Forbath

  11. QB: RGIII
    RB: Lynch/MCCoy
    WR: Cobb/S.Smith
    TE: R. Rodgers
    Flex: SJax
    BEN: B. Tate/Hyde/Greene/Grimes/J.Gordon
    DEF: Bears
    K: Graham
    RES: Prater (stashed on IR so not taking a bench spot)

  12. Qb: rg3/cutler
    Wr:cobb/r.white/djax/Boykin/smith sr.

  13. My first fantasy season – below is my NFFC team as drafted:

    QB: Griffin / McCown / Flacco
    RB: Foster / Martin / Bush / Rice / SJax
    Blount / K.Carey / B.Bolden
    WR: A.Johnson / DeSean / Evans / S.Smith /
    Boykin / M.Austin / L.Moore / B.Quick
    TE: V.Davis / M.Bennett / M.Rivera
    DST: Broncos / Bears
    K: Tucker & Kai


  14. This is my NFFC Team as drafted based on Munt’s Beast strategy:
    RB: Lynch/Foster
    WR: Boykin/Jones/Austin
    TE: Cameron
    Flex: Greene
    BEN: Welker/Hyde/J.Brown/J.Gordon/Bostick/Jquizz/T-Rich/Moore/Ivory/Romo
    DEF: Denver
    K: Forbath

  15. QB: Rodgers/RG3
    RB: Foster/S-Jax/Rice/Hyde
    WR: Johnson/White/Maclin/Evans/Boykin/S.Smith
    TE: The Unicorn
    K: Crosby
    Def: Texans

  16. Here is my main Team. 12 Team CBS standard league. Drafted 8/30/14. No Flex. 2RB, 2WR.

    QB: RG3/Josh McCown
    RB: Arian Foster/Reggie Bush/SJax/C.Hyde/Justin Forsett(Ray Rice previously)
    WR: AJ Green/Golden Tate/Jarrett Boykin/Steve Smith/Mike Evans/Kenny Britt
    TE: Vernon Davis/Richard Rodgers/Jermaine Gresham
    DEF: Texans
    K: Kai Forbath
    IDP: DeMarcus Ware

  17. This is my 20 Team, 30 roster spot 2 QB dynasty team (original draft).
    QB: Cutler/Fitzpatrick
    RB: Montee Ball (Keeper)/SJax
    WR: Boykin/Britt/James Jones
    TE: Richard Rodgers
    Flex: Hyde/Jacquizz/Quick
    Off Bench: Shaun Hill/Ray Rice/Bostick/Bolden
    K: Gould
    DST: Miami
    Bench: Oakland/Bullock
    IDP: Church/Spikes/Cyprien/Berry/Reid/Allen
    Def Bench: Tillman/McCoy/Landry/Suh/DJ Swearinger

  18. Beast Team. I departed from the strategy a bit but still ended up with a Beast Dome Team. 12 Team NFFC league.
    QB- Stafford/RG3(10th RD)
    RB- Lacy, Foster, Morris, TRich, Hyde (and other Handcuffs)
    WR-VJAX, Gordon, S.Smith, Austin, Hartline(weak but if gordon comes backs it is over)
    TE- Veron, Olsen(11th rd bargin)
    Def- Denver
    K- Suisham

  19. QB: RGIII, Flacco
    RB: Foster, R Bush, Rice, Hyde, Greene
    WR: Marshall, A Johnson, Colston, Evans, S Smith
    TE: Gronk, Rodgers
    DST: Bears
    K: Forbath

  20. QB: RG3
    RB: Foster/Ball/SJax
    WR: Cobb/Fitzgerald
    TE: Bennett
    D/ST: NE
    K: Gould

    Ben: Greene/Hyde/Tate/Gordon/Boykin/Cutler

    Thanks Munt

  21. QB: Romo
    RB: Foster/Martin
    WR: VJax/Maclin
    TE: Gronk
    D/ST: NE
    K: Dawson


  22. QB: RG3
    RB: Lynch/Foster/Ball
    WR: Roddy/Maclin
    TE: Gates
    D/ST: NE
    K: Forbath

    Ben: Tate, Greene, Edelman, Gordon, Bradshaw

  23. 12-Team, 0.5 PPR w/ keepers.
    QB: RGIII, Romo
    RB: Foster, Murray, T-Quizz, Hyde, Bradshaw
    WR: DJax, Colston, Boykin, S Smith, Josh Gordon
    TE: Gronkowski, Bostick
    DEF: Patriots
    K: Forbath

