Week 13 Muntradamus Rankings Results

Week 13 Fantasy Football Rankings Results

By Muntradamus

How did I do?

I’m sure before any of you can trust my analysis week after week you want to see how accurate I was.  To show you I am going to break down the scoring average of the entire tire (scoring based on standard leagues) and give you the High/Low player for each tier with some analysis.  Enjoy, and you can cross reference my rankings by following the link below.  My week 14 rankings are coming Wednesday, and as you can tell from my scores, which is hitting on more than 50% of my picks 88% of the time, you’re going to want to come back and see what I say for this coming week.



Notes about QBs:
The weekly high was Cam Newton with 37.  Christian Ponder and Dan Orlovsky get player of the week both ranking in the top 10.  Tony Romo gets bust of the week as he should of dominated vs AZ and he only got 1 TD.

Top QB-37 points

20th QB- 15 points


Tier 1- 28.85 Average Points.

High- Cam Newton 37.  Low- Tony Romo 15.

I predicted 7 QBs for this tier.  6 of them ended up in the top 10.  4 in the top 5.  Hitting 85% of my picks as top 10 options.

Good advice:  Recommending 6 of the top 7 QBs.

Bad advice:  Recommending Tony Romo as a top 10 QB, who would of thought..

Tier 2- 19 Average Points.

High- Philip Rivers 23.  Low- Matt Ryan 15.

I predicted 3 QBs for this tier.  2 of them were in the top 10, all three made top 20.  Hitting 100% of my picks of all being viable options.

Good Advice: Being 100% and recommending Rivers as a bounce back option, and Tebow in Minnesota.

Bad Advice:  Matty Ice as a top 15 QB just missed out.

Tier 3- 14.14 Average Points.

High Christian Ponder- 34 points.  Low- Hasselbeck 5 points.

I predicted 14 QBs for this tier.  9 of them were #20 option or worst for QB, and 5 of my 6 QBs ranked 11-20 were inside the top 20.  Hitting 86% on this tier.

Good advice:  Recommending Matt Moore, Carson Palmer and Alex Smith as top 15 options.  As well as having Ponder on my list.

Bad advice:  Not recommending Orlovsky.


Notes About RB:
Shonn Greene lead the way with 28 points getting a good amount of garbage TDs vs Washington, he got the job done.  Greene also gets player of the week, as Ricky Williams gets surprise player of the week ranking in the top 20.  Bust of the week goes to DeMarrco Murray and Michael Bush each getting only 3 points, no wait it goes to LaGarette Blount getting 1 point against the worst running defense coming into the week.  All three were awful.  And good bye Matt Forte, tough 1 point to go out on.

Top RB- 28 points

20th RB- 12 points

Tier 1- 12.33 Average Points

High: Ray Rice 27 points.

Low: Matt Forte/LeGarette Blount 1 point.

Terrible week in picking superstar RBs, I predicted 9 of them for this tier, and only 4 ended up as top 7 RB options.  Forte was unfortunate, but Blount, Gore, and Murray have no excuses.  I hit 44% of my tier 1 picks, of top 10 performances.

Good advice:  Calling a big performance from MJD always feels good.

Bad advice: Recommending Michael Bush was a bad play.  I thought volume would make a difference but the Raiders were awful.

Tier 2- 13.1 Average Points.

High Shonn Green- 28 points, Low DeAnglo Williams/Pierre Thomas/Steven Jackson- 2 points.

Out of the 20 RBs I put in this tier, 13 of them ended up in the top 20 for their position.  Hit 65% of my picks as I predicted 13 of the 20 RBs in this tier.

Good advice:  Having Shonn Greene on this list, and recommending that S-Jax and Turner be benched in tough matchups.  Also starting Kevin Smith, still put up a good game despite getting inured.

Bad advice:  Telling people Ahmad Bradshaw would be playing if he’s healthy.  He wasn’t 100%.

Tier 3- 5.53 Average Points.

High Roy Helu- 20 points, Low James Starks- 0 points (injury)

I over estimated the Jets defense and Helu was able to find the end zone, besides Helu out of the 13 RBs I put in this tier, he was the only top 10 option.  And Jonathan Stewart was the only other RB to be in the top 20.  I hit 85% of my picks as only 11 of my 13 options I put had below top 20 RB value games.

Good advice:  Hitting 85% of my picks and only two players ranked inside the top 20.  Including telling people to bench Benson.

Bad advice:  Roy Helu ranked #28.  Should have had him in the top 20.


WR Notes:
Percy Harvin was the high man with 28 points.  He took a few short passes to the house which really helped Ponder have his big game.  Demariyus Thomas wins surprise of the week busting out with 26 points, Bust of the week, Calvin Johnson with 6 points.

Top WR- 28 points

20th WR- 11 points.

My Rankings:

Tier 1- 10.88 Average Points.

High: Hakeem Nicks 20 points.  Low: Steve Smith 3 points.

I recommended 16 WR’s in this tier, 8 were in the top 20.  I Hit 50% of my picks as half of them made it in the top 20.

Good advice:  Recommending Hakeem Nicks as a top 5 option despite the concussion and rib injuries, and Andre Johnson despite QB problems, and Mike Wallace after a 2 catch performance.

Bad advice:  I told everyone to start Calvin Johnson, I was wrong.  New Orleans put triple bracket coverage on him all night allowing Stafford to exploit all matchups.

