By Muntradamus


This Super Bowl is different than the rest. Why you ask? We have no Tom Brady. BEAST DOME has been on Brady since the start of the last decade and picked him as the BEAST DOME QB at all the right times, including his most recent MVP 2017 Season.

However with Brady now out of the picture, and likely not in the Super Bowl again. There is a new breed of QBs and the poster boy for that breed is Patrick Mahomes.

Like Brady and Belichick, Mahomes and Reid is a duo that is tough to beat. They will have at least three gameplans ready to go based on how the 49ers are defending them. I expect the 49ers to worry about the deep ball with all that KC speed. Look for the safties to play back, and give up the short passes all game. Which likely means a lot of quick throws to Kelce and Damien Williams. Now the Chiefs do not mind moving the ball however it takes, but they will still take their deep shots often. Hardman is a big time deep sleeper, but Tyreek Hill and that speed is lethal. Would love to see him lined up against Sherman, because Sherman has no way of guarding him. Mahomes will get the ball to his weapons all game long. 49ers D will not stand a chance, only way they do is if they hit Mahomes hard and often.

The 49ers who went run heavy last we saw them, will not have the same success against a much more talented Chiefs Defense. The pass rush will come fast too, so Jimmy G. will have to be poised and make good throws. The good news for Jimmy is that the Chiefs corners cannot stop any of the 49ers WRs. Literally all of them can make plays, even Kendrick Bourne who has been stealing TDs can emerge from the shadows. Jimmy will spread it early and often, George Kittle has not been a huge factor in the playoffs as far as being a fantasy option, actually zero factor, but this Super Bowl we will see him get back into the action. Honey Badger will be guarding Kittle, but Kittle can certainly win some one on ones.

We have a game where we know Mahomes and the Chiefs are going to show up. Mahomes will be slinging the ball, finding open weapons. Jimmy G. is going to have answer those scores and those drives. He is capable, but this will not come easy for the 49ers. The NFL is looking for the LeBron James of the NFL, Patrick Mahomes wins that Super Bowl, we have our new LeBron James.


49ers 24

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