FANTASY GOLF WGC Workday Fantasy Fiesta


WGC Workday Fantasy Fiesta

By James Dalthorp III


As a long time competitor and fan of the game, it’s not easy to think about the future of golf right now with Tiger Woods recent accident on our mind. But with the knowledge of all the great comebacks that each of the world’s best players have had, I’m hopeful that Tiger keeps going up and down the fairway over the next few years.

I know first hand how hard it can be to battle physical issues and compete on a pro level in this game. Just walking up the fairways is tough enough for the caddy – who doesn’t even hit any shots. My cousin knows this well, caddying for me in the Fort Smith Classic last year. And he was a basketball college at the D1 college level. So, Tiger… I’m praying for you. I didn’t like the interview at Genesis on Sunday and how this thing has transpired. But we know regardless of the outcome that the positives and great enthusiasm that Tiger has given us as fans, there’s a level of priceless appreciation we all have for what this dude has shown us. He made golf fun. He brought athletes to a great game that most of us know is the most physically forgiving through the years. I hope that remains true for T Dub.

This week is a WGC event for the big boys (small ball is in Puerto Rico). Similar to Mexico, this WGC setup will be tricky around the greens and a little more tropical. It’s a brand new venue, but I think the course makes a lot of the same demands.

1. Will Zalatoris

The US Open where Bryson one had one other standout performance of note besides Matt Wolff – and that was the top five from Will. He’s been quietly trending in the right direction and why not a win here? Will’s been firing on all cylinders at the courses that have this type of fall off on each side of the green. He’s proven to be a shot maker and this event tends to play firm and fast. I also like a young dude at this altitude in this heat to take the trophy home.

2. Dustin Johnson

Dustin could beat this field by 20 shots. But I think his game right now is on autopilot. He won’t make a ton of mistakes this week but I don’t think he’ll be 100 percent. Coming off the jet lag in his win at Dubai and having a week to get used to the heat again, I think this will be a welcome chance to tune up and get ready to defend the next major (and go back to back at the same event and in majors – which has never been done). He’s won here and this was the site of his biggest struggle last year. HE turned it around fast. It’s a checkpoint.

3. Cameron Smith

Breakout performer of the year. Been saying it for a while. The short game of this dude is off the chain. Kid makes everything he looks at – and seems to have the kind of focus that revs up when it gets dried out and windy. This is an event where the conditions dictate a lot of hardpan and firm bounce driven wedge shots. I’ll take Cam off that dirt all day.

4. Scottie Scheffler

Scottie just needs a little change of scenery to get his groove back. He’s had some ups and downs so far this season. But he’s way too talented to stay dormant like that. This event tends to give someone who strikes their long irons well a lot of room to run and fly. He should hit the ground running and I think the Texan will be at home. Somehow Jordan Spieth is an alternate this week. So Scottie should appreciate that as the highest ranked longhorn.

5. Joaquin Niemann

Knocking on the door, Niemann goes yard in the no – cut events. This one should be no different. He’ll let loose and make a ton of birdies. And that’s what you need in this format. His trajectory control is the best of the best. I’d even argue he’s the modern Sergio. He’s still coming into his own. But I think with the variety of creative shots he can play, this should be a welcome event for him to explode.





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