  24. 14 Team .5PPR

    QB: RG3/Flacco
    RB: Foster/Lynch/Ball/Greene/Grimes
    WR: Gordon/Bowe/Hopkins/Britt/Austin
    TE: Witten
    DST: Tampa Bay
    K: Forbath

  25. QB: RG3/ McCown
    RB: Foster/ Peterson/ T Rich/ C. Hyde/ J. Grimes/ M. Asiata
    WR: Cobb/ D Jackson/ M. Evans/ M. Wheaton/ J. Boykin/ M. Austin
    TE: K. Rudolph/ J. Gresham
    K: M. Bryant
    DST: Chicago/ Tampa Bay
    CB: C. Tillman/ A. Talib

  26. 14 team PPR League

    QB: Luck, McCown
    RB: Foster, Ball, HYDE, R Jennings
    WR: BMarsh, Boykin, Keenan Allen, Kenny Britt
    TE: Jordan Reed, R Rodgers
    DEF: Broncos
    K: Vinatieri

  27. Team1




    Te: WITTEN

    DEF: HOU


  28. TEAM 2

    QB: RYAN






  29. QB: RG3/Kaep
    RB: Foster/Ball/Hyde/SJAX/Tate/West
    WR: Andre Johnson/Harvin/Golden Tate/Steve Smith/Boykin
    TE: Rudolph
    K: Kai Forbath
    DEF: Pats

    QB: RG3/McCown
    RB: Foster/Lynch/Morris/Hyde/SJAX/Forsett
    WR: Maclin/Colston/Golden Tate/Steve Smith/Boykin
    TE: Reed/Gresham
    K: Kai Forbath
    DEF: Saints/Bucs

  30. QB: RGIII / McCown
    RB: Foster / Lynch / Hyde / Richardson / Bradshaw / Grimes
    WR: Johnson / Tate / Smith Sr. / Austin / Gordon
    TE: Witten
    D: Chicago

  31. Team: Taste the ReignBEAST
    QB: Stafford/Cutler
    RB: Foster/Lynch/Martin/SJackson/Hyde
    WR: JNelson/AJohnson/GTate/Boykin/JGordon
    TE: Cameron
    D: Denver
    K: Freese

  32. QB: RGIII
    RB: Peterson/Foster/ Ivory/Rice (dropping Rice to claim Ben Tate or Forsett)
    WR: White/Nelson/Smith/Colston/Tate
    TE: Cameron/ Walker
    K: dropped Forbath and picked up Shayne Graham
    D/ST: Buffalo (changes weekly depending on matchup)

  33. In a 2 QB League:

    QB: RGIII/Stafford/Flacco
    RB: Foster/Ball/Hyde/B.Tate
    WR: Colston/A.Johnson/G.Tate/Evans/Boykin
    TE: Witten
    K: Forbath
    D: Denver

  34. QB: RG3/Cutler
    RB: Foster/Ball/Bell/Hyde/Greene
    WR: Cobb/DJax/Boykin/Welker/Gordon
    TE: Witten
    K: Forbath
    Def: Bears

  35. Standard League my Drafted team:

    QB: RG3/Ryan
    RB: Peterson/Foster/Morris/Pierce
    WR: Cruz/DJax/Smith Sr./Boykin/Gordon/M Wallace
    TE: Cameron/Rodgers
    K: Bryant
    DEF: Houston Texans

  36. Team Name: BarbARIAN Revival


    RB: Foster/Martin

    WR: V-Jax/Roddy White/ DeSean Jackson

    TE: Richard Rodgers (dropped for Greisham – might add Bostick)

    K: Kai Forbath

    D: Houston

    BEN: S-Jax/ C.Hyde/S.Smith SR/J. Boykin/J.Cutler

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