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(Matt Bracket)


By Matthew L. Lofton

MATT’S RECORD (28-18-2)

Syracuse – 3.5 over Wisconsin. I would stay away from this as the loss of Fab Melocould muddy this up. But still, I would go with Cuse as the Orange pulled away late from a big, inside rebounding team like Kansas State.


I would take Louisville +5 (and consider the under at 125) over Michigan State. I flat out think Louisville wins this game. Louisville has looked like a different team since head coach Rick Pitino went to the press and started getting hurt players healthy. This could be an ugly game, so if you love Big 10 basketball, you are in heaven. If you like ACC (save Florida State) or PAC-12 basketball, this will be an ugly 7:00 timeslot with the two games for you. But Louisville getting five is a steal.


Cincinnati +7.5 over Ohio State. Ohio State has not looked the most sharp in the first two rounds. They never official delivered the knockout blow to Loyola and did it really late to Gonzaga. I just think Cincinnati getting 7.5 is too good to pass up. OSU probably wins this game but I would take the Nati. Just hope it isnt hovering around a 6-point OSU lead and it comes down to free throws.


I would stay away from this one, but I would go Marquette -2 over Florida. Buzz Peterson will have his troops ready and the hangover from the Big East Tournament seems to be gone. Peterson has his troops ready


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