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It is never a good start to an article when I can’t even find an image of the player batting with his new team, but this case is special.

One of the All-Time Favorite catchers for all members of the BEAST DOME Fantasy Baseball community is easily..J.P. Arencibia. If J.P. was still on the Blue Jays with this line current lineup of Tulo/Donaldson/Bautista/Encarnacion, J.P. would be an automatic Top 5 Catcher. Things are different though, J.P. who played hero for the BEAST PLAYOFF WARRIOR PACKAGE IN 2014, is now the starting catcher for the Tampa Bay Rays, for now.


With Curt Casali hitting the 15 Day DL with a Hamstring issue, J.P. Arencibia was called up a few days ago to split time with Rene Rivera. While Rene Rivera is not that talented of a player, J.P. Arencibia is a BEAST with the Bat. He has yet to have his favorable matchup, as well as enough starts to get in his zone. The Rays have been non-committal if J.P. is going to be the guy, only because J.P. has not shown yet in his limited 9 At-Bats where all that power is stored. Once J.P. hits one, the rest will start to fall.

J.P. is still showing off that BEAST power in the Minors this season with 22 Bombs. He is not hitting over .225, but the Power alone makes him worth every penny. Look at J.P. as a Mike Zunino on BEAST MODE type of player.

Now before you get too excited and jump all over your Waiver Wire to add J.P. you have to remember a few things.

1. J.P. Arencibia is still outside of the Top 10 Catchers. Until the guy hits a HR, he is nothing more than a player that sits in the Waiver Wire.

2. Brian McCann the original catcher I had all VIPs draft and Ranked Higher than Every Expert is still the catcher to roll with, if you have him.

3. J.P. Arencibia is such a Deep Sleeper, even Deep Leagues will probably consider letting him sit on the Wire if he goes down.

So why am I telling you all of this? Because from time to time I like to help out my loyal fans and haters (who are deep down fans) and give them a nice player to use in Daily Fantasy Baseball who will win you a Large GPP before the season is over. I am also telling you this because the BEAST FRANCHISE CHAMPIONSHIP is going to be starting Friday September 4th, more news on that will be all over BEAST DOME as we get closer to the date.

While J.P. Arencibia is definitely a good Daily Fantasy Baseball Sleeper, J.P. is also a very good player to have if your team is dying at the Catcher Position. Just make sure to add J.P. when he hits a HR in Deep Leagues, once he hits 1..before you know it he has hit 6.



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