Tier 2-  11.82 Average Points.

High: Percy Harvin 28.  Low: Deion Branch/Brandon Llyod/ Anquan Boldin.

I ranked 17 WR’s in this tier, #1 and #2 for the week came from this tier, as well as 6 in the top 20.  I hit 64% of my picks as 11 WR’s didn’t finish in the top 20 like I predicted.

Good advice: Ranking Pierre Garcon high and calling out his garbage time production in which he got 2 TDs.  Also telling people to not expect top 20 numbers from Boldin.

Bad advice: Recommending Nate Washington.  He disappointed once again, he will get on track sooner rather than later.

Tier 3- 3.375 Average Points.

High: Nate Buerlson 9.  Low:  6 different WRs with 0 points.

I ranked 16 WR’s in this tier and only one of them was ranked in the top 30.  I would say I did a good job of not under ranking any player in this tier.  I hit 15 of my 16 picks predicting worst than #30 finishes for all of them, and 93.75% of that came true.

Good Advice:  Telling people to sit Desean Jackson, Doug Baldwin, Plaxico Burress and the list goes on.

Bad Advice:  Not having Demariyus Thomas on my list.  But who could of predicted that..


TE Notes:
Gronkowski once again is showing why he’s a TD machine.  Surprise of the week, Travis Beckum the #2 TE for the Giants.  He is not worth picking up.  Bust of the week, Dustin Keller 1 point.

Top TE- 24 points

20th TE- 4 points.

My Rankings:

Tier 1- 8.55 average.

High:  Rob Gronkowski 24 points.  Low: Dustin Keller 1 point.

I predicted 9 TEs in this tier, and only 4 ended up in the top 8.  I hit 44% of this tier.

Good advice:  Reccomending JerMichael Finley despite his inconsistent season.

Bad advice: Telling people Keller could play as a top 10 TE because of his recent hot streak.

Tier 2- 4.3 Average Points.

High: Tony Gonzales 10 points.  Low: Pettigrew 1 points.

I predicted 12 TEs to finish in the top 20, and 7 achieved that goal.  Hitting 58%.

Good Advice: Recommending Anthony Fasano as a sleeper TE.

Bad Advice:  Not ranking Tony Gonzales as a top 10 TE despite the tough matchup.

Tier 3- 1.67 Average Points.

High: Scott Chandler 4 points.  Low: Jared Cook 0 points.

I predicted 3 players in this tier to be less than top 20 TE options.  Only Scott Chandler did, I hit 66% of my picks in this tier.

Good Advice: Not reccomending Heath Miller or Jared Cook.

Bad Advice: Nothing really.  4 points from Chandler is not big enough to warrant consideration.


Kicker Notes:
Barth lead the way with 20 points, he was also the sleeper of the week.  Bust of the week goes to Janikowski a week after getting 20+ points he follows it up with 2.

Top K- 20 points

20th K- 6 points.

My Rankings:

Tier 1- 7.36 Average Points.

High: David Akers 15 Points.  Low: Janikowski 2 Points.

I ranked 11 Kickers in this tier, only 3 were top 10 options.  I hit 30% on this category.

Good Advice:  Recommending Rob Bironas as a top 5 kicker he got 14 points.
Bad Advice:  Ranking Billy Cundiff as the #1 kicker.  He ended up with 6 points and missed 2 FGs which would of put him in the top 5, but for now he looks awful.

Tier 2- 10.85 Average Points.

High: Conor Barth 20 points.  Low: Alex Henery 2 points.

I ranked 7 kickers in this tier, and 6 of the 7 were top 20 options at Kicker position.  I hit 86% of my picks.

Good Advice:  Recommending Conor Barth, Mare, Prater, Folk, and Carpenter all top 11 performances.

Bad Advice:  Telling people Alex Henery was a sleeper for this week, he was outside the top 10 ranked to begin with.


D/ST Notes:

49ers shut out the Rams earning high points of the week with 22, surprise of the week was KC getting 15 points against Chicago in Chicago.  Bust of the week is definitely the Eagles getting absolutely dominated by the little Seattle Seahawks.

Top D/ST:  22 points

20th D/ST:  5 points

My Rankings:

Tier 1- 9.43 Average Points.

High: SF D 24 points.  Low Eagles D 4 points.
I picked 7 defenses in this tier, 2 of them were top 10, the other 5 were top 15.  Close enough doesn’t win championships in fantasy so I hit 30% in this category.

Good Advice: Recommending SF as the #1 defense, which they were.
Bad Advice:  Recommending Philly’s Defense, they are helpless.

Tier 2- 8.5 Average Points.

High: Pittsburgh 14 points.  Low San Diego 4 points.

I picked 8 defenses in this tier, 4 were in the top 10, and 3 of the other 4 were in the top 20.  I hit 7/8 picks calling top 15 defenses for these teams.  Which is 88%

Good Advice:  Recommending, Oakland, Miami, Denver and GB as solid DST to play.

Bad Advice:  Recommending San Diego Monday Night vs Jacksonville.  Maybe their defense is that bad.


Thanks again for reading.  Wednesday my week 14 rankings will be release, as evident if you go along with my starters or highly ranked players, you have a better than 50% chance of succeeding as I only score below 50% Twice out of 16 different tiers.  That’s a 88% correction on picks.  Try to find an expert to match that.

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