Where my Swag at? VOL. II

Where my Swag at? VOL. II

By BrooklynBums

You can read last weeks “Where my Swag at?” By clicking on the link.  Maybe I can wake up Rickie Weeks or Jon Lester like I did Mark Teixeira.  Who had a huge memorial day weekend driving in 9 RBI’s and hitting 4 HR’s.



Stats as of 5/28: .152 Average. 5 HR. 10 RBI. 2 SB.

Players can start out hot and stay that way or start cold and never recover. If you start the season cold I feel it is very hard to recover and bring yourself out of a slump that you started with. That being said, lets take a look at Rickie Weeks. Some of the downfall of Weeks can be attributed to his injuries and not playing full seasons. Last year Weeks only played in 118 games. He still managed to hit 20 HR. In the beginning of last year he started out red-hot and it looked like he was finally going to be the player that everyone thought he could be. Then he was hit by the injury bug and cooled off. Although he did manage 20 HR he only drove in 49 RBI’s and maintained a batting average of .269


This year Weeks has started slower than molasses and colder than ice. In the 37 games he has played in he has a .159 batting average with 4 HR and 7 RBI’s. The first thought is Weeks is injured and is hiding it but maybe there is something more that no one knows about. Weeks had the potential to hit 25 to 30 Hr and drive in 90+ RBI’s. Until we see an improvement in his batting average he will stay on this list. Weeks needs to find whatever it Is he lost. The band Foreigner said it best,” You’re as cold as ice”






Stats as of 5/28: (3-4 Record). 4.72 ERA. 1.36 WHIP. 41 Ks in 61 INN.

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you think of the Boston Red Sox? Is it the 2 World Series they won? Is it the rivalry with the Yankees? Is it that they always have great pitching and hitting? All 3? Most people think of the rivalry with the Yankees but some think of the great pitching the Red Sox have had in the past few years. One of the pitchers that have helped them along the way is Jon Lester. Lester has always been a strong pitcher. Since 2008 Lester has won 15 or more games, including 19 in 2010, and has had an ERA below 3.50. In 2009 and 2010 he recorded 225 K’s.


This season looks a little different. Lester had not pitched up to his standards. He will come into his next start with a record of 3 W and 4 L. that puts him on pace for a 10 win season which would be the worst win total of his career in a full season. Lester needs to remember he plays for the Red Sox and what is expected of him. Once Lester finds his swag and confidence we will once again be considered a top fantasy pitcher, but until then….



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