By Muntradamus


FUCK Robert Saleh that fucking piece of shit.

As an honorary 2023 Jets fan (NEVER FUCKING AGAIN), who has watched every single preseason snap this season, to every single snap in the regular season (I do that for every team, but I root for Boyle), just waiting for Tim Boyle to get his chance. Robert Saleh is a shitty ass person who deserves nothing but terrible things to happen to him for benching Tim Boyle in the 3rd quarter of a game the Jets could have easily won the game if they just stuck with Boyle.

First of all, the only reason the Jets were losing that game was Dalvin Cook who fumbled the ball at midfield and gave the Falcons some life down 2-0 which resulted into a TD making it 7-2 Falcons. Boyle flipped the game of field position to make it 2-0 as he was backed up and then got it to where the Falcons were backed up. Then Boyle was able to lead the Jets down the field twice to kick FGs. Once before the half, and once in the 3rd quarter! Which were 10 play and 12 play drives! The Jets had more 3 and outs than any team in the NFL under Zach Wilson, a 10 play drive from Zach Wilson would have everyone celebrating. No it was not enough though for Boyle to do it multiple times.

Saleh told Tim Boyle to let it loose and be more aggressive in the 2nd half, he threw an ill-advised deep ball to Garrett, and he is benched. Turning to Trevor Simean who fumbled 3x when replacing Boyle, and the Jets lose. Tim Boyle benched for 1 INT, Treovr Simean allowed to fumble the ball as many times as he wants.

FUCK SALEH! Hope they stone him to death at Madison Square Garden. Hope the Jets release Boyle who is currently on a team with a head coach who would suck Zach Wilson’s dick if he could. Saleh drafted Zach so he feels inclined to ride him to the grave. Zach Wilson is a terrible QB and he will be great to bet against in Daily Fantasy Football unless Wilson steals a page out of Tim Boyle’s book on how to prepare for a defense.

If I were Tim Boyle after this season, I would see if the Patriots want to sign me to compete as a starting QB. If they do not, I would take my talent to the CFL or another professional league where he can not only be the starting QB, but the MVP of the entire league. Get out of the NFL show everyone your skills, then come back ala PJ Walker (He went to the XFL, Walker sucks though Boyle is light years ahead of him) and be the starting QB somewhere in the NFL.

Boyle has an interesting story, how he is in the NFL with his college and pro stats tells you there is something there that nobody can see. I can see it, I did see it in 2018/2019/2020 when he was with the Packers, and every year in the preseason, including this preseason with the Jets when he scored more TDs than Zach Wilson who had 100+ more plays than Boyle. I do not expect you all to see it since you only got a sneak peek in a very unfavorable situation. Against the possible Super Bowl Champ Dolphins with 3rd string offensive lineman, and only one half in a game he could have won against the Falcons.

The story is not over for Tim Boyle. I hope they give him Week 18 against the Patriots.



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