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(Matt Bracket)


By Matthew L. Lofton

MATT’S RECORD (24-14-2)

Take Georgetown – 4.5 against NC State. State won against the rather unimpressive Mountain West. Enter the Big East and the Hoyas to take it.


Take Florida State -2 against Cincinnati. The Bearcats rely on jumpshots, which plays perfectly into Florida State’s hands.


Take Ohio +2.5 over South Florida. Ohio surprisingly is the more experienced team. This is not the weak PAC-12 or a Temple team that ended the pre-NCAA tournament with an embarrassing loss to UMASS. Ohio again shoots its way to the sweet 16.


Take Norfolk State +14 against Florida. Both teams can shoot. Florida will clearly win, but NFSU showed it can put the ball in the hoop in a shootout win over Missouri. And Florida’s defense leaves a bit to be desired.


Take Purdue +8 against Kansas. The Jayhawks should win, but Purdue has been here before with the Big Ten. Purdue covers.


I would stay away from this, but take Michigan State -7 over Saint Louis. Rick Majerus can keep this close with timely defense, but MSU should cover.


Take North Carolina -8 over Creighton. Again, I would stay away as North Carolina seems to make close games when they are clearly more talented, but if you must, go UNC.


Take Xavier -3.5 over Lehigh. Lehigh has won its super bowl, so the usual post-Duke letdown (see Arizona) rears its ugly head and the Musketeers pull away late.


E.P. Picks


-Georgetown  -4.5

-Michigan St  -7

-Creighton   +8.5

-Norfolk St   +14

-South Florida   -2.5

-Xavier   -3.5

-Purdue    +8

-Cincinnati  +2.5